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    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 13

    THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1991 9:12 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 210
    Dharma, who told you the road would to easy and the rose without thorns? Precious, the thrust of spears and arrows can only confirm that our work is Truth. Would we quit when the gossip pains? How else can we give Truth without repeating that which is already told in Truth? Are we evil for using the dates on a calendar? Please, can you not see of the humor is this latest tattle telling? Yesterday you were in pain for they denounced us as "anti-Semitic" and now, today, from Florida comes the news that we are considered "Jews" and untrustworthy? Don't you understand that one does not kick the dead dog--Truth is reaching its mark and we have a job to do. Ours is to bring the word and build that which we can in the time given us through, Grace. Ours is to serve God of Holy Light, Mother/Father Creator and what humans--who believe themselves to somehow be Judge and Jury, having not even read our work--think and say shall not cause us to stumble.

    If we offer the "way" to better manage in this time of chaos and usurpation of your Constitutional freedoms and offer ways of protecting selves--then we are greatly serving according to the needs of God's people. We petition hearing, we force nothing on anyone and we offer all that we have unto anyone who will partake--beyond that we solicit nothing and therefore, chela, you must rise above the prattling. I further suggest that if the person in Florida is having great difficulty in deciding that which to do with her funds of great size--hold them if she wishes and, further, I suggest that you decline to take them for whatever reason.

    You ones who would offer services as requested must realize that ones who search and ask of every man his/her opinion is self-unfulfilled and at great confusion about Truth. Do you not see that ones would prefer to play at games with magical tokens than deal with the dreary truth of God's actual coming again upon your wondrous place? It remains far easier, still, for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for the rich man to find his way into God's kingdom wherein riches are not of empty Federal Reserve Notes. And YOU must remember that that which you did not ask nor accept--is not a gift nor a bonding. Therefore, what is the problem? Those who offer and then take back and hold and play games are not acting in truth but in indecision and false projections. GOD DOES NOT TEASE WITH HIS GIFTS, GRACE, TRUTH OR LOVE and lesser from a fellow being, Dharma, is not a gift worth the holding for the price of the "free" gift is far too expensive. Bless these ones who cast the spears for theirs is simply an inability to see clearly through the muddle of Circumstance.

    We bless ones for their original generosity of spirit and then we go about our
    work. A person who befriends and acclaims you on one side and then denounces you in secret behind thine backside--is not a friend, chela. It does not mean that we deny the honor and respect of that which they accomplish in wor­thy work to fellow-man. All are precious in our Father's eyes and the intent was meant well in the beginning but that which was not even solicited, but rather, offered and then withheld is nothing from onset--do you see? You are simply weary and the blows are a bit heavier but I ask that you release it unto me for I have very broad shoulders and I can carry the both of us without huff or puff--so be it.

    I ask that George relax, one BC has been at his work and you are only having a replay of "slimy pukes", "Zionists unmentionables", "they are in collusion with the little gray aliens," of which they know there are NONE, and, "GG is with the CIA", etc., etc. It is simply a rerun--nothing more. TRUTH WILL STAND ALL TESTS AND ALL TIME WITHOUT DEFENSE OR QUARREL.

    The quarrel with ME is not of using another's material--in all cases thus far (both) are in a state of fury because I denounced both as presenting false information. Both in point claimed others had stolen their material long before I came upon their little program. It is the "gray men" who are the problem to you ones--not little gray aliens from out there somewhere--the evil is already well settled in upon your place and in full control and moving full-steam ahead. The other information which has fallen to question was presented to bring the ones into the open--there are no great secret anythings ("orders", etc.) in God's Holy places and no select ONE ot speak for God.

    Now, if you turn from your commitment unto God and cast back his gift unto you of the receiving of his Word--are you not worse than thine enemy who calls you false? Let us think on these things together--later, for now we must move on with our work. Thank you.

    We honor without hesitation those who have given unto their fellow-man that which they have to offer in truth and I bow in appreciation. We are not playing games of tiddle-de-winks, beloved children--you are in the final days of decision. It simply is the way it is and all the bantering and objections shall not change an iota of the fact. Further, we shall wait upon God until HE says the time is correct and not one moment before. Salu!

    No one likes their lies uncovered, chela, and in that position now sits Mr. Cheney who expounded on the information of the bombing of the sacred places by Saddam's own orders. We were rushed this morning and there is a bit more I need to add to that dissertation.

    Along with "proving" the self-bombing of the sacred places came simultaneous "proof" of this fact by showing you planes which Saddam had "parked" by the ancient pyramid at Ur. Now, let's look at the truth of the situation--now presented by an archaeology professor who was asked as an "expert witness" on Mesopotamia in a National Public Radio interview on Feb. 14. He exposed the lies of U.S. Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney on the ancient ziggurat (pyramid) at Ur. He reported that the aircraft allegedly placed at the site of the pyramid by Saddam Hussein to prevent the U.S. from bombing them were actu­ally located on an airbase which has been there for 30 years. built by the British Royal Air Force.

    As to Mr. Cheney's claim that the ziggurat had been continually occupied for thousands of years, he noted that the site had been abandoned by humans since before the birth of Christ.

    Cheney's description of the ziggurat, an archaeological treasure dating from about 2200 B.C., as a model for the Egyptian pyramids of the First Kingdom, presents a slight problem, since the Egyptian pyramids were constructed 4,500 years before the Mesopotamian ziggurat.

    He also said that if any first-year archaeological student ever turned in a paper containing this nonsense, it would have been passed around the department for laughs and the student would have "flunked".

    Let us turn to work on the Journal for a while this evening for the historical data must be put forth before we can handle today's muddle very well. I shall not fail you, chela, and it shall all be made clear in its proper time. Blessings, too, unto our precious little sister who pens for the Master Teacher and unto our brother who serves Him also, for the journey is hard, too, for them but God shall see unto the rewards and you ones stand worthy in His sight and, therefore, none else can touch of you.

    Jacob Schiff had been chosen by the Rothschild interests to come to America with several objectives, the major one of which was to control your Money System. The Rothschilds knew the importance of this and at one time, Meyer Rothschild, the head of the clan, was reported to have said: "Give me control of the money of a country and I care not who makes the laws."

    In 1908, Schiff decided that the time was ripe to take charge of America's econ­omy. His chief agent for this seizure was a man named Colonel Edward Man­del House who was a close friend of Woodrow Wilson and who would later be­come his Presidential advisor. House had spent his entire adult life as an agent and courier of the Schiff enterprises and had worked closely with Bernard Baruch and Herbert Lehman, two more of the most influential of the conspira­tors. In the fall of 1908, these conspirators met at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club, located on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and owned by J. P. Morgan. This was to be a "top secret" meeting in which they would lay the final plans for the money takeover.

    Among those present were J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Col. House, Senator Nelson Aldrich, Jacob Schiff, the heads of the New York City International Banks, Eugene Meyers, Herbert Lehman and Paul Warburg--in short, all the important International Bankers in the United States all of whom were also in the Illuminati hierarchy. So secret was this meeting that the regular employ­ees of the Hunt Club were dismissed during the meeting, and cooks, waiters, butlers, security personnel, in fact all help, were people who were trusted by the conspirators.

    After a week of business and revelry, they emerged with a plan which they called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Senator Aldrich had the honor of being picked as the "stooge" who would "railroad" the Act through Congress. They held up on putting this plan into immediate action for one reason. First, they had to plant one of their men in the White House. He had to be a man who would be completely subservient to their desires. This was necessary so that he could sign the Federal Reserve Act into law. They knew that even if the Congress passed it, the President would have to sign it and that if the President were to veto it, there was too much chance of their plans for money control being revealed.

    They found their man in a 67 year-old Democrat from the State of Virginia. Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912 and immediately after his inaugura­tion; Senator Aldrich began the process which would make the FEDERAL RE­SERVE ACT into law. Wilson waited impatiently in the wings to do the bid­ding of his masters and sign the bill. On December 23, 1913, when most of the Congress were home for the holidays (sound familiar?), the few remaining, mostly those who had been "hand picked" for the purpose, passed this trea­sonous bill which has become the "greatest money scam in the world's history".

    To give you an idea of how heinous this act really was you must understand that your Founding Fathers realized the power of money. They knew that whoever held this power would control the country so they were extremely careful when writing the Constitution to set forth in writing that only the elected representa­tives of the people would have the power to coin the nation's money.

    The Constitutional language was brief and concise. It was plain enough so that the average citizen could understand it without the interpretation of some lawyer. In Article II, Sec. 8, par. 5, you can read--and this defines the power of Congress: "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and standards of weights and measures".

    On that tragic day in December, 1913, a Day of Infamy much greater than any­thing the Japanese could do to Pearl Harbor, the men you sent to Washington to protect the Constitution from all enemies, without and within, delivered the eco­nomic destiny of America into the hands of International aliens (gray men) who hate you and everything you as Americans stand for.

    Today, almost 80 years after this act of treason, most Americans believe that THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is part of the American Government. They have no idea that it is governed by Federal Banks, whose heads are aliens, who are members of the International Illuminati conspiracy.

    Who are these bankers? According to sources who are quite reliable, in
    Switzerland, the following banks hold the controlling interest in THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. They are all Jewish owned and/or controlled. In their order of importance they are:

    1. Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin.
    2. Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris.
    3. Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy.
    4. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Hamburg.
    5. Lehman Brothers of New York City.
    6. Kuehn-Loeb Bank of New York City.
    7. Chase-Manhattan Bank of New York City (David Rockefeller)
    8. Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York City.


    Approximately 300 people who are closely associated, many by marriage, own and control this system by holding stock or shares in the system. They control and interlocking, international banking cartel of wealth beyond most of which has been stolen from the working man of America through their Federal Reserve System.

    First, the U.S. needs, say, a billion dollars to pay bills. Secondly, it notifies the U.S. Bureau of engraving to print one billion dollars in U.S. Bonds; Thirdly, the U.S. Government delivers the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as Promissory Notes. The U.S. Government promises to pay for these, its own Bonds, when they mature; Fourthly, the Federal Reserve Bank deposits these bonds for which they paid nothing, with the Comptroller of Currency; and then, the Federal Reserve then receives one billion dollars in Federal Reserve "money". THEN, NOTE HOW YOU GET "HAD":

    The Federal Reserve Bank retains ownership of the one billion dollars in bonds, which it received free of charge.

    The Federal Reserve notes are now distributed to member banks, so they have money available to pay the bills of government, cash government checks, cash checks citizens have received, make loans to citizens, etc. (Please note that under present banking laws, member banks can loan out some twenty times the amount they have on deposit--over and over and over and over - - -.)

    Then the Federal Reserve Bank receives interest on its bonds, for which they paid nothing, note now how they laid it on you good people!

    First the Federal Reserve got a billion dollars for nothing. In the meantime they get interest on the bonds they got for nothing and when they eventually cash them they get the money again. Now we are speaking of a mere "billion"--your government now deals in "trillions". For example, you borrow tremendous amounts each year so that you can give it away in foreign loans--mostly to na­tions that despise you.

    It has been said before, most wisely: "It will only be as decent people in America, who are concerned for the well-being of our nation and our offspring, and wake up from this 'near fatal sleep', into which the conspirators have hypno­tized us. Can these powerful conspirator's be smashed? It will only come through the HELP of Almighty God, and the repentance of His people, so that He will, once again show mercy to us " Thank you, Jack.

    If you believe these conspirators are content with the control of your money, you are miserably in error, and you are in for additional shock after shock after shock.

    Here is where the real rub comes into play. While the Federal Reserve could control America's money, there was no way it could touch the earnings of the American worker, because your Constitution expressly forbids it---BUT--­SNAKES IN THE WOODPILE!--you simply got stabbed with a plank out of the communist Manifesto--IT WAS CALLED THE GRADUATED PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX". This would lead eventually to the complete confiscation of all private property in the nation and the complete control of each individual's earning power. However, such a tax could not be brought about without an amendment to the Constitution.

    BUT, as they had done with the Federal Reserve Act, these same traitors, with the same President, arranged for the 16th Amendment to become the law of the land and they "hoodwinked" the American people into accepting this absolute control over their earning power.

    A little research will show you that most of the Congressmen who voted for the 16th Amendment knew very little about it because only two had even bothered to read it before they voted it into law.

    The main effects of this Amendment--which was never supposed to rise above 2%, or so the American people were told--went into effect during World War II, when President F.D.R. applied a 20% withholding tax on all small wage earners, and up to 90% tax on higher earners. Of course, the conspirators had planned for this and were protected in their Tax Free Foundations. F.D.R. promised faithfully (read his lips) that the tax would be lifted when the war ended, but his promise had no truth behind it any more than the promise he made that he would "...never send American boys to die on foreign soil ".
    It gets worse, so don't go away. The 16th Amendment never touched the earnings of the immensely rich. This is why a few years back you saw Nelson Rockefeller, with yearly earnings of somewhere around $26-million, pay an an­nual tax of $216.00.

    The conspirators protect their wealth, while they rob you of yours. These foundations, which were supposed to have been set up of humanitarian purposes, became the "hot beds" of sedition and radical communist activity. The disobedience of the Vietnam War era was funded by the Foundations who gave "aid and comfort" to those who were trying to tear apart your Republic. This was all a part of the Master PLAN.

    These Foundations funded civil disobedience, the rights to spread pornography; the rights of doctors to murder millions of unborn babies; the rights of homosexuals and promiscuous persons to spread deadly diseases--and the list is too long to list herein and we would simply again be called bigots.

    A good example of Foundation funding is the Ford Foundation which finances the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS in Santa Barbara, Califor­nia. This is commonly referred to as "Moscow West". They have organized the "New States" and the "New Constitution".

    Those are the Foundations--but what happens to the billions of dollars (credit) which are confiscated from the pockets of you hard working Americans? The major bottomless pit is your Foreign Aid, which now goes directly to your proclaimed enemy as well as the other old stand-by "friends". The largest lump goes to finance Israel. Where does it come from? Your government "borrows" annually multi-billions of dollars from the foreign banks, paying a high rate of interest, so that they can turn around and give it away to nations who do not even like you nice people.

    Do you realize that you nice American taxpayers footed the bill when your mili­tary left Vietnam and left the naval base at Camhran Bay INTACT? Over $2-BILLION worth of your most sophisticated military equipment was left behind for the communists. Do you think this sort of thing happened by accident--without even disabling it? Your fighter pilots had to watch their buddies shot down by your own weapons and technology which YOU had GIVEN to the So­viets. Further, they were ORDERED to dump their bombs in a rice paddy, when they were given ORDERS NOT TO HIT AN ENEMY SUPPLY DUMP.

    There is simply rotten and sordid play afoot, dear ones.

    These are things that must be considered if you are to understand the decline of your nation. As you watch family decline it moves from one facet into the next with hardly a notice. Look at that which has happened to your judicial system. Justice? You no longer have anything that resembles a "Justice" system. You have Admiralty law with little recourse, run almost entirely by Zionist lawyers and Judges. Again, I can only suggest you re-read the Zionist Protocols. I sup­pose I should ask the staff to reprint the Protocols for it is so difficult to com­prehend that which has come down on you. As America, and the world, has plunged ever deeper into moral decay and moved further from the TRUTH of GOD and away from HIS laws, it has become common to see the legal system used for legal plunder, whereby millions of Americans sue millions of other Americans over some small perceived legal technicality or imagined offense, simply in order to plunder the financial wealth of the lawsuit's target.

    Tens of thousands of laws on the books and a myriad of legal interpretations
    have made this legal plunder by greedy individuals and lawyers, one of America's top economic realities. Virtually all economic, social and human endeavors in America are predicated on "what is the potential for a lawsuit". Every doctor, lawyer, accountant, businessman and person of any financial means must live with the constant fear of a lawsuit that will decimate his finances. It is part of your socialist, something-for-nothing mentality in your nation today, that someone, anyone, must protect you from all physical and financial harm. So, suing people has become your top growth industry, and hundreds of thousands of lawyers exist primarily to encourage, exacerbate and facilitate this pro­cess.

    A bit of comparison might give you cause to ponder: America graduates one
    hundred times more lawyers than does Japan, and Japan graduates one hundred times more engineers than America--which country is doing better at the "drawing boards"?

    Decades ago, liberals, secular humanists and communists/zionists began to move into your nation's law schools in order to socialize and move the country
    to the political "left". Today, most law school graduates are liberal and it is all but impossible to find a conservative law school, lawyer, or judge in America. The thrust of these judges and the vast majority of your politicians have one primary goal--to pass more laws and change the face and character of America and move it into the PLAN.

    The result of this liberalization is a completely broken-down criminal justice system and one which encourages crime and harasses businessmen, conserva‑tives, Christians and the producers of your country. This thrust has resulted in tens of thousands of man-drafted laws being placed on the books which harass and restrict the average American, curtail his freedoms on an accelerating basis and have become the foundation of a government bureaucracy which wants to control and dictate every aspect of your lives--and does so to great, great extent.

    Dharma, it is well past midnight--please let us close this segment and we shall take up with more on the legal system when next we write. Thank you, chela, for your long hours and I am humbly appreciative of all of you ones who get this work on to your brethren. If we walk in love and giving, we shall complete our journey together in wholeness, Let us not be bent by the attackers for if we hold our truth and unto one another the shield shall not be pierced! In the shelter of. HIS ALMIGHTY WINGS SHALL WE DWELL FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.

    Hatonn to clear, please. Walk in peace and KNOW that we are knowing of the "way" and so shall it be that we shall find the way cleared as we have need thereof.

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 14

    FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1991 8:48 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 211

    Hatonn in communion on this blessed day given us in which to work at our
    task. Let us turn from that which is ugly and hurtful and unto the beauty which is God's gift of precious gems beyond all price. Look upon the wondrous shield of snow about the trees and fields and see the budding flowers thirsting for drink Talley have long been without water.

    Enjoy the parent birds and fledglings as they feast upon the seeds Oberli has spread about for as you serve unto the least of "...mine, shall ye have served unto me". Listen to the sound of the shovel upon the walk that ones might come and go in safety--all of these things, dear ones, which seem so trite and small ARE THE THINGS OF GOD'S PERFECTION. Bless thine eyes given that you might see and the ears given that ye might hear--do not miss the fragrance of the rose as ye are paused to see its beauty. And then, turn to the wondrous perfection of MAN and let us reach out together to hold the hands and heal the minds that Man again function in that original perfection--for he knows not that which he does.

    I honor one, Eustace Mullins, for in the tattlings come the need to pause and confront that which we say and do. If we are not called to look within then we become lax and perhaps sloppy from the frustration of the slings and arrows. Always know that which can be considered ''criticism", be it true or false--is the greatest of blessings for it brings us to attention and if we accept it with Grace and seeking of Truth, we have been given a gift beyond measure. Walk easy, friend, for the Hosts of God are not easily dissuaded nor turned aside and quite readily see beyond that which is spattered about by frivolous words. Do not, either, bend in your accepted task for the masses do not yet understand their plight and it requires all of us scribbling and shouting and then the few who see and hear shall turn into the many. You would not be doing your elected job in truth if there were not those who would silence you!

    Take attention, EM, for you are the targeted prize of ones who might well not be in your planning. Hold to your own wise counsel and tread gently for quick­sand appears as any of sand--only softer and finer.

    AND T.D.
    Next I would attend T.D., my friend from so long past that I would shock the readers--and still we disagree on some intents and purposes. Do not be so blind as to believe that the higher beings who come and go are devoid of passion or thought nor holding of ALL answers--for those must ultimately come from within self. T.D. and I have debated the question of the Akashic records since times long forgotten. I do intend to "pull rank" for as ones upon your placement know, I am given into the Cosmic task of overseeing the "records". The records in point are the prana data recordings of EVERY energy within the Universe. After moving into density of such compression as is Earth, for in­stance, the perceptions become but tunnel vision and yet, knowing that you know but unable to grasp the whole, the being ands frustration. For you who dabble in this subject material, you will better recognize the subject by "Akashia" or Akashic Records.

    T.D., you debate in that "one of greater importance than you" had your record removed from the Akashic records. Please do not continue with this delusion. You might well have been removed from the accessible records for universal access--but NONE--NO-THING--is removed from the records of life streams--except at one time in the cycles of universal sequence--in the Seventh period of Life Creation--the resting of the cycle. This "twilight sleep" of the creation LASTS THROUGH SEVEN PERIODS/GREATTIMES (See THE PLEIADES CONNECTION). This period last about 311,040,000,000,000 years as you of the Earth human would count the annual rotations. In the twilight state of CRE­ATION all life and the whole universe simply cease for this moment in "time". You can equate it to the simple deletion of both time and space--a brief void of total rest. It is a time of no-thing, as all simply lies sleeping within the infinite bosom of the CREATION and null-time. While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space--there is only duration in a nameless state of total rest.

    From this sleep comes the awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation AS CREATION, during the oncoming seven periods. Then the creating of living forms, the Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION, the Creating of great Spirit within the CREATION and then the true "life" AS spirit in self-creating, etc. Then finally, again, the great separation but highest im­provement of and during the seventh period.

    Many have been called again into service for various reasons, from this state of rest to serve again in various capacities at the time of great transitions for mov­ing into this "Greattime" is when the spirit is gained perfection and the records are begun anew.

    Please do not consider that you have ACTUALLY been removed from the records of Universal All--for that would indeed be ignoble and a most heinously unacceptable act if it were at any time, possible. It is a matter of fact that ones for various reasons, of God's choosing, can and are removed from that which referred to as God's Book of Life. That, too, is a most terrible circumstance.

    I know that you know these things for you debate in secrecy. You do not pronounce WHO tells you this thing and only state that "you know, Hatonn". Do I? Why would I? There are billions upon billions of spirit forms about the Universe. Next, you continuously ask my opinion of things, persons and writings--If you were comfortable with the total Truth as given unto you--would you inquire of me? What think I of this or that "channel" who speaks and writes for Enoch? If it be Truth, I commend it--if it be false, I do not. I found the information you sent mostly accurate and I shall take it a bit further at another writing, for it is totally without understanding as it is stated for it is only in­tended that specific ones understand such grid systems. Now, to place within the equation, the frequency resonance at proper arcs, etc., you have a major puzzle piece to fit within your tapestry--but do not push the river for it is all but flowing too fast at present and technology has outrun the masses who must sur­vive within the chaos. I do not mind "..coming down from my soapbox", but I do have passion and I do enjoy a good debate--I did not say argument--I SAID DEBATE. You, elder brother, ARE quite special--why would you take of­fense? So be it.

    I shall now turn to Wally Gentleman, a beloved friend and tireless worker in great negative circumstance of health. He has sent more of Sipapu Odyssey in draft and we are exhuberant over the production as it unfolds. Equally are we warmed as contacts and wondrous friends are brought forth to share talents and beauty. He brings to our attention Barbara Harris who has done tremendous work in Near Death Experiences. This is a most worthy responsibility to undertake for through the lessening of the terror of the transition will come the allowance of the beauty of growth and immortality. This work is indeed blessed.

    Then he shares with us his visit with Mel Bucholtz, a psychotherapist of excellent repute--as a trans-induction mind therapist. This is where it is AT, beloved ones. Within the mind lies the wonders and miracles of the Universe--all there for your taking, the gift of gifts.

    Wally sends a copy of a message of truth penned by this beloved and gifted per­son. We shall share it with all of you in just a moment. First I wish to tell Wally, that ones will be at work in acquiring the material you need and listed for you must have credible resources for our production must bear that which reaches, with reality through mental acceptability, into and becomes one within, the beings of each who witness the visual experience. The presentation WILL be accepted as a Divine solace for the searching and restless spirit of man, and as it is written and presented in such Love and Brotherhood of Godness and Truth--shall the fantasy become reality. God rests His hand upon thine work, friend.

    Dharma, please print the beautiful and thoughtful sharing of the spirit of Mel Bucholtz that our brothers might pause and take respite from the dregs of that which we MUST present for there is such GREAT TRUTH within these passages:


    The body is the landscape of the mind;
    where the dramas of our early life
    are still happening
    or have become a kind of
    rich preparatory engendering compost--
    the vastnesses remembered
    as the fruitful fields, valleys, marshes,
    and desert of wisdom
    standing behind us as we are here now
    present in this way
    in the moment of our lives.

    It is a land
    where the placid and awesome features
    of the yet undiscovered wilderness
    are wildly flowering from within themselves
    for our unexpected future explorations.

    And as we grow
    out of our more infantile and fearful selves,
    we wander into these unknown landscapes,
    transformed into those sleek, feathered, scaly and wooly animals
    we really are,
    the ones we are both able and needed to be
    to live in those wilder, more ancient,
    unknown future parts of that farther
    uncharted dancing, tingling, glowing,
    purple thunderous, gentle
    and softly rivered terrain of ourselves.

    * * *
    Oh, would that things were in perfection that I could take nothing from the troublesome of experiences and personalities and share one with another, only the wondrous appreciation and joy gleaned from our brotherhood. I would rejoice if I were given time to speak of no-thing negative or painful--but only of the joys ahead and the glory awaiting--but alas, that is not given unto me at this sequence for I am given task to alert you to how it IS. I do take respite to give unto all of you who commune and communicate with us--my humble apprecia­tion and gratitude. You cannot know how precious is the thoughtful piece of art of a heart and two doves sent quietly and without label, to Dharma and the per­sonal silent sharing when most often they are sent and there is no way to re­spond. The handstitched notebook is cherished and I shall tell of her secret for you deserve to know, ye who share with her. As things are painful she gathers the precious things and sits for a while with them in presence with the lovely flowers given and renews again into balance. No-thing great or tiny is passed lightly by--the rainbow pin, the flag with its bit of yellow ribbon--these are the stitches in time that save the robe from falling apart.

    There is no way suitable to give appreciation to you who send confirming infor­mation, books and observations--along with very dangerous material, such as a most daring young man just sent unto this place--the inner working manual of the Masonic Order. This to give confirmation that that which we project is Truth and can be found in great confirmation--it is difficult for a scribe, for they work in the silence of ignorance just as do you readers.

    It is not easy for a young and beautiful child to write of the Commandments of God, when her cup is as filled with sorrow and dismay as is all of your cups. There is no magic to receiving such information--for these ones would rather play in the ignorance of that which is abundant income, beautiful "things", luxury and participate in that which is touted to be so much "fun". The human rebels at Truth for it represents limits and depravation of that which is touted to be so grand. But you will find spirits at peace and abundance of soul that reaches beyond all understanding of Earth limitations. When God has shared His Love and energy within thine being--there is NO GREATER--NOTHING WHICH YOU CAN KNOW THAT CAN TOUCH IT--NO-THING, NO EXPERIENCE. If you linger with God for long enough to share of is total giving and Love--ye shall never again turn about--IF YE BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER! Ah, brothers, it IS the time of REMEMBERING HOW IT TRULY IS! AS THE TRUTH SHINES FORTH AND THE DECEITFUL BROUGHT FORTH INTO THAT LIGHT--SO SHALL THE EVIL AND DECEIT MELT WITHIN THAT LIGHT--UNCOVERED AND UNABLE TO SUSTAIN ITSELF. AS THE DARK CORNERS ARE ILLUMINATED BY LIGHT SO SHALL THEY DIMINISH UNTIL THEY ARE NO MORE--THE BEAST SHALL SIMPLY DEVOUR ITSELF. WHEREIN THERE IS BUT ONE TINY SPARK OF LIGHT--THERE IS NO LONGER DARKNESS! NEITHER CAN ONE WHO COMES INTO KNOWLEDGE MOVE BACK INTO IGNORANCE. HE CAN TURN DELIBERATELY AWAY--BUT HE CAN NEVER MOVE AGAIN INTO INNOCENT IGNORANCE. SO BE IT AND SO SHALL LIGHT COME FORTH UPON THE LANDS THAT MAN MIGH MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS FOR SO IS IT PROMISED THAT IT SHALL BE THUS.

    Most of your lives are about proving something, either to yourselves or to someone else. Perhaps, if you cease so hard at the efforts of "proof" and allow the unfolding of Truth, it will come to pass in ease through the "allowing". Dear ones, that which you are trying so hard to avoid will NOT go away until you confront it and always, with God you are stronger than anything which can confront you.

    You have this moment--THIS MOMENT! IF YOU SPEND YOUR PRECIOUS MOMENTS IN WORRY ABOUT WHAT MIGHT COME TO BE AND WONDER WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN--YOU WILL IGNORE THAT WHICH IS. But, again, I must bring facts into your confrontation--Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you are locked up and recognize who has locked you therein. A most funny thing happens as you become aware and conscious of that which IS--if you acknowledge you are unconscious, you are no longer unconscious. Ponder it.

    And for you who persist in sticking your head in the sand-pot, one thing is for sure--you will get your rear kicked! You see, if you don't know what direction to take and continue in the sand-pot, you have not acknowledged where you are. AND MOST IMPORTANT: THERE ARE NO VICTIMS, ONLY VOL­UNTEERS!

    As a nation and as a people--if you are constantly being deceived and mistreated--then know, you are cooperating with the treatment. Ponder this greatly and see if you are cooperating with the adversary!

    Dharma, I do not wish to take further writing on this morning. You have duty elsewhere and I would rest the souls a bit for the battering has been great. There are many very positive avenues of action in this time of confusion and force upon you--stop and regroup, re-read the possibilities of action, seek the avenues of privacy we have offered and the possibilities of actions within the system which can work in your behalf--we need stable, durable stanchions and that comes from a solid foundation of knowledge--if you know that something is wrong but ye know not "what"--how can it be corrected?

    Blessed be this day given unto us for our work.


    Hatonn to clear, please. May the peace of God abide within, that we might serve with "out".

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    宇宙生命一家, 無次 Justice Future Society Institute wave's Avatar


    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 15

    SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1991 9:13 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 212

    No, Dharma, we shall not just write another nice message today. However, we will respond to some inquiries which seem to fit with all and who present the questions asked by many.

    So often the inquiry comes to me as to "How" do you quiet yourself and "How" do you cause yourself to "remember"? Then comes the inquiries of, "How do I explain to my children?" "How do I speak to other people about this wondrous new information and point out the errors of the society as is?" is constant unto me. First, and this will at first sound contradictory to that which I nag you about on a daily basis, you wait upon the Lord! You must understand that the Journals and Expresses are written for over 6 1/2 billion individuals, but with a thrust from this location, to the Americans who can make the largest impact on the planet society and governments by bringing their own back within control. If the United States can regain control then they will remain the strongest nation for it is from the United States that the greatest assault on "freedom" is being thrust.

    If you, as Norma Z. who writes in great pleading for help, are pushed, seemingly beyond reasonable expectations, then you most likely have a specific task awaiting its unfoldment. That will come into your recognition as you remain ready and continue your input of information. Everyone begins with self--there is no other way. One must come into mastery of self before being qualified to teach another.

    You ones must come off and ease up as you desire to "convince" others of your information for, unless they have been introduced quite slowly, they will rebel and you will have only lost ground.

    To "silence your thoughts" at first seems impossible, but like all else--that which you focus on becomes that which is achieved and if you work to "empty" your mind it shall only become more filled with the mere thought of becoming empty. In this instance, I shall ask that a "quieting and receiving" tape be sent to you for you are working far too hard at "meditation" and the tendency is to follow all of the so-called "channeling teachers", etc. Stop it. The point is to totally relax and "allow" and while you relax allow the thoughts to flow as they will without stopping to ponder them. Put the thought up front which you wish to ponder and, whether or not you realize it, the mind will accept the input if you repeat the intent many times. You will not realize, always, just what the response IS. Be patient, for it will rarely come as YOU expect; this allows WISDOM to temper and organize and allow vision of "the best way" to achieve your goal.

    Aside, for all of you readers, please, may I ask your input? In the America West catalogue you will find a set of "Self Esteem/Weight Loss Program" (Dimensional Life Programs) available. That set was done by Dharma in 1985/86 for a most specific assignment. I sat with her after the loss, to suicide, of her son for whom the set was being completed for his teaching use--and I have no interest in the weight loss portion of the set, other than for those of you who struggle with weight control and wish to utilize it for same. The set was made years prior to Dharma's realization that we were in participation, or that there was a higher purpose for her training. The value of the tapes is in the thorough covering of the subject of hypnosis, how to get into a state of relaxation, etc. That set of tapes is not the point in focus herein, however.

    My inquiry deals with whether or not you as the readers would wish the same introductory tape so that you have information about WHAT YOU ARE EFFORTING TO ACHIEVE, and some relaxation tapes as follow-on. I cannot ask America West to carry one more load as the expenses are tremendous as is, but if you ones would desire such material we can keep cost to absolute mini­mum, delete the pretty packaging, etc., and give you ones some basic personal material with which to work. I CAN SHOW YOU HOW AND, WITH DHARMA, WALK YOU THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE--I DO NOT FIND THAT TELLING YOU HOW ON PAPER DOES VERY MUCH. WOULD YOU ONES WHO WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH A LITTLE PROGRAM, LET DHARAMA KNOW AND WE WOULD ARRANGE TO PUT ONE TOGETHER FOR YOU. WE ALREADY HAVE THE BASIC TAPES MADE FOR WE MADE TAPES IN ORDER TO ALLOW DHARMA TO COME INTO THE "QUIET" COMMUNION PRIOR TO OUR DIRECT CONTACT AND STILL, WHEN SHE IS "DOWN" OR HARRASSED GREATLY--SHE GOES INTO THE QUIET WITH US FOR A HALF HOUR OR SO. The ones structured for her own use would not be "as professional" as one professionally made--but I promise you they do the job.

    Also, she made a tape several years back to help her restless grandchildren fall to sleep. Some were going through traumatic experiences and insecurity. The tape is simply a wondrous journey into the wonderland of a space-ship journey allowing a child to fall to sleep with the wonders of the cosmos and renew his own wondrous dreams. She called it the "Fairy Grandmother" tape because it stresses and re-stresses that the child is LOVED--ABOVE ALL, THE CHILD IS LOVED. She also put together another tape to quiet the children and allow them to come into rest in the daytime with the thrust to building the desire to better do school activities and integrate more easily with others. These have never been available except as simply sharing. These two, of course, are for the young child--except the space-craft journey and that one is a joy for every age, but geared to the little child. I would ask Oberli and George to look into these possibilities of availability if enough of you wish. Dharma was a gifted therapist and it is a loss to keep her to the computer constantly for healing comes through the mind--JUST AS DOES NEGATIVE BRAINWASHING. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IT IS ONLY THROUGH REPLACING THOSE NEGATIVE DATA BANKS THAT YOU CAN TRULY CHANGE YOUR IDEAS AND HEREIN LIES THE GREAT BARRIER FOR HUMANITY--THE EVIL INPUTTERS HAVE BURIED YOU AND YOU HAVE NO SEEMING RECOURSE. YOU DO, OF COURSE, BUT YOU ARE ALSO TAUGHT THAT THE METHODS ARE EVIL. DO YOU NOW SEE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED? "THEY" HAVE USED ALL THE WON­DROUS TOOLS FROM GOD TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE. WE HAVE A WONDROUS SAYING REGARDING MOVING INTO AND WI'T'HIN THE MIND THROUGH RELAXATION AND GUIDANCE--"UNLOCK YOUR MIND AND BE FREE!"

    Each problem or thought has a counter thought--each and every word and thought provokes reaction and thought-conditioned response. If I say "red, white and blue" what is your first thought? Well, it won't be the U.S. Flag--in South Africa.

    Norma Z. asks for information and a separate document with instructions for children so that they can be brought into understanding--believe me, they will come into understanding instantly--far faster than we "old folk"! They are sent for specific reasons of bringing you ones home. So simply guide by giving them PERMISSION to not accept the limitations of bigoted religions, let them know that YOU KNOW THEY SEE THROUGH THE DRIVEL and encourage them to dream of positive things and come into brotherhood. They KNOW we are out here and they know they are there--for some purpose beyond the lies they see each day of their lives--but, they also must live through it in reasonable compliance UNTIL THE ADULTS DO SOMETHING To RECLAIM THAT WHICH YOU WERE SENT TO DO--CARETAKERS FOR THE PLANET AND CARETAKERS OF THE "LAWS".

    The "Journals" are new--less than two years for these first loads of bombs and information--give time for digestion and as clarity comes as to the facts of that which IS--then shall come the opportunity to begin to regain control. You must begin to understand, know and live Truth--then actions will follow as surely night follows day. YOU must become a KINDER/GENTLER individual and then the light shall be quite contagious. As you stop efforting to measure up to all the ridiculous projections thrust upon you, from sexual habits of performance to any other response to the lies--YOU WILL COME INTO BALANCE AND SELF-STRENGTH. AS ONE TURNS WITHIN AND INTO BALANCE WITH THE TRUTH AND WITHIN THE TRUTH OF THE COMMAND­MENTS (SIMPLE-REASONABLE LAWS OF GOD AND BALANCE OF THE CREATION'S LAWS OF NATURE), others will find their way. If "other" demands YOU break the laws in any area of experience--then YOU MUST STAND STRONG--not in argument nor thrusting nor blaming--just stand within Truth for no man, woman or child has right to pull another into that which is incorrect and against God. If you deliberately thrust against the laws of God--knowingly, the one who has pulled you down will be in worse condition for he will know your capitulation and despise you for it.

    Will you err? Constantly! God does not demand perfection--He demands that you constantly effort toward perfection as the created perfection of that which you ARE. God created you in HIS image--that, dear ones, is PERFECTION! Further, He is within and there is no strength in the Universe which can stand against the power of god of Light. You hold this magnificent power in shackles when you fail to recognize that wondrous self within--when you are faint and weary--HE CAN CARRY YOU TO THE COSMOS WITHOUT EFFORT--AND THAT IS THE TRUTH WHICH MUST BE REMEMBERED. Stop trying to remember everything; when you come into the remembering of your wondrous connection with God--all the rest shall be added unto you. I didn't say go down to the local church, by any label, and be "born again", whatever is meant by that. Usually it means to go to the club-house and pronounce something or other according to whatever doctrine is dumped upon your searching beings and through that HUMAN "authority" you do something else, like sip symbolic blood and eat symbolic flesh and/or dip your head in water. IT IS THE SOUL WITHIN WHICH MUST BE REBORN IN RECOGNTTION OF CREATOR/CREATION, FATHER/MOTHER.

    As your children see the contradictions of actions, i.e., that evil lies are projected from the church pulpits and false fundamental truths are lived for only an hour once a week--they are laden with fear of transgression, etc. A parent must be strong and tell the children that it is "wrong", that adults make errors. A child is punished and told not to "lie" and yet, everything in his life is a "lie" and the child will invariably "follow the example", not the word. Precious ones, you do not have an easy path to set things to right again and bring balance again with soul and physical being. God never promised you it would be easy--it is MAN WHO DECEIVES AND SAYS YOU CAN DUMP IT ALL ON THE BACK AND BLOOD OF ONE MAN LONG BEFORE YOUR BEING. NO, EACH WILL CONFRONT SELF AND GOD AND YE WILL JUDGE SELF FOR GOD IS JUST AND JUDGES NOT IN THE SENSE WHICH YOU EXPECT.

    Allow the children to SEE the contradictions and all you can do is tell them to be patient and together we can bring balance back into this place. The things of the "moment", such as their savings, etc., and massive social affairs are beyond their understanding so you must just guide and it is wondrous for a parent to say to the child, "Precious, I love you dearly, but Mommy/Daddy just don't yet know either, but together we will find out the truth of it." A child can deal with his feelings of total inadequacy if he can see that his significant "parent figures" are capable of erring and "not knowing" either--and oh, it becomes ever so much easier for the parents. As parents--forgive yourselves first and then you can forgive your children for the reflection which they ARE--of you! Then move within and love and give honor to self, forgive self, encourage self--and it will wash over the children like waters upon the thirsty shores.

    Dear ones, the first intent to gain control of the world by the Elite was to pull the family units asunder and corrupt the relationships. It has been accomplished so it will not be easy to set it to right--but the reversal again into Truth, love and unity must be accomplished, as tedious and painful as it may seem--you are experiencing in a time of total chaos and "tough love" is all that will see you through this journey. Force will do nothing except cause more rebellion so you are in difficult circumstances, but a child demands discipline and limitations given within loving/sharing and then he deserves that his roots be deep but his wings unfolded that he my dream and fly.

    How do you tell children about spacemen? You tell them that the Loving God the Father always sends ones before Him to prepare the way. Tell them that Earth Man is afraid of the unknown and especially the unknown power of ones unseen. Tell them that there are billions (beyond the counting) of places in the great heavens where other beings live and LET THEM DREAM. Tell them that the foolish stories from outer space are foolish tales to frighten and scare them. Tell them that there are different people "out there" just as there are "different" people which they see every day. Then, dear ones, insist that they watch that TV every time "Star Trek" is on and they are available. There will be great errors in Star Trek, too, but the original information from which the story was based was piped into military computers from "transmissions" from "out here"! The original series was based on costuming, craft-functioning, appearances, etc., from data which was assembled exactly as they simultaneously tape every word in this dwelling, every word as it is typed into the computer, etc.

    All that we write here at this moment is flowing into computer terminals at the CIA, the military base near-by, and other surveillance groups. WE have come into a pretty workable relationship with the surveillance teams. The "Elite" know we are here and we meet with them and remind them of limits beyond which we will be allowed intervention, etc.

    As for the major question asked by Norma Z. regarding speaking of reincarnation. Why speak of it at all? You ones go to funerals and listen to the mouths blather about "a better place", "...they are now in Heaven with a 'better Fa­ther' ..." Use REASON--if that be Truth, then does it not stand to simple reason that there is MORE than this physical body? And if there is MORE, then allow them to simply realize that God is ALL--without limitations and therefore, ALL is possible. If the moment is lived in Truth--the future shall evolve very nicely on its own behalf. The Catholic Church is responsible for removing the portions of the scriptures which spoke of reincarnation and immortality, for that very FACT OF TRUTH REMOVES ALL POWER AND CONTROL FROM THOSE SELF-APPOINTED GODS OF YOUR LIFE. IF YOU REMOVE "FEAR" OF DEATH YOU HAVE REMOVED FEAR FROM EVERYTHING--AND LIKEWISE POWER OF ANOTHER OVER YOUR BEING!

    Mainly, with children--tell them Truth. Tell them they don't have to "perform" as adults, let them hold to their innocence--and TELL THEM THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE SEX. DEAR ONES, THERE IS NOT! This is the most abused, misused, and dastardly tool ever perpetrated upon the masses. Expectations from the act itself cannot be fulfilled and it is known to be so to cause further confusion and breakdown of moral interchange. I'm sorry, but these things given unto you and thrust upon you are lies and against the laws of God and nothing will change of it. The proof is all about you. The proof this very day is the Mayor of New York City marching in a St. Patrick's Day parade with the homosexual Gays instead of his proper place at the head of the pa­rade. At any rate, the Mayor is black--that means he is NOT IRISH, in the first place and his actions sanction homosexual BEHAVIOR which is immoral. Why would he not wear a placard and march with the HETEROSEXUALS? Could it be that Satanic practices have saturated to the point that that which is against the Godly laws are the things to be practiced? Does it not indicate that your politi­cal leaders are less than that which they spout from twixt their teeth? They have succumbed to the lie itself for personal security and gain--and you as a nation, allow it, sanction it, bless it and continue to bring the lie upon your children. THESE THINGS AGAINST GOD ARE NOT ALRIGHT!

    I can tell you now, that AIDS will destroy your people on the planet it this thing is not stopped; it is the curse of Man upon himself--set forth, created, infections started with full intent of depopulizing the globe and only the Elite who are intended to rule have the antidote. The ANTIDOTE to AIDS was created before the virus was loosed. It was introduced into the very communities in­tended for destruction and "if a few million innocent people perish--so be it" is the full intent. The Elite fully plan to get rid of the undesirable elements which burden their society as planned and homosexuality is not an acceptable life-style to the would-be kings. They are as the drug-lord. Most ones who grow, pro­duce and market drugs at the highest cartel level DO NOT USE DRUGS!

    This concept is one which would take a full Journal just in the discussion. It is up to you parents to tell your children TRUTH. AIDS is spread primarily through blood contamination--then hold your breath--through saliva and air­borne spittle, etc., contaminating, say, a scratch or abrasion--it is not intercourse per se that gives infection; it is the type of excretion moving through tears and wounds to the private parts in an area (as with the homosexual male of sodomy--anal intercourse) where infected semen or blood is introduced into those abrasions.

    As we carefully outlaid in AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE, the virus was introduced so as to have no cure and you would be set up so that the disease would move rampantly through the populations. You would be totally astounded if you knew the numbers of your physicians now infected. It matters not, any longer, what group is the beginning risk group, for as it spread out it takes all in its path. Just as with an avalanche of snow--first, it will likely take the skiers in the path on the slopes, but as it breaks loose in massive assault it will bury the ski village half-way down the mountain and on to the bottom of the mountain and take everything out within the radius of the path. THERE IS NO SUCH THING SAFE SEX. THE CONDOMS ARE WORTHLESS AS FAR AS THE H-IV-VIRUS IS CONCERNED FOR THE VERY PORES IN THE RUBBER MATERIAL ARE LARGE ENOUGH JUST IN MANUFACTURING, TO ALLOW EASY PASSAGE OF THE VIRUS RIGHT THROUGH THE MATERIAL. THIS IS TRUE, YOU SEE--FOR SUR­GEONS RUBBER HAND GLOVES AS WELL. THIS FACT PUTS SURGEONS, DENTISTS, ETC., AT EVEN GREATER RISK THAN ANY OTHER ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE. THE VIRUS MOVES "BOTH DIRECTIONS". THERE NO LONGER IS SUCH A THING AS "SAFE", EVEN IN THE MARRIAGE BED--ALTHOUGH MUCH LESS LIKELY OF CONTAMINATION--ESPECIALLY HANDLED WITH CARE AND MORE ACCEPTABLE ACTIVITIES. I HEREIN WARN YOU ONES--THIS I SAY HAS NAUGHT TO DO WITH "PREFERENCE" NOR PRUDISHNESS--SODOMY IS DEADLY FOR THE ACT ITSELF UTILIZES THE MOST CONTAMINATED PART OF THE HUMAN BODY AS A RECEPTACLE FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE AND OPEN-FOR-INFECTION PORTION OF THE HUMAN BODY--ON EITHER END. BEFORE THIS DISEASE IS PUT TO REST MAN WILL AGONIZE OVER HIS FAILURE TO SIMPLY HONOR THE LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS AS GIVEN FORTH FOR YOUR GUIDELINES OF BEHAVIOR.

    Norma Z. also asks about "Jesus" vs. "Sananda" and what do you tell your chil­dren? Tell them that Jesus represents that which is called "Christ"--which is not a NAME but a state of accomplishment--just like a child goes through the grades and finally gets a diploma from, say, high school. Then when he gradu­ates from College, he gets another award and then he becomes a Master, a PhD., etc., and is called "Doctor", or whatever. "Sananda" represents an ancient "label/name" meaning achievement and growth--into that which is the per­fection of "ONE AS/WITH GOD". If the child is familiar with "Jesus", leave it be and allow him to understand the higher title. God knows to whom the heart speaks and names are not necessary. With a child you can explain it much as you speak reverently as in "Mrs./Mr. Jones"--i.e. Sananda Jesus or Jesus Sananda for in traditional "Christian" circles "Jesus" has long been the recog­nized title for that particular Master Teacher of human experience. For Hindus it is different; for Buddhists it is different; for Mohammadans it is Mohammad; for the Native American Indians it is Wakan Tanka, Pale Prophet, etc. ALL re­fer to that "Christed" beingness of Godness of Light and Truth of perfection--the Sacred Circle of Infinity.

    Do not confuse the child with great dissertations, simply explain that God, too, has or labels just as do people in other languages use other words for things, i.e. "polio" in Spanish is "chicken" in English. "Aton" is "God" in another language. Wakan Tanka is God in native Sioux.

    Norma asks how she might become one who radiates that which she sees some­times in others--a sense that some people are just "very good inside". KNOW, NUMBER ONE, THAT THEY HAVE THEIR BAD TIMES TOO! Further, YOU CANNOT PERCEIVE that which others see in YOU. As one gains into the being of goodness it just happens--further, I can promise you, precious one, that you radiate that light and love. Even if I could not see it--I can know it is there, for you care enough to write me pages of loving, searching questions in truth of desire to "find", not to just present me with a boggling bunch of time-consuming testings of MY knowledge or stature.

    And lastly, now, and then Norma, we shall move on--DO NOT STRUGGLE
    recognize the Truth against the lie, you will know that which is valid as to the goodness of God as taught, but you will be free of the limitations pronounced upon you for with God's Truth as your shield--you simply become re an. you_ see that which IS--as it is and cease to believe it simply because some "authority" told you thus or so.


    A petition in Truth is instant--instant everything: forgiveness, love, acceptance, allowance--everything. For if a petition is given in Truth--then the being WILL CHANGE, if not, then naught will happen for the petition was false. If the heart, in Truth, pleads unto God, it is instant!



    Dharma, allow us to close this for we have written far more than intended but we must respond as we can for the awakening is sometimes difficult indeed. Blessings are upon you precious ones and together, we shall do it, brothers and sisters--for this "thing" is not over until "GOD WINS"! HOLD THAT EVERMOST IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS--THE REST SHALL TAKE ITS PROPER WAY. GOD WINS, CHELAS! SO BE IT.

    Gyeorgos, in friendship and brotherhood, to clear. Saalome'

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 16

    SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 1991 7:51 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 213

    As the time of "Ramadam" quiets the boiling cauldron--on the surface, while men of evil work in dark places, let us turn to our own moment in "time". Dharma cries out from the burden and pleads for answers--"How can we do it all?" The answer is simply: "We cannot nor shall we effort for same."

    We have petitions, accusations, personal inquiries, demand for more, demand for less and frankly, we shall leave it unto God to make decision as to that which He shall give unto his lambs who have lost their way. If there is but one path home and it is blocked--then we shall simply remove the barriers for the alternatives to become clear and tell you the truth of your predicament and then you can stall-out or move right through the roadblocks.

    I am constantly reminded of the story of the man and his donkey, actually two stories about asses which bear repeating. One, is the man who set off to market with his produce and products for the sales. He loaded his donkey, climbed on also, and began his journey. First he met people upon the road who demanded he unburden his ass. So, he got off and walked--wherein he met others who demanded the ass was still too loaded, so he removed the burden and put it on his own back. Then, he met persons who demanded that the ass do his job and therefore, he placed some of the burden back on the ass; then he met persons who noted the ass was lame and demanded the man stop his journey--whereupon he finally discarded his items for market and picked up the donkey and carried him.

    At this point he had tied the burden back upon the beast so that he could carry all that remained and the load was very top heavy so the man chose to set up his place of sales right there in the road--but people came and produced the laws which disallowed selling anywhere other than the market already established; whereon he re-loaded his donkey, again picked up the ass and off he stumbled on to come upon a narrow bridge crossing a wide gorge. In the path came a caravan of camel drivers who demanded he make room on the bridge for their passage--whereupon the man, donkey and goods all fell into the abyss and all was lost. You cannot please all of the people all of the time--nor should you try to do so.

    Next story: There was a man who had an ass which was the talk of the village. As others complained about the cost of hay for their own beasts of burden, this man simply proclaimed that he had found the perfect beast--every week he was able to feed it less and less and save great sums of money. Then one day the man came to town bearing his own produce and his friends asked with shock, "Where is your ass?" and the man looked around, shook his head and remarked, "Son of a gun, I finally trained that ass not to eat anything and he up and died on me!!" Where are YOU America? Where are YOU, World? Is it possible that the "ass is on the wrong foot"?

    How strange that the scientific community in Salt Lake City cannot repeat the cold fusion process. It most surely will work, beloved ones, for all it actually requires is, cosmic quay of which you are over flooded each and every moment of your existence.

    Oberli, ask GM to find those men of research who first did the project and begin a relationship--we do not need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Thank you, for we can instantly find out if they do, in fact, have a proper approach to energy production.

    When a whole community of "experts" come out of the halls of great authority and pronounce doom upon a project--be quite sure that the project has great por­tent for success. This is known as the "theory of Expert stupidity!" It is proof that the intent is to have NO FREE ENERGY RUNNING AROUND FOR YOU PEASANTS TO ENJOY--WITHOUT PURCHASING IT FROM THE ELITE.

    If you ones are locked into carbon-based fuels which are destroying you, your freedoms, and your world's balance, then must we go to the cave or shall we walk the middle of the roadway right through them? I prefer the roadway rather than the abyss.

    Oh, you say, "We will just get an organization to stand up and fight for 'our rights'!" Will you? Who will you get? Let us look at one or two of those which run about hither and yon, protecting the "rights" of you-the-people.

    The National Lawyers Guild: This is a legal communist front and for many decades has been a defender of communist causes in America. It is headed by Elite Zionists and has been as basic in the destruction of the judicial system as any group could possibly be.

    The Legal Services Corp.: This is a government/taxpayer-funded legal organization used by the political "left" to push leftist social causes in America, and

    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): This is the number one legal purveyor and defender of leftist causes in America and has counterparts in ev­ery nation in the world.

    Let us look at what one of your more outstanding lawyers, Jack Schroeder, says about the ACLU. What, indeed, does the ACLU stand for and has pushed for over thirty years in your legal system!?

    Legalization of drugs.

    Abolition of the death penalty.

    Fines as a preferred form of criminal penalty.

    Abolition of tax benefits for churches and other religious groups.

    (So far it sounds pretty good?)

    Abolition of all laws restraining obscenity, indecency, and pornography; including child pornography.

    Abolition of all restraints and discrimination against homosexuals; and, legal­ization of gay marriages, all rights and benefits of heterosexual couples--including child custody and adoption rights.

    Legalization of prostitution and elimination of all legal restraints on homosex­ual activities--e.g., abolition of all state sodomy laws.

    Elimination of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Removal of "in God we trust" from all U.S. coinage.

    Registration and confiscation of all guns by abolition of American gun owner­ship.

    At first glance it all seems quite proper and suitable because man-made laws seem to only restrict and cause more criminality than to be without them. They would be of total non-necessity if man would simply follow the laws of God and The Creation--but alas--"man surely knows more than out-of-date God!"

    Let us look at a few selected targets of this group for those, too, are so filled with corruption that somebody could possibly target them and bring some posi­tive changes. The brunt of their activities include businesses, conservative and Christian individuals, leaders, and groups. Examples of such leftist legal at­tacks are legion and often are quite positive in their results. However, anything taken to extremes is destructive and causes the entire donkey to fall into the abyss. In October of 1989, a Georgia judge sentenced anti-abortion activist and Operation Rescue leader Randall Terry to two years in jail for criminal tres­passing and unlawful assembly related to a sit-in in front of an abortion clinic. The very same week in Atlanta, a drug dealer convicted of killing another drug dealer (by shooting him some fifty-eight times and thoroughly killing him quite dead) received a one-year jail sentence with time off for "time already spent awaiting trial".

    Is this not a bit incredible? The American legal system has facilitated and sanctioned the murder of over 25 MILLION babies, and yet if ones speak out or "sit-in" in objection against the slaughter and carnage--they can be jailed and fined more severely than drug dealers, murderers, rapists, extortionists, and burglars? Can this be a "justice" system?

    Let's read on a bit and see how ridiculous this can get. On October 10, 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a federal anti-racketeering law (RICO--the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), originally passed to help the government fight organized crime, can now be used against anti-abortion protestors. Twenty-six Philadelphia anti-abortion protestors were convicted under the RICO racketeering law and fined $108,000. A RICO convic­tion allows triple damages to the plaintiff if they can prove "a pattern of ille­gal activities."

    So now, you have formed an unholy alliance of abortion clinics and liberal Admiralty Court Zionist/Socialist judges who have combined to label any "anti" demonstrators as "criminal racketeers". Similar RICO lawsuits have been filed against pro-life activists by abortionists in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and various other cities. And so, what would the women's groups have to say about these indiscretions? Plenty: Molly Yard in her delicate soft-spoken voice that you can hear all the way to you-know-where and has reached the age of the hills to which she might well return for she does no child-bearing-aged woman favors, screeched that, "Militant anti-abortion protestors are in the same league with gangsters and racketeers, so 'we' shall treat them that way."

    I ask you: Since when did your lack of any type of responsibility in the sexual participation--which results in pregnancy--give you the right to murder? Why does man and woman continue to compound their sins? There is no misunder­standing of the laws of God, chelas--this is deliberate evil and the consequences are great indeed. "Those who participate only in the things of the flesh shall surely die by things of the flesh and there shall be found no peace within the be­ing of that one." Thus has said the Lord thy God.

    Even if these activities and practices did not include the subject of "murder" they most certainly violate the Americans' First Amendment rights of free speech. I remind you that in San Francisco, the "rotten egg gas" was NOT dropped on the pro-war demonstrators but rather, on the ones who demanded a stop to the insanity of a Middle East war. Moreover, do not the rights of 25 million unborn babies carry any legal or moral right in this world today? It becomes quite obvious to God that the answer is a resounding "NO"!

    Russia set the stage and wrote the book on family destruction--beginning and flourishing with "abortion". Russia leads the world in abortions which are offered free and are utilized as contraceptives in order to not interfere with the lust of men. Women are given no respect in the predominant society structure.

    But how do the "laws" compare? In the U.S.S.R. there is a nice "catch-all" law against "hooliganism" which justifies the Soviet authorities arresting, convicting and jailing Soviet citizens for virtually anything. The RICO statutes in the U.S. are being used in the same way more and more to curtail the "undesirable" activities of citizens who cannot be convicted on any other existing statutes.

    Remember what the target goal of the Zionist/Communist (both inaccurate in definition) IS! "Destroy the family, and the society WILL COLLAPSE." (Lenin)

    So, forget murder--let's look to holidays for this particular nation "under God". It matters not that which I think about Christian vs. any other kind of holiday--it is the traditional values attached to same which are under the death penalty. There is a concerted, planned, blueprinted-for-action, layout of attack by these named groups that the target, through the courts, will be to attack religious holidays--such as Christmas, Easter, etc. A coalition of leftist religious and educational groups, including the National Education Association, the National Council of Churches, etc., is targeting the holiday and other Christmas activities (e.g., pageants, creches, songs, decorations and so forth) in schools, the work place, government facilities, and you name it--. Multitudes of lawsuits are planned in order to make it not worth-while to argue about the matter.

    This becomes a "legal" attack against Christianity, brothers, and your "One na­tion under God" for you will become a neutered populace of zombie-like existors.

    I speak herein about "Christians" in an all inclusive sense--not the so-called Christian churches or people. I speak of those who believe in goodly truth, honesty and integrity desiring freedom through your rightful constitutional pro­cess. If you have not read Eustace Mullins' book on RAPE OF JUSTICE, I suggest you do so. Dharma, you will get your chance when we finish our own work for I weary of attacks of "plagiarism" regarding "truth". You have, at best, experienced first-hand the most despicable form of this "injustice" system with your own property at the hands of evil conspiracy--but we fully intend to WIN. There are some still surviving within the system which was once good and as they get a bit more brave and/or incensed at the rot being brought down, they will take as worthy stand--until the last breath is drawn, there is hope.

    The AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION HAS DECLARED WAR ON CHRISTIANITY. The Judicial system is based upon the Kabalistic/Talmudic instructions of the Protocols. You have long since ceased having a "justice" system, if in fact, you ever had a worthy one. The American Bar Association has literally declared war on Christianity--they even call it by that very name stating that the "Christians" have defiled the populace in their "quest to rule".

    On May 4-5, 1989, the ABA hosted a seminar in San Francisco on how the legal profession can effectively sue Christians and Christian organizations
    (using tort law) because of religious fraud and the detrimental impact, emotional, financial, and civil rights-wise, of religion and religious beliefs
    on American society. Dear ones, this is the American Bar Association--not even the ACLU!

    Topics and specific lectures of the seminar included: "Expanding Use of Tort Law Against Religions"; "Tort Law As An Ideological Weapon"; "Tort Law As Essential Restraint On Religious Abuses"; "Liability of Clergy and Spiritual Counselors"; "Tort Liability For Fraud, Emotional Distress, and Harm to Rep­utation Arising From Religiously Motivated Conduct"; "Tort Liability for Brainwashing'; "Liability Arising Out Of the Employment Relationship"; In­stitutional Liability For Negligent Hiring/Retention"; "Piercing the Corporate Veil--Liabilities of Religious Bodies and Affiliated Organizations"; and many, many more as much, or more ridiculous.

    Oh, you ask, "What in the world is a 'tort'"? Well it is not a multilayer cake of chocolate goodies. A tort is a private or civil wrong or injury, independent of contract. Suits involving personal injuries, wrongful death, or defamation are tort suits. A tort claim usually has three elements:

    1. A legal duty to others.
    2. A breach of that duty.
    3. Damages as a result of that breach of duty.

    An excellent example is the cease and desist order (with threat of major lawsuit for "damages") from the Sister Thedra group, ASSK, against America West and Dharma for mention of their name, "defaming" Sr. Thedra, use of "Sananda, Sanat Kumara and/or Hatonn". But, I ask you readers: Who might be the ones with the proper lawsuit in this instance? Who and which might be on the side of truth according to God and who might be acting in a most worldly, greedy and evil manner as balanced action relative to God's laws and the "do unto oth­ers" law of The Creation? WHO MIGHT BE EFFORTING DILIGENTLY TO KEEP YOU-THE-PEOPLE IGNORANT AND BLIND? Years and years of service mean NOTHING, save perhaps the service is unto the clever master of deceit. Me, Hatonn, angry? FURY would be the better term--for I abhor and despise the adversary who would USE A PRECIOUS BEING AND SEND EVIL ONES TO SURROUND AND CAPTURE A DEVOTED SERVANT UNTO STRANGLING DESTRUCTION OF THAT ONE WHOM MANY FOLLOWED IN BLINDNESS. I LOATHE THE EVIL DECEIVERS WHO HAVE DUPED THAT ONE FROM THE BEGINNING FOR SHE HAS WORKED LO, THESE MORE THAN 40 YEARS IN THE SERVICE OF ONE SHE THOUGHT TO BE HOLY GOD OF LIGHT. DO I DESPISE THAT TINY BEING? NAY, I ADORE AND REVERE THAT TINY LADY--BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE THE CIRCUMSTANCE "RIGHT" NOR DOES IT CHANGE AN IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF IT. THE REAPER SHALL SEE TO THE HARVEST OF THE USERS WHO HAVE LED THAT ONE INTO THE MORASS OF CONFUSION AND HELD HER IN BONDAGE THROUGH THESE MANY CYCLES OF THE CALENDAR, FOR GOD IS, AND HE IS OPEN AND FOR EACH AND ALL IS HIS TRUTH AND LIGHT.

    Liberal judges in recent decades have been creating new duties based on what they perceive to be societal norms. Thus, as society becomes more antagonistic to Christianity, the courts will create new duties and become more receptive to litigation against Christians and Christian organizations. Did James Bakker deserve payment of his debts gained through his misbehavior? Oh indeed--but does he deserve 50 years of prison--while the criminals who have robbed you ones of trillions of dollars, murdered and plundered millions of you--go forth with at the most, a spanking and a vacation in "Club Fed"? As in some cases I can name, like Silverado, you can bet the Bush boys won't even end up with the slap to the fingers. Both are incorrect but your system has lost all balance and integrity.

    The ABA seminar (and by the way, another of these seminars on the same "updated" subject was held again in 1990) holds dire implications for Americans. For example, there can be tort liability for brainwashing, coercive per­suasion, or mind control--whether or not any of the accusations are, or are not, true in the slightest degree--for anyone can sue anyone for anything, did you not know that? In the end the one who bribes and has the largest bank account will prevail. Justice enters not the equation.

    In California, the Supreme Court has already ruled that there is a compelling state interest in preventing its citizens from unknowingly being subjected by re­ligious organizations to coercive persuasion, brainwashing, or mind control. The court wrote that "where a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent," the state has a duty to intervene and entertain corrective litigation.

    Psychiatrists now describe coercive persuasion as involving guilt manipulation, indoctrination, fear inducement, and peer pressure. By the way, for you who have light-bulbs for brains--Dharma has ABSOLUTELY NO ASSETS, NO VEILS TO BE PIERCED AND CARES NOT WHO READS OR THROWS OUT THESE JOURNALS--SO WE RATHER WELCOME LAWSUITS FOR LAWSUITS ONLY DENOUNCE ONE WHO BRING THEM AGAINST BROTHER AND PULL THE WORMS FROM THE CARCASS AND ROTING FOUNDATIONS. The courts go further, voluntary exposure to the per­suasion by the listener/victim in no way alleviates the guilt of the perpetrator. By this definition, Billy Graham and every other evangelistic crusader in America, and a large portion of the teachings of American fundamen­tal/evangelical religious denominations and churches, can be construed to be in total violation of tort law. So be it.

    Psychiatric testimony, according to one outstanding lawyer, Barry Fisher, in his presentation, "Tort Law As An Ideological Weapon", (note, he did not say de­fense or justice or - - he said "weapon) is now the most powerful and persua­sive force in the courtroom on the issues of acceptable behavior. Thus, a gen­uine Christian conversion/salvation or whatever you might call (a perceived return unto Christ teachings) experience is now being redefined by America's legal left as the result of guilt manipulation, indoctrination, fear inducement, and peer pressure. The evangelist, pastor, para-church organization responsible for such brainwashing or manipulation will be construed to be guilty of com­mitting a tort.

    A second implication is that the making of "allegedly" false statements is considered fraud. Now, you have something of which almost every "church" in the world is guilty--not to even mention politics, social leaders and such. "Unprovable" religious doctrines such as eternal security and concepts of Heaven and Hell can be considered to be fraud. Stanley Leak, a personal injury lawyer, maintained in his lecture that when a religious organization fails to dis­close accurately its identity and what it teaches BEFORE a person attends any of its functions, fraud has already occurred. For those "annual Easter Chris­tians" this is a bit more difficult, I would guess.

    Under this concept, liability is predicated on what is NOT said as opposed to making false statements. Before you say that this would never stand up in court, the ruling should be noted regarding a Maryland real estate promoter, who simply omitted "black" from his advertisement and was found guilty of discrimination based on what he "didn't" say.

    A third implication is that intentional infliction of emotional stress, as per a ruling by the California Supreme Court, is legally construed to be a tort. The elements of this emotional distress are: outrageous conduct or intention to cause emotional distress or suffering. An anti-Christian legal system will surely find a Sunday school teacher giving a lesson to young children on Jesus' teachings on Hell and eternal separation to be guilty of causing emotional distress. People who hear the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and/or go to the Indian "Balance of Nature" lessons often do come under emotional stress--I certainly do hope so! Therefore, this concept, like brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind-control, and fraud, can be used to strike at the core of orthodox Christian­ity.

    By the same, but opposite approach, it is perfectly alright for the IRS to intimidate and the police to harass--all against the laws of the Constitution--but it is NOT alright for a preacher to tell Truth unto the voluntary ears of those who might become distressed over Truth. Can you not see the evil at work?

    There is also a serious concern about the liability of clergy as spiritual counselors. (Well, I have trouble with this one for it is so obviously the blind lead­ing the blind that it becomes quite absurd--none-the-less, there is Constitutional freedom granted thereto which is the point in focus.)

    Listen-up, you devoted counselors: the California Supreme Court ruled against John Mac Arthur's Grace Community Church (not just John Mac Arthur), which gave spiritual counseling to a man who later committed suicide. The spiritual counseling was deemed to be the cause of the suicide and held to be in­ferior to secular counseling. The Supreme Court held that by counseling the man on the biblical doctrine of eternal security, (failed to note the same counseling of unacceptability of suicide), that the church contributed to his suicide "by committing outrageous conduct", which led to a tort. The ruling was later reversed by a higher court, but it shows the direction the U.S. legal system is moving ever and ever more madly--by the way, the costs incurred by these court cases is absolutely astronomical. Dharma and Oberli have now paid somewhere around $150,000 to defend property wherein a "no public sale" has actually been proven--and still the case is starting again in original sequence. We shall need to write an entire Journal covering this one case in point for it is the epitome of that which has come upon you people at the hands of the conspirators. I have, however, preferred to keep my scribe ALIVE a bit longer for I can assure you that every effort to "discredit" these ones has been presented, taunted and thrust at them. Every effort has been made to run them out of funds, give up and in to the constant barrage of insults and inability to live as on a permanent basis--threats, secret plottings and actual attacks of "dirty tricks", etc., and cause them to simply "give up". Well, brothers, God just doesn't "give up".

    I can only warn you that this concept will lead to the courts controlling the spiritual/biblical content of counseling, just as other concepts advocated by the ABA will control the content of what pastors and evangelists can say from their platforms or pulpits.

    Along these lines of discussion let us look at China. Red China now claims to have "religious freedom"; however, it is illegal to mention the biblical doctrines of sin or the second advent in religious services. NOW TELL ME, HOW DOES THIS NEWEST U.S. LEGAL ATTACK AGAINST CHRISTIANITY DIFFER FROM THEIR SIMILAR RELIGIOUS CENSORSHIP IN COMMUNIST/ZIONIST COUNTRIES?

    Additionally, the ABA seminars argue that when there is sexual misconduct by a member of the clergy, the entire church organization, or denomination, is guilty of a tort. Funny thing, it is all but accepted that a professional Psychiatrist can be intimate or actually rape a "patient" with impunity. Courts are now beginning to rule this way, friends, with giganti; potential financial liabilities for church/para-church organizations. Throughout the seminars, speakers kept referring to going for the "deep pockets" in litigation involving religious organi­zations (e.g., after the parent organization, or denomination with larger finan­cial assets than the individual accused. This is why there is absolutely no con­nection between these Journals and the activities of others who practice busi­ness. America West is a book publisher, for instance, and further, they publish some books by some authors which are totally incorrect in content--but they publish books; they are not the moral nor ethical conscience of you-the-people-­although they represent total integrity in that which they effort to share with you. If they are given lies then the problem is with the one who lies or deceives and the publisher cannot be "blamed" for another's indiscretion. By the way, America West has no assets to plunder either. Not only have they utilized business assets for the publication of these Journals but their owner's private funds as well. In any event, as things become of different circumstance they also lis­ten to advice the same as we share with you ones--for protection to the best of physical ability within the laws given. You, too, can do it if you want to. Even ASSK stated that it would be "stupid" to go through a long lawsuit for there are no assets to plunder. Rejoice over these incidents which at first seem quite neg­ative--for they tell you that you have credible information pouring forth which is both workable and within the laws written for the protection of the Elite themselves.

    Trial lawyers are urged to examine the assets of the individual who has committed the wrong conduct, then look at the assets of the organization, and finally, look at the assets of individuals who are responsible for the organization (e.g., directors, elders, deacons, officers, etc.) in order to obtain the largest possible monetary settlements. Another wrinkle advocated by the ABA seminars is the extension of liability beyond an individual to a group that is associated with the group to which the individual belongs. California courts have already ruled that major denominations (i.e., the United Methodist Church) are legally liable for the actions of a pastor or employee way down the line in a local church. In one case this was ruled due to the firing of a homosexual employee in a local church.

    Why do I so often use California as example? Because this is where my scribe resides and confirmation and back-up material is readily available (for security).

    Let us summarize a bit and then draw this session to a close. There is a rapidly accelerating attack, war actually, by the liberal left-dominated legal system in America on conservative and Christian individuals of any creed and on organizations. Like the pro-abortion, disarmament, nuclear freeze, anti­apartheid movements, this onslaught is not spontaneous nor accidental in nature. It is well orchestrated and organized by the political left. The legal system in America, with its leftist law schools, hundreds of thousands of parasitic lawyers, thousands of liberal lenient judges, a panoply of people-controlling laws, rules and regulations, and millions of lawsuits is like a cancer eating away at America's financial/religious and total rights under your Constitution.

    You, America, along with the myriads of world nations, are now taking that giant step toward a Soviet-type, Zionist-controlled, Talmudic-based, legal system which is designed to stifle political and religious dissent and generally remove all freedoms of action from you-the-people. It is all a beautifully and intention­ally orchestrated plan to bring you into bondage unto the masters who pull your strings. Patriotic Americans and complacent, apathetic Christians must awaken and realize the noose is all but closed to lethal loop. You are reacting like the frog placed into the soothing tepid water but has now been brought to the lethal boiling temperature--and you are just noticing that the water is hot. Have you also noted--in any measure whatsoever--that the pot also has a tight fit­ting lid with clamps atop it?

    The present thrust of the legal system in America to attack and neutralize the religious aspects and churches is the most dangerous signal to you people--for your nation, you claimed, was founded for the basic right of every individual to worship in freedom, his choice thereof.

    Today tort law is "civil". But there is a trend in the U.S. legal system to criminalize civil violations. So count on it--before the 1990's are over, many religious freedoms and activities which you take for granted in America and around the "New World" (for all will be brought under Global Law) will become illegal and subject to severe civil or criminal penalties. It is full intent to stop all Godly/Christ-ness activities just as has been done to the Christians of Red China and the Soviet Union this day.

    Please note, chelas, that NO NEW LAWS NEED TO BE PASSED TO IMPLEMENT THIS ABA/LEGAL BROADSIDE AGAINST CHRISTIANITY. There is an army of liberal lawyers and judges set and waiting to go on the attack. The existing laws all bear "interpretation". The attack has already begun!

    The moral decline can also be observed in the patriotic decline. Waving flags and wearing ribbons is NOT patriotism--that is organized control of the people left with nothing else to do, by your government.

    You are also witnessing a massively irreversible decline in your educational sys­tem values. Only some 7 percent of American seventeen-year-olds are ready for college math--and considering college "beginning math"--that is terrifying. Twenty-one percent of adult Americans believe the sun goes around the earth; 17 percent think the earth orbits around the sun in one day; 78 percent cannot name a single member of Bush's Cabinet; only 10 percent of Americans know that the U.S. Secretary of State is James Baker (and that, with his presence daily before the cameras); 40 percent of U.S. college students cannot locate Japan on a map; only 1,300 out of 70,000 U.S. high schools have a global education component in their curriculum; by far the majority of all Americans--DID NOT KNOW WHERE OR WHAT WAS IRAQ, MUCH LESS KUWAIT!!!--EVEN AFTER BEING SENT TO THE SAUDI DESERT! Most service personnel could not tell the Mojave Desert from that of the Saudi Desert!

    Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, and your government and people have acquiesced, that 25 million or more babies could be murdered in their mother's wombs, that prayer in school is illegal, but that pornography in school, in the galleries and on television in your living rooms or anywhere else, is legal and part of "your free speech". They recently even ruled that prayers before high school sports events are now illegal. But, on the other hand, in 1988 (far worse today but figures are valid for '88), one out of every four households in America was the target of a violent crime or theft--but in the Western U.S. it was 30.3 percent. This occurs as judges release more and more criminals, or hand out minimal sentences while more and more "freedoms" are taken from you-the-people.

    The prosperous, complacent, apathetic, well-entertained people (including most Christians) barely take notice that their way of life, their traditions, and their freedoms are eroding out from under them so fast that before the '90's are history, they will be slaves ad will have lost it all.

    It has happened in every major empire in history. They begin humble, poor,
    but strong in character and spiritual faith; they become prosperous; they forget
    their principles, values, AND GOD; they lose their morality and vision; and they descend right back into slavery. This is where you find your world today.
    So be it.

    Let us close this segment. Thank you for your attention and for your kind service. God watches and waits--what will your decision be, people of the world?

    Hatonn to clear, please.

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