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    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 25

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1991 4:15 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 223
    The campaigns against anyone who speaks out against the ADL and any other Zionist lobby organization is immediately targeted for destruction.

    It is well known now that LaRouche was set-up and "railroaded" into prison to silence his organization. He was telling truth on his programs as he ran for President. The organization of adversaries to your free governmental system didn't stop with LaRouche but managed to get young people in the organization sent away to prison, one for some 86 years and another for over half a century--do you realize, America, that these are "life" sentences? What for? Well, it is now come forth that it was a financed job of bribery of the judicial system--however, the people are still incarcerated. THE ADL ADMITS TO THE CHARGES AND STILL THE PEOPLE ARE INCARCERATED--YOU SEE THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. IS ELECTED LONG BEFORE ANY MEN­TION OF AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN OR ELECTION DAY. IT WAS DE­CIDED YEARS AGO THAT IT WOULD BE GEORGE BUSH WHO WOULD TEND THIS "NEW WORLD ORDER" DEADLINE.

    Probably the most intense campaign waged by the ADL as of 1981 was to discredit and shut down the Liberty Lobby and "This is Liberty Lobby" radio pro­gram. The ADL's enmity to Liberty Lobby stemmed originally from its general enmity to all nationalist, "rightist" elements in America. In other words, anything that represented the United States as a sovereign nation under God, Lib­erty and the Constitution. The ever-increasing importance of Israel in the ADL program, running up against Liberty Lobby's outspoken advocacy of United States neutrality in the Middle East, as elsewhere abroad, precipitated the ADL "counteraction", as the instigators euphemistically called it. You see, they could not deny the integration and while they worked to shut down freedoms for Americans, they launched a "counteraction" campaign which stood up in court at every turn. It was incredible and confusing even a decade ago.

    The entire matter is thoroughly documented by materials, such as internal ADL letters and memoranda, uncovered during a subsequent lawsuit brought by Liberty Lobby. The whole effort was carefully planned, organized, and coordinated at the ADL's national headquarters in New York. Inquiries by Israeli of­ficials in the United States played an important, and perhaps the leading role, in getting the counteraction underway. Not surprisingly, some of the Israeli-ADL correspondence is missing from the materials the ADL was forced to produce during the Liberty Lobby lawsuit, and the one letter that got through was repro­duced so poorly that most of it is illegible. It is from the ADL, Boston, to the Israeli Consulate in Boston, and is dated December 24, 1973. The letter begins:

    "I appreciate your calling my attention to the Liberty Lobby broadcast on (and the station call-letters were blotted out), Boston". The letter continues for two more paragraphs, almost entirely illegible, beginning with the words, "I believe that you are aware of the fact that Liberty Lobby is...." The words "editorial" and "bumper stickers" appear, giving clues of the general trend of the discus­sion. Copies of the letter were sent to at least eight individuals, most or all of them ADL professional staff.

    It was then very shortly that radio stations began receiving phone calls and let­ters of complaint from local people, most of whom (the radio station personnel reported) had apparently never heard the Liberty Lobby program. The letters were almost always parrot renditions of language from ADL "kits" mailed out from New York to regional offices.

    Packets of "information" about Liberty Lobby were sent to radio stations, and there was an attempt to create the impression that numerous spontaneous complaints were being received about the program by the ADL offices. Advertisers susceptible to ADL and B'nai B'rith influence threatened to withdraw their busi­ness from stations which would not cancel the Liberty Lobby broadcasts.

    Meanwhile, as is easily proved by a review of the scripts that were used, there was nothing even remotely "anti-Semitic" or similarly objectional in the "This Is Liberty Lobby" broadcasts, although there were occasionally comments on Is­rael. In a letter of December 3, 1973, the chairman of a western broadcasting company wrote to Sheldon Steinhauser of ADL's Denver office referring to complaints about the Liberty Lobby program:

    "I must, however, in all candor say that upon listening to these pro­grams I have never heard anything which could be classified as an attack upon the Jewish faith or our citizens of that national origin.
    "It is a rather abrasive attack upon foreign policy in the Near East. It is not, in my opinion, at all different from any other highly controver­sial opinion, hence we have no intention of censoring it."

    I'm sorry, brothers, this should absolutely scare the living daylights out of you--look again--this was in 1973 and it was already in full-blast operation for take­over.

    There have been a few courageous speakers along the way but one by one they fall and/or are silenced or caused to recant anything spoken against this horren­dous movement for World Control. I remind you that an entire radio broadcast was "bought" and pre-arranged just to discredit the Journals and the lies were so blatant that any fool could see through them, i.e. "50 pages copied from my work" said one who organized the opposition, and there were only 26 pages in his entire writing!! I tell you who think we are not accomplishing anything with our endless, and seemingly non-impacting work--WE ARE? WE HAVE THE ADVERSARY SCARED STIFF AND LASHING OUT AT SHADOWS, BE­CAUSE THEY REALIZE THAT IF THE PEOPLE WAKE UP, , SO WILL THE MORE DARING BROADCASTERS--EVEN IF NEW STATIONS MUST OPEN UNDERGROUND, AND THE DAY THEY MUST RESORT TO DO­ING THAT THE WORLD WILL SEE WHAT HAS BEEN BROUGHT AGAINST YOU THE PEOPLE. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT CONTROL AND LEGAL CHANGE OF YOUR CONSTITUTION--SO THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE RECOURSE EVEN IF YOU DO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON ABOUT YOU. IT IS DEADLINE TIME, AMERICA!

    On January 16, 1975, an attorney from the Washington, D.C. law firm of Koteen & Burt, representing station WVOX, New Rochelle, New York, wrote to one Donald Flamm, who passed the letter on to the ADL.


    Particularly over the course of the last year or so, a great deal of pressure has been brought to bear upon WVOX...by various people and organizations in an attempt to force it to drop "Liberty Lobby. "...During the course of various inquiries about this program, I have reviewed numerous scripts to determine, among other things, whether it is being used as a vehicle for attacking various people and groups and whether, therefore, various requirements of the Federal Communications Commission's Fairness Doctrine come into play. In no instance that has come to my attention have I found anything which is even superficially anti-Semitic.

    The attorney went on to say that a New York "Times" reporter who had done a story on the program had found nothing anti-Semitic in it, and that the station president, Bill O'Shaughnessy, "has become satisfied that those who actually bother to listen to the program have not found it to be anti-Semitic." The lawyer stated that the American Civil Liberties Union believed that attempts to remove the program from the air "represent a classic example of attempts to suppress freedom of speech".

    All broadcasters were not as courageous as O'Shaughnessy, who refused to buckle even though he was favored with menacing letters from ADL general counsel Arnold Forster personally. According to an ADL memorandum, Howard Warshaw, president of Universal Broadcasting Company, New York, after having met with ADL staff and having been warned by them that "This Is Liberty Lobby" was "anti-Semitic", ordered the general manager of WTHE (Mineola, Long Island) to listen to all Liberty Lobby programs in advance and to discuss any "questionable" material with him. If any tape contained "the kind of anti-Semitic material contained in the specimens we reviewed" (i.e. criticisms of Israel and of potential U.S. involvement in a Middle East war) they would be pre-empted, or an older tape played.

    The memo, from Mel Cooperman to Harry Rosenkranz, January 10, 1974, con­cluded:

    "By the way, WTHE has carried, and will continue to carry, every
    ADL "Report from Israel" program we send them, as they have for six years."

    On April 23, 1974, the ADL's Monroe Schlactus wrote to ADL's "director of
    domestic fact-finding", Irwin Stull, that he had been told that Howard Warshaw of Long Island "has begun to be most cooperative in killing the tapes even before we express concern." It happened that Warshaw also owned station KUXL in Schlactus' Minnesota territory:

    "I would imagine that through Mel's contact with Warshaw, we may be able to preview all the Liberty Lobby tapes before their airing."

    A memorandum from Isadore Zack to Herman Brown, with copies to various ADL higher-ups, spread the following good news:

    "I understand from Sherm Keller of WRYT-Boston that his boss, Ken Carter, plans to audition the Liberty Lobby tapes before putting them on
    the air and will not use any program that mentions Israel in a derogatory way. I am alerting our monitors to check this out."

    The massive ADL "counteraction" (fully documented in official documents pro­cured through legal process) did result by 1975 in the loss of many stations and the cancelation by the Mutual Network of its contract with Liberty Lobby to carry the program. This reduced the total number of stations to 106. However, in spite of continuing ADL pressure the program continued to be carried on many stations, most of them as a free public service. The program's point of view remained identical to what it was in 1975, which should say something about the increased public acceptance of a pro-American outlook. You can do it if you stick with it. But don't be complacent about it for you will find it has not gone all that well as time progressed. Today, however, you still have "Radio Free America" which is presented by about the same group but called by differ­ent labels. It is supported by Spotlight and it should be stated herein that an all-out attempt was and is still underway to silence Spotlight. For instance, I re­mind you that it is confiscated from all mailings to overseas troops--at least in the Korean sector. In Saudi Arabia ones coming into ability to get their hands on the Phoenix Journals and/or Expresses--hide them and pass them under­ground for they are taken by higher command if found on any soldier. Freedom of speech for those sons you sent to WAR for the Monarch of Kuwait? You actually sent them to war to make sure there will be a "New World Order" whereby you will have a world government which will literally enslave your population, kill them off through various means, and then they come home to be a police force which insures the orders are followed.

    This is typical even in this small village where the publisher ran some of the Ex­presses--paid for as advertising for the local paper refused to even run letters from anybody associated with the Journals. So, the Expresses were devoured by the readers who came into possession of the free advertising tabloid. You see, EVERYTHING in the paper is advertising, etc. People called the printer in secret to acclaim his good work but some of the advertisers threatened to quit advertising in the paper and some actually withdrew their ads--and all we were talking about was God. It is a frightening world down there, brothers. People even stated that they were afraid to speak out as supporters of the material--they said they knew it was truth but they were "...afraid of the Christian community" and the politicians. I fear, rightfully so, as one poison-pen letter threatened to "kill everyone involved and said the 'Christian community' would be contacting America West". Then one letter said to "feel terror every time you turn on your ignition because we are going to get you!" How do you think our people feel every time they turn on their car ignition? Brethren--please support these daring publishers for it is a daily wonderment to simply be alive in the morning.

    In Liberty Lobby's files there is also documentary evidence that ADL agents have contacted advertisers in order to prevent them from placing ads in the Lib­erty Lobby publications and/or Spotlight. These are REAL threats which are carried out if capitulation is not forthcoming. If the paper does not capitulate, then the authors of articles have sudden heart attacks, etc. These ones don't usually have a Hatonn and/or Sananda, Aton or Grandfather to get the heart going again. Some who now recognize our presence are asking protection and surviving the attacks--pray for them. The ADL goes even farther--they seek out "contributors" to Liberty Lobby and pay visits to their homes and even adver­tising "agencies" are "put on the griddle".

    "For the record, I have received information that there is an advertising agency in Los Angeles which is handling the placing of Lib­erty Lobby's radio program on radio stations nationally...I have asked Harvey Schechter to undertake an investigation of this agency." (Memorandum from Irwin Suall (director of ADL's "Domestic Fact-finding Department") to Justin Finger, February 14, 1974.)

    "Talent" is not immune from persecution, either: The same Harvey Schechter (of the ADL's Los Angeles regional office) who was to investigate Liberty Lobby's advertising agency was also hot on the trail of the famous announcer who introduced Liberty Lobby's radio programs; Schechter wrote to Maxwell Greenberg on July 30, 1974:

    "I for one, am distressed at the fact that Liberty Lobby broadcasts begin with an opening comment by Harry vonZell....In view of his key position with Home Savings and Loan and the gutter anti-Semitism of the Liberty Lobby. I would like to suggest that a letter from you to him about this might further stimulate him to take action to deny Liberty Lobby the use of his voice."

    In an unrelated incident, a radio announcer named Allan E. Augustine was fired by WOKY, Milwaukee, after the ADL complained that Augustine had acted irresponsibly in interviewing two Nazis on his talk show.

    I think most of you know about the incident and the "firing" of Bill Jenkins from ABC. Bill was known as "Mr. Talk Radio" and had some very interesting people on his show who knew facts and stated them and had new information on technology and shared it--Bill was destined to be taken out and he now has problems of many sorts including lack of position.

    A final example of the ADL's tactics shows them at their most vile. On April 3, 1978, Irwin Suall wrote to the management of Trans World Airlines (TWA):

    "I'm writing at the suggestion of Arnold Forster, who happens to be abroad at present, concerning Mr.--, a TWA pilot who has managed to antagonize a large number of people in New Jersey.

    The letter went on to accuse the TWA pilot of writing letters-to-the-editor which were critical of "Jews, Zionism and Israel". (In actual fact, the pilot had never critized Jews. He had, however, gone so far as to put an ad in a newspaper in which he placed, according to Suall, "the blame for the deaths in the March 11th PLO raid on the Israelis".)

    "It so happens that a number of people apparently know that --- is a TWA pilot... ---'s propaganda activities are apparently linked in their minds with TWA.
    "Mr. Forster felt that you would want to be informed about this mat­ter and asked me, just before he left, to share the information with you and to convey to you his most cordial regards. I would be pleased to hear from you. "

    The labor union and the Railroad Labor Act was the ONLY reason he was not fired on the spot. Most of the time the people are dismissed and it is never made public for there is NO FORUM FOR A HEARING. Dharma and Oberli have lost everything over this insulting situation but have gained tremendously in knowledge and management. They have nothing and no "jobs" so they can't be threatened in that area of life. I will tell you readers this much, this whole bunch associated with Phoenix Journals is a real nasty enigma for our adversaries. Every effort to discount the material and run the publisher out of funds for publishing are instigated and still you people keep on keeping on with your support. Funds are promised and then under threat are cancelled; property somehow "does not find a buyer" and so on. Well, chelas, God sends back that which is given into his work and so shall it be again for you-the-people will see and line up along side and behind these ones and the sheer numbers will overcome the evil anti-Christ.

    This thousand-legged beast with ten heads and ten horns who bears the markings of the "beast" and who has gained control over America is in direct and undis­puted, nor denied, service totally unto the artificial nation of Israel. The wel­fare of Israel is put above all else, certainly including the United States. Visits to the United States by Israeli generals and politicians are given front-page cov­erage in such reverential tones as are reserved by Catholic papers for visits of the Pope of Rome. The pronouncements of Israeli leaders are published with obligations of adulation--except for a couple of times when Prime Minister Men­achem Begin went so far in his cheerleading for Jewish influence in the U.S., and in his open calls for the Jewish lobby to get what Israel wanted, that the ADL feared people would realize that he was proving what the "anti-Semites" had been saying all along. The Judeans also began to speak out when it was made public that money paid to and through the U.S. to Begin personally was ending up in massive bank accounts of incredible size--in the U.S.

    The ADL tries to put the best appearance on everything Israel does and if you can't see that maneuver in this Middle East fiasco then you are too blind to be helped. The same goes for other countries: The Soviet Union was enormously popular with Zionists until it appeared to interfere with emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel--the whole thing being a publicity move to garner support and distraction from facts--THE ZIONISTS ARE SOVIETS--THE KHAZARS ARE MONGOL, RUSSIAN AND NORDIC--IN NO RELATIONSHIP WHAT-SO-EVER TO JUDEANS OR MIDDLE EASTERN ARABS. This is why it is so hard to understand why you-the-people absorb the lies like a sponge in water.

    As the facade grew out of proportion, the show began for the rest of the world and you-the-people. The U.S. was asked to "ice" its detente with the Soviets and prune its foreign policy accordingly--also it was expected to increase immigration into the U.S. of Soviet Jews. The most glaring example of distortion of American policy for Israel's benefit a decade ago appeared in the costly hostility of the U.S. toward the Arab countries--a policy totally opposed to America's true interests and then existed entirely because of Israel's long-lasting war with its neighbors.

    I do not josh with you readers, the Israeli Air Force was the most active partici­pant in the Iraq raids, being given flight security and an open route to and from Israel through Syrian corridors. Now this is FACT! I fail to understand how a nation can continue waving shredded yellow ribbons, send billions of dollars of your life work, send your children away to war and indefinite absence and con­tinue to defend this beast that is eating you alive. THE FOLLOWING TOWNS WERE BOMBED AND SOME COMPLETELY DESTROYED BY THE IS­RAELIS: Ubaila, Rutbah, Birar Rab, Abar Al-Jidd, Chayia, Muhainir, Mukhayb and Bir Al-Habbariyeh. Among the larger towns nearer to Baghdad also all but destroyed were al-Hasan, al-Fathah, Baydi, Tikrit (Saddam' s home) and ad-Dowr. Although other nations are reporting openly, the participation and factual evidence of the Israeli participation and actual documentation of the raids on these particular places, you have yet to have admission that the Israelis were doing anything except suffering terrible distress and destruction (costing you billions more in dollars for their suffering) and being so patient in non-retaliation as to be sickening for the truth-knowers who were not laughing them­selves silly at you Americans.

    Dharma puts it very nicely, I believe, when she cries out to God--"WHY DO YOU CARE?", "WHY DO WE CONTINUE FOR IT IS SO HOPELESS"--we continue because God has promised to bring Truth to his people and then, that they do with it is up to them.

    It has been a very long day of work and I suggest we leave this for digestion at this point for this day. Thank you for your attention. Hatonn

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 26


    THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1991 7:36 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 224

    TODAY, MARCH 28, 1991
    May...we be given into insight and understanding that we might move as brothers within a brotherhood of LIFE so that our directions shall be seen and our ac­tions have no intent other than as service unto God and our fellow-creations. Hatonn.

    As we meet this morning I am filled to overflow with the barrage of anger and helplessness. First we confront the anger and make sure we convert it into posi­tive construction and never into destruction against any creation--be he per­ceived friend or foe. The only difference in "friend" or "foe" is attitude and perception. I give unto Creator grateful thanks and appreciation that He has allowed me to discern enemy from true friend for my journey has been gifted abundantly by both--for they are but reflections of various stages of self-growth. Be ever thankful as you look into the world as a mirror that you finally begin to SEE. For the world stage is but a reflection of self and as you can recognize that which is incorrect and negative--you can cast aside that aspect of "self" and move ever nearer to perfection. I am ever grateful to those who give reflections which allow my passage ever higher into understanding. Savor the moment of realization but do not "wallow" in it lest ye miss of the next opportunity for advantage in the game.

    Helpless? Oh no, remember that we are growing into perfection and our adversaries are growing ever more shackled by the physical aspects of evil and by being completely blinded to Truth as "reality", they will blunder more and we shall blunder less,

    You who have compassion are astounded and bewildered by that which took place around the food boxes in Iraq. The Americans were allowed only to hand out food unto the women and children, whilst the men had to stand at gunpoint and have their belly's cramped. Then the Saudis brought in food and threw it to the people as if they were swine in the pens and pandemonium and mayhem en­sued. What cause did the Americans give you for starving the men? "To cause Iraq to meet its responsibility to its people!" No, you want the Iraqis to rise up and have more riots and murder and unrest--you have no intention of rebuilding but rather in further destruction and your government has sent your sensitive children forth to do the dirty and heinous work while they pull strings from the golf courses and jogging trails. I warn you again, there is no emotional compassion left in your highest courts of government--NONE! If ones come forth in objection to that which is going on, they are removed one way or another.

    Then you now see the REAL controversy arise over your commanding General who THOUGHT he was "doing a mission" only to find that the game was already laid forth, plans made prior to the war as to how it would go and allowing the Israelis to do their heinous work in security and secret; and brothers, this could give forth a lot of information of truth if they don't quickly shut Swarzkopf's mouth. It is already set up, you will note--as the lips now spout "...early retirement (by early summer) for this fine General". Keep your wits sharp and you will be on the cutting edge of truth as it uncovers itself.

    The administration is caught in the tangle of their own deceit. They dare not keep your soldiers in the field too long for the troops are seeing the outrageous contradictions of that which they were told and that which IS. Then, once uncovered in the disgrace upon America, they are not dared to be allowed home without further brainwashing for they will tell the truth to America. So, the confusion and encounter must be continued with the men in ignorance as can be sustained and get a lot more killed, especially the ones who see and speak out. There will come the hour when it is blatantly obvious that Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with that which is taking place.

    Meanwhile, what is going on in the Soviet Union? The laws are coming down hard against the people--and yes, you have your nose in this, also. And I ask you--how would you feel if the Soviets stuck their noses into your nation's elections and gatherings? Well, you won't do much more than have "lips" suggest softly that the Soviets not be too hard on the assembly of people in this election coming up. Why? Because if this goes the wrong direction, little brothers, you can count the days to your demise. At any rate, the Soviets can annihilate you nice Americans and will do so, if you act in foolishness.

    What of Sudan? Oh, you didn't hear about Sudan? Because the Sudanese government objected to the aggression of you-the-Americans, all relief supplies and personnel were removed from Sudan while thousands starve. Now, Sudan was coerced into sending token troops into Saudi Arabia to keep up this incredible "front" and so you nice compassionate people are going to, if you can work it out, send a bit of relief--IF, Sudan meets the requirements of the New World Order and the World Bank. THIS IS DEMOCRACY at work, brothers--democracy, you see, is rule by the majority--of votes of those in control. So by majority of the Elite--thousands upon thousands are sentenced to death by slow and bloated, thirsty torture until dead. Anti-Semitic? No, not by the slightest chance for I AM A SEMITE (Shemite). Remember the terminology and defi­nitions? I come from the tribes of Judea and the lineage of Shem from right off Pleiades and that, for now, is far enough back to give you an idea of my politi­cal views. The contradiction comes from the usurpation of everything truthful in your history and twisting it into opposition--that IS THE MARK of the Anti-Christ, beloved ones. THAT IS the clue they wear for all to see and because it is so obvious, you all miss of it.

    One last tid-bit of confusion to note before we return to our subject of the "KHAZARS" and "KHAZARIANS" who have taken on labels to deceive the world. What of this new tact of SUPPORTING SADDAM HUSSEIN IN HIS MILITARY ADVENTURES TO QUIET IRAQ?? SURPRISED?? Harken up! It will hit your news in flabby ways, so let me tell you that for which to look. Orders from "Lips" have come forth to not shoot down any more of Saddam's planes but to assist him in his attempts to bring the nation into control. Then "Lips" says, "We believe that after all is settled down again, the Iraqis will take him out anyway."

    First you tell him to invade Kuwait and foot the bill for his military buildup. Then you cover and assist Israel in bombing into oblivion two million or so Iraqis. You assist in allowing the Israelis to raze cities and holy sites in the name of "human rights" and restoration of an obscene monarch to a THRONE with pink palace and gold bathroom fixtures attached to marble tubs and gold plated bidets for his 70 wives. Then you all but wipe out a nation to "get" Hussein--now you are back to SUPPORTING HIM, in order to not lose the nation to fighting factions who might just rise up against you now that they know what has happened REALLY--so that you can assassinate the man? Ella, ella (come, come) America!!--

    This will nicely get us off the hook and if I, Hatonn, blunder and "slip"--you catch me and change the word if I err. Henceforth and hopefully, forevermore--we do what "they" do--we change the names to protect the innocent and label the obscene.

    "Jews" is OUT. All "Jews" by their definition will henceforth be called who they are--"Khazarians" and/or Judeans.

    "Israel" will be referred to by the name of Khazar!" Now, take note of this little twist. Since the "Semites" (as in "anti-Semite") are actually the children of Holy God from Judea and the lineage of Shem--then you will note by the "Khazarians" shouting "anti-Semite" in accusations against you of "israel (chosen of God--people, not a 'place')" what do you have in conclusion? When you are shouted down, accused of being anti-Semitic--you are ACTUALLY KNOWN TO BE AGAINST THE ANTI-CHRIST!. HOLD IT IN YOUR HEART AND SEE IF YOU DON'T FEEL A BIT BETTER THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE ACCUSES YOU OF BEING ANTI-SEMITIC. It has nothing to do with the Judean race.

    It is harder to take right now for you are so brainwashed that you cannot longer see the stain from the rest of the garment. Your government is totally intimidated and thusly controlled by "SOCIALISTIC ONE WORLD CONTROLLERS CALLED KHAZARS"! Stop honoring those bastards of LIFE, deceivers and deviates by calling them "Jews". They stole the religion, they stole and they have taken your world. They are a mixture of Mongol, Russian (Gog and Magog) and Nordic. They have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Judeans nor the Judean religion. They announced themselves "Jews", wrote their own religion in opposition to the Judean laws in the Protocols, announced themselves Zionists and began to take your world while killing you with YOUR OWN COMPASSION AND DECENCY.



    And so, Dharma, back to the subject at hand:

    There is ONE and only. One issue as far as the ADL is concerned--Khazaria. If Khazaria tries to sink a ship of the United States Navy, called the "USS Liberty", and murders 34 Americans in the process, the ADL prides itself on cov­ering up the facts and explaining them away, while on the other hand anybody who ever killed a Khazarian (even though his country is at war with Khazar) is a despicable terrorist and a bloodthirsty outlaw. A careful distinction is made between those who are able to kill large numbers of civilians from airplanes (American supplied and painted aircraft) and those who can afford only to kill smaller numbers on foot.

    The ADL never tires of telling you, and having told you, that because the population of the Khazarian state (in Palestine) is made up of an exceptional people unceasingly persecuted due to some ineradicable flaw in all non-Khazars, the Khazarians are exempt from the rules of human behavior and have a special license to steal other people's real estate, to kidnap anywhere in the world, to torture, to kill, to lie, to falsely accuse, and to interfere at will in the politics and social development of other countries.

    To justify and further the programs and aims of Khazar is the primary mission of the ADL. The organization is, of course, at one with the B'nai B'rith, with its large and highly manageable and influential system of professional lodges. Especially significant are those lodges made up of highly placed people in the advertising, publishing, entertainment, and news fields. It works in alliance with other groups that comprise the Khazarian lobby--such as the American "Jewish" Committee whose Washington representative, Hyman Bookbinder (in 1981), boasted in a public speech of the speed with which he had been able to assemble on the Capitol steps a display of American congressmen and senators in support of an "Israeli" (Khazarian) government demand.


    In this new light of understanding that you can call a skunk a rose--but its stripes and smell will tell you that it is certainly NOT A ROSE.--and neither are Khazarians, Judeans. They are MRN's (MONGOLS, RUSSIANS, NORDICS). No offense intended unto any of those lovely people. The Khaz­ars were warriors and came and took that which they wanted and destroyed its integrity through rape, pillage, plunder--murder and deceit. They are from the line of ANTI-GOD himself and if I were at present, going about telling of any identifications with that Khazar group; I would certainly stop advertising it so blatantly--for the skunk still stinks if he spreads his musk about. So be it. I hope I have given cause for you ones to "see" and "understand" that which which WE REALLY DEAL so that we can move on and get some things turned about and back into control of you-the-people and away from your deadly enemy--the Khazars.

    Something to think about: suppose you are an American caucasion of pale features that you call "typical American" and you speak no language other than, say, southern Texan. Now you go to the village of Hi Peng in central China and announce that you are here to form a nation and that you are Chinese--yes, I'm sure you know that which would happen! Isn't it time you stopped the nit­wit game of the deceived and enter into the world of truth? I honor you for perception in clarity. As contrasted to the "Jewish (Khazar) Defense League" (JDL) which uses physical intimidation and overt violence while literally parading the Israeli flag within your country the ADL deals primarily in propa­ganda and moral, political, and financial intimidation. It instigates, coordinates, places, and often writes, on behalf of Is - (oops) Khazar the avalanche of slanted news stories, editorials, magazine articles, television programs, car­toons, politicians' speeches, entries in the "Congressional Record", letters, and even motion pictures and novels, which--particularly at the time of some Khaz­arian crisis or extensive Khazarian demand on American leaders and taxpayers--smothers the United States.

    Once a rock has been started rolling downhill, one does not have to keep prodding it or the others it picks up along the way: People know what is expected of them. If they do not, they will be "sensitized", or even "tenderized". Even the standup comic knows that to defy the party line would be professional suicide. Toward the end of the 1960's the ADL and its cohorts accused Poland of "anti-Semitic" acts (see, for example, entry by the ADL's congressman, Joshua Eil­berg, in the July 16, 1968 "Congressional Record".) and lo, within days the in­sulting "Polish joke" was birthed, pounding home month after month the alleged stupidity of the Polish people who up to then had been treated as heroic defend­ers of freedom. In such ways American attitudes are molded to the benefit of Khazar and to the detriment of any group on Khazar's hit list.

    The inconvenient fact that what helps Khazar usually hurts the United States is handled by the ADL and similar organizations by the technique, proof of the in­tent of which is available in numerous publicly distributed recordings of their meetings, of trying to make Khazar interests appear identical to the interests of the United States and attractive to the American people. "We are a minority too small to have our desired effect without the help of many others," is stated the reasoning by the Khazarians who stole the heritage of Judea. Do you see, it is exactly the same as labeling Judas about the identity of the man who betrayed the one called by you, Jesus. By careful misinformation, the one who betrayed Esu was identified for history as Judas Iscarioth when actually the guilty party was one, Juda Iharioth, the son of a Pharisee (and you all know about the Phar­isees) in Jerusalem. Later the translators gave further intentional confusion (for they knew "Judas Iscarioth" was incorrect and therefore came up with "Judas Iscariot", thereby totally changing the truth of history.(Balance of message lost to "computer tampering)

  2. #16
    宇宙生命一家, 無次 Justice Future Society Institute wave's Avatar


    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 27

    THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1991 10:02 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 224

    You ones need to be aware that the prior document was all but lost to the electronic attack upon my scribe and the equipment. I am going to make this addition and then I ask that my scribe be gotten out of the vicinity so that we can do a bit of "housecleaning". I remind you precious ones that when "the beast" is cornered uncovered for the world to see--he fights in the only ways allowed to him--through impact on the material and the beings involved. Truth is very painful to the criminal and now God has given you the Truth which changes the entire scenario of perception of you of the planet. The information is as old as the beginning and as new as the unwrapping of the deceit. However, you now have the tools with which to render the beast impotent. You call him by his Earth label, Khazar. You separate him into his heritage of stolen bloodline for there is nothing of Judean about the evil demon. All you have to do as a people to begin to regain your freedom and nation and then, world, is to call this beast by his name and set the record to straight and you reduce all his shams, deceit--his very platform of action--from his arsenal.

    Doesn't it become far easier to understand the REAL situation when I say to you: "The Khazars from Khazar, in the camouflaged planes taken from the U.S. under deceitful cover of the worst terrorists in the world, were allowed to bomb into oblivion, the towns and people of Iraq--while you stood guard and ran the get-away car?" Ah, but 'twas not you, was it? It was the functioning mecha­nism of the Khazars which had already taken your government and military, media and mind-set. You are NOT anti-Judean--you may (I hope) be anti-­Khazarian (against the very anti-Christ). You are the S(h)emite so therefore, you who speak out CANNOT BE ANTI-S(H)EMITIC!

    I want you to revel in that which I can witness and you have not yet the ability to see. The pulses against my scribe and this place are incredible and the more poured in the more we must "counter" and neutralize so that the air is nothing but noise and chaos. Every line from the surveillance offices are in use--TELLING THE WONDERFUL NEWS! THE KHAZARS HAVE BEEN UN­COVERED! This does not sit well with those who are the Khazars working in disguise and yet, the lid is off the bottle. Rejoice--not for that which you thought to be Easter Resurrection--for what is resurrected herein this Easter--is TRUTH and revelation of the anti-Christ and his mongrel tribes! You who considered yourselves to be one of the group calling yourselves by the conjured la­bel of "Jew" as set forth to ensnare you in the late 1700's A.D., I suggest you take a second look at that which you serve within the lie and take careful con­sideration to your intended fate and demise. And you, of Judean lineage--wake up, for your annihilation is planned by these Khazarians who have stolen from Palestine, annihilated your brothers in Germany and now fully plan to sacrifice you on the altar of riot and bigotry in order to keep the nations in unrest. TRUTH WILL SET YOU INTO FREEDOM IF YOU WILL BUT RECEIVE OF IT!

    Well, how will you know how it goes if in fact, all is controlled by those Khaz­ars? Because if you are anti-Khazar you cannot very well be anti-"Jew" can you? IF, THEN, YOU ARE REFUSED HEARING OR PUBLICATION AT THE HANDS OF THE CONTROLLERS--THEN THEY HAVE JUST TOLD YOU THE TRUTH OF IT--THEY HAVE REVEALED AND CONFIRMED THAT WHICH I HAVE LAID BARE FOR YOUR REVIEW! TO CLAIM ABUSE AND BIGOTRY AGAINST YOU THEY HAVE TO REVEAL THE TRUTH OF THEIR BEINGNESS AS KHAZARS--IT IS A FINE LITTLE GAME OF THEIR OWN MAKING. How could you possibly be speaking about any people of God's Judea if you are speaking about a warring tribe who stole from other nations everywhere they went upon your planet? How can you be "anti-Judean" if you are speaking of Mongol/Russian/Nordic tribes who bear no Arabic or Judean blood whatsoever? If you go onto the radio or television speaking out against the Khazars, would you not be patriotic? Truly patriotic? If you speak against the Khazars rewriting your Constitution and enslaving your nation--are you not truly patriotic unto the United States of America and the brotherhood of Earth? Are you not UNPATRIOTIC if you DO NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE KHAZARS? WHO COMMITS TREASON? IS IT NOT THE ONE WHO TAKES AND OVERTHROWS THE GOV­ERNMENT OF A NATION? PONDER THIS MOST INTENTLY FOR YOU HAVE "BEEN HAD" BY THE MOST CLEVER DECEIVER EVER ON PLANET EARTH--JUST AS YOU WERE TOLD IT WOULD BE--RIGHT DOWN TO LOCATIONS, TIMES AND SIGNS. SO BE IT.

    Dharma, allow us to write just a bit more so you can get a better vision of what we say in this newly lighted concept and then we will carry on farther at the next penning.

    The Foreign Agents Registration Act, Title 22 U.S. Code sub:611 et seq., pro­vides criminal penalties for failure of propagandists and other active in Your country on behalf of foreigners to file highly detailed registration statements with the Attorney General, to file copies of all political propaganda (however disguised or sugar-coated), and to label all such propaganda conspicuously, and to keep and reveal record of tea activities.

    "Political propaganda" is defined by the act to include any "communication or expression by any person...which is reasonably adapted to, or which the person disseminating the same beliefs will, or which he intends to, prevail upon, indoctrinate, induce, or in any other way influence a recipient or any section of the public within the United States with reference to the political or public inter­ests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign po­litical party or with reference to the foreign policies of the United States...."


    The same rules apply to "political activities" which in any way "influence any agency or official of the Government of the United States or any section of the public within the United States with reference to formulating adopting, or changing the domestic or foreign policies of the United States or with reference to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party: SUB:611(o).

    The Foreign Agents Registration Act is designed to include anyone "who directly or through any other person" carries on such activities and who acts as an agent, representative or "in any other capacity" at the order, request, or under the direction or control, or under in direct or indirect supervision, direction, control of a foreign principal Sub:611(c)(1). A "foreign principal" includes not only a foreign government but also a foreign political party, any person outside of the United States, and any foreign corporation, association, or other organization Sub:611(b).

    There is absolutely no doubt that the ADL is operating in criminal violation of the Foreign. Agents Registration Act; that its foreign principals include the government of Khazar and its subdivisions, numerous Khazar Elitist (Zionist) groups such as the World Zionist (Elitist) Organization (WZO) and the Jewish (Khazarian) Agency, the Jewish (Khazarian) Defense League (JDL), etc., and their fundraising (taxfree) branches within the United States; and that the ADL works in complicity with large numbers of equally guilty parties in the American communications media and the political arena.

    It is the job of the U.S. Department of Justice (except that the Judicial Branch of your system is also infiltrated and headed up by illegal Khazars) to enforce the Foreign Agents Registration Act. (Title 50, sub 851-858 contains additional provisions for registration of foreign agents with the Attorney General--(also a Khazarian). These sections are applicable to "every person" who has knowl­edge of espionage, tactics or terrorism of a government of a foreign country..." It stretches the imagination to assume that ADL officers are NOT fully aware of the activities of the terrorist organization known as the Jewish (Khazar) Defense League, an open agent of Israel (Khazar) which provocatively flies the Khazar flag--and totally defiles the Star of David. No one can miss the perfect orchestration of ADL and JDL activities. It is commonly believed that both agencies are manipulated by the efficient Khazarian espionage and terrorist arm, the Mossad but, while the department has exerted itself ordering American Protestant ministers to register as foreign agents because they arranged preach­ing and a few other public appearances for some clergymen of the "Christian League of Southern Africa, (Washington Weekly, Oct. 5, 1978), it has been cu­riously paralyzed when it comes to pursuing the ADL and its huge network of coordinated Khazarian agents. These ones, in addition to everything else, have lied on their passports about name, rank, serial number and nationality. What does this say about your government who has aided and abetted these criminals who are now in place to overthrow the government of the United States of America and enslave the population thereof? Obviously NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON.

    Documentation is easy to come by--it is sticking out all over the media presenta­tions and controlled press but it is all but impossible to encompass its scope in a paper such as this, but at the next writing I will set forth examples (prior to the 1980's and a few current reminders already spoken of) for your research facilitation. At this point, however, I must get my scribe out of this setting for it is too dangerous to leave her longer at risk. Thank you for your thoughtful attention. I trust we are coming into some clarification of facts versus fiction as you have been fed upon. In love beyond expression, we of the Hosts stand ready to assist in any way we might--for you to regain your birthright--be ye Judean or whatever! It is time the enemy ceases, to in this. "war"--let us lay down the stones which have no meaning whatsoever, join hands in brotherhood against that which devours worlds and simply stand strong in the TRUTH for the evil cannot survive in the Light of Truth. Salu.

    Hatonn to stand-by, please.

    Thank you, Dharma, and my crew for getting this to the people as quickly as you can. Oberli, give a rough (for I want you to depart this place immediately) into GG's hands and allow someone else to put it to format. It needs some circulation today--but not by you, son, for you too are at open risk in this place. Once you depart there is no longer danger to the place nor the people remain­ing--it is personal attack and you must act for the safety of all, not just self.

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 28

    FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1991 7:21 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 225

    Of course it is "Good Friday"--all Fridays and all other days which are allowed unto you are GOOD. Beyond that it will, like unto any other day, be that which man appoints it to be.

    "Should we participate in things of 'holiday' selection or let it pass; or should we make great proclamations unto God and promises, etc?" Why more than any other day should you make and KEEP promises unto God? These, Dharma, are foolish things laid forth by MAN in celebration of something or other. Easter was originally a very non-"Christian" holiday in Judea. Further, it was a tradition to release a prisoner destined for execution--thus came the leg­end of Jesus being crucified and a Barrabas set free at the people's command. It came, then, to represent the time of crucifixion and resurrection and also recog­nition of Spring and renewal--many things in many places. It has come to rep­resent to Christians a time to make an annual trek to the church building for the program pre-arranged, peering at lilies, chasing eggs and dressing in finery to show unto one another. BUT, there is still some shred of family togetherness supported which is GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!

    As in all "holidays" it is a time of moving within and finding that source unto which you pay tribute--what might yours be? Man easily forgets even that which he KNOWS. Then he moves right along with whatever he is TOLD TO RE-BELIEVE--IF IT BE OF HUMAN IMPACT--i.e. an extra day off at week's end, etc. But look at that which has come to be in the United States--one nation under God and proclaiming itself a nation functioning under "Christian" morality. It is now turned over to the Khazars and first you are shown the Master Teacher depicted as carrying a cross through the streets of Jerusalem, and on and on and on. It SHOULD tell you that there is the recognition of the Christ having passed that way--but more so, it is to fool you into believing that the Khazars are actually on YOUR side. They are not, for while you are supposedly honoring resurrection, they are sacrificing and smearing blood upon their doors so that "their" God, Lucifer, will not find them lacking in worship unto him. Oh yes, at one time that ritual meant something of Godly wisdom--for when it originated there was a great plague about the lands and the mark on the door was a mark of "QUARANTINE"--which said: "If there be in­fection in your house, enter not into mine," and a bit of a different marking indicated, "illness within". YOU HAVE MADE IT MYSTICAL--AND THAT SOMEHOW BLOOD ON THINE DOORS WOULD CAUSE THE ANGEL OF DEATH TO PASS YOU BY. Again, it is the heart intent within--not blood smeared upon a door-post.

    You will note a massive movement AWAY from the celebration of the true meaning which was once represented by Easter to the Christians as the Khazars take over--just as with Christmas--and mostly you will have the Khazars (Jews) mentioned FIRST in any news item on the TV media. It is simply a mark of the times. Christ was NOT A "JEW" except in the slang terminology of which you have been told within the past century and a half, to believe. "Jew" was created as a term in the 1700's---SO, THE ONE YOU CALLED JESUS, WAS A JUDEAN--AND NEVER THE TWAIN OF KHAZAR (JEW-Mongol, Rus­sian and Nordic) AND JUDEAN SHALL MEET!

    I think you should look at that which was touted, moaned about and you paid Khazar (Israel) to make-up for in the Middle East. The Khazars shouted out that they were persecuted in their new lands and that the neighboring nations hated them and were bigoted against them--"BECAUSE OF THEIR NORDIC HERITAGE". THIS, RIGHT OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE HEAD KHAZARS (JEWS)". GO LOOK IT UP--AND FURTHER, I HAVE QUOTED THE VERY TERM SOME THREE DAYS PAST RIGHT OUT OF ONE OF YOUR NEWSPRESS RELEASES. Of course they are not loved in the land of Palestine--they are not of any bloodline of the region, they certainly are NOT Arabs--they are from the tribes of Nordic regions, sharing no tradi­tions and treating the Sephardic Judeans as outcasts while the KHAZARS (Ashkenazi "Jews") who migrated to Khazar (Israel) from Russia brought with them the ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice the ide­ology. Moreover, after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the displaced "Bolsheviks" (Khazars--so-called and self-styled "Jews") migrated directly to the United States and set up government instead of the Constitutional govern­ment of the United States of America--and thus, now you have a socialis­tic/dictator form of forced, non-"republican" form of ruler ship no longer even pretending to be a "democracy" by majority vote of the "citizens". YOU DO NOT, YOU KNOW, ELECT BY "POPULAR MAJORITY", AMERICA.

    Remember, these Ashkenazi Khazars (so-called/self-styled "Jews") worked hand in hand with the Nazis (Ashke-NAZI) in Germany and are literally responsible for the effort to kill out the Sephardic Judeans. They call themselves the "Elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews". Dear ones, I am not making up some kind of story line to confuse you sleeping masses--THIS IS FULL DOCUMENTATION AND HISTORICAL PROOF--WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED, SWINDLED AND ALL BUT DESTROYED BY A BUNCH OF RENEGADES IN CAMOUFLAGE AND CHARADE GEAR AND ACTION? THEY HAVE ALREADY WIPED OUT THE REMAINING FRAGMENTS OF JUDEANS AND NOW THEY MARCH ON TO ABSORB AND CONTROL THE ENTIRE OF THE GLOBE AND YOU NOT ONLY ALLOW OF IT--YOU HELP AND YOU DEMAND THAT IT BE ACCOM­PLISHED. YOU NOW RIOT AND FIGHT AGAINST YOUR BROTHER FOR YOU CANNOT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOUR DEADLY ENEMY!

    I said that I would give you documentation which can be researched--I can only touch on a tiny, tiny few for I have neither inclination to more nor am I here to do the PROVING. You go prove it! Other ones have written and re-written documentation in effort to gain your attention and you ignore and shout "anti‑semite" at them, and then silence them by prison and degradation of their very beings.

    Documentation of the ADL's actions as an agent of Khazar is neither rare nor difficult to come by; indeed, it is almost impossible to encompass its scope in less than volumes of material; therefore, we will only give a few examples.

    First, there is no question that Khazar, which could never have existed financially, militarily, or otherwise without the constant support of the United States, wishes to exert all possible influence on your country and to draw all possible sustenance from it. Further, it must be America for all of the other nations of the world were not financially capable of supporting another nation as the take­over began and now, the seat of Khazaria's blood supply is umbilically attached to the United States--thereby making it necessary that the surrogate parent be­come one with the parasite. The other nations of the world, furthermore, saw what was happening and know that which has come to be and it became re­quired that Americans be "ugly" enough to be pretty unwelcome in any nation of the world. This drawing of sustenance, while preventing any aid or support by the United States going to countries on Khazaria's enemies list, and in par­ticular to the Arab countries from which Khazar hacked out its territory--even to the pushing out of Khazar the very Judeans in whose name the nation was founded. The World Khazar (Zionist) Organization (WZO) and the Khazar (Jewish) Agency (JA) are specifically designed to be the Khazar government's overseas arms. Even though purposely not made branches of the government, the status, function, and authority of the WZO and the JA are set forth in Khaz­arian law. Among their goals are to organize Khazar communities outside Khazar to serve Khazarian purposes, to spread propaganda, to see that money is collected (almost always to tax-exempt "charitable" organizations--even in this recent war there were great drives for money for Khazar--and the contributions were TAX-FREE) and channeled to Khazar, to encourage immigration into Khazar, and to influence various governments to formulate foreign policy and to pass laws which favor Khazar.

    Oh, you still can't believe the "skunk" is not a "rose"? Dear ones by any other name, the rose is a rose is a rose and a Khazar is a Khazar is a Khazar--regard­less of how they try to "fool" you.

    Most of the Khazarian aims in the United States are spearheaded by the ADL, with other Khazar-oriented groups such as the American Khazar (Jewish) Com­mittee (AJC) playing very important roles. The WZO and the JA keep a low profile, while the ADL poses as an American organization serving American Khazarian aims, though in reality honing its activities to serve Khazar on every point.

    When Arab countries organized a boycott of Khazar, the ADL openly led the
    fight to have anti-boycott legislation passed in the U.S., took measures to see
    that American businesses were trading with Khazar under the anti-boycott laws, and even acted on Khazar's behalf as regarded Japan's cooperation with the Arab boycott.

    "The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish (Khazarian) organization, has long been bothered by the Japanese reaction to the boycott. For years, the organization has been trying on its own to persuade the Japanese to change their policy. Now, evidently wearying of those efforts, Anti-Defamation League officials are seeking the aid of the Ameri­can corporations. (The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 1968.)

    On March 4, 1975, the New York Times reported that:

    "The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has written to President Ford reporting what it calls a concerted campaign among shipping companies, aided and abetted by American commercial banks unlawfully to comply with the Arab boycott regulations against the state of Israel (Khazar)."

    Since 1966, the ADL has produced a radio program called "Dateline Israel
    , some 26 new programs each year broadcast over hundreds of stations, which consists entirely of Khazarian propaganda. Prominent in the origins and production of "Dateline Israel (Khazar)" was ADL general counsel Arnold Forster, who was reported in the May, 1974 "ADL Bulletin" to have been in Khazar more than 50 times.

    Forster, among his other achievements on behalf of this foreign State, wrote seemingly innumerable letters (always published) to the editors of major newspapers on subjects having exclusively to do with Khazar and the protection of furtherance of Khazarian interests. Every hint of cooperation with Arab countries by the U.S. was depicted as a dark collaboration with the forces of evil.

    In 1973 ADL took out full-page newspaper advertisements whose message was that Arab oil-producing countries were greedy and that any change in the Mideast policy of the United States that might please the Arabs would not improve the American oil situation. The ads were designed to influence public opinion to ignore the obvious--that the oil cut-off by the Arabs had been a direct response to the United States mindlessly and illogically supporting Khazar in an aggressive war against Arab countries.

    "Marriv", published in Tel Aviv, Khazar, reported (Jan. 14, 1969) that the ADL in the United States had made a study of Arab "propaganda" against Khazar, and had concluded that the center of export of such propaganda to America was Beirut, Lebanon. Arnold Forster was in charge of the ADL study.

    "Mr. Foster (sic sic), who is now in Israel (Khazar) as one of the representatives of the Jewish organizations to the conference called by the prime minister, said that the Arabs have discovered the best way to lie is from a distance."

    For the ADL, there is obviously one over-riding issue--Khazar--and old allies who don't agree become persona non grata. ADL Chairman Kenneth Bialkin, in a New York Times item (Aug. 19, 1979), said that "some black leaders have become persuaded by new left propaganda and have taken up with the worst of pro-Arab, anti-Israeli (Khazarian) elements". Bailkin called such blacks "troublemakers".

    A couple of years earlier, when black American workers wanted to comply with the Arab boycott of Khazar, the ADL said that a coalition including Blacks who said they would be the first to lose their jobs if Arabs withdrew their business, involved "bigoted extremists" linked to "anti-Semitism"--a good example of name calling when logic would lose the day and reason would be totally absent in the very fact that anti-Semitism means nothing in this instance for the term it­self would indicate those involved would be anti-THEMSELVES!

    When the executive committee of the B'nai B'rith International Council met in 1960, the president concluded: "Positive action by the Jewish (Khazar) communities should be taken to combat Arab League propaganda", and "a program of counter-action to deal with the Arab League (duly registered) should be considered". ("Summary-Minutes B'nai B'rith International Council, Executive Committee Meeting January 26-27, 1960, Amsterdam, Netherlands")

    The B'nai B'rith, swearing that it is strictly a religious, charitable, and welfare organization, has taken an active role in getting funds from Germany as compensation or reparation to Khazarians who claimed to have been unjustly damaged by Hitler's government. A revealing insight into the procedure is offered by a B'nai B'rith "Memorandum to Members of the Board of Governors from Maurice Bisguer" (Feb. 17, 1960)" "In accordance with the claims agree­ment resulting from West German B'nai B'rith negotiations, the predominant amount of funds is to be reserved for Israel (Khazar)."

    A typical issue of the "ADL Bulletin" would appear to have been conceived and composed in a Khazarian information office. The June, 1980 issue, for exam­ple, which happens to contain an uncomplimentary article about Liberty Lobby, begins with an article by Secretary of State HENRY KISSINGER (who was pic­tured receiving an award from the ADL) entitled "The Middle East". With sub­heads such as "No Negotiation with PLO", it contained nothing even remotely displeasing to Khazar, and lest you miss its real point, the following words are emphasized by being printed in a shaded rectangle: "While in office and after, I never believed and I do not believe now that the solution to the West Bank problem can be the creation of a Palestinian State"! (Henry Kissinger)

    Inside the front cover of the same issue is a comment by ADL national director, Nathan Perlmutter. Leading off with the news that anti-Semitism, "..as we have customarily measured it", has been declining, he says that the greatest danger "to us" is oil because nations which want oil from the Arabs are snug­gling up to the PLO, and, "in the hapless balance is Israel (Khazar)".

    There then follows a long, illustrated article on a trip to Khazar by M.S. Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes business magazine, a trip which had been sug­gested and arranged by the ADL.

    "He went at the suggestion of Maxwell E. Greenberg, the Anti-Defamation League's national chairman and Abraham H. Foxman, its associate national director, following a dispute between ADL, and "Forbes" editors over rejection of a league ad on peace in the Middle East which had been submitted for the Forbes annual Arabic Middle East edition. ADL felt the ad had been rejected because the magazine feared offending the Arabs...."

    So the ADL officers, suggesting "that a Forbes trip to Israel (Khazar) was long overdue", met Mr. Forbes in the Middle Eastern nation, introduced him to the right people in government, the military, and business, and showed him the country. Mr. Forbes, of course, loved Khazar and the Khazarian leaders, on whom he bestowed such accolades as "sharp, incisive", "perceptive, candid, with good judgments", "able, impressive", and "Oh, fabulous". Mr. Forbes likened America to Khazar and had nasty things to say about the PLO.

    The next article in the June, 1980 "ADL Bulletin" was entitled "PLO/Khomeini Connection". It dealt with the cordial relations between the PLO and the ever-unpopular ayatollah, and concluded that both "..share the goal of destroying Israel (Khazar)", and that "..to give them power is to whet their appetites, increasing their lust for destruction".

    The actress Vanessa Redgrave narrated a film called "The Palestinian", which, although few who criticized it had actually seen it, outraged the ADL because it was reportedly anti-Khazar and contained an interview with the head of the PLO. There were vigorous efforts to prevent the documentary from being seen in the U.S. and to ruin Vanessa Redgrave's acting career. Arnold Forster said on behalf of the ADL that to advocate the overthrow of Khazar was "the ultimate anti-Semitism". Miss Redgrave commented:

    "The American public cherishes its right to information and to form its own opinions. It should not be abrogated into the hands of a minority of fanatical Zionists (Elite) who want to destroy the Palestine Liberation Organization and lie about its aims." (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 18, 1978)

    In a pitch letter to ADL supporters on November 10, 1975, Dore Schary listed as examples of the ADL's good work: Suing the U.S. to thwart the Arab boycott of Khazar, exposing the collusion of other groups with the Arab boycott of Khazar, and persuading the Gulf Oil Company to repudiate and publicly declare that it will never again repeat a contribution to "the Arab propaganda campaign" against Khazar. Next on the agenda: "The recent vote in the United Nations attacking Zionism (Elitism) as 'racism'..."

    When President Jimmy Carter compared the Palestinian movement (to return to the farms and homes that had been taken by Khazar) to the U.S. civil rights cause, spokesmen for the ADL called the comparison "insulting", and "frightening". Arnold Forster exercised his gift for meaningless semantic smokescreening by calling the PLO "false revolutionaries" and "murderers" (Washington Post Aug. 3, 1979).

    On January 9, 1981, the ADL's headquarters publicly distributed, under the la­bel, "News", a report called "World-Views and Middle East Policy", by Kenneth Jacobsen, which compared the probable Middle East policy of the incom­ing Reagan administration with that of the Carter administration. The entire discussion centers on the relative benefits to Khazar which would result from the different policies. Carter, the report said, had seen Third-World nations (Arabs) as essentially neutral, and to be won over through "friendly" ap­proaches, which meant that the "U.S. would downplay Khazar as a strategic in­terest, would see the Palestinian issue as the central problem in the Middle East, and would make periodic overtures to the PLO." (Not good.) Reagan, on the other hand, would bring with him those who would see both a Soviet threat and an Arab oil threat. (Good.) By convoluted and illogical arguments, Jacobsen comes to the conclusion that the U.S. has shown "unnecessary obsequiousness. to the Arab world", and that the best way for America to meet the oil problem is to join more closely with Khazar in its hostility to the Arab nations.

    "With the new approach, there will be no hesitancy to support Israel (Khazar) as clearly America's most reliable ally and to identify Israel (Khazar) as a strategic asset to the U.S."

    Many examples could be cited to prove that the ADL, day after day, year after year, works within the United States as an agent in the service of a foreign nation. Not only are such political activities a violation of the Foreign Agents' Registration Act, but also disqualify the ADL from its tax-exempt status.

    This might appear to be "long time past" but, friends, it has only grown more and more blatant and completely open in its attempts to bring your nation into total and complete CONTROL and you are all but there. We will repeat a no­tice of interest which I utilized only a few days past.

    "The Federal Election Commission HAS ADMITTED IT FOUND ON FEBRUARY 6, 1990, THERE WAS 'PROBABLE CAUSE' TO BELIEVE THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B'NAI B'RITH AND THE AMERICAN JEWISH (KHAZAR) COMMITTEE HAD ILLEGALLY PAID FOR A SMEAR CAMPAIGN IN 1986 AGAMT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE LYNDON LA ROUCHE. The FEC said that although the two groups broke a rule barring corporations from financial involvement with federal elections it decided not to prosecute because of 'the relatively low dollar amount at issue'. The FEC did not explain why it was only NOW making its decision known."

    No prosecution? Brothers, there are a lot of people, including La Rouche (who all he did was run for president of the United States in that "free" land, one nation under God with Liberty, and Justice for all) who are in PRISON! DIRECTLY DUE TO THIS ATTACK!

    How about another bit of confirmation? You understand that the $400 million dollars to go to Khazar for housing, etc. was held up a bit in disbursement because you objected to Khazar' s bombing raids into Lebanon. They objected and demanded even more money for their "suffering" and "anguish" and you gave it--along with releasing the funds ($400 million) with agreement to not build on the West bank, etc. So, here it comes, Headline article in the (back) pages of the press on March 21, 1991:

    "ISRAEL (KHAZAR) BREAKS ITS WORD. Israel's (Khazar's) government denies a report that it has already gone back on a promise to the Bush administration not to resettle Soviet Jews (Khazars) in Pales­tinian lands. That vow had to be made before Israel (Khazar) could get a $400 million housing construction loan it had been DEMANDING for months from the United States. But several thousand temporary dwellings for the incoming Soviet immigrants already have been set up in the Occupied Territories, and more are planned. Israeli (Khazarian) officials insist they have made no final decision on where the newcom­ers will live."

    It is never intended that the funds be paid back as a loan, nor was there any intent or consideration for NOT setting up the housing in the Occupied Territory of Palestine.

    Dharma, since this has been another day of bombardment of you and the computers, I think we might better conclude this segment at this point for we are not going to be allowed to make more input until we clear the bugs out of this equipment. We will just conclude herewith and take a break while I re-sort the electronics. I can only repeat--WE HAVE NOW GIVEN YOU THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO STAND AGAINST THE EVIL BEAST--WHAT YOU DO WITH IT IS UP TO YOU; BUT HE IS FURIOUS AND IS LASHING OUT IN EVERY DIRECTION. HOLD STRONG, CHELA, FOR WE HAVE YOU IN PROTECTION. THE ORGINS OF THOSE NOW CALLED KHAZARS IS FROM THE REACHES OF THE MOST EVIL VACATION SPOTS OF THE COSMOS. DO NOT CONFUSE THEM WITH THE TOUTED "LITTLE GRAY ALIENS" FOR THE KHAZARS ARE VERY HUMANIZED AND ARE THE TRIBES OF THE ANTI-CHRIST--IN PERSON!

    A suffocating atmosphere of threat, extortion, blackmail, character assassina­tion, and falsehood hangs over the activities of the ADL and all the Khazar organizations. It is an atmosphere deliberately poisonous of freedom of speech and thought, designedly stifling of the open exchange of ideas, and contrary to the provisions of the Constitution and to the most important considerations that motivated the American revolutionaries to create a new and independent nation in the first place.

    The ADL is alien in concept and subversive in operation. It is unethical, un-American and illegal. It operates as a thought police, smearbund and intimida­tion mafia using traditional American institutions and gullible citizens to further the foreign policy aims of a "foreign nation" and the political power of political Elitism and individual Elitists. Its "chutzpah" cannot be excused, nor can the actions or inaction of Americans who know of its outrages but because of fear, fail to stand against them. Nothing can be more important than to expose and contain this evil force. Nothing less than the safety of all Americans and the world ultimately, is at stake as irresponsible Elitists play Russian roulette with a world nuclear holocaust--boy, you ones just squeaked by this time by the very skin on your teeth--and it is NOT over, my friends.

    And further, I remind you--the next major thrust in the United States is to gain control of your weapons, pass gun restrictions and very soon confiscate, all weapons. Then the economy will collapse and you, dear ones, will be captured. Which will come first? I do not know--for it depends totally upon what you­-the-people DO. THE ADL IS FIRST ON THE LIST OF THOSE ORGANIZATIONS FIGHTING FOR GUN CONTROL. Furthermore, in the "War on Drugs" you are now going to "GIVE OUT" needles to the addicts in Los Angeles. I somehow thought it was against the law to utilize illegal drugs. Oh well, what could a space cadet know about Earth reasoning? I can tell you one thing--it is now a SURE WAY to make sure the AIDS virus is spread more methodically! Salu

    Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.
    United Federation Fleet
    Inter-Galactic Fleet Command

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