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January 5, 1993 Police Officers Rally As Opposition Grows To New World Order Vol.21 No.11 32 7,235k
January 12, 1993 Auschwitz Gas Chambers A Major Zionist Hoax Vol.21 No.12 40 9439k
January 19, 1993 A Unity Of Purpose To Restore Our Constitution Vol.21 No.13 32 7,763k
January 26, 1993 Attempts To Ban JOURNALS Prove Value Of Information Vol.22 No. 1 40 9,076k
February 2, 1993 Our Sordid Government’s Cover-up of POWs And MIAs Vol.22 No. 2 40 9,173k
February 9, 1993 The Attack Is Darkest As the Glorious Truth Unfolds Vol.22 No. 3 32 7,385k
February 16, 1993 Each Strike By Adversary Only Helps THE TRUTH Vol.22 No.4 36 8,472k
February 23, 1993 More Incredible Connections Concerning Our Government’s Very Sordid Drug Business Vol.22 No.5 40 8,641k
March 2, 1993 Bombs And "Cults" And Other Food For Thought Vol.22 No.6 24 6,126k
March 9, 1993 When Do You Recognize Changes? Are You Ready For What’s Next? Vol.22 No.7 68 14,450k
March 16, 1993 Storms And Other Aggressions As The World Turns Over Vol.22 No.8 32 8,372k
March 23, 1993 "Evil Empire" Finally Pulls Down PHOENIX LIBERATOR Vol.22 No.9 32 9.279k