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제목: PJ#080, TRUTH FROM THE "ZOG BOG" - Zionist Occupation Government

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    PJ 80

    THU., OCT. 14, 1993 9:31 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 059

    THU., OCTOBER 14. 1993
    or: TRUCKIN' ON
    Dharma, I know that the current events and inquiries are piled up at a foot a day--however, "I" must be the one to consider ur­gency of information input. We will devote some writings to nothing else save news events as we finish this document and before we dive back into "Iron Curtain..." and "300". The in­tegration is flowing rapidly now as to players and as you watch Yeltsin take a swing through Japan and changes in approaches to Somalia and Haiti--the background is urgently needed for our readers' understanding. We are NOT in the newspaper business "as such"--THAT will come. We are still in the "education by mail" business until graduation. Then, the "newspaper" can be shared with capable Earth-human minds and hands and "I" will be a guest columnist. We COULD do that now and have a fine paper--but I still have input which MUST be shared.

    As ones claim from near and far that "THAT Hatonn of Dharma's is not the same one who spoke to me or so and so...," perhaps they are correct for I loathe the thought that I would be so narrow and mush-mouthed in all my experience among you. What has happened is that THOSE ones refused to grow into re­sponsibility for these subjects HAD TO BE SHARED--spiritual thumb-twiddling is NOT going to "cut the mustard". I would guess that "those" receivers need to hook up with equally valid debilitators as George Green, et al. We are IN THE TRUTH IN INFORMATION business--ones such as "Green" are in the disinformation business and ones working with him will find it out the "hard" way every time.

    What is forthcoming from the ones who denounce me and mine--is that you might sit back and blindly go into this change in comfort and the transition won't hurt nearly as much. No, the RESPONSIBILITY of "man" is to KNOW TRUTH--not make some comfortable transition into higher REWARD without be­coming worthy of higher reward. I thank God every moment for the discounting, by my prior friends, of myself and my work--for I know that the very ones who discount and dis­credit DO NOT EVEN READ OUR MATERIAL--THEY CLOSE EYES AND EARS AND THEN SPEAK AGAINST US. THIS IS THE BEST RECOMMENDATION I CAN POSSIBLY RECEIVE--TO NOT BE CONSIDERED WITH THOSE GROUPIES. So be it.

    So, back to the nasty subjects so that we might be informed enough to recognize the radiance of the transition and glory of the wondrous LIGHT.

    [H: As we write here, you will perhaps wonder WHY the term "Jew" is set into notations. THIS is because there is no SUITABLE alternative for the word "Jew" and yet the WORD "JEW" was not used or in use prior to the latter 1700s (18th century). Therefore, to get the point across as to "subject" people, we have to utilize terms which are cur­rently recognized by you-the-people. This in itself is part of the proof of your deceptions by these Khazarian Zionists.]
    "There is hardly any place on the whole of the Earth which is not dominated by the 'Jews' ." Stated in Geographica, by Strabo (63-21 B.C.), Greek geographer in the time of Christ.

    Tiberius expelled the 'Jews' from Rome's capital in 19 A.D.

    Claudius, Roman Emperor, as recorded in Epistolae: "'Jews' were fomenting a general plague on the whole world."

    "'Jews' ate the English nation to its bones." John Speed, 17th Century British historian, in Historie of Great Britaine.

    Edward I, 13th Century King of England, expelled all "Jews" from his realm in 1290; France booted them out in 1306.

    Isabel and Ferdinand, 15th Century Spanish monarchs, ex­pelled 'Jews' from Spain the same year Columbus discovered the New World. One reason was 'Jewish' collaboration with the dark skinned Moors in attacks on Christian Whites (as reported in Elnino-onocente de la Guardia, by Lope de Vega y Carpio).

    Florence expelled the 'Jews' in 1495, Portugal in 1496. Ferdinand I, 16th Century Holy Roman emperor, expelled 'Jews' from Austria in 1541 as "dangerous" and "evil" people who had committed espionage for invading Turk armies.

    Czar Peter the Great: ["The 'Jews'] are crooks and swindlers."

    Maria Theresa, 18th Century Empress of Austria-Hungary, expelled 'Jews' from Prague in 1745 because of usury and "activities that honorable men shun".

    Thomas Jefferson, President, as quoted by Daniel Boorstin in The Americans: "Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in."

    Napoleon Bonaparte: "The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age;" also: "They are the carrion birds of humanity... [The Jews] are a state within a state. They are certainly not real citizens... The evils of Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of these people." Stated in Re­flections and speeches before the council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806.

    Nikolas I, Tsar of Russia from 1825 to 1855 wrote in his di­aries: "The ruin of the peasants in these provinces are the Zhids ["kikes']. They are full-fledged leeches sucking up these un­fortunate provinces to the point of exhaustion." [H: For you "sensitive" readers who consider "kike" a miserably insulting slang term--it is the actual label used at the time--NOT SLANG. This was a "Jewish" name for themselves.]

    His advisor, K. Pobedonostev: "The Jews... are at the root of regicide, they own the periodical press, they have in their hands the financial markets, the people as a whole fall into financial slavery to them... (The Siege, p. 38)

    Voltaire, in God and His Men: "The Jews are the most hate­ful and the most shameful of the small nations."

    General Ulysses S. Grant: "The Jews, as a class, violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Depart­ment... are hereby expelled from the [military zone controlled by Grant's armies]." General Order II. 12/17/1862

    "The Jew continues to monopolize money, and he loosens or strangles the throat of the state with the loosening or strength­ening of his purse strings... He has empowered himself with the engines of the press, which he uses to batter at the foundations of society. He is at the bottom of... every enterprise that will demolish first of all thrones, afterwards the alter, afterwards civil law." Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) in Die Israeliten.

    "Three hundred men, all acquainted with each other, control the economic destiny of the Continent." Walter Rathenau (Jew), Neue Freie Presse (Dec. 1909). He also stated in the German newspaper Die Zukunft (3/6/1897): "Jews are not a living limb of the people, but an alien organism in its body."

    Bertrand Russell: "Bolshevism is... composed of American­ized Jews." (Letter to Lady Ottoline Morrell, 1920)

    Of the 25 leading Bolshevik officials in Russia's Revolution, 24 were Jewish. This includes Trotsky, whose name was Bron­stein when he lived in New York City. (Name changing is common among Jews. Witness Hollywood Jews like Kirk Dou­glas and Tony Curtis.) The 25th, Lenin himself, was part-Jewish and married a Jewess. (3/6/20 Documentation Catholique, France)

    Winston Churchill: "In violent opposition...rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confed­eracy are working for the overthrow of civilization and the re­constitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality. It played... a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revo­lution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive move­ment in the Nineteenth Century. (Illustrated Sunday Herald, 2/8/20)

    George Bernard Shaw, 12/3/25 London Morning Post: "This is the real enemy, the invader from the East... the oriental para­site; in a word the Jew."

    In his book Gulag Archipelago Alexander Solzhenitsyn re­vealed that Stalin preferred Jewish thugs for running his se­curity forces and concentration camps. The Soviet NKVD was a killing machine that consumed twenty million Soviet Christians. It was first headed by Henry Yagoda--Jew. He was liquidated in 1937, after which Yezhov (Jew) took over. After him came Beria, who was also Jewish. Referring to the millions of Christians killed in Soviet concentration camps run by Jews, Solzhenitsyn asked: "Who will count these millions? They died unknown, casting only in their immediate vicinity a light like a candle." He also revealed that a Turkish-born JEW--Naftaly Frankel--was in charge of building the Balomar Canal, which cost 180,000 Christian lives. [H: Who mourns THIS holocaust???]

    Charles Lindbergh: "The 'Jews' greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government." (Speech at Des Moines, Iowa, 9/11/41)

    James Forrestal, former Secretary of Defense (a modern air­craft carrier is named after him) drew on long experience in government and Wall Street to prove that Jews caused WWII. For his patriotism he was vilified by the press and driven to sui­cide. [H: No--he was murdered!] This is another form of regicide.

    "Root of regicide, master robbers, sinister, carrion birds of humanity, hateful, oriental slavers, puppeteers, plague, revolu­tionaries, subversives..." harsh words, especially since these are references to a whole "race", not isolated individuals. Jew­ish reaction to such accusations was expressed by former Israeli prime minister (and terrorist leader) Begin. "We don't care what the goyim think!"

    Either Jews are victims of the world's longest smear cam­paign, or somewhere in those comments may be an explanation for recurring anti-Semitism century after century, country after country. Other labels were: "Alien invaders, leeches, para­sites..." Whoah!

    A harsh word indeed--but such a racial trait would explain the fervent repugnance individuals and whole nations have felt for the self-described "Chosen People". It's one thing to com­pete in the production of wealth; it's something else entirely to live off a producer's efforts, giving nothing in return and even biting a benefactor's helping hand--or throat. If a society can be compared to a living organism, then a parasite with the organ­ism would not be contributing to its lifeblood--they would be si­phoning it away!

    Even genuine Jewish contributions to any victimized society need to be viewed in a new light, for who can say how many non-Jews were side-tracked or killed when they otherwise might have made grand contributions to civilization? How many White "equivalents" to Jonas Salk (polio vaccine) or Einstein were suppressed by Jewish manipulation before their genius could flower, or the world see it? [H: How many Pulitzer or Peace prizes do you think Dharma will receive for her work? How important is her work relative to that of which receives international prizes? Not only will she NOT receive prizes but the thrust is to suck every drop of blood and life from her being and our work to continue the fraud upon mankind! Do you think WE will be given credit for the "gift of life" in the form of cellular restructuring and restoration? Perish the thought for we simply get our work BANNED and impounded! Do the "Elite" of this bankster group have compassion on ALL "Jews"? Certainly not--they set up death-causing diseases, etc., and train their own as well as others that all sorts of immoral behavior is "the way to go", spread such diseases as AIDS--then whine and raise money for something or another which has no meaning whatsoever. These "slaves" serve their masters magnificently--they serve and die never knowing they were dispensable in exchange for their services--LOOK AT YOUR ENTERTAINERS WHO DIE OF AIDS! BIG SHOW, BUT THE ONES WHO KNOW HOW TO "CURE" THIS DISEASE--KEEP THE CURE FROM THE MASSES AND UNTO THEMSELVES, THIS WILL BE THE FIRST SEGMENT SLAIN. WATCH AND SEE!] How many White men of action and honor were lost in WW I and II--wars White America strongly opposed--leaving our surviving population over-represented by "Jody" types of Soap, and Corporal Klingers of MASH?

    Parasitism exists in many forms, but the ultimate analogy is a vampire drawing blood from its mesmerized victim. That's easily pictured thanks to horror movies like those starring Bela Lugosi (a Jew, incidentally, who wore a prominent Star of David in his most famous film--Dracula). Of course we all know vampires are imaginary, which brings us back to that wild claim of ZOG here in the United States.

    "Wild" claim? Theodore Herzl, founder of modern Zionism, said: "The world forgets, in its ignorance and nar­rowness of heart, that when we sink, we become a revolu­tionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of the revolu­tionary party; when we rise, there rises also the terrible power of the purse." (The Jewish State, New York, 1917)

    Yes, "The world forgets," especially when information--cur­rent and historical--is filtered and controlled. How many White Americans know, for instance, that 75% of Jews openly admit THEIR DEVOTION TO ISRAEL SUPERSEDES THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO THE UNITED STATES? (AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE poll, 1982)

    So perhaps America does suffer from a Zionist presence forcing its will on the rest of us (OCCUPATION), but is it actu­ally powerful enough to qualify as a Government?

    Lawrence Tisch controls CBS, Inc., and William Paley is its president. (1988-1989 reference period) Martin Rubinstein now heads PBS. President of National Public Radio is Frank Mankiewicz. Barry Dillar presently heads Fox, Inc. Jews are thick as thieves in Ted Turner's network. Leonard Goldenson heads ABC, his right hand man is Paul Friedman. Brandon Tartikoff is head of NBC Entertainment, president of NBC News is Lawrence Grossman. Past network news department heads were Julian Goodman, Richard Wald, and Reuben Frank (NBC), Richard Salant (CBS), Avram Westin (ABC). Other TV VIPs were Fred Silverman, Howard Grossman, Herbert Schlosser, Fred Friendly, David Sarnoff and son Robert.

    The statistical chance of Jews (approximately 3% of Amer­ica's population) controlling all four major networks (including PBS), Public Radio and Fox Network in this land of equal op­portunity is 1 in 50,000,000,000.

    Past and present Jewish "news" casters: Martin Agronsky, Herbert Kaplow, Carl Stern, Daniel Schorr, Edwin Newman, Marvin and Bernard Kalb, Irving R. Levine, Walter Winchell, Barbara Walters, Ann Rubenstein, Morley Safer, Mike Wallace, Louis Rukeyser, Dan Dorfman, Myron Kandell. Connie Chung is married to Maury Povich (Jew). His sister is senior editor at Newsweek, owned by Katherine Graham (Jew). Even Geraldo Rivera is half-Jewish. [H: Do you think it an accident that a loudmouth know-nothing like R. Limbaugh makes it to top star category? Come, come--this is to give you a perception (wrong of course) that there is "opposition" allowed. Look at Phil Donohue and all the other talk hosts. Don't be silly, they are just as "placed for a purpose" as any other of the PLAN 2000.]

    Roger Rosenblatt is a special case. He writes for TIME, but also occasionally gets a national forum on the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour (produced by Lester Crystal, Jew) to expound on matters dear to Zionists hearts, like a Final Solution for South Africa's Whites.

    Rick Kaplan (Jew) produces Nightline, starring Ted Koppel (Jew). Kaplan admits Israel is over-represented on the program. He also says, "We don't want to do too many shows with the PLO."

    Remember: PLO guys are loathsome "terrorists"; African National Congress gorillas are merely "guerillas"; and Begin, Shamir, and Sharon are swell fellows. John Kluge heads MetroMedia, and may be America's second richest man.

    CBS publishes Woman's Day. TV Guide is owned by Walter Annenberg, who also owns Seventeen. Leonard Stern owns the Village Voice, (and 75% of the U.S. pet food business). Leon Bostein is CEO of Harpers; Gloria Steinem started Ms. Maga­zine. In 1976, David Goodstein owned Advocate, which mostly advocated homosexuality. Goodstein feels, "Gays, blacks, and Jews are the most interesting people in the world." Al Goldstein heads Screw, a sex sewerage periodical. All are Jews.

    Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz (Jew): "Much of what you have read about the war in Lebanon--and even more of what you have seen and heard on television--is simply not true." (Is the same thing remotely possible about media reporting in gen­eral?) He also felt that anyone in the media who criticized Is­rael's action in the Lebanon War was betraying "the interests of the United States and indeed... the values of Western civilization as a whole." ZOG's campaign against Nicaragua is explained by New Republic's associate editor Jefferson Morley: "A friend of my enemy is my enemy." (Mother Jones, 2/87) Nicaragua sympathizes with the PLO.

    Mortimer Zuckerman (Jew) owns Atlantic Monthly. "He would hate for the magazine to be hostile to Israel," says editor William Whitsworth. Zuckerman also owns U.S. News and World Report. His Jewish reporter Nick Daniloff was briefly held by the Soviets until ZOG sprung a real Soviet spy for Daniloff and a wailing Russian Jew (aka "refusnik").

    Daniloff claims he was framed by the KGB. That's the same outfit whose evidence OSI uses unhesitatingly to convict Ameri­cans of alleged WW II crimes against Jews.

    U.S. News executive editor was Marvin Stone (now David Gergen). TIME's managing editor is Henry Grunwald. Katherine Graham owns Newsweek and the Washington Post [H: And is a biggie in the Trilateral Commission among other "clubs of the Elite".]--all Jews.

    IN 1976 The (Jew) Newhouse Media chain owned 6 TV and 4 radio stations, 20 cable TV systems, 22 daily newspapers in­cluding Cleveland New Dealer, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Portland Oregonian, Vogue, House and Garden, Mademoiselle. [H: I think someone should check into the wondrous "Christian" network called TBN with Paul Crouch, et al. You may find some REAL surprises behind the fundamental Pentecostal "Christian" hoopla!--Sorry, Al. YOU ALL SURELY KNOW, DON'T YOU, ABOUT PAT ROBERT­SON?--ALL SELF-PROCLAIMED ZIONISTS!]
    1986: The Sulzberger family owns the New York Times. Max Frankel, Arthur Celb, Jack Rosenthal, and Leslie Celb are the top editors. All Jews. Strangely enough, the ACLU is not suing that paper for employment discrimination against non-Jews. wald, David Broder, Ben Wattenberg, Herb Caen, and Susan Sontag--who considers Whites "the cancer of history".

    Warren Phillips is chairman of Dow Jones & Co., which owns the Wall Street Journal. He was born a Jew, as was Bill Kovach, top editor of the Atlanta Constitutional-Journal.
    Jewish columnists: Georgie Ann Geyer, Joseph Kraft, Midge Decter, Irving Kristol, William Safire, Dear Abby, Art Buchwald, David Broder, Ben Wattenberg, Herb Caen, and Susan Sontag--who considers Whites "the cancer of history".

    Certainly a surprisingly-harsh analogy for a Jew to choose considering her own race's track record as chronicled in these pages, and a strange one considering Jewish hostility to apartheid--an easy cure for racial "cancer". (A cancer cannot survive apart from its host organism.) [H: Hmmnnn--I begin to wonder about the WHO (World Health Organization) in­troduction of AIDS into the African population and the Gay community which would infect in a major way, the en­tertainment industry of Jewish people--could it be that YOU DON'T KNOW ONE ENEMY FROM ANOTHER?? IN OTHER WORDS--WILL THE "REAL" ENEMY STAND UP? IT DEPENDS, SURELY, ON WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU THINK--DOES IT NOT? But can you be safe from either enemy of each other? No--YOU will get killed in the middle of the cross-fire if you don't watch out very, very closely!]

    * * *
    We need a break before moving on into the next topic. Do you know YOUR enemy? Well, readers--I KNOW MINE! So be it.
    PJ 80

    THU., OCT. 14, 1993 2:00 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 059

    THU., OCTOBER 14 1993

    Oh, you thought that was Ringling Brothers or "Moses" or something? No, readers, the greatest show-and-tell on Earth is exactly THIS--the taking of a planet. I respect my enemy and so too should you. When 3% of anything can take and totally control the other 97%--own it hook, line, and sinker--you have a hellova show! This is not accidental nor is it unexpected--except for you who are "victims" of the lie and the show. God's peo­ple lose all grasp or focus on our (their) mission and goal--the Khazarian Zionist anti-Christ HAS NEVER FOR ONE SINGLE BLINK OF AN EYE--BECOME DISTRACTED FROM THEIR GOAL. NOT FOR ONE MOMENT--GO BACK AND READ THE PROTOCOLS and PLAN 2000!

    Do I despise the Jews? I don't even understand the question. I respect the Jew and have unlimited compassion for the Hebrew. Do I honor that which the "Jew" has come to represent? No--I have no honor to offer unto the controllers/puppetmasters. I re­peat: I have RESPECT FOR MY ENEMY! The person of He­brew lineage is my BROTHER--literally. The Khazarian Zion­ist of no race, no creed and no brotherhood--IS MY ENEMY. Do I declare WAR on him (them)? Of course not, I have no interchange with them at all under any of MY circumstances--they are of physical plane only and herein lies the battle of per­ception of God vs. Satan, etc. Soul is at auction--assumedly by the Satan in point. No, God is creator of "Soul" so there actu­ally is NO BATTLE--only in the human perception! Therefore the conscious perception is the battlefield--TRUTH OR LIE IS THE CHOICE. Show me a happy, at peace and joyous "Jew" and I will show you one who is NOT A KHAZARIAN ZIONIST! There are millions and they WILL join ranks with God's own when they understand the way of it. The "Jewish" organi­zations who speak out against this tide of deceitful beings are squashed ever so much more severely and quickly than are the proclaimed enemy's clubs.

    Do you hear what is now being said about the illness in returned Gulf-War veterans who are now in the progressive movement of DEATH by what they will now tell you is from Chemi­cal/Biological weapons OF IRAQ. Come now, your own mili­tary leaders did that to your OWN SOLDIERS. Why do you think they hushed it up--if they REALLY wanted to get nasty old mad-Saddam--they would PLAY THE BLAME GAME TO THE HILT! THERE IS SIMPLY NOTHING THIS EVIL AD­VERSARY WILL NOT PERPETRATE UPON YOU TO WIN THIS BATTLE--THE WAR GOES ON. READERS--THE WAR GOES ON!

    Back to the "ridiculous":

    Edgar Bronfman is "quite possibly the richest Jew in the world!" (1/25/81, Jerusalem Post). He owns Joseph E. Seagrams Distillers which made mind-boggling fortunes by shipping beer and spirits into the U.S. from Canada during Prohibition. The Bronfmans also own 20% of Du Pont. Ed is President of the World Jewish Congress.

    Barry Dillar is possibly America's richest Jew (if John Kluge isn't), he controlled Paramount Pictures, Simon and Shuster (the largest U.S. book publisher), a huge chain of movie theaters, Sega Video Games, and Madison Square Garden. The World Boxing Conference is headed by Joe Sulaiman. Top Rank, Inc., is headed by Bob Arum. Both are Jews. Many of their fight programs take place in Jewish-owned Caesar's Palace.

    Retail mega-stores grossing billions by importing foreign products include Fred Meyers, Sprous-Reitz, and Sears. All are Jewish names. On the other side of the counter, consumer agi­tators Ralph Nader, Jerry Rifkind, and Jerry Rubin are Jews.

    Gerald Greenwald (Jew) is president of Chrysler Corp. John Richman controls Kraft Foods, Parkay Margerine, Tupperware, and Duracell. Estee Lauder owns a cosmetics company of the same name, Ron Perlman owns Revlon. Marvin Davis is for­mer owner of Twentieth Century Fox. James Goldsmith (English Jew) owns Crown Zellerbach Diamond Paper Com­pany. Alfred Taubman owns A & W, plus whole shopping malls nation-wide. Chairman of Occidental Oil--Armand Ham­mer (A Friend of Russia). All Jews. Phillip Morris Tobacco Company is completely controlled by Jews. R.J. Reynolds controls tobacco interests, Del Monte Foods, and Aminoil Oil. In 1982 its chairman was J. Paul Sticht (Jew). The Crown fam­ily (Jews) owns over 20% of General Dynamics. The com­pany's president is David Lewis (Jew).

    Grain merchants: Five companies control the Free World's grain. Of these the Fribourgs own Continental Grain, the Louis Dreyfus family owns a second, and the Hersch family controls a third (Bunge Company). All three families are Jewish, or of Jewish ancestry. In the Great Grain Robbery of 1971-72 HENRY KISSINGER (Jew) was at the heart of secret dealings that gave Russia U.S. grain at bargain prices and from which American farmers received very little profit. (Merchants of Grain, by Dan Morgan, pp. 31, 39, 157)

    All high-quality diamonds entering the U.S. pass through a diamond center in New York City. It is totally controlled by Jews. South Africa's Oppenheimer family (Jews) control De-Beer's, the world's largest diamond company, and Anglo-American, the world's largest gold mining company.

    Five men meet in London twice daily and decide the world price of gold. They represent Mocatta & Goldsmid, Sharps, Pi­zley Ltd., Samuel Montagu Ltd., Mase Wespac Ltd. and M. Rothschild & Sons. (12/29/86, L.A. Times and Wash. Post)

    The Raiders of Wall Street, by Eric Allison names America's master robbers whose greed is costing us all. Included are Sir James Goldsmith, Irwin Jacobs, Carl Icahn, Victor Posner, Asher Edelman, and Saul Steinberg. Not named were Ivan Boesky, Marvin Davis, Ron Perlman, the Pritzker brothers and Belzberg brothers, Fred Wasserman (health care), Kohlberg and Kravis, Samuel Heyman, and the Haft family (Dart Group). All Jews.

    The 1986-87 insider trading scandal was an almost Jew-only affair. Besides Boesky and Dennis Levine, Carl Icahn was pos­sibly involved (owns TWA), plus Davis Brown, Daniel Sil­verman, Robert Wilkis, Michael David, Morton Shapiro, Martin Siegel, Robert Salsbury, Andrew Soloman, and Michael Milken (junk bond "genius") [H: Let's not leave out the able-bodied help in the above manipulations of the entire Judicial sys­tem, Bar Association, groups like Shea & Gould and politi­cal figures supported by these groups.]

    Investment Banks deal in stocks, bonds, international cur­rency, and raising funds for corporate raiders. The biggest are Kuhn, Loeb and Co., First Boston, Rothschild Bank, Lehman Brothers, Lazard Freres, Goldman, Sachs & Co., and Salomon Brothers. All are family controlled by Jews. Drexel Burnham Investment Bank is headed by Jack Kugler, its East coast opera­tions by Fred Joseph, West coast by Milken. All Jews. [H: So, Dharma recognizes most of the names on the list as having been involved in the seizing of HER HOME. Do you see, readers, how you MUST work within this sordid world of corruption if you are to hold anything, even your life--but you DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN THE RANKS IN CORRUP­TION. I BELIEVE YOU CAN, HOWEVER, SEE WHY THERE WAS AND IS NO REAL "WINNING" IN A COURT OF LAW--ALL THE SYSTEM IS ON "THEIR" SIDE AND THE JUDGES WILL SMILE WHILE THEY STRIP YOU OF EVERY LAST THING YOU HAVE--IN­CLUDING--AND ESPECIALLY, DIGNITY! IT IS PURELY AN "INSIDER" GAME AND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN MARCH IN WITH "COMMON LAW" REA­SON, I CAN ONLY PITY YOUR LACK OF CLARITY AND PERCEPTION. "BUT" YOU SAY, "IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS WAY!" RIGHT! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?? STOP ASKING ME WHAT I AM GO­ING TO DO ABOUT IT--BECAUSE THEY KNOW AND I REMIND YOU--I AM NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Dharma and E.J. are not even in the "fight them" business any longer--they would be happy to "settle" and let the wheelers and dealers go their greedy pathway. The same with Green, actually, but NOT AT THE EX­PENSE OF INNOCENT FRIENDS AND WORKERS HOODWINKED BY THE TAKERS. WE ARE NO THREAT TO THESE KHAZARS AND YOU CAN BET WE'LL LEAVE THEM COMPLETELY ALONE ONCE CLEAR OF THEM--EVEN MR. GREEN(BERG??). HOWEVER, THEY WILL MEET THEIR OWN ENEMY (NOT ME) SOON ENOUGH FOR THE BLADE IS COM­ING DOWN QUICKLY NOW. IT WOULD BEHOOVE THEM TO ALLOW MY PEOPLE TO WIN A LITTLE BIT--SO THEY CAN TURN THEIR ATTENTION TO THEIR REAL ENEMY--THE RUSSIANS AND MONGOLS DO NOT LIKE THE KHAZARS!!! What do "we" want? Not much--just enough to get our remnant through and the big-wheels would not even miss that amount under any circum­stances--and, that which is rightfully ours as earned and en­trusted to us and ripped off by would-be "friends".
    I chuckle at the story G. Green tells ones these days: "Boy those Ekkers have millions in gold and money--and they are in really serious trouble!" I can only imagine what trouble that poor child is in that his lies are of such incredible mag­nitude and so easily checked out! Are you dealing with a to­tally insane man--OR A TOTALLY DESPERATE MAN?

    By the way, readers, what "I" am and do--is NOT BY ANY REMOTE TRANSMISSION WHAT ARE E.J. AND DORIS EKKER! Since the battle lines, however, are drawn against "them" it indicates the total lack of discernment of those poor misguided personages--do they think people are so stupid as to not be able to check out these stories?--or are they such a part and parcel of the brainwashing technique that they KNOW most of you won't give a damn and will believe anything you are told?! I have news for you ones, Ekkers can think of nothing more comfortable than to be out of ALL OF IT and get on with their lives as best they can! Perhaps if the nerds in power would get off their backs, I just might let them do that for a while. We shall see--for there is much unfolding at this moment. Remem­ber, insight into Truth is as difficult for these ones here as for any person reading any of this. This information, fur­ther, IS NOT NEW--every word has been published over and over again--how can we be of such importance? We only wish to reach our people and yet, they too, are free to choose any direction they wish.]
    International banks barely acknowledge national boundaries. The Rockefellers of Chase-Manhattan are reportedly descended from Marrano Jews--Portuguese Jews who professed conversion to Catholicism to escape the Inquisition. Abraham Feinberg (Jew) was chairman of American Bank and Trust Company, and was lobbyist-consultant to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. In the mid-'70s many international banks had huge loans to Panama, which was on the verge of financial collapse. Sol Linowitz of Marine-Midland Bank negotiated the Panama Canal giveaway, thereby freeing Canal revenues for Panama to pay its bank debts. (The Truth About the Panama Canal, by Denison Kitchel.)

    Even the largest American banks ultimately depend on the Federal Reserve Bank for their credit and bailouts. Paul War­burg engineered establishment of "our" Federal Reserve Bank. He was sent over by Kuhn, Loeb & Co. to set it up, just in time to raise the enormous funds needed for WW I. Arthur Burns headed the Fed for many years. In 1987 Alan Greenspan was chosen to head it. All of the above names are Jewish.

    FDIC Chairman (1987) was L. William Seidman (Jew). His predecessor was William Issac (Jew).

    Ernst Stern (Jew) is second-in-command of the World Bank. Of six crucial areas explored in our search for the Land of the ZOG, Media (information) and Economics (income) are most important. The remaining four depend heavily on who has power over the Press and Purse. Nevertheless, to maximize its own security and parasitic "government" would apply pressure at all choke points of its host society.

    The Versailles Conference concluding World War I's White bloodbath, which America entered through Zionist manipula­tions, was known as the "Kosher Conference" because of the amazing preponderance and awesome influence of its Jewish participants. This kosher crowd also hatched the League of Na­tions, predecessor to the United Nations, predecessor to a One World Government.

    During WW II's White bloodbath, Franklin Roosevelt dele­gated authority to Harry Dexter White, Benjamin Cohen, Sol Bloom, Emmanual Celler, Isador Lumnin, Anna Rosenberg, Henry Morganthau, etc. The Morganthau Plan proposed shut­ting down German industry forever ("pastoralization"). Roo­sevelt was also closely advised by Felix Frankfurter. All were Jews. [H: How many of you readers realize that Franklin D. Roosevelt WAS RELATED TO A DOZEN OF YOUR PRES­IDENTS? Would this not be considered extensive incest if you are honest about it? You have laughed at the antics of your politicians too long, readers. While you laughed at the sacred clowns--your world was stolen right in front of you!]

    Three of the NAACP's four original organizers were Jews. (They Dare to Speak Out, by Paul Findley.) Kevie Kaplan (Jew) was long-time president of the NAACP. He was the third Jew in succession to head that Black organization which has been so instrumental in the destruction of White society. [H: Believe me, readers, the Jew does not consider himself a Black! So, how is it that Jews began and head the organiza­tions of the Blacks?] Such positions mean control of Black masses and also control of confiscated White financial resources (aka, tax funds) flowing into it.

    1987: "Our" (???) State Department agreed to accept 26,000 refugees annually from Cuba, and 36,500 from Southeast Asia. This is demographic manipulation by fiat. How many White Americans would vote for "Open Borders" in an open referen­dum? Then why don't we have one, and prove it once and for all?

    Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill (puppet) stubbornly de­layed legislation that would have limited immigration reform. Aliens in the tens of millions made use of the time and opportu­nities he provided them, with a cost to Whites beyond measure. One example: AIDS. The people most heavily infected with AIDS are immigrant Blacks (Haitians and Africans). Jimmy Carter's open arms to Cubans in the Mariel Boatlift brought us another treasure trove of AIDS carriers. Many of these crea­tures were prisoners, homosexuals, or veterans of Cuba's mili­tary escapades in Africa where AIDS was already rampant but unreported. From these immigrant communities the virus spread among dope addicts, queers, prostitutes, then to main­stream America. Coming to your neighborhood soon.

    The ACLU vigorously defends the rights of infected queers and criminals of all sorts in its efforts to bring justice (???) to this land: ZOG justice!

    [H: Please, Dharma, just write and don't allow emotional involvement here. I need your hands, not your input.]

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was formed in 1920 primarily to defend Communists and troublesome aliens (i.e., wailing Jews). Source: The ACLU on Trial, by William McIlhany II (p.124). It specializes in court action to defy the Majority's will and therefore effectuate Minority Rule. Strong Zionists links should be suspected because the ACLU is a con­federation of parasites (lawyers). [H: We will also note that after "studying" the Ekker circumstances--the ACLU felt it unwise to handle their case for they "work with only large groups in which impact is possible. Also, a shortage of lawyers...." Funny thing is that the ACLU got into causing this local cemetery in Tehachapi to do away with a "cross" flowerbed as being racist. The community even offered to have other religious symbols added to the grounds--NO--the upper cross member had to be totally removed. There is now a silly "T" bed in the cemetery. How many of you have your town's initial IN THE LOCAL CEMETERY??] Suspi­cions should be heightened by the fact that Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter was one of its founders. He de­fended Communists in the 1920's Red Scare, assisted arch-Zionist Louis Brandeis, and provided free legal counsel to the NAACP. Suspicions of Zionist links are confirmed by the pre­ponderance of Jewish names appearing in ACLU cases, and in its leadership positions: Ira Glasser is president, Norman Dorsen executive director and Jerry Berman Chief Counsel. All are Jews.

    Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941) was "Leader of American Zionists", according to C.C. O'Brien in The Siege. Brandeis said: "Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station or his shade of belief, is necessarily a member." (Letter to Eastern Council of the Central Conference of Reform Rabbis, 6/8/15)

    He originated the novelty of allowing new evidence to be in­troduced at the Supreme Court level (Brandeis briefs).

    In Shelly v. Kraemer (1948) the Supreme Court ruled racial housing convenants unconstitutional. Lawyers involved in this landmark case were Alan Brown and Ben Safir of the American Jewish Congress, Ernest Goodman of the National Lawyer's Guild, Julius Goldstein of the Anti-Nazi League, Mozart Ratner, Lee Pressman, David Rein, Victor Rabinovitz, John Abt, Leonard Boudin, Isadore Katz, Sam Rothbard, M.H. Goldstein, Dave Scribner, Matt Silverman, Iry Panzer, Harry Weinstock, Ralph Helistein, Dick Soloman... and many, many, many more.

    In Brown v. Board of Education (1954) the Supreme Court ruled school segregation illegal: Among many Jews aiding the plaintiff were Philip Elman and Justice Felix Frankfurter.

    With blatant disregard for judicial neutrality, Frankfurter dis­cussed strategy and progress with Elman, and told him how other justices felt. (AP, 3/23/87)

    Stanley Levison (Jew) was "the most important unknown ad­visor Martin King and Andrew Young ever had", said Young in a September, 1985 obituary. Some SOLC members resented his vast influence in Black affairs, and the FBI (under Hoover) tagged Levison as a Communist. Now Jews vilify Hoover.

    Jack Greenberg was longtime head of the NAACP Legal De­fense Fund. Greenberg was neither Black nor White: He was a Jew.

    In 1987, four Senators were designated to carefully review all Reagan appointees to federal judgeships. They included one Jew (Metzenbaum) and three Zionist puppets (Kennedy, Biden, Simon). 3% of America's population will have 100 percent control of the selection process.

    The two principle Senate-appointed lawyers investigating the 1987 Iran-Contra Affair were Art Lyman and Mark Belnik (Jews), probably because Israel's involvement and profits had to be covered up regarding both guns and drugs.

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a Jewish organization [H: Created by British Intelligence for the Committee of 300.] that uses quasi-legal measures to promote Zionist interests and suppress resistance to ZOG. This strategy includes court actions like the ACLU, plus mass pressure tactics such as boy­cotts and organized call-ins, plus individual pressure tactics such as brain-washing (otherwise known as "sensitivity training"), political pressure, disinformation, lies, etc. ADL official Hy­man Hays said on 2/1/50: "You can call these tactics anything you want to. You can even say smear. We prefer to say 'education' . "

    Or more accurately: "Kosher education". The Anti-Defama­tion League was so alarmed about a book warning of the sub­mergence of Whites in the American Melting Pot (Conquest of a Continent, M. Grant, 1933) that it urged newspapers and peri­odicals not to review or otherwise publicize the book because--as Richard E. Gutstadt (Jew) said: "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book." Photocopies verifying this blatant act of intellectual suppression still exist. [H: Still wonder why the PHOENIX JOURNALS are hard to find, hard to get and are often totally BANNED?]

    Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (Jew) introduced a bill that estab­lished the Office of Special Investigation (OSI). When anti-Semitism becomes a capital crime as it was in Russia, this little-known agency will balloon and supplant the FBI as ZOG's ma­jor tool for eliminating patriots. Neal Sher (Jew) heads this American equivalent of Stalin's infamous NKVD. Its staff is rife with Jews (as was the NKVD's). [H: Well, friends, let us face squarely the fact that this Phoenix Institute, the Ekkers and all activities have BEEN INVESTIGATED BY EVERY ONE OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS AND MR. GREEN INSISTS THERE ARE 'MORE'--I WOULD SAY HE LIES AS THERE CAN'T BE MANY MORE! WE SIMPLY DO NOTHING FOR WHICH TO BE "TAKEN-OUT" WITH­OUT MASSIVE ATTENTION. FOR YOU PARTICI­PANTS--IS IT NOT NICE TO KNOW THAT SO MUCH ATTENTION HAS BEEN GIVEN THIS INSTITUTION ONLY TO FIND IT CLEAN AND WELL-RUN? THIS MUST BE THE "SHOCK" OF THE CENTURY TO GREEN'S BUDDIES. HE IS NOW WORKING WITH ONE OF THE MAJOR RING-LEADERS OF THESE JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS--CONNECTED TO THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE, YET. I WILL "LAY-OFF" WHEN THEY REMOVE THE HOUNDS OF HELL FROM MY PEOPLE--NOT UNTIL!]
    The Jewish Defense League (JDL) and Jewish Defense Or­ganization (JDO) are street justice counterparts to the ADL. JDL founder Meir Kahane proudly proclaimed after one act of terrorism: "There are two types of justice--criminal justice and Jewish justice." Jews administer both types, just to cover all the bases and cases. What else are they administering?


    Dharma, we can't finish this today, so let's take a break, turn this over and continue if there is remaining time. Thank you.

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    宇宙生命一家, 無次 Justice Future Society Institute wave's Avatar

    Default 응답: PJ#080, TRUTH FROM THE "ZOG BOG" - Zionist Occupation Government

    PJ 80
    SUN., OCT. 17, 1993 9:05 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 062

    SUN., OCTOBER 17, 1994
    It is not only my promise to effort to get this information ready for this current issue of CONTACT but the thrust in today's news involves this very issue. If you think your entire WORLD is going DOWN because of the takeover of "the enemy" without a struggle, you are incorrect in perceptions.

    I have said over and over again--I DO NOT ADVOCATE VI­OLENCE--does this mean there will not be violence? Of course not--for the ones clashing with other groups would not accept my presence, either, in most instances. However you will find history repeats itself because YOU DID NOT LEARN FROM THE FIRST LESSONS! I must, I see, use new analogy and it will be offensive at first appearance and perception. It will ap­pear from what I say that again the smaller minority of people are under attack. "That" group perceived to be "Jews" ARE NOT and therefore CANNOT be under attack. However, that is not my purpose, either--to cause physical clash, one brother against another. The facts are that as Christ became syn­onymous with "good and freedom" so too has "Jew" become a "state of being and not race, creed, or color". Remember the PRIMARY DEFINITION OF JEW IN THIS DAY AC­CORDING TO THE RULES SET FORTH BY TALMUDIC JEWS: "ANYONE WHO SAYS HE IS A JEW!! Does THAT sound like a Black or Hispanic or native Indian or Mongolian Oriental? No, you have established, through the very turning of the "word" to define ones who are anti-Christ followers of the Talmud of the Zionist Khazars--Elitists!

    The great news today in London is the "most massive demon­stration and clash' of the 'far-right Party' for the "expulsion of emigrants and JEWS" ever witnessed in this day and age. THIS IS THE VERBAL UNDERLINE STATEMENT BY CNN NEWS AS THEY SHOWED THE STREET CLASHES WITH BLUE HELMETED POLICE FORCES

    What did Churchill say (just written for you a couple of days ago)? "In violent opposition... rise the schemes of the Interna­tional Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are working for the overthrow of civilization and the reconstituion of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality. It played... a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement in the Nineteenth Century." (Illustrated Sunday Herald, 2820)

    George Bernard Shaw, 12/3/25 London Morning Post: "This is the real enemy, the invader from the East... the oriental para­site; in a word: the Jew."

    America: Do you think the "persecuted" persons in England will go back to new Israel when they migrate this time? Of course not--they fully intend this as a way to force America to open her doors to the full migration of ALL Jews from everywhere as they are seemingly persecuted. And by whom are they perse­cuted? THEIR OWN!

    So, there is a concomitant showing in the U.S. today also wherein the Ku Klux Klan is in demonstration--and the focus on the White vs. Black. Not so--you don't remember your KKK origins very well, do you?--the "Jew" was also a prime target as they took over the economy, destroyed the religions of the communal whites and thus and so. There are now, however, more Jews "SILENTLY" serving IN THE KKK (with name changes) than any group of anyone. You see, the thrust is to TAKE OVER through infiltration and ability to cause chaos--ALL GROUPS.

    MOST AMERICANS do not know who is the enemy nor who exactly to rise up against. So, you have little tax "revolts" here and there, marches on Washington because of this AMEND­MENT or that one--and the PROBLEM IS MISSED EN­TIRELY! AMERICA IS RULED AND RUN BY A FOREIGN POWER! EVERY MAJOR DECISION AND EV­ERYTHING THE PRESIDENT DOES IS GUIDED AND ORCHESTRATED BY FOREIGNER --KHAZARIAN ZIONISTS--MOSTLY RUSSIAN JEWS!!

    Do I advocate you take up arms against them? Of course not--they have control of the greatest weaponry short of the Russian higher controllers. You would get smashed for your efforts.

    Can't you go to your CIA or something? Really? The CIA is RIGHT NOW in the process of being purged of all "patriots". Well, where can you go? I, personally, do not see a spot in which to escape this immoral madness. Some may survive the take-over by abiding by rules, otherwise you will be caught in the insanity of the depopulation move of these controllers. Worse, when the "Titans" clash for ultimate control over the globe--it is going to be the "Mother of all Wars!" and, yes in­deed, ones who first uttered the phrase will participate! You are at the threshold, my friends, of THAT encounter so your stabil­ity is tedious at BEST. It would seem that the better part of in­telligence is to effort to prepare for survival of self and families. However, while "Rome burns", so to speak, the time is wasted throwing stones at me and my crew because I advocate NOT GOING TO PHYSICAL WAR WITH THESE TAKEOVER INTENDERS. GOD WINS--BUT GOD IS "ENERGY" WHICH IS THE "BREATH OF LIFE"--SO I THINK YOU MAY WELL BE ABLE TO SEE WHEREIN THE BATTLE WILL BE FOUGHT ON THE LEVEL OF "GOOD AND EVIL"--"GOD VS. SATAN"! HE CERTAINLY IS NOT GO­ING TO CHOOSE UP SIDES WHEN BOTH ARE EVIL--THEY WILL DESTROY THEMSELVES JUST AS WITH THE MEETING OF TWO MASSIVE DRAGONS! HOW EVER, THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF BODIES AROUND TO BE EATEN BY THE DRAGONS--MUST YOU BE ONE OF THEM? SO BE IT!

    This morning a precious friend came to the Ekkers to ask in­volvement in a "personal" domestic situation. This one was quite put-off by refusal to become involved in a quarrel in which "sides" would be drawn. However, the basis of refusal was that "we have no right nor reason" to interfere or become involved (these ones do not do more than perhaps read the paper) and there is GREAT misinterpretation of that. This is FINE, read­ers--we put it out there--you do that which you will. We are calling "MY" crew, not evangelizing. However, it was inter­esting to note that the response to the refusal to take a great amount of time and involvement in the issue at point (to retrain the "other's" viewpoint on religion) the thrust was: "....well, you posture as leaders...." No, the Ekkers try to KEEP OUT OF EVERYONE'S BUSINESS--ACTUALLY, INCLUDING MINE AND THEIR OWN. THEY "POSTURE" AS NOTH­ING! Can you see how misrepresentations come to be through ignorance of FACTS?? No matter how many times we repeat and repeat that there is NO GROUP, NO CHURCH, NO MOVEMENT here--it is ignored and when the enemy calls us a GROUP or something similar--IT IS ACCEPTED. Remember well that when ones originally wrote about George Green (and he loved it) the press referred to "here" as being "George Green's Followers". Readers, the ENEMY never rests--not even for a baseball series.

    Evidently, however, we represent a threat to SOMEONE--so, I wonder if IT COULD BE BECAUSE WE BRING TRUTH? TRUTH ALWAYS MAKES YOU TROUBLESOME WHEN TRUTH IS THAT WHICH HAS BEEN HIDDEN UNDER ELABORATE ACTIONS FOR SECRECY AND TO COVER TOTAL MANIPULATION. WORSE YET, IF ONES OF YOUR OWN "GROUP"--AS DESCRIBED BY THE BREAK­AWAY PARTIES--ARE COVERING MASS THEFT AND DECEIT, THE AMMUNITION BECOMES MORE LIES AND SCHEMING TO DESTROY RATHER THAN BE CAUGHT IN THE LIES. No, it is not an easy passage for you who would choose that passage--but if you prepare and arrange yourselves--you CAN do it for you will be lost in the shuffle--IF you can allow ego to be buried and focus lifted from self!

    This is certainly NOT a "troublemaker" press. We ask you to prepare for passage through a time of tribulation making as little mass fuss as possible. If you cannot see that your enemy has gained CONTROL--you remain blind and destined for probable destruction. Doom's Day? No--only for the ones who would-­be-KINGS as they FIGHT THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY KINGS! Look around you--the sucking into a system of inabil­ity to survive without the government handouts and control is upon you--when the welfare programs are stopped--you are doomed for hardly anyone knows even enough to be able to plant a row of corn--and starvation will come prior to the "crop" at any rate. Worse, movements will be so curtailed that you won't even be ABLE to get to where ones have prepared to rip them off. No, it is NOT A pretty picture BUT IT IS AN­OTHER WARNING.

    ZOG administering American Culture & Entertainment

    Joseph R. Shapiro (Jew) was founder and past president of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. He asked: "Can the art of the Jew survive in America?..." The taste-makers, art dealers, museum officials, directors, curators, university de­partment heads, collectors and critics are predominantly Jewish. In art the Gentile is definitely a minority class. [H: This is not for lack of talent but lack of ability to have showing or atten­tion through the controlled media. Soon, an enlightened Gentile will have no place or funds for publications. We hold a wondrous manuscript on AIDS and can't even pub­lish it for the author for lack of funds and follow-up adver­tising to so much as make the work KNOWN. It is already DONE, the taking over of ALL PUBLICATION HOUSES by the Khazar Zionists and all publications will be funnelled through Thomson (Zionists out of England). What will hap­pen to the JOURNALS? Oh, they will be stored, some of them, some of them will be held and cherished--THEY WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF MANY, MANY OF YOU FOR THE ENEMY'S ENEMY WILL COME and--by the holding of the volumes--you will be recognized as a "non-en­emy". YOU are NOT going to be hurt for subscribing to our writings--in fact, it gets you onto the SAFETY LIST. Not MY list--the controllers right here are protecting you--for many reasons but we are about the only ones around who do not represent dangerous groupies against anyone. The dangerous ones to Dharma, for instance, are the ones who will be uncovered in their treason and criminal actions if revealed in court--or from ones with personal vendettas who have already been named publicly for their connections and thievery, deceit and corruption. Dangerous job in point? Indeed, but not particularly, ANY LONGER, from the "Big Boys" except on a very "personal" level of consider­ation. So, WHY will "truth keep you free?"??? Because you will show wisdom in actions and handle yourself like­wise.
    You can continue to bring pressure through the PEN and support for the ones who offer the information so that you are included in the "crew"--but you do not ever have right to suggest that this "bunch" advocates violence, or violent over­throw of anything. I insist, in fact, that every law of the land, even if unjust and unCONSTITUTIONAL, be kept. If the law says buckle your seat-belt--BUCKLE UP. It cer­tainly is NOT AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD--and might, in fact, save your life! The adversary leaves plenty of LOOPHOLES in the laws of the land to protect himself and assets--USE THEM! If you don't KNOW THEM--go read the JOURNALS!]

    ....Indeed, we should rephrase our question to... "Can Culture in America survive without the Jews?" (1977 conference at the Chicago Jewish Community Forum).

    Please note how "the art of the Jew" is blithely equated to American Culture, pure and simple.

    Jewish influence in Tinsel Town: Tony Curtis aka Bernie Shwartz, wife Janet Leigh, daughter Jamie Leigh Curtis, Kirk Douglas aka Isadore Demsky, Kirk's 6 sons, Charles Bronson, Jill St. John aka Jill Oppenheim, Cary Grant aka Larry Leach, Lorne Green aka Chaim Leibowitz (the Voice of Canada during WW II), Michael Landon, Tony Randall aka Sidney Rosenberg, Peter Falk, Dustin Hoffman, Henry Winkler, Richard Dreyfuss, Jack Klugman, Cloris Leachman, Paul Newman, Debra Winger, George Segal, Martin Balsam, Ed Asner, Joan Collins, Robby Benson, Sharon Gless, William Shatner,i/Mr. Spock, Rod Steiger, Richard Benjamin, Ellen Burstyn, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and son Rob Reiner, James Caan, Madeleine Kahn, Gene Wilder, Sgt. Shultz and Colonel Klink, Don Adams, Bar­bara Feldon, Bill Dana, Eli Wallach, Michelle Lee, Elliot Gould, Gabriel Kaplan, Carrie Fisher, Goldie Hawn, Dyan Cannon aka Semille Friesen, Walter Matthau, Penny Marshall, Jane Seymour, Jeff Goldblum, Albert Brooks---it would be eas­ier to list the ones who are NOT so we will leave this listing and move on.

    Singers: Barbra Striesand, Andy Williams, Bette Midler, Si­mon and Garfunkle, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, Bob Dylan (a "world citizen.") etc., etc.

    Classical music: Gentiles created it, but Jewish names now predominate in orchestras and recordings, including Vladimir Horowitz, Issac Stern, Leonard Bernstein, etc.

    Comics: Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Lewis, Billy Crystal, John Lovitz, David Steinberg, Don Rickles, Allan Funt, Richard Dawson, Roseanne Barr, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis, Woody Allen, Buddy Hackett, George Burns, Milton Berle, David Brenner, `Mel Brooks," Wee Herman, Sid Caesar, Jerry Se­infeld, Jackie Mason, Howard Cosell, Mort Sahl, Howie Man­del, Robert Klein, Jack Benny, Peter Sellers, Marty Feldman, the Marx brothers, the Three Stooges, Elizabeth Taylor, the Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr. [H: (Black) and came back to "Jesus" on his deathbed (which often happens when the chips are down).], Whoopie Goldberg, Ted Dansen and thus and so.... [H: Now comes the denial AGAIN in the form of "But Whoopie is black too!" So? "black" is not a religion and NEITHER IS "JEW"! "Jew" is simply USED AS A RELI­GION, USED AS A "RACE" AND USED TO TAKE CON­TROL OF THE WORLD! INCLUDING THE "HEBREW" PEOPLE!]

    Talk show hosts and regular guests: Mark Green, Joan Rivers, Merve Griffin, Rona Barrett aka Ronal Burnstein, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ruth Weistheimer, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Carl Sagan, Larry King, Charley Rose, Sonny Freidman (CNN), even Donohue is married to a Jewess and, even though Catholic in background, advocates Zionism....

    According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, U.S. movie producers and directors are mostly Jews, and roughly 75% of the Writer's Guild are Jews. This includes Roman Polanski, Norman Lear, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Weinstraub, Sidney Lumet, Sydney Pollack, Stanley Kubrick, Mike Nichols, and Elaine May, Barry Levinson, David Susskind, Norman Jewison, William Friedkin, Aaron Spelling, John Frankenheimer, Mana­hem Golan, Yoram Globus, Peter Bogdanovich, Oliver Stone and Joe Sedelmaier (the "king of TV commercials").

    CEO of Walt Disney Production is Michael Eisner, #3 man is Jeffry Kazanberg, Studio spokesman is Irwin Okum. These men were brought in as part of the adjustments necessary to survive after financial blackmail by corporate raiders Saul Steinberg and Irwin Jacobs. All five are Jews.

    Some Jewish studio magnates: Darryl Zanuck, Samuel Gold­wyn, Louis Mayer, David Selznick, the Warner brothers (Warner Communications), Lew Wasserman (Universal), David Begelman (MGM), Marvin Davis (20th Century Fox.)

    Pop Music(??): Lew Wasserman owns industry colossus MCA records, Irving Azoff is its president--he formerly ran Motown. VPs at MCA include Jay Stein and a Mr. Wertheimer. All are Jews. CBS (Tisch) sold its vast records holding to Sony. Roger Mayer (Jew) is president of (Ted) Turner Entertainment Co. On Ted Turner's Night Tracks (WTBS, 2/13/87) the top 5 videos were a "black" sweep. Ap­parently Blacks (14% of the U.S. population) made all the best music--but how much of those rave reviews had little to do with true talent and much to do with Jewish hype and financial inter­ests?

    Book Publishers, Simon and Shuster is the largest book pub­lisher of all. It's a division of Jewish-controlled Gulf and West­ern which also owns Prentice-Hall. MCA (Lew Wasserman again) owns G.P. Putnams; the Newhouse chain includes Ran­dom House, Vantage, and Ballantine; CBS owns Fawcett and Popular Library, but sold Holt, Rinehart, and Winston to Har­court, Brace, Jovanovich--now America's largest publisher in elementary and high school text market. Jovanovich is a Jew, as is Robert Maxwell who in 1987 tried but failed to buy Har­court. He already owned 350 publications, including Britain's second largest news tabloid. President of Macmillan in 1983 was Jeremiah Kaplan, editor-in-chief of Bantam was Mark Jaffe. Both are Jews, as is the Haft family, which owns Crown Books. [H: Surely it MUST BE EVIDENT TO YOU that IF YOU OWN AND PUBLISH THE HISTORY BOOKS, TEXT BOOKS OF ALL KINDS--YOU CAN 'DECIDE" WHAT WAS HISTORY AND WHAT 1.5 NOT--I.E., THE "HOLOCAUST" EXACTLY AS THE JEWS WISH YOU TO RECEIVE IT--HOW MANY OF YOU WOULD ARGUE WITH THE "ORTHODOX" VIEW--TRUE OR FALSE?]

    In 1987 America's two major mail order book clubs were Book of the Month Club, founded by Harry Scheman and cur­rently directed by Al Silverman (both Jews); and Literary Guild, run by Rollene Saal, daughter of a Jewish dentist named Water­man. The USA's two major book distributors (plus magazines and newspapers) are ARA Services and Ancorp National Ser­vices. America's two major book wholesalers are Bookazine and Diamondstein. All six companies are Jewish-controlled, as is the New York Times Book Review--crucial to new writers.

    Writers include: Judith Krantz, Issac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Herbert Bloch, Herman Wouk, Norman Mailer, Eric Segal, Stephen King, Joseph Heller, Robert Heinlein, Leon Uris, Erica Jong, Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins, Saul Bellow, and six mil­lion more.

    Before retiring in 1987, Daniel Boorstin (Jew) headed the Library of Congress for 12 years. [H: Still wonder who and how copyrights are handled and WHY A NON-JEW IS GO­ING TO LOSE ANY ARGUMENT OVER SAME IN AN INJUSTICE COURT OF LAW--AGAINST NEW WORLD ORDER ZIONISTS INVOLVED WITH SUCH AS THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE? JUST A FEW LESSONS ALONG FOR MY OWN SCRIBE! It must have been a real shocker for a few of our "old friends" and "new enemies" to realize Ekkers were so innocent they would fight back be­cause they were given no alternative---! It is really hard for you ones who don't seem to pick up on the new rules. This is where almost ALL of you Constitutionalists and Patriots stand at present--not understanding the lock-step force which has gained CONTROL over EVERYTHING you do as citizenry.]

    Rev. Jerry Falwell: "I am a Zionist." (1/27/85, Old Time Gospel Hour) (The ADL really likes Jerry.)

    Pat Robertson is an "unabashed pro-Israeli", according to Jack Anderson (his column, 3/7/88). [H: This is TRUE--he also works hand in glove with the Israelis on his network, programming and in Israel itself.]

    "The Jew is not satisfied with deChristianizing, he Judasizes, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indiffer­ence, but he imposes his ideas of the world, of morals, and of life upon those whose faith he ruins." (p.350, L'Antisemitise, by Bernard Lazard, a Jew) "Some call it Marxism--I call it Ju­daism." (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, 5/15/35 The Prayer Room of the U.S. Capitol has TWO Jewish Menorahs, BUT NO CROSS.

    Albert Shanker is head of the American Federation of Teach­ers. Ann Kahn heads the PTA (1987). Both are Jews.

    Anthropologist Franz Boas (Jew) championed the "equalitarian" dogma in which all important racial differences could be explained on the basis of nurture rather than nature (environment vs. genes). Psychologist Henry Garret of Columbia University called Boas' theory the "Hoax of the Cen­tury".

    Steven Jay Gould (Jew) is an anthropologist who got his own PBS special to hype the view that all evidence of racial differ­ences in intelligence is invalid. Opponents like professors Arthur Jensen and William Shockley are harassed, belittled, and denied opportunities for direct rebuttal (let alone a full hour on TV to discredit Gould).

    Morris Abram (Jew) was long-time president of the United Negro College Fund. Like Greenberg, Abram is NOT Black.

    Barbara Tuchman (Jew) is America's best-known historian. Barb feels Germany's treatment of Jews in WWII is the most important event of the century. She has little to say about Jew­ish treatment of Palestinians.

    Dr. Benjamin Spock (Jew) advocated "permissiveness" for children. This led to respectability for drugs, homosexuality, and promiscuity--and hasn't all that turned out swell? Sesame Street's creator was Joan Ganz Cooney (Jew).

    Dr. Norman Cousins (Jew) is a medical professor at UCLA, and editor of the Saturday Review. Norm's fondest hope for the future is a global government, "because nations have no place in a modern world." (Christian Science Monitor, 4/18/87)

    College agitation: A 1967 survey of campus revolutionaries found Jews comprising approximately 63% in Chicago and Har­vard, 83% at Berkeley, and 93% at the U. of Michigan. (Twilight of the Young: The Radical Movements of the Sixties and Their Legacy, by Klause Mehnert, p.304) Three of four people killed in the Kent State riots were Jews.

    Free speech on campus: Jews routinely suppress anti-Zionist events or speakers. Suggestion #8 is titled "Attempt to prevent; #10 is Creative packaging", which suggests handing out biased and false literature. (AIPAC College Guide, 1984)

    [A: At this point I have a direct message to an "old friend" of mine, Tueita (Nancy). You may well not believe me, Ha­tonn, to be the same as that which brought you to meeting with this scribe. I AM. YOU JOLLY WELL KNOW THAT I AM. You are about to make a blunder at a very substan­tial crossroads of service. You are about to sign contracts with George Green to PUBLISH AND HANDLE YOUR BOOKS! I do not butt-into your business affairs, child, other than as that "old friend" who turned NOT FROM YOU--but you, as with so many, have turned to the "physical expression" to fill needs through the very adver­sary himself. So be it, but if you think I monitor not every contact Green makes with my (now or past) co-workers, you are sadly mistaken. I MONITOR EVERY THOUGHT, DEED AND ACTION OF ONE, GEORGE GREEN! This is a warning that you will be BADLY USED AND YOUR WORK USED TO DISCREDIT YOUR LIFE'S WORK. Continue as you will with the input of David or any other--but go within, my child, for that which you are about to do will diminish any positive spiritual work to this time. The PURPOSE of the connection is to "somehow" discredit Ha­tonn (Aton). It will NOT succeed--but many will be sucked into the whirlpool of the trap. Ponder it carefully for as ones who have honored your work read this I will know that it WILL be brought to your attention. Think carefully on possibilities for you are making JUDGMENT on material and persons and YOU HAVE NOT READ NOR STUDIED THAT WHICH IS BROUGHT FORTH. DO NOT LIE TO SELF--FOR YOU KNOW AS DO I, YOU DO NOT READ THE WORK OF OTHERS--LEST IT SWAY YOUR PER­CEPTION OF THAT WHICH YOU RECEIVE. IT IS TIME TO CONFRONT FOR SELF, those around you who offer such foolish advice and YOUR PURPOSE AND JOURNEY. YOU REMAIN ONE OF MY MOST ADORED STUDENTS AND AS A COHAN I CANNOT TURN AWAY IN YOUR HOUR OF MISADVENTURE. SALU, SALU, SALU. PERHAPS I HAVE MOVED ON, RECEIVER, AND YOU DID NOT??? SO BE IT.
    You perceive that you come from the Third Galaxy of the Angelic Realms. Well, is this to be a reflection of being sucked into the transition of static station in the Third DI­MENSION? You had better inquire of Lord Michael, if he too resides yet with thine pen. You are tempted by the ad­versary himself--to fill a need of the purse. I can only say to you, my child, that you shall rue the day of that decision to turn from Lighted and join with Earth physical adversary into BUSINESS deals. Why? Because you were my closest friend and student--and in capturing you, my child, you are hostage against Hatonn, the teacher-guide. Will I succumb to the blackmail? NO, for you knew the consequences of darkness--"if ye deny me--so shall I deny thee"--I DO peti­tion you to think most carefully for the "beast" is at thine door bearing gifts to entice thee to sell thine soul. So be it, so be it.]
    The Great Seal of the United States has a six-pointed star over the eagle (verify with any one-dollar bill). [H: As Dr. Binder now declares, there is a six-pointed star flower-bed surrounding the "CHRIST" statue on the grounds of US&P. Ah, but it replaced a pentagram! Further--in light of all that is written here--is the six-pointed symbol more ex­pressive in actuality--than is the pentagram? Ah so--in igno­rance a WORLD is often LOST. Does it matter? NOT TO ME!]

    Bernard Baruch (Jew) was America's quasi-official dictator in WW I. He later told Congress: "I probably had more power during the war than any other man in the war; doubtless that is true." (The International Jew, commissioned by Henry Ford.)

    Winston Churchill's change of attitude toward Zionism be­tween WW I and WW II was purchased. Baruch and Henry Strakosch (another Jew) saved him from bankruptcy in the crash of 1929.

    Some of President Harry Truman's 1946 remarks were re­ported by Henry Wallace, his Secretary of Commerce: "Pres. Truman expressed himself as being very much 'put out' with the Jews. He said that 'Jesus Christ couldn't please them when he was here on Earth, so how could anyone expect that I would have any luck?"

    John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower's (Jew) Secretary of State: "I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews..." [H: Don't for a minute FORGET Eisenhower's DEATH CAMPS IN EU­ROPE--or the book OTHER LOSSES. You as a nation are made the "FOOLS" over and over again in your sweet in­nocence.]

    Jewish influence with recent presidents (Nixon): Henry Kissinger, James Schlesinger, Caspar Weinberger, William Safire, Leonard Garment, Arthur Burns. President Carter had Schlesinger, Michael Blumenthal, Neil Goldschmidt (now gov­ernor of Oregon), Robert Strauss, Stuart Eizenstat, Sol Linowitz (negotiated away the Panama Canal). Jews also headed the IRS, SEC, FTC, GSA, Congressional Budget Office, and were noto­riously over-represented in the National Security Council. [H: You must know, and especially you who call yourselves "Mormon"--Brent Scowcroft is a JEW who was sent into your church to reorganize and restructure your whole church thrust into the New World Order and away from any relationship of "Christian" association as with "Jesus Christ". The disease is most subtle--but most deadly! No matter what you may THINK--if you be Mormon you are now in the New World Order considered Zionists (even as written in your own books) only NOW you are among the REAL Zionists--the Khazarian ANTI-CHRIST! How did you get sucked into such a thing? The SAME WAY millions have been sucked into Freemasonry, Illuminati and Sa­tanism--through the deep, dark secrecy of ritual and brain-training!]
    The man in charge of Panama when ZOG gave away our Canal was Omar Torrijos. His mother was Jewish, and his sis­ter graduated from a Jewish day school. All children of Jewish women are considered Jews. After signing the treaty Torrijos flew to Israel--not America--for consultation and congratula­tions.

    Jewish influence with current presidents: Walter Annenberg, billionaire publisher (TV Guide, etc.) is a close friend, confi­dant, and frequent host to Ronnie Reagan.

    Senator J. William Fulbright said in 1973: "Israel controls the Senate...around 80 percent are completely in support of Is­rael; anything Israel wants." [1973(!!)] Jewish influence in the House of Representatives is even greater. (They Dare to Speak Out, Paul Findley, p.66) In other words, the State of Israel has 80 Senators and hundreds of Representatives.

    In 1987 Senators Inouye (D-Hi) and Kasten (R-Wisc.) intro­duced a bill forgiving the half-billion dollars in interest that Is­rael owes the U.S. To give credit where due, it should be noted that a liberal Senator (Hatfield of Oregon) blew the whistle and temporarily scotched the bill. ZOG moves in mysterious ways and the battle is surely not over (unlike Hatfield's career), but with 76,000 American farmers wiped out in 1987 alone condi­tions were not ripe for Zionists to heap more burdens on U.S. taxpayers' backs. [H: How many American farmers will bite the dust bowls this year do you suppose with the floods, droughts and "no new loans" and no way to pay the old ones, THIS YEAR?]

    Influence at the political pal level: In 1988 Senator Inouye authorized U.S. tax dollars to educate North African Jews as a favor for his pal, Zev Wolfson. [H: Oops! North AFRICAN Jews???] Arizona Governor ED MECHAM got into trouble because of his pal Barry Wolfson; Ed Meese because of his pal Robert Wallach. All three pals were Jews.

    Jewish influence at the congressional staff level: Nathan Voloshen and Martin Sweig were assistants to former Speaker John McCormick. They were also accused of influence ped­dling.

    Jewish influence with presidential candidates: 11 out of Hu­bert Humphrey's top 11 campaign contributors were Jews. In 1983 Jack Kemp described himself as "a de facto member of AIPAC".

    AIPAC--The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee--has 50,000 members and is by far the most powerful lobby in Washington. Thomas Dine (Jew) runs this organization which in effect reviews candidates seeking Jewish support. Dine is considered by many to be head of America's Zionist Occupa­tional Government (ZOG) [H: Goodness, readers, are you just now realizing that ZOG is not a "thought-up" dub for these would be Kings?--it is THEIR designation of selves.] His most famous remark: "We Jews are like an elephant, we don't forget." He claims American Jews and their contributions defeated Charles Percy in 1984. Ex-Senator Percy grumbled: "A U.S. Senator should have the same right as a member of the Knesset... to disagree with any government when its actions may not be in the United States' interest." (2/26/85 Wall Street Jrnl.) Sorry, Charlie.

    For all its power, AIPAC is only one of at least 70 Jewish political action GROUP(S). Usually they hide behind innocuous names like "Delaware Valley PAC:", and "Desert Caucus".

    Regarding Mossad agent Pollard's spying, Senator Danny Moynihan (D-NY), said: "They've offered us a very handsome apology. We can straighten this out in no time."

    "Israel's Mossad spy agency has penetrations all through the U.S. Government. They do better than the KGB," said a U.S. intelligence expert. "Mossad can go to any distinguished American Jew and ask for help." So said an ex-CIA official. (9/3/79 Newsweek) Any distinguished Jew? Think about that.

    Richard Perle was Assistant Sec. of Defense for International Security Policy in mid-1980s. Stephen Bryen was a Deputy As­sistant Secretary. He and Perle were responsible for overseeing U.S. technology transfers--who gets it and who doesn't. At last report Bryen was under investigation for espionage on Israel's behalf. Perle is accused of accepting a $150,000 fee from an Is­raeli armaments firm seeking U.S. Army contracts. Now for­mer Navy Secretary Lehman is under the Pentagon contracts cloud. All are Jews.

    Union Politics: Samuel Gompers was once the most powerful labor leader in America. Jackie Presser headed the Teamsters. Jerry Wurf heads the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. All are Jews.

    Fringe Politics: The American Communist Party was co­founded by Armand Hammer's father and Gus Hall--both Jews. in 1986 several Lyndon LaRouche associates were rounded up for, among other things, credit card fraud. They included Paul Goldstein, Jeffrey and Michelle Steinberg, Michael Gelber, and Elliot Greenspan. All Jews.

    PJ 80
    CHAPTER 10

    SUN., OCT. 17, 1993 12:43 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 062

    SUN., OCTOBER 17. 1993


    "Our" chief negotiator at the Geneva arms talks is Max Kam­pleman, a Jewish WW II conscientious objector with Communist links. He's in charge of negotiating away our security in return for getting wailing Jews out of Russia (as if real Russians don't want to see them long gone anyway). Our (???) recent ambas­sador to Russia was Arthur Hartman, Jew. During his tenure the new embassy building was found to be laced with electronic bugs, yet he insisted it be used. Meanwhile Hartman let secu­rity at the old building become so sloppy that KGB agents had free run of the place at night. Clayton Lonetree's attorney is William Kuntsler, a Jew. [H: I STILL would like him on MY team--just to WIN a case! Is it possible that Gerry Spence is the only Constitutional attorney left in the world? What reli­gion, race, nationality and creed might he be? Ale Ha! You don't know and THAT IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE!]

    The United Nations (aka One-World-Government) flag is blue and white, just like Israel's. The U.N. Building is situated amid the world's largest concentration of Jews: New York City. [H: That may be one reason the Russians will enjoy bombing New York City among the first targets?]

    From ZOG's perspective New York is America's capital. [H: No indeed, I did not say the new "capitol" building of the U.S. was the U.N. Building in New York. I said: The improved and massively enlarged building in WASHINGTON D.C. CALLED THE RUSSIAN EMBASSY IS CON­SIDERED "THE NEW CAPITOL BUILDING OF THE UNITED STATES!" GETTING SOME CLUES AS TO PLAYERS, READERS??] The nation's ZIP Code system be­gins in New York City, not Washington, D.C. Enormous Me­dia power is concentrated there, including corporate headquar­ters for NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, National Public Radio, and most major magazine and book (including textbook) publishers. Equally vast economic power is centered in New York. Madi­son Avenue controls major advertising accounts, which in turn can make or break individual media (information) outlets. Wall Street manipulates Corporate America, and decides the future of State and local governments through bond-ratings. Most of ZOG's various money-changing schemes are hatched and man­aged there, plus the Federal Reserve's senior regional branch where America's economic fate is decided (through interest rates and money supplies), plus the World Bank where Third World economic fates are decided.

    Washington, D.C. is little more than a political sideshow where ZOG's puppets jerk to strings pulled in New York. Hol­lywood is a discretely-distant supplier of glitz and sleaze (laced with Zionist propaganda) that keeps America's human cattle mesmerized even as their lifeblood is sucked away.

    So now we know about ZOG--or do we? "You have not be­gun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideas, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration in [YOUR] life. We are still doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone?" So said Marcus Eli Ravage, (Century Magazine, 2/1928).

    Evidence presented in the preceding pages point overwhelm­ingly to a Zionist Occupational Government, yet most experts condemn such a notion out of hand. Sometimes experts are wrong, however, as some casual detective work will confirm in this case. Consider the saying, "Little things mean a lot." A little lump under the skin, for instance, might be a sign of can­cer, which certainly means a lot to the person with that lump. Now check out selected model airplanes in your local toy store. They're accurate down to the last rivet, but no swastikas appear on vertical stabilizers of Luftwaffe aircraft, as invariably hap­pened in reality.

    A small detail in itself, but Jews leave no stone unturned in their hate campaign against Nazis in particular and Ger­mans in general. This brings us back to the question asked ear­lier: Why did those Nazis detest the Jews? Answer: THEY REALIZED THEIR LAND HAD BEEN OCCUPIED, JUST AS SO MANY OTHER NATIONS HAVE BEEN SINCE BEFORE THE AGE OF ROME: "In pre-WW II Berlin, for example, when the Nazis came to power, 50.2% of the lawyers were Jews... 48% of the doctors were Jews. The Jews owned the largest and most important Berlin newspapers, and made great inroads on the educational system." (The House that Hitler Built, Stephen Roberts, 1937.)

    Rather than simply milling around like bleating sheep, Ger­man patriots tried to save their people by pressuring aliens and parasites to emigrate (the TRUE "Final Solution"). Jewish re­action? Like bloodsuckers being plucked off an artery. After­wards Germany's economy flourished without inflation, an achievement that "had rarely been praised, and not much re­marked." (Money, Whence it Came, Where It Went, by John Kenneth Galbraith. p.226)

    Such omissions and alterations are signs of the Hidden Hand manipulating American society. If ZOG is able to alter minute historical details like model aircraft markings, and suppress major economic success stories, it certainly will bend every ef­fort to manipulate information on crucial topics such as the al­leged Holocaust of Jews in World War II.

    Or more accurately...The Hoax Holocaust

    The Jerusalem Post stated on 6/28/86: "The Six Million number that appears in every holocaust tale is probably too high, and resulted from hearsay evidence and Soviet data supplied just after the war."

    World War II really started in 1933, when Judea--all Jews world-wide---DECLARED WAR ON THE THIRD REICH (The London Daily Express, FRONT PAGE, 3/24/1933). When the shooting began Jews were put into forced labor facili­ties for security and manpower reasons. These became death camps ONLY AFTER wartime transportation problems aggra­vated food and medical shortages. The "gas" victims in many well-publicized photos are actually typhus victims. As a pre­ventive measure the gas Zyklon B was used to delouse clothing of guards and inmates alike. [H: Your current "Pope" was a Zyklon B gas salesman at the time.] Other pictures are in fact German casualties of allied carpet bombing raids on Dresden during which 100,000 Whites--mostly women and children--were killed by other Whites during one day of war waged for...For who?

    "We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberations of Jewry." (Chaim Weiztmann, president of the WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS in a speech Dec. 3, 1942, New York City.)

    Think about those 100,000 Whites burned and blasted in a single day of bombing. How the champagne corks must have popped in New York City that glorious night!

    Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme Allied Commander in Eu­rope, never once mentioned mass murders of Jews in his book Crusade in Europe (1949). His grandson wrote a book that gave brief reference to gassings at infamous Buchenwald. Yet Nazi-hunter Simon Wisenthal admitted in Books and Bookmen (p.5): "No gassing took place in any camp on German soil." Buchenwald is in Germany! (As is Dachau and Bergen-Belsen.)

    Yeah, but what about Auschwitz? Millions were gassed there--right? WRONG. A September, 1944 Red Cross inspection uncovered no testimony by Auschwitz inmates about gas chambers, and no physical evidence such as large supplies of coke--an essential fuel for mass cremations. Other on-site in­spections of concentration camps by Red Cross officials found no evidence of mass gassings anywhere! Red Cross and Vatican interviews of thousands of freed inmates just after WW II recorded NO references to extermination programs in any camp! (Red Cross Document #9925, June, 1946.)

    Incidentally, would the ever-practical Germans forsake sending supplies to their hard-pressed armies on the Russian front, and instead use precious transportation resources for ship­ping Jews east for execution?

    Early-on in WW II Allied agents captured a top secret Ger­man coding machine, "Enigma", but not one credible message or even reference to an extermination program was produced at the Nuremburg Trials. Nazi confessions at such "trials" were obtained under torture. Beatings with brass knuckles and trun­cheons were commonly used by interrogators. In one case, 137 of 139 German defendants had their genitals crushed (Dachau).

    Franklin Roosevelt's State Department had no knowledge of Nazi genocide programs, and FDR himself skirted the question. (Tragic Deception by H. Fish, p.97). As this puppet President neared death himself, he may have been having second thoughts about sending 260,000 Americans to die for ZIONIST JUDEA.

    Part of The Diary of Anne Frank was written with a ballpoint pen, something not invented until after the war (Der Spiegel, 10/6/1980, p.122). On and on it goes. The Hoax Holocaust is yet another triumph of hysterical assertion over historical accu­racy, just like Jewish "rights" to Palestine.

    Jews bombarded us with one-sided Holocaust yarns. Why don't they welcome more publicity with open debate so all questions and doubts can be buried under an avalanche of hard evidence? Why do they use "judicial notice" and other tactics to suppress contrary evidence? They shun the light of knowledge much as Hollywood's vampires shun the light of day.

    You're right--vampires are a myth, like most of the Jewish Holocaust claims. What's real?

    Everything--everything--appearing in this article can be verified by research. It leads to a conclusion as chilling as death itself. Racial genocide IS being perpetrated--by ZOG. Unlike the Hoax of World War II, this holocaust has been confirmed by countless uncontested studies. White percentage of the world population is plummeting. America's problem is worsened by its flood of illegal, fecund aliens. When combined with ZOG­instigated White bloodbaths, extinction of our race is certain.

    America's next "good War" (i.e., ZOG approved) will prob­ably be against South Africa's five million Whites. In the gusto of killing "honkies", U.S. Blacks might voluntarily incur dis­proportionate casualties. Contrary to what the media insist, ex­cessive Black losses in Vietnam did not result from patriotic zeal. Their losses resulted from being drafted--forced--into combat situations due to unsuitability for other assignments. (See Myths and Realities, 1980 V.A. Report to Congress.)

    We are in the final phase of true genocidal war, far surpass­ing the enormous White holocausts of America's Civil War, WW I and II, and 20 million babies dead from abortions. This is the culmination of a racist campaign spanning many centuries and all national boundaries. Every tactic available--fair or foul, insidious or plain as day--is being used by Zionists in concert with their foreign allies and domestic puppets. Yet most Whites are only vaguely aware of this remorseless race war. How can this possibly be? [H: And as bad, the Blacks are FIRST des­tined for extinction along with the foolish ones who call themselves "Jews" but are NOT.]

    In his science "fiction" classic 1984, George Orwell stated: "Those who control the PAST, control the FUTURE. Those who control the PRESENT, control the past."

    PRESENTLY: An alien (not little space aliens), parasitic force controls six choke points of American society: media, economics, demographics, justice, culture, and politics. That force is ZOG. [H: How many times do I have to ask the staff to rerun the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION? HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO RUN EX­CERPTS FROM THE TALMUD? You can find Truth and you don't have to even look further--but I surely do wish you WOULD! I weary of the battering my people take when THEY don't longer need these lessons. However, it surely becomes obvious why ones such as Judge Jason Brent is stated to have said, "I'll get those Ekkers and run them out of town." Now did he actually SAY that? Well, it has come back through several of HIS BUDDIES that he DID. All the Ekkers did was be unfortunate to think there was justice in a court of law! Further, they were so convinced of it that they went forth without legal counsel wherein he (Brent) demanded they get counsel but did not leave time for them to do so and still file legal papers timely--interesting, hummnn.]

    A classic example of how American thoughts and actions are controlled is the infamous picture of a Viet Cong being shot point blank in Hue (1968). It appeared repeatedly in ZOG's media, and precipitated enormous outrage. Compare such in­tense coverage to that given another picture taken in September, 1978. Rhodesian guerillas shot down a civilian airliner, then murdered all crash survivors. One White woman was repeat­edly raped before being killed. A picture of that dead woman and her bayoneted baby was NOT DEEMED NEWSWOR­THY BY ZOG. WHY?

    ZOG remembers well what America's most famous yellow journalist--William Randolph Hearst--stated in March, 1898: "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war." Had that photo been given wide publicity, it would have awakened latent fears in tens of millions of Whites, rallied them to the cause of their racial kin, and delayed for decades the impending ZOG-in­spired genocide of South Africa's Whites.

    (Speaking of genocide, aren't those who perpetrate holo­causts the world's most evil, loathsome creatures? Don't Jews and their puppets remind us of that every day in every way possible?)

    They also tell us racism is bad. Millions of Whites believe it, and small wonder. ZOG's propaganda has been constantly pounded into our thoughts from the day each of us watched our first Sunday morning cartoon. Just for a moment, ignore what puppets like Peter, Tom and Dan tell you. Instead listen to ac­tual human beings like Theodore Roosevelt: "The man who loves other countries as much as his own stands on a level with the man who loves other women as much as his own wife." Other races know what he meant--and heartily agree:

    "Any black man who doesn't vote for mayor Harold Wash­ington should be hung." Enraged Black judge at Jesse Jackson rally. (Knight-Rider News Service, 2/1987.)

    Only Whites are forbidden to "hang" race traitors, protect racial territory, or harbor racial pride. Pride implies prejudice, which is morally wrong--or is it? H.L. Mencken (American writer, 1880-1956) stated: "What is commonly described as racial or religious prejudice is sometimes only a reasonable pru­dence. At the bottom of it is nothing more wicked than a desire to prevent dominance by a strange and more or less hostile mi­nority." (Minority Report, H.L. Mencken's notebooks.)

    The two most dynamic post-WW II nations have been Japan and Germany, both relatively Jew-free and mono-racial (although Germany's ethnic makeup is now changing catastrophically).

    Because a parasitic lifestyle depends on vulnerable host populations, any resurgence of racial pride and the healthy soci­ety that engenders would be dangerous to ZOG. Its web of con­spiracies are designed to weaken Whites just as parasitic worms weaken--and eventually kill--sheep. At the same time our chil­dren are being shepherded into a kosher Melting Pot. [H: Ah, but don't be blind--the shepherds are also as quickly herding all the "colored" factions into that abyss from which there is no return--FIRST! THERE IS ONLY AN ILLUSION OF SEARCHING FOR "EQUALITY"--THERE IS NO AL­LOWED EQUALITY. THE MINORITY CONSIDERED RACES ARE BEING USED TO THE ENDS OF THE ZIONISTS WHO WILL THEN DESTROY THEM.] "The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality." So says Ben Wattenberg, Jewish "philosopher", in "The Good News", the Bad News, etc., p.84.

    Did he actually say "heartening news"? If White Americans really favor integration and mongrelization, as "our" media in­sists we do and "our" government says we must, then how to explain White Flight? [H: Also, how do you explain the re­cent uprising AGAINST INTER-RACIAL MIXING BY THE BLACKS?] Easy: it's nothing more or less than people voting with their feet. Generation after generation of Whites keep run­ning away from the world ZOG is building, but the race is being lost--our race and our Race. [H: Remember, the ZOG Zionist Jews predominantly consider themselves WHITE and utilize that to take control--so, what of the other "colors" and "races" that they "allow" within ranks--I guess the integra­tors forget to ask and somehow the Jews forget to tell the unsuspecting entrant.]


    * * *
    There is more discussion about the Whites, etc., in the paper used--BUT THE ARTICLE IS OVER AND I DO NOT WISH TO FURTHER ANY PREJUDICE IN YOU READERS. AS YOU CONFRONT THAT YOUR GREATEST ENEMY IS ALSO "WHITE" IT CLOUDS THE ISSUE TO PULL-IN THE OTHER "VICTIMS" OF THE ZOG, such as the Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanic and Orientals. This is not a "RACE" war, readers, it is for the survival of a species for ZOG will not stop the insane march across the globe until the globe itself is blown away--be it now or sometime out there in the perceived and hoped-for future! This IS the battle, my friends, of God vs. Satan and YOU ARE THE PAWNS!

    In exchange for the honor of using this most IMPORTANT doc­ument written in clarity and Truth, I ask that the BOOKS FOR PATRIOTS listing of SONS OF LIBERTY, Box 214--Metairie, LA, 70004, be run in this paper. (See next 3 pages) You editors may wish to check on current status of this service. Further, please ask these people if they would be interested in our material or our sharing in their own distribution. They offer THE BOOKS which references PROOF and NOT OPINION on what this nation and world has come to be. Thank you.


    I know who I AM--who might you be?

    I also know my enemy. Do you know yours?

    So be it - - -

    An Analysis of Zionism by L Fry. An excellent booklet exposing the aims and methods of Zionism. $1.00 #5071
    Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. 587 pages. $12.95 #450,001
    The Zionist Connection if by Alfred Lilien­thal, a Jew. A comprehensive work on Israel and its extraordinary control of American affairs. Explores. use of the "Holocaust" to intimidate :all who op­pose Jews. 904 pages. $19.95 - #5087
    Jew Gypsy & Elisktm by "Sir Richard Burton. Reveals the Jewish lust for ritual murder. This manuscript was bought and remains hidden by the Rothchilds. $10.00 - #5113
    Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold Leese. A history of Jewish ritual murder. This hard hitting book threw the Jews of England Into a frenzy. $5.00 - #4009
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    Why Anti-Judaism Is Justified: The Mys­tery Of Jewish Circumcision. The ritual of pain and use of human blood by the Jews in their "circumcision" ceremo­nies. $3.00 - #5058
    Jewish Run Concentration Camps In The Soviet Union by Dr. Herman Grelfe. Greife proves that the Jews weqin control of the persecution of Christiths in Russia $6.00 - #9085
    Anti-Gentile Activity In The United States by Sen. Jack Tenney. How the Jews, while claiming to be 'persecuted', are in fact persecuting others. $3.00 - #8075
    Chain Ganged By The Jewish Gestapo by Emory Burke. True story of a WW-II veteran who had agents infiltrate his offiefdzatiOnend.ultituatelvtleairrtjaled How Jews destroy organizations. $aw - #8067
    The Christian Front by Rev. Edward F. Brophy. A Catholic priest organizes a Christian Front to oppose all the left wing Jewish fronts. $5.00 = 8066
    My Alleged $50 Million Dollar Donation by Judge George Armstrong. What would happen if a leading Texas philanthropist attempted to contribute money to a Texas college for teaching White stud­ies. American Jewry crushed effort. $2.00 - #8047
    I Testify Against The Jews by Robert Edward Edmondson. One man's battle against the Jewish ruling class in Amer­ica His arrests, trials and harassment by the Jews and the city of New York because he was called "anti-Jewish". (1920 to 1953) $9.95 - #5160
    The Octopus by Elizabeth Dining. The story of the Jewish Octopus in America - B'nai B'rith. How it operates and con­trols American politics $10.00 #5164
    Let Us Consider The Record by Father Charles E. Coughlin. A look at the Jew­ish leaders of World Revolution and how they persecute others. $3.00 - #8082
    The Real Hate Mongers by James K Warner. A history of Jewish persecution of all non-Jews who dare to stand up to them in America How some Americans fought back and how some were si­lenced. $3.00 - #5120
    They Dare To Speak Out by former Congressman Paul Findley. A look at how the Jews use their political and financial clout to force American politi­cians to support the state of Israel. Hardcover. $17.00 - #5163
    Can The Police Protect Us? by Major Robert H. Williams. A '50s book which prophetized events taking place today in America. $3.00 - #5145
    Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. Complete edition with additional refer­ence material proving the Protocols to be authentic.. $7.95 #5017
    Tolerance: Jewry's War On Whites by James Combs. How they brainwash us into accepting their warped view of his­tory and race mixing. $3.10 - #5143
    The Palestine Plot by B. Jenson. This book is a virtual encyclopedia of the Zionist movement and their plot to steal 'Palestine from the Arabs. 152 pages. $9.95 - #260.018
    Who Are The "Jews" Today? by David Lutzweiler A catholic scholar takes a look at the rites of the ancient Israelites. $6.00 = #5125
    Who Brought Slaves To America? by Walter White. Proves that the Jews were mainly responsible for transporting Blacks to America--key owners of slave ships and slave dealers. $5.00 - #1068
    Facts Are Facts by Ben Freedman. A Khazar Jew proves that 90% of those calling themselves 'Jews' today are de­scended from Khazars. #4.00 - #5002
    Iron Curtain Over America by Col. John Beaty. The history of the rise and fall Of the Khazar Empire. A book which caused American Jewry to declare an all out war against the author. $8.00 - #5030
    The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler. The majority of those calling themselves 'Jews' today are in fact Asiatic Khazars. $6.00 - #5114
    An Empire Of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood by Neal Gabler. (NEW) How Jews cashed in on the inventions of Thomas Edison, How they stole his patented movie cameras and pirated films. Hardcover, 502 pages, pictures. $24.95 - #250,001
    Censorship In The U.S.: I Accuse The Jews by Marguerite Pedersen. Jews are a nomadic nation, a fact suppressed in the popular press. $5.95 - #5103
    The Jews And Their Lies by Martin Lu­ther. The classic work by the founder of the Lutheran denomination. $5.00 #5035
    Martin Luther And The Jews by Bishop Martin Sasse. Explains why Christians should launch' an all out war against World Jewry. $3.00 -#5003
    Cardinal Mindszenty by Lt. Hilary Cotter. The imprisonment and torture of Cardi­nal Mindszenty of Hungry for daring to fight the Jewish control of his country. $3.00 - #5148
    Mat Gen Van Horn Mosely. Army Gen­eral who calls for an end to Jewish control in America and tells how the Jews tried to silence him when he spoke out about their domination in America. $3.00 -#8034
    The First Bid For Jewish Power by Duke of Northumberland. $3.00 -#8015
    Popes - Jewish Problem As Dealt With By Popes - Documented history of the Vatican and its fight against the Jews. $3.00 - #5024
    The A.I.D.S. Coverup by Gene Antonio (NEW)- The 'real and alarming facts about AIDS. 253 pages. $9.95 - *130,001
    The World's Trouble Makers by Bruce H. Brown. New material by Eustace Mullins. He proves Jewish Origin of communism and Jewish initiatives behind the cam­paign for One World Government. $9.95 -#5178
    The Plot Against The Church by Maurice Pinay. This work consists of four parts: The Second Driving Force of Commu­nism, The Power Concealed Behind Freemasonry, The Synagogue of Sa­tan, and The Jewish Fifth Column in the Clergy. 710 pages, bibliography, index, hardcover. $24.95 - #50o8
    Those Curious New Cults In The '80s. by William Petersen. A look at EST. Hart Krishna, The Children of God, Witch­craft, Rajneesh, Astrology, Satanism, I Ching, Sun Myung Moon, and many others. 307 pages, softcover. $3.95 -#100,002
    Anti-Zion: A Survey of Commentary On Organized Jewry By Leading Personali­ties Through The AGES by William Grim­stad. This book stirred up a storm when the King of Saudi Arabia gave the au­thor $30,000. as a gift. $9.95 - #5073
    Sydenham, Lord of Combe - The Jewish World Problem $3.00 - #8016
    Why The Jews Are Hated? Quotes by the Jews themselves and by famous men on the Jews including the leaders of early Christianity. $1.00 - #8007
    The Judaizing Of Christians By The Jews by Father Leonard Feeney. Six articles on the Jews. $3.00 -#5010
    What It Was Like In The Concentration Camp AI Dachau by Catholic Bishop Dr. Johann Neuhausier. Interned at Dachau Camp from 1941 to 1945,he gives his version of what happened there. Notes he hardly saw any Jews in the camp because they were 'bought out' as fast as they came in. as- x i le forma $10.00 #80,018
    Whither Israel? by Rev Cecil J. Lowry. Explains why the Jews are not entitled
    to control occupied Palestine. $3.00 ‑ #.10169
    In Quest Of The White God by Pierre Honore. A review by Ella Mast proving that the ruling class of Central American "Indians" was made up of Aryans. 8.5" x 11" format. $3.00 #80,019
    Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton. The Jewish origin of Communism. From Karl Marx to the Atom Bomb spies and communist movement in America in 60s. 100 Illustrations. 94 pages. $5.00- #5011
    German White Paper. Documents cap­tured by the Germans after the fall of Poland. How the Jews, Britain. and Roosevelt were pushing America into WW-II. New sources prove authenticity. Large 8.5' X 11" format $10.00 #9140
    The Final Secret Of Pearl Harbor by Admiral Robert A. Theobald. Shows how Franklin Roosevelt schemed to push America into WW-II and set up the U.S. Fleet to be bombed by the Japanese. 204 pages. $9.95 - #60,002
    Money, Questions And Answers by Fa­ther Charles E. Coughlin. Radio priest exposes the Federal Reserve System. $6.00 #2001
    Uprising: One Nations Nightmare, Hun­gary 1956 by David Irving. The inside story of the Hungarian uprising. How the Secret Police was run by Jews. $17.95 - *5186
    Gold and Work by Ezra Pound. Pound explains how the manipulation of credit can enslave a people by get­ting them into debt. The concept of work as a measure of currency is outlined. $3.00 - #2063
    The Six Million Reconsidered by William Grimstad. Large size format loaded with pictures and documentation. Great ey e-opener. 170 pages. $10.00 - #9153
    The Hoax Of The 20th Century by Arthur Butz. Scholarly! This carefully docu­mented, well-researched refutation of the "Holocaust" myth has the Jews and their allies screaming 315 pages. $12.00 - *9036
    The Six Million Swindle by Dr. Austin J. App. A look at concentration camp sto­ries and how we are being exploited by this propaganda today. $3.50 - #9001
    The Political Truths Of The Holy Bible by 'The Patriot.' $3.00 #7043
    Paranoid Judaism $4.00 #3071
    Father Of Lies by Warren Weston. An expose of Talmudism. Explains occult numbers Jews use plus secret symbol­ism toward non-Jews. $10.00 #5091
    Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today by Elizabeth Dilling Newly+ revised and edited edition. Large size paperback. $12.00 #5077
    A Jew Exposes The World Jewish Con­spiracy by Henry H. Klein. A Jewish attorney bares all on Jewish conspira­tors. $3.00 - #5001
    Life Of An American Jew In Racist Mantis Israel. by Jack Bernstein. Claims Israel is racist $4.00 - #5154
    Zionism Rules The World by Henry H. Klein. Downfall of Jews sure if Talmud followed, says Jew. $3.00 #8076
    A Gallery Of Jewish Types by Lothrop Stoddard. Scientist identifies Negroid strain in Jewry. $2.50 - #1003
    The Rulers Of Russia by Rev. Denis Fahey. First to say Jews behind 'Russian Revolution.' Updated. $6.00 it 5046

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