Putting Christ into the Holy Days (holidays)
By CM/Esu
Dec 13, 2012 - 4:42:31 AM

-- PJ 130 -- page. 160
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As you are now into the holidays recognized around your world as the "Holy Days" be ever mindful of TRUTH. You most certainly should partake of that which brings joy and remindings unto the heart for man needs wise and good traditions and joyous times of sharing and giving. This is true of all "religions", all beings. Do not think that a Christmas tree is evil--it is whatever focus YOU PLACE UPON IT. I prefer artificial trees for the whole of the ritual is usually artificial and why would you destroy a tree to please your nose--get some evergreen spray and leave the tree in its garden. That, however is up to you. But, if man is to survive--it will be because he begins to CHOOSE to leave those living oxygen machines firmly planted and nurtured into the soil of Mother Earth!



-- PJ 30 -- pag. 124

What do you ones celebrate at Christmas-time? X-mas time? Santa? Buying and getting? Singing of mindless carols? Could you not give a bit of thought unto Christ--could you not, for a refreshing change, shorten the term given to Christ-X? What have you allowed to happen to your generations? And for you ones who believe not on the “Jesus” Emmanuel as Messiah (teacher), to whom DO you have allegiance and faithfulness? Is it of the world, or is it of Divine God?
Where do you place The Creation in this time of mass-murder of your young, healthy trees of evergreen? You take their lives to bear ornaments of tinsel and gaudy strips of trash in order to “beautify” that which is beyond beauty in its perfection, and you call it “celebration”. Celebration of what? For what do you slay all those millions of trees just reaching their prime--or for the show of shows--a giant statue of a hundred years to stand on a political pot on a politician‟s lawn--under guard lest you the people touch of it! To what do you bend in worship, my chelas? What do you sell and buy at Christmas? Perfumes to seduce? Expensive gifts to seduce? Gifts which “purchase” something or another? WHAT, DEAR ONES, ARE YOU DOING? WHAT DO YOU TEACH OF YOUR CHILDREN? WHAT DO THE CHILDREN EXPECT AT CHRISTMAS? PERHAPS IT IS THEN THAT YOU SHOULD USE THE TERM X-MAS FOR „TIS A PITY TO ATTACH THE NAME OF GOD UNTO THE HYPOCRISY AND CONTRADICTION OF TERMS AND ACTIONS.

Things given in love and remembrance of shared joy and appreciation are wondrous indeed and a special time triggers the thought--but you ones have turned it into scenes of greed and gluttony of senses. I believe it is fine to leave God out of it and call it that which it has become--Satan's greatest time of celebration! A card of touching and sharing a thought is wondrous, warm and caring--a magnificent temple dedicated to lies is of less than value of the item. If the heart and pocketbook can afford of both, then it is wondrous indeed when the heart and hands give forth and blessings are unlimited upon thine gifts. But what happened to the widow's mite--the gift of that which she had, in secret, in love and in no expectations of return? Oh, how God longs for the widow's mite--or less; the desire is magnificent without the mite. Blessed are ye who walk with me for I shall bow unto you and serve you and give unto you all that God has given unto me and, dear ones, it is ALL--it is the Universe, the very light of soul and all the wondrous manifestations of Creation--won't you come and walk with me? I am your brother-----I KNOW THE WAY! I can teach you to fly as the eagles and soar as the gull; I can show you the wondrous trappings of the Cosmos and bring you among the stars--but we must ever move in the Lighted places for only in so moving can we escape the bindings of your physical shackles whether it be within your bodies of physical format or without.

-- PJ 34 -- pag. 76

When your child prays for a long list of birthday or Christmas presents, ending with ―God bless Papa--God bless Mama‖, you tell the neighbors how CUTE that prayer is and then buy everything the child wants, to uphold its belief in prayer.
IT IS NOT CUTE IT IS TRAGIC. It is helping the child build its own selfish image. It is also helping the whole world to build its own selfish, greedy image. It is helping to perpetuate this barbaric age of greed, selfishness, and fear of neighbor against neighbor.
When will parents teach their children that they must give love for love given them? Not until THEY first know that they, themselves, must not ask to be given anything without a deep desire in their hearts for REGIVING LOVE EQUALLY FOR LOVE GIVEN. Parents who know that will say to the child:
“God will give you all you desire because He loves to give, but what are you planning to regive in love to God? You want God to show His love to you by giving you the things you want, but God wants love from you. The way you can show your love to God is to love all things which God puts on earth. When you ask God to bless Papa and Mama, you can help God bless them by giving love and doing loving things for them which gives them pleasure, help or assistance, i.e., bring Papa „s slippers and/or help Mama dry the dishes, etc. That is the way you can be WORTHY of receiving all the things you ask for.”

When a mother prays to God to extend His loving protection to her son and keep him from harm in transit on stormy seas, she, herself, must extend her love equally to all other sons of all mothers of earth, and to all things of God‟s creating. It most certainly requires more than hanging a yellow ribbon bow on a tree--it requires the changing of a situation which takes the children away and places them in danger through the passage of life. Her devout prayer CAN ALONE BE ANSWERED THAT WAY.

-- PJ 39 -- pag. 72


The celebration of the holiday, “Christmas”, was created to coincide with the holidays of the self-styled Zionists--and deceived “Judaists”--Hanukkah. You will note that very little attention is recently ALLOWED for the celebration of Christ‟s birth as all displays in public access places are now banned--relative to that label and symbology. You are left with Satan--, oops--pardon, Santa-Clause, who represents gifts for doing nothing, bringing pain to “needy” children and spoilage to the ones who “have”-causing even parents and caretakers to enter into a deceitful LIE as to resources and origination of these “free” gifts offered from love (or need) by the actual participants. Santa represents a “free lunch” and is one of the most painful hoaxes slapped against you sleepy multitudes.

Do I suggest that my goodly “Jews” stop celebrating Christmas? No, I believe you need reminding of your enslavement to the anti-Christ and loss of freedoms. It should be a day dedicated to regaining your Constitutional rights as free people and the “gifts” become--again--a meaning of love, sharing and joy. God has been already lost to the celebration so you may as well enjoy the pretty tinsel and lights, friendship renewals, and thus utilize this period of experience as a time of “remembering” and “awakening” while you STOP THE DREAMING OF SUGARPLUMS AND FLUFFY CLOUDS. USE IT AS A TIME TO RECLAIM YOUR SALVATION OF YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES ALONG WITH YOUR OTHER “RIGHTS” UNDER PROMISE OF THAT CONSTITUTION.

-- PJ 41 -- pag. 38


Of course it is fine if you go with "tradition" and trappings of the "season" for you are reminded therein of the love and fellowship which it once represented. Why do you think cards are measured by the snow scenes and the old-time gathering of family, etc? Because man longs for his heritage. Note, however, that Jerusalem and Bethlehem are not exactly the Currier and Ives picture of winter-wonderland and sledding scapes. And from what race do you suppose comes Currier and Ives? Ah Ha!!

Oh, you just send cards for the "annual contact"? Then why don't you send a note in the middle of the year if you love those receivers so much? Well, you "just don't love them THAT much"? I see. Do you see how easily a lie becomes a habit? How could "shepherds from afar" follow a star? How did they know where to go? Do you ever feel "silly"? So be it.

" Each year, 33 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced in America, and 50 to 60 million are produced in Europe. In 1998, there were about 15,000 growers in America (a third of them "choose and cut" farms). In that same year, it was estimated that Americans spent $1.5 billion on Christmas trees. "

The origin of the Christmas tree


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Santa Claus is coming to town!
By Sananda

Candace: I have never read this particular piece and it's now close to that time of year again. please read it. I have long be teaching that Santa Claus is Satan CLAWS. for those believing in the little red devil with claws, don't you see the irony here? I often wanted out of Christmas period in the years I had kids and I do little with it now. neighbors and relatives were in horror that I should want to tell my own children the truth, the social pressure was great because nobody wanted my informed children informing others there was NO Santa Claus! I gave into the pressure and I regret having done so every Christmas season since. people deserve TRUTH. Including and especially children who grow up and then infect one more a whole generation.

We have Christians now believing that Jesus will come rapture them away. They believe he will come as a whilte light or even worse yet, on a white horse to fetch them. They believe that they must encourage this war in the middle east, Armegeddon to bring Christ back sooner!!!!! Christ does not come to a world in this sort of conflict. Not as the returning master to walk this plane, nor as the concept of Christ or God Consciousness. We MUST find courage to SHOW the WAY, and starting right now as we have just finished the Devil's holiday called "halloween", right on thru FootBall day of New years to stop these worthless traditions of falsehood. I don't do Thanksgiving anymore either, because to me it represents the beginning of the destroying of a huge race of people, a terrible genocide. I don't even know if schools any even teach that it supposedly started as the Pilgrims celebrated the success of getting thru their first tough years here, and it should be taught, that the Indians were most helpful in that endeavor but were then genocided over those many years, by such as purposely giving them small pox on blankets, and other illnesses and just taking their lands by all sorts of war thereafter.

This is not a reason for our national Thanksgiving, it should be a day of mourning those transgressions. A day of apology. Sure, some see it as they didn't live back then. Well this is a planet of reincarnation and many, if not most of the people reincarnating here over the legions on this prison world HAVE been part of atrocities in the past. And often continue with them. We have in my own country a people generally devoid of God Consciousness, who have done nothing about 911, and continue to do nothing about the genocide be done in their name in the Middle East for the oil corporations. We are still there doing that, which is PROOF of the lack of internet by sufficient people to accomplish the ending of this mess. These same one will shortly celebrate Thanksgiving, the genocide of 100 or more million people over those first years in the US of A. And the genocide of others continues. there is nothing to be thankful about this year at Thanksgiving. Can you tell those around you the truth? Probably you will be ridiculed, or they don't want to hear it. so be it I guess. I have no solution to social pressure but at some point we much live the truth.

Thanks Christ for posting this piece. Now since many satanic holidays are being spread around the world, I hope this thanksgiving Day is not one of them being spread. I just remembered, when I have written about this before I get email saying this is a GENUINE St. Nicholas Day, the concept descended from that. It did NOT. The whole idea was created by satanists and as is shown, the very name of Santa Claus, IS Satan Claws. They just remodeled the spelling a bit in the deception.

Santa "Satan" Claus is coming to town

4/16/91 SANANDA
I AM Sananda. I come in service to Our Holy Father of Light, God/Aton and The Creation. Greetings, precious chela, Druthea. Let us begin.

Many of you may wonder what Santa Claus has to do with the Anti-Christ. Everything! The Adversary to God in its wish to place bondage and limitation upon God's Human Creatures upon this plane knows that to garner the greatest degree of deception it must begin with the human in its childhood state.

You see, the adversary, in order to maintain deceptive "control" over you ones, must support its "illusion" of attachment to "physical" matter. The being that so-called Christians have called Santa Claus represents the "god" (of the adversary) to your little chil­dren. For example: According to the "myth" (defined as, "An imaginary or fictitious person, thing, event or story.) Santa Claus can BE everywhere around this planet within a short 8-hour-or-so period. He will bring "gifts" to all the "good" children around the planet. These "gifts" are physical toys and objects of desire of the young and "good" child. If the child is really "good", he/she re­ceives many gifts of which he/she has asked for. This begins the hu­man's attachment to having "things" of material plane versus desiring the "spiritual" gifts of Our Creator, God/Aton.

Now the parents, of course, support this Santa Claus "image", only it is not necessarily based upon the "goodness" of the child, but more directly based upon the pocket-book abilities of the parent. Since there is NO such being called Santa Claus as described in the "myth", it is THE PARENTS who perpetuate the lie of the adversary, by themselves continuously allowing, encouraging and fulfilling the "I want..." list of their children. Essentially, regardless of the "good" intentions of the parents, they themselves are planting the seed of, encouraging and sustaining "materialism" within their child. Those children whose parents cannot "afford" many gifts for their children most often feel "guilty". The child senses this and unless the parent explains HONESTLY where the gifts come from, so that the child understands that it is not based upon his "goodness" or "badness" but that any "gifts" given are based upon the LOVE-sharing of his parents (or whoever gives), he will begin "comparing" himself by that which he has not received, against what his "perceived" more abundant friends and peers receive. The child will most often begin to harbor feelings of unworthiness and eventually he may become quite ANGRY with his parents for allowing and supporting a LIE.

Am I saying it is "wrong" to give gifts of material matter? Not at all. Parents, you must FIRST simply nurture and encourage the spiritual "gifts" of Our Creator, God/Aton; especially the spiritual creative potential within, personal responsibility, integrity of spirit within, Love and Joy of life and ONENESS with all. If Christmas represents a "time" when family and friends can be close in communion and sharing of LOVE, and a "time" of thankful appreciation for the gifts of LIFE of God and a "time" of remembering and giving back dignity to those who are less fortunate in physical manifestation, then God blesses you. Only, God, Our Father, and We of the HIS HOSTS OF LIGHT would encourage you to not save this "time" of sharing for ONLY societal designated "times" such as Christmas. EVERY DAY IS HOLY AND BLESSED OF GOD! MAKE EVERY MOMENT A DIVINE, HOLY CHRISTED CELEBRATION WITHIN!

I AM suggesting, though, that the "image" of "roly poly", Santa Claus who is "everywhere" ("like" God) is really the ANTI-GOD's attempt at a very POOR copy of GOD. Santa Claus represents in his image figure, gluttony and his perceived "jolliness" and "benevolence" is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM and away from true SPIRITUALITY. The "myth" says, "Santa Claus" goes "everywhere" where the "good" children are. Do you think perhaps those starving ones, such as in Ethiopia and HERE within your own United States, are loved LESS by God/Aton? Well, Satan Claus only gives "gifts" to children who are "good" according to material desire AND ABILITY OF PARENTS TO PAY! Ponder this carefully.

Parents, many of you have given "EVERYTHING" you could of material "desires" to your children, and when they are grown and still depend upon you in their adult years and then even resent you, you are baffled. Don't you see? When you give your child TRUTH and LOVE and GUIDANCE of SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY and ONENESS, THEY WILL HAVE GAINED ACCESS TO THE TOOLS WITHIN THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE CREATIVE HUMANS OF THIS PLANE. YOU MUST GIVE THEM TRUE "GIFTS" OF SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND POWER WITHINTHEM that they may move forward IN JOY AND IN­NER PEACE and FEAR NOT the challenges put before them, but in­stead WELCOME THEM as OPPORTUNITIES TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH OF THEIR HOLY, DIVINE SPIRITUAL HERITAGE WITHIN!

So what am I suggesting? Very plainly, that the "myth" of Santa Claus be presented HONESTLY to your children from the beginning. You need not continue to FEED THE LIE OF ANTI-GOD and thus, cripple your children by feeding them limitation and bondage to "material" objects. They must learn and KNOW that THEY create ALL within this experience, including any perceived "lack". You must teach your children RESPONSIBILITY for their thoughts, words and actions and DISCIPLINE of their "minds" by ALWAYS monitoring their own thoughts. For those of you parents who have already taught your children the "myth" of "Santa Claus", NOW is the time to "pop" the phony, gluttonous belly of Santa Claus to release the "hot air" existing within this deceptive "satanic myth". You see, "Satan" Claus is NOT an image of TRUE Christians. TRUE Christians are those who understand and adhere to CHRIST consciousness teachings of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, NOTso-called ones who label themselves "Christian" based on their "belief' in what they are told are the "teachings" of Christ as presented erroneously within your various Bibles.

SEE Santa Claus for that which this image truly represents: a ridiculous, gluttonous , image to perpetuate COMMERCIALISM of material "goods" and "services". Face it, precious ones, MANY businesses DEPEND upon your CHRISTMAS season for a major portion of their business. Just as the ANTI-GOD DEPENDS upon your IGNORANCE of Truth to perpetuate its EVIL FOLLY upon you. YOU feed the BEAST by your choice to remain spiritually ignorant.

Many of you now may be concerned about YOUR BUSINESS, especially if yours is one which rides the MASS consciousness tide of Christmas giving. IF that be your FIRST concern and NOT about the integrity and necessity of YOUR product, then YOU need to PONDER YOUR priorities of concern more carefully. If your business is truly one which serves your human brethren by truly SERVING GOD, then you need not concern over its success...GOD'S WILL WILL BE DONE! But if your business rides upon MEDIA molded and created desires, addictions and "social" tra­ditions...it may be time to carefully consider YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to GOD, SELF and YOUR BRETHREN, and there­fore, CHANGE your business! IMPOSSIBLE, YOU SAY?!

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR FIRM COMMITMENT TO SERVE IN BALANCE WHICH IS OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION. "Will it be easy to change?", you ask. THAT depends upon YOU! Meaning it depends upon the degree of resistance and dependence upon the "material" plane offered and accepted by your "altered" ego which, of course, is fed by the Anti-God which YOU have allowed within YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD. Whether it is easy or not does NOT matter.WHEN your commitment to GOD IS MADE AT SOUL LEVEL, YOUR SOUL WITHIN WILL BRING THE LESSONS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPIRITUAL CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT TO GOD. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO THE SELF-DEVELOPED INTEGRITY WITHIN as to whether or not YOU are successful in YOUR TESTING to allow YOU entrance within GOD'S HOLY KINGDOM OF LIGHT. So Be it.

I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in Service to God/Aton and The Creation. Thank you precious chelas for this communion. May you receive the clarity and understanding OF GOD, given herein. Bless you little sister, Druthea, for your service. Peace be with you. Salu.