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    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 7:32 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209

    How can you not see? God, please grant me words with which to reach the hearts and minds for the acceleration of the evil Conspiracy sweeps across the lands like uncontrolled fires. Friends, please be patient while I speak with my scribe and ones in this vicinity of service. But I wish you all to see and hear for the way is filled with turbulence and hazards.

    Charles, yes, the helicopter which blasted the leaves from the trees in the front of this dwelling is the CIA's and came in from Edwards. The reason it came is that, on the night prior, the electronic equipment of the surveillance group was set to blow out the entire computer system and Dharma along with it. Much of the work is, of necessity, set up at the pole-line terminals. We warned them not to do it; they continued as ordered. We sent shuttle craft, encountered them--they still refused to remove the signals and we simply took out all their pole-line electronics signal system. I believe you shan't have much problem with the computer system this day. What was already programmed into the computers for annoyance, of course, remained and is for the most part, tampered with through wireless remote controlled signals. It will obviously become an endless, ever-increasing problem and one serious to them as they are obviously in­tent enough to be witnessed in action.

    It is our uncovering of the current things in the Middle East which brings the discomfort for if we can show you what happens in such a manner that you can see the unfolding, then they are in gross trouble--for the information we bring at this time, regarding the lineage of the Illuminati, ties into current activities hand-in-glove.

    Be prepared for instant response to command--but do not panic. If you feel need for great quantities of water or cessation of food intake--respond immediately, please, as an effort is under way to again match Dharma's frequency in order to blow it out. We, further, expect another attempt to take out the dwelling. We are in constant presence but I ask that you ones be most aware and remain cognizant of our presence that we do not slip up in communications. Dharma will be more "blah" than usual--allow her freedom to "withdraw" for we are receiving much interference and it boggles the "thinking" portion of the mind to some extent--mostly due to distraction from other physical discomforts. Abide with us and it will be fine, keep your eyes open for strangers in the vicinity and note them. Yesterday's helicopter intrusion below tree and house altitude was a scare tactic instigated to "call our hand". It did and I believe we have an understanding; however, understanding seems to only run one direction in your present world. So be it--walk peacefully, chela, for you sit in the palm of God's hand and He shall not take lightly, this bombardment.

    I do not believe that under any set of Earth circumstances, you will find that we come from a place of pious wimps or nerds as you refer to those you do not like. Many, many are simply going to find themselves experiencing in other dimensions--fully intact and somewhat uncomfortable--"It is not nice to try and Fool Mother Nature!" I believe is one of your advertising terms for misbehavior. There are always the ones who will effort to override higher command in an circumstance, regardless of who is the higher command.

    Alright, quiz time. How many of you noted that James Baker attended a burial memorial for some women killed in Israel--wherein he laid flowers? HOW MANY OF YOU NOTED HE WAS WEARING THE HEAD-DRESS (CAF) OF THE ZIONIST? Brothers, any way you look at "Judeaism" or Jewism, that which is represented by that particular head-gear indicates a disbelief in that or you called Christ. YOUR SECRETARY OF STATE JUST STATED BY ACTIONS THAT YOUR NATION IS A PART AND PARCEL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT. You might say, "...well, he was just honoring and respecting their tradition!" NO, he was not. Would you walk into a "Satanic" service and murder in black robes and burnt offerings to "honor tradition"? YOUR PRESIDENT BUSH HAS ALSO BEEN SEEN ADORNED IN THE SAME HEAD-GEAR. It is not honoring anything; it is showing alliance as a brotherhood of Global control. George Bush and James Baker both belong to five notable anti-Christ/God organizations and if you ones don't come into balance of knowledge regarding these organizations, there is little hope of saving your freedom as a nation.

    This is what is incorrect about McAlvaney's book of which you inquired recently. You will find he protects the Israelis and discounts any who speak out against the Zionists. Not blatantly is it done, but with most subtle notations regarding other groups. He "thinks" he is serving the Jesus Christos in born again magnificence through evangelism. He nails the Communist lie quite nicely but refuses to even mention the Zionists as such. Well, you cannot have one without the other--for AS I WROTE ONLY YESTERDAY, COMMUNISM WAS STRUCTURED WITH NO "MEANING" TO THE TERM AT ALL FOR IT IS TOTAL GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP (NOT COMMUNISM) AND IT WAS CREATED BY A BRITISH ILLUMINIST NAMED WRIGHT. At the meeting where it was presented those in attendance were told that the Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists and other subversive groups into an international organization which was to become known as "Communism". It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror, which would eventually control the world. Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions and would be infiltrated by the group of so-called self-styled "Jews" (which term was conjured up in the 18th Century to fool the world). Remember that the "Jews" of self-appointed Talmud writers--were the Khazars of Russian, Nordic and Mongol lineage. They, further, were self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRISTIANS" AND "ANTI-MOSLEM (ISLAMIC". We are speaking here, about diametrically opposed factions of mankind. When your leaders join the self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRIST", "ANTI-GOD" fac­tion--what does that make you as a nation to be? Ponder it carefully for that is where you find yourselves today.

    The United States of America stated that it was founded as "One Nation Under God"--that did not say, "One Nation Under Jesus"--It did, however, by fact, assume that it would be "One Nation Under Christ-ness" (which is ultimately Godliness). Many "religions" fall into that category. Unfortunately, the ones who proclaim themselves to be solely under Christ (Christianity) are truly "anti-Christ" in behavior while they pull away from all Godly teachings and proclaim that which is evil to be correct behavior. But herein, I do not wish to preach spiritual lessons that you can discount as kooky fanaticism--we will speak of very worldly, physical things. Let us look at the decline of your American so­ciety--and this holds true for every nation in your world so do not giggle and say you are left out!

    You no longer have respect of young toward elders.

    You have blatant treason in high places with no notice.

    You have created a welfare state of dependency on State.

    A physician or lawyer asks not what is your problem but rather, do you have in­surance or a hefty bank-account?

    You KNOW that almost all you read in your controlled press is filled with misinformation and you can trust none of it.

    The courts no longer protect society nor is a man innocent until PROVEN guilty--a man must PROVE himself somehow innocent and that, without any as­sistance.

    "Charity" has become the biggest one business around, over $30 BILLION a year to the organizers of various organizations--as only a portion ever reaches the needy.

    Your "money" is based on nothing--"Sound as a dollar" passed with the gold standard.

    Long ago you gave up churches where you could find a preacher who really be­lieved in the divinity of Christ and preached from truth instead of according to doctrines set for a "MODERN" SOCIETY. We shall look at that "modern soci­ety" in a minute.

    You used to have "prayers" in schools--now you offer pornography and how to
    have safe sex and teach that homosexuality is the "way to go". It is simply not even a reasonable approach to the continuation of life forms. I don't care how gay a man may be, he cannot bear children and extend his creation through only the use of the sexual act.

    Problems in school used to be from lack of completed homework, spit-balls and talking in class. Now it is gun-carrying students and knife-wielding children who stab, shoot and murder. You have children running in mad gangs shooting at random--anyone!

    You offer nothing for your children to emmulate--you feed them on violence of Miami Vice and pornographic jokes on Saturday Night Live, Playboy Channel and Rambo--then you wonder what has happened to the children of today!

    I like the description which has been given to this subject. The rise and fall of an civilization ALWAYS revolves as follows: From bondage comes spiritual faith, and from spiritual faith comes courage. From courage comes liberty, and from liberty comes abundance. ....From abundance comes complacency, and from complacency comes apathy. From apathy comes dependency, and from dependency comes bondage.... Where does this leave YOU?

    You in the United States, for instance (and this is the nation of which we are speaking--some other nations are farther ahead and few are "behind" in the cycle. If you are behind, you are catching up right fast as you follow Western ways), you are LATE IN THE CYCLE. You fall somewhere in the apathy/dependency--already moved out of the "abundance" stage, thanks to your government--and are rapidly descending down a secular humanistic, socialistic path full-bore ahead. As you demand more government controls in all aspects of your lives, and as you decline in all different areas of perception and action, you can and probably will lose most, if not all, of your freedoms before the decade of the 1990's passes mid-way.

    You will note that this cycle as described has taken somewhere around two hun­dred, or so, years. The United States is in severe decline as is Canada, as she floats between England and the U.S. impact of "America". This decline is seen: politically, financially, socially, morally, and spiritually. A useful illustration can be likened to a triangle. Let us make the left side of the triangle to be the "monetary/economic" decline of the Western world. This decline is ba­sically a result of all things which focus on the false premise that you can create wealth out of nothing. For decades your government has continually printed paper "notes" which you call money, and created debts beyond the counting as well as continuing inflation. Don't, however, feel alone, America--all other nations have done this as well. America's debt pyramid quadrupled from some $3 TRILLION in 1980 TO OVER $14 TRILLION IN 1990 AND RISING.

    With this new little war to include--it is likened to a new atomic-powered sky­rocket! This pyramid is based upon Quicksand and is beginning to swallow the pyramid and there can only be one of two choices, a major recession or a total devastating depression. The latter appears to already be in place. You are already into massive decline.

    Now, the right side of this triangle represents the "political/social" decline--which is somehow based on a false premise that "all men are created equal" or something similar in projection. This will "give equality" if it kills everyone or you steal from one at gun-point to give to another. The idea is to redistribute wealth and control the "greedy businessmen" whom, you are told, cannot be trusted.

    In the past some three decades you have had full-steam ahead accelerating socialism. "Communism" (as described above) has seized well over 40 percent of the world's land mass and population and killed more than 130 million people outright! You are swinging right ahead into that Global Government called, in­nocently enough, New World Order. Well, hold your breath for when we first began to write, I am constantly reminded that I said it will be associated with the "New Age" groups that downfall shall come. Ah so--and so it is. Once again, terms have been used incorrectly to the extent that "New Age" does not mean, any longer, the New Age of God--it indicates mysticism, beingness, do your own thing, live any way that grabs you and "...let us check out the star- signs".

    Unfortunately, the "New Agers" have succumbed to the United Nations percep­tion of function--idealistically and blindly without realizing the impact. They promise you, also, a global government of utopian dreams by 2000 A.D. The Communists (as described above--Zionists/socialists) also plan global domina­tion of the world by this "Zionism/communism"--by year 2000. This includes the banking cartel, etc.

    Now, the base of the triangle in point, and the problem which has actually created all the other problems--is the spiritual and moral decline. The United States has moved AWAY FROM GOD. It no longer has a Christ-centered foundation. Your country's beginnings were based on the principles of a majority of Christ's teachings as principles of living. You have completely moved away from that type of society. Even your "religious'' organizations are no longer based on the principles of God's laws--but rather, have been rewritten to include "it's alright to do" anything at all--against the Laws of God AND MAN--and call it "modernization". YOU CANNOT "MODERNIZE" GOD'S LAWS--"GOD'S LAWS" AND "MODERNIZED GOD'S LAWS" ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TERMS AND MODERNIZATION ONLY IS IN OPPOSITION OF GOD'S LAW AND CHANGES NOT ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF THE LAWS IN ORIGINAL FORM. I did not say "Biblical presentation" of the Laws for that has already been rewritten to suit the Elite. You have a lot of people returning to the "churches" seeking truth but you have no depth in your spiritual foundation and people are now merely at­tending "clubs" touting "do nothing for your own responsible selves--but rather, believe Jesus did it all for you. In this way you will be whisked off to some glorious haven in the clouds, etc., etc., etc." NO, NO, NO--YOU WILL ANSWER TO SELF AND GOD FOR EVERYTHING YE DO AGAINST GOD AND FELLOW-MAN--WHICH INCLUDES FIRST ON THE LIST, SELF. Acts against the Laws of "right-ness" are acts of heinous nature against SELF and it will be SELF who falls into the abyss of despair and slavery unto the puppet masters.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn was asked, "Why did the Russian people lose their free­dom?" He replied, "BECAUSE WE FORGOT GOD!" This has now happened in the United States and almost all other nations on your globe. God blessed America incredibly. You have been given uninterrupted prosperity and you have become sedated and lazy. You have no ability to function if the times re­ally get tough--and they will. You can't even cope with interruptions in your Television transmission during soap opera pornography or the Monday night football. You are angered even if a "Special Report" interrupts for brief segments to keep you updated on who is killing who in the war. You hang a few more yellow ribbons, bow your head and hope for no annihilation of the sta­dium during half-time and go on in your incredible blindness--ever tightening the blinders so as to protect your tunnel vision. You dear ones have become soft marshmallows who are overfed on poison junk, alcohol and drugs--to great extent. (I do not intend discredit or dishonor to those of you who are working around the clock "as THE clock--ringing your alarms".) You do not go to gyms to gain health but a physical prowess even to the extent of damage to the body in the process. You are obsessed with it--when painting your house or scrubbing your floors and walls would give the same exercise--FREE! Furthermore--you must have the proper designer-shoes and leotards to show off those beauteous bank accounts and muscles. You are driven in your search for inner peace and loving quiet and you find it not until the apogee and crescendo bash you about until your ears ring and you robotically keep running--running-­running, faster and faster--away from the goal of peace and more quickly into the cycle of chaos--away from God.

    Dear ones, in the United States you now hold titles in being the most: you are leader in homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, drug use, alcoholism, and violent crime. This moral decline is a direct result of your spiritual decline, and the spiritual decline, in turn, has contributed to total political and social decline as well as destruction of your economic stability. Your children simply do not know which way to turn or that which to believe--for the parents do not know and this is due to the total moral decline of family.

    The decline of morals is locked together inseparably with spiritual decline which is the basis for ALL the other areas of function. You have forgotten your spiri­tual, I DID NOT SAY RELIGIOUS, foundations from where you originated. TE moral decline in your country in such a short period of time is totally amaz­ing. The U.S. is the per capita leader in the Western world for drug consump­tion--intended and deliberately inflicted upon you. You now produce as much or more drug substance as is shipped in from elsewhere.

    You are also the leader in the Western world in teenage pregnancies, although Russia is the leader in abortions which we will speak of later. Russia is not a "Western" nation, at any rate. Your teenage suicide and divorce rates top the lists of all. Your divorce rate is incredible. America publishes more pornogra­phy than any other country in the world. In the past, pornography was shipped into the U.S. mostly from the "free-love" places of Scandinavia. Now, in places as remote as New Zealand, South Africa, etc., pornographic movies made and published in America top the list of best-sellers--this includes horrible child-sex abuse and snuff films.

    You have witnessed and experienced the breakup of the family and increasing problems for teenagers run out of control. The family is tuned out and turned away in all social aspects. You teach "safe sex" in your kindergarten when a child hardly realizes there is sex difference. Sex education is taught in schools and youngsters and teenagers are taught how to have safe sex so they won't contract AIDS--when your leaders know that there is no such thing as "safe-sex" on any account, especially prevention of AIDS and other diseases. Your motion pictures and television programs are thoroughly saturated with sex and anti-family, anti-traditional values. Violence and sex in television is increasing and that which was unacceptable a decade ago, for adults on late viewing of "X" (by the way, that is the Satanic symbol) rated material is now shown at dinner-time prime-time WHERE IT IS KNOWN THE CHILDREN WILL BE VIEWING. There are NO ACCIDENTS IN PROGRAMMING!

    Much of the rock music promotes total violence and certainly, rebellion, depres­sion, suicide, sex and drugs if nothing else.

    Oh yes, your culture is almost to the pits in decline. Anyone over forty years of age can look back with the visions fresh in your mind and cringe at the view. According to your own records of a recent in-depth study about Satanism as a "named" cult, it was found that over 25% of teenagers in high schools in Denver, Colorado, are said by officials to be involved in "Satanism".

    America's decline and plunge head-long toward slavery continues to proliferate at compounding speed. Your children have great confusion as to moral behavior and participate in activities destined to, at the least, give them fatal disease and emotional confusion. Across America it is found that over 70 percent of teenagers said that premarital sex is fine, 56% said they approve of "living to­gether in trial marriages", 9 percent of these children have had at least one abor­tion and most of these, more than one; 15 % of the men knew that at least "one of their sexual partners" had had an abortion--thanks to them; 51 percent said they approved of abortion as a means of contraception; over half of the students reported having had more than one sex partner, and some 24 percent had had five or more partners with no checking for disease possibility; and half said they have sex at random and 26 percent participate regularly. Now, brothers, if this is not breaking the Commandments of God--then perhaps you will tell me that which does! And YOU have taught your babies that this behavior is not only acceptable but the "way to go".

    When Lenin came to power in the Soviet Union one o the first things he
    (and later, Stalin) determined to do was to destroy and restructure the family.
    Easy. no-fault-type, divorce was instituted, sexual immorality was encouraged and abortion became totally acceptable. THE FAMILY BROKE DOWN AND SO DID THE ENTIRE RUSSIAN SOCIETY. ALERT!

    It isn't just your children trying on these sports for entertainment, your government houses are hotbeds of total evil activities. The illicit heterosexual es­capades of all the Kennedy "boys" is giggled about and emmulated and all will remember the Wilbur Mills, John Tower, Lyndon Johnson, Gary Hart and myriads of others, who romped about and cavorted with everything from secretaries to prostitutes. Your own evangelical movement has fallen into the pits due to this illicit behavior of your very "teachers of God's truth??". One repre­sentative from Ohio was recently convicted of having sex with a child--again.

    And what about homosexuals in your houses of leadership? Sexual preference? Dear ones, what in the world are you talking about? I don't care what you think about it--homosexual behavior is amongst the most immoral and deviate behavior, and the government is a critical aspect of the nation's health.

    Publicly announced (so you have no idea of the depth or extent of this behavior) most recently, have been three prominent homosexual Washingtonians who have contracted and died of AIDS from homosexual contacts. Terry Dolan, head of the National Conservative Political Action Committee; Dan J. Bradley, head of the leftist Legal Services Corp.; and Rep. Stuart McKinney (R-CT). McKinney had two gay lovers who died of AIDS and lived with a third for five years on Capitol Hill. A former congressman from Maryland, a gay who was forced from office in the early '80s when caught "cruising" for teenage boys, says that at that time there were at least a dozen closet, and active, gays in the Congress and somehow this was supposed to make his behavior acceptable. Since then, a congressman was ruined by a gay scandal involving murder; another was caught having sex in a Capitol Hill men's room; and another has been caught with his male lover running a call boy/call girl ring from his apartment.

    This last representative, Barney Frank (D-MA), a long-time homosexual, answered an ad in Washington's Gay Blade newspaper in 1985. The male prosti­tute who placed the ad, and who was convicted in 1975 of cocaine distribution, and in 1982 on four counts of production of obscene items involving a juvenile, possession of obscene materials, oral sodomy (for you innocents--mouth to anus copulation), possession, sale and use of cocaine--moved in with Congressman Frank. For some two years, Representative Frank had him on his payroll at $20,000 per year (thank you, taxpayers), while the prostitute used the repre­sentative's apartment as a homosexual/heterosexual sex-for-hire whorehouse.

    After this story became public, liberal politicians have risen to the aid and defense of Barney Frank. Some of them are literally calling this despot "one of America's top congressmen", "...a great American leader", etc. The Congressional Ethics Committee gave him a very minor tap on the wrist for his behavior and getting caught, and he has continued as a powerful liberal leader in Congress. What does upset you citizens?

    Meanwhile, this man's homosexual call-boy-lover is beginning to talk about other Congressmen and Senators who have been his customers for both male and female prostitutes at this Capitol Hill "best little whorehouse in Wash­ington".

    Gay activist leaders in Washington estimate that there are at least thirty homosexual congressmen who are active participants.And you-the-people have given ample tax-money aid to obscene art displays. Even though the most contagious method of the spread of AIDS is through saliva, on July 11, 1990, the U.S. Senate voted to force restaurant owners to hire AIDS-infected homosexuals as food-handlers.

    Please keep in mind that AIDS is deadly, incurable and most uncomfortable. Would it not appear that the top leaders who set up the downfall and the global plan--do not give any attention to AIDS? Why would that be? Because they planned it this way and they abhor the deviate behavior of the puppets and plan to annihilate them through this means of murder. There is cure/antidote for AIDS, plus the fact that these top leader Elite participate in no activities which would incur the disease. They are immoral--not stupid. They also have available, the antidote--which by the way, was created prior to the intentional infes­tation of the world population.

    The Federal Government is now pushing churches to "...adjust their teaching on homosexuality". A very recent report from the Department of Health and Hu­man Services states: Religion presents another risk factor...Many traditional fundamentalist faiths still portray homosexuality as morally wrong. Religion needs to re-assess homosexuality in a positive context within their belief systems.

    And, indeed, government and private legal action is now being taken against churches and businesses for "alleged" discrimination against homosexuals. In New York, former Mayor Ed Koch issued an Executive Order granting "bereavement leave rights" to homosexuals whose "domestic partners" die. As local, state, and federal governments have come to accept and push as well as protect, the homosexual sodomite movement, the public is forced by law and the gun at the head, to also accept this form of behavior as acceptable among the populace. Again, I must repeat myself: there is preference of company of another human and there is "illicit behavior" integrated within the relationship--IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" WHICH IS ABHORRENT, NOT THE FRIEND­SHIP BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS. You can object all you wish, people--but this behavior and attitude is against the Laws of God AND The Creation and all the rewriting of the rules and passing of human laws WILL NOT CHANGE ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF IT. IT IS WRONG!!! IT IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD OF LIGHTED CREATION! IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN THE WRITTEN LAWS OF THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD! YOU CHECK IT OUT FOR IT IS ALL DOCUMENTED AND AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION.

    One last comment here and we shall close this segment and take a respite.

    The moral decline including the "homosexual revolution" is evident on your art gallery walls. The good U.S. taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts reflects the moral plunge in Washington and the influence of homosexuality and other liberal moral standards. Now, for you who have also accused us of being unpatriotic, etc., I would note to you that homosexuality is NOT accept­able in the military services and great problems have been caused as it is ef­forted to make it so. You cannot have it BOTH ways, friends. In the summer of 1990 a most despicable showing of art works were passed about your coun­try. The objections for expenditures for this "art" was overruled and remains in place--thanks to your wondrously "moral" congress.

    One of the works displayed was Robert Mapplethorpe's "celebration of homosexuality", an exhibition which portrayed such poignant sights as a man urinating into another's mouth and the artist, himself, posing with the "long end" of a bullwhip dangling from a well-known, well-labeled body cavity, pro­nounced "B000-sh" in Arabic.

    Another display was a "work" entitled "Piss Christ", a large photograph of a crucifix immersed in the artist's most recent "medium", his own urine.

    When asked by the press, since he worked with urine, what his next medium would be, Serrano replied: "Semen". The Mapplethorpe and Seranno works both got money from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts and one Senator, Jesse Helms, efforted to see that it didn't get repeated but here he stood alone--he was simply laughed at, called a religious bigot, and accused of "violating our First Amendment right of free expression:. Even President Bush has refused to condemn THE FEDERALLY FUNDED "PROGRESSIVE ART" AND HAS NOW CALLED FOR ADDITIONAL TAXPAYER FUNDING--WHICH WILL CONTINUE.

    You might be happy to note that business is not far behind--Seattle First National Bank, whose parent bank is Bank of America, has agreed to offer a "gay affinity" MasterCard for homosexuals throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. The card is intended and designed to help raise funds for gay and lesbian groups throughout the Pacific Northwest as a trial and then ex­tended outward.

    Congressman Dannemeyer of California gives the following information in a re­cently released publication, "Homosexuals are now insisting that young people be taught how to perform homosexual acts as well as heterosexual acts. They demand that such instruction be mandatory in our public schools and that the courses also teach that homosexuality is a normal and desirable appetite.

    Many schools have instituted such sex education.

    The communists recognize that a country in moral decline is an easy, easy target. In 1960 they told their cadres in America:

    "Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them ' censorship' and violation of 'free speech' and 'free press'. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and ob­scenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, and healthy"

    Dear ones, even the tampered Bible pronounces that of all human behavior besides that of murder, homosexuality is the most severely condemned behavior of human. It further states that no society can survive the widespread practices and acceptance of homosexuality. Likewise in opposition, the Talmud and other Manifestos urge their participants to institute decline and weakening of the nations and people through the deviate behaviors by pronouncing them ac­ceptable and pushing therefore, the behaviors.

    There is, also, the promise that the nations, people and planets of those who fall into the practices of such behaviors and actions will reap the reward of perishing and the people shall be separated away from God--in their own free-will of choosing! So be it and Amen. Allow us a rest, please. Gyeorgos
    Ceres Hatonn

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 10

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 1:50 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209

    Let us shift back now, to the subject of Illuminati and intent toward Global con­trol. The preceding chapter fits in integration far better than you might, at first glance, realize. It all boils down to a single "Christ-ness" and a single "Anti­-Christ-ness". This is whether you like of it or do not. Background will help you understand the NOW.

    Every revolutionary effort since the French Revolution has been financed by the International Jewish bankers, who have profited by backing both sides and they love to boast about it. As far back as 1928 they were boasting about it. In that year in Century Magazine, Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage wrote: "We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian, but of every other revolution in your history... we did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda." Now dear ones, you can cast stones at our words if you so choose--the preceding was out of the mouth and pen of a self-proclaimed "Jew".

    The Jewish writer, Oscar Levy, in the preface to his book THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, wrote: "There is scarcely an event in modern history that cannot be traced to the Jews. We Jews today, are nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries."

    You are supposed to believe, today, that the International Pharisees, like the Pharisees of Christ's time, are only tools or agents of the Great Conspiracy, when they are the "heart and soul" of the conspiracy itself. Whether or not you wish to accept this, whether or not your Pastor is honest enough to accept it--does not matter a whit. When you back "them", you are backing the enemies of God, His Son, your Lord His Hosts, and His "church". They hate for anyone to expose them and will do most anything to silence the speaker. That is why many of your pastors are scared into silence, even though the truth is known.

    Why do you suppose the average American has been brainwashed into believing that communism is a movement of the working class, when it is controlled by the International Zionist Bankers? The movement to control the world is not a movement of workers, striving to better themselves, but of the International Elite who, led by Zionist money and power, are seeking world control at any cost. The Jewish bankers control the world's economy and thus its people. Like the "money changers" of Christ's time, who received His most violent denunciations, they are the power behind the move to destroy Christianity and Godly civilization. The Bible tells you: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!" (2 Corinthians 3:17). The conspirators know this truth, so they seek to stamp it out and that is their major target.

    The headquarters for this world conspiracy in the late 1700's was Frankfurt, Germany, where the House of Rothschild's (known as the Red Shield) was formed by a Jewish banker who adopted the name Rothschild and linked up with other international Jewish bankers who had quite literally "sold their souls to the devil". Remember that the 1700's is labeled the 18th Century. This all oc­curred as the term "Jew" was originated to designate this grouping of Elite out of the Khazars.

    After the Bavarian government's exposure in 1786, the conspirators moved their headquarters to Switzerland, then London, and finally only after World War II, to New York City, where it is located today.

    The Rockefellers, original proteges of Jacob Schiff, have taken over the manipulation of the North American area and David Rockefeller, dead or robotoid, acts as head of the clan--this entity remains one of the most influential men n the world this day.

    In its final stages, the world conspiracy calls for a king/dictator, a United Nations and a few subordinate organizations such as the CFR, a few billionaires, such as the late Armand Hammer and some top scientists, economists and edu­cators who have proven their loyalty to the conspiracy. The rest of the world is to become a mixed-up mass of mongrelized humanity, who for all intents and purposes will be slaves of the world system. This is quite literally taught in the Jewish religious book, the Babylonian TALMUD, where it states that in the Jewish World Government, "Every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves".

    At this point, we should look at how the American government and its people have been literally tricked by this one-world plot. Always keep in mind that the United Nations, which is found on American soil in New York City, was cre­ated to be the housing for the conspiracy.

    The REAL foundation of the plot to take over America was laid during the Civil War, by Rothschild agents who had been planted in the United States as far back as the Revolutionary War. They have been preparing this country for ultimate takeover ever since.

    Your first President, George Washington, was more than a match for the Illuminist agents and on several occasions he wrote letters to leading Masonic leaders, warning them of the attempt to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges of America--furthermore, evidence proves that, although Washington was himself a member of the Masonic lodge, he was rather inactive and seldom attended their meetings. Again showing you that most members of such lodges have no idea of that which is the foundation of the organization. Most members and initiates think the rituals amusing and a "bit of a lark"--certainly NOT to be taken seriously.

    It was not, however, until the time of the Civil War that the conspirators launched their first concrete effort to control your economy. You can know from history that the chief advisor to President Jefferson Davis of the Confeder­acy was a Jew named Judah Benjamin, a noted Illuminist. You can also know that the Lincoln Administration was riddled with Rothschild agents, much as they control your present government through the CFR. These agents attempted to steer President Lincoln into a financial deal with the International Jewish bankers. But old "Honest Abe" saw enough "light" through their schemes and bluntly rejected them, thereby incurring their wrath, just as the Czar of Russia did a bit later when he torpedoed the first League of Nations. Sic, Sic--and you thought Lincoln was slain for freeing slaves.

    For insults, both real and imagined, both the Czar and your Abraham Lincoln paid with their lives. Investigation into the assassination of Lincoln shows that the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was not a Southern sympathizer as your history books aver, but was a member of a secret conspiratorial group which was controlled by the Illuminati. THE NAME OF THIS GROUP HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED AND THE EVIDENCE WAS IMMEDIATELY COVERED FOR MANY YEARS, JUST AS THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN HID­DEN MOST DILIGENTLY IN THE LATER ASSASSINATION OF JACK KENNEDY!

    The ending of the Civil War temporarily destroyed chances for the House of Rothschild to gain control of your money. They already controlled the economy of Britain, France, and most of the European countries. This was only a temporary set-back for them. But in the United States they had to start from the beginning. Shortly after the Civil War, a young Jewish immigrant from Ger­many, named Jacob Schiff, arrived in the United States. His mission was to gain control of the American money system for his master--the Rothschilds.

    Schiff was the son of a Rabbi and had been especially trained for his mission in Frankfurt, Germany.

    It is not necessary for us to go deeply into Schiff's background for we have done so previously, but it suffices to say that Rothschild recognized in him, not only a potential "money worker", but more important, recognized in him the ideal agent for the conspiracy. He saw the latent Machevillian qualities which would turn Schiff into one of the most important agents in the world conspiracy.

    Schiff became the primary cog in the plan to control the American money system. He came to New York with orders to buy into a banking house which would be the "springboard" into acquiring ultimate control of your economy. He had several primary assignments:

    1. The most important was to acquire control of the American economy,
    2. He was to find men in important government and business positions in your country who would be willing to serve as "front men" for the conspiracy,
    3. He was to create minority group strife, particularly between Blacks and Whites, and,
    4. He was to create a movement which would eventually destroy Christianity in America.

    Let us trace the trail of Schiff's actions as he set out to accomplish challenge #1, control of the American Money System.

    His first step was to buy into a banking house, using Rothchild money. It had to be a house over which he would have complete control. After carefully scouting around, Schiff bought a partnership in a New York firm called Kuehn and Loeb. Like Schiff, both Kuehn and Loeb were German Jews who had immigrated to the U.S. in the 1840's from the ghettoes of Germany. Both of them started their business careers as itinerant peddlers. In the mid 1840's, they pooled their interests and purchased a merchandising store in Lafayette, Indiana under the name of Kuehn-Loeb. They serviced covered wagons heading west. In a few years, they had a string of stores in Cincinnati and St. Louis. Then they added "pawn brokering" to their pursuits. By the time Schiff arrived on the scene, Kuehn and Loeb were well-known bankers in the U.S.

    Shortly after Jacob bought into the firm, he married Loeb's daughter, Theresa. Then he bought out Kuehn's interest and the firm, headquartered in New York City became known as Kuehn, Loeb and Company, International Bankers. By this time, Schiff was in complete control of the firm.

    From the very beginning this agent of an adversarial conspiracy posed as a great philanthropist and a man of great religious holiness. But under his pious exterior, he carried out the satanic policies of his masters with nothing short of brilliance.

    To achieve control of the U.S. Money System, Schiff had to get cooperation from the Big Banking elements in your country. In those days, Wall Street was the heart of the American Money Mart. J.P. Morgan was its unchallenged dictator. Next in line were Biddle and Drexel, two great banks from Philadelphia. All the money interests in America danced to the beat these three banks played, with Morgan always in the drummer's lead.

    At first, these banks treated the little bewhiskered Jew from Germany with con­tempt. But Jacob knew how to overcome that. He threw them a few Rothschild bones consisting of the distribution of European stocks and bonds which master Rothschild controlled.

    But he had an even more potent weapon available. Following the Civil War, American industries had a phenomenal growth. The world had never seen any­thing like it. You had great railroad systems to build; oil was discovered; your mines were producing untold wealth; steel and textile industries were bursting out of the seams. All this called for vast financing and of course, most of this financing came from abroad, where it was controlled by the Rothschild interests. Schiff, playing a crafty game, became the "patron saint" of such men as John D. Rockefeller, Edward Harriman and Andrew Carnegie. He financed Standard Oil for "Rocky"; the railroad empire for Harriman and the steel industry for Carnegie. Now wouldn't you all like a nice "sugar daddy" like that one?

    Next, he opened the money doors of the Rothschild's to Morgan, Biddle and Drexel, as he arranged for them to set up branches of their banks in major European cities. Cleverly arranged, these banks were always in a partnership with the Rothschild interests and subordinate to them. Each partner was expected to "pay his pound of flesh" to the Rothschilds. It was clear to the "Big Three" from the beginning that Schiff was the boss and they simply swallowed their pride and accepted it. After all, "business comes first!".

    By the turn of the century, Schiff had tight control over the banking fraternity of America. This included the Lehman Brothers; Goldwin-Sachs and other International banks, plus the "Big three of Morgan, Biddle and Drexel".

    With full control of the American Banking System in his pocket, Schiff was now ready for the giant step which would gain full control of America's money system. Under your Constitutional system, all control of your money was to remain under the control of Congress (does anyone remember?). So Schiff's task was to seduce Congress into betraying the Constitutional edict by surrendering that control to the hierarchy of the Illuminati. In order to legalize this surrender, it would be necessary for Congress to enact special legislation. To accomplish this, Schiff had to infiltrate Rothschild stooges into both houses of Congress and even more important, he would have to have a Rothschild stooge in the PRESIDENCY, a man without moral scruples or integrity, who would obey every order that came to him from the Rothschild's and sign this legisla­tion into law. To accomplish this, he had to gain control over one of the major political parties with intent to control all political parties as the plan would move along. I believe you can see that that has been magnificently accomplished.

    The Democratic Party seemed to be the more vulnerable at the time, since it was the hungrier of the two. With the exception of Grover Cleveland, they had been unable to place their man in the White House since before the Civil War. There were two major reasons for this. First, the Democrat party was a poor party and secondly, there were considerably more Republican voters than there were Democrats. This obviously had to be changed.

    The poverty matter was not of great concern, since Schiff had access to the Rothschild wealth. The voter problem was a bit of a different story. Remem­ber now, we are dealing with an extremely clever operator in Jacob Schiff. Here is how he went about solving the voter problem. The solution shows how the Jewish leaders care very little for their own people and will sacrifice the "little 'Jews'" if it will bring them into power.

    About 1890, there were a series of "pogroms" (an organized massacre of a group of people) in Russia and Central Europe against the Jews, in which thousands of men, women and children were ruthlessly slaughtered. These "pogroms" were masterminded by those nice Rothschild agents, working on the dislike for Jews, which had been built up in these countries over the years be­cause of unscrupulous "Jewish" business practices. Their plan was to force hundreds of thousands of Jews to flee Russia and Central Europe and find homes in either Palestine or the United States. Palestine was not a very good choice in those days, so the vast majority flocked into the United States.

    These immigrants were aided by self-styled humanitarian organizations, using Rothschild money, which were set up by Schiff. While the vast majority of Jews arriving in the United States settled in New York City, many were shipped to other large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia. Within thirty years, these people had become citizens and had been taught to vote a straight Democrat ticket, no matter what!

    This Jewish minority was then joined by Blacks, who had also been recruited by Schiff's efforts for Civil Rights. This became a major voting bloc for the Democratic party. By 1910, these minority voters had become a vital factor in the political life of America. This was the plan Schiff used to plant such men as Senator Nelson Aldrich in the Senate and Woodrow Wilson in the White House.

    At this point let's digress for a bit and go back and look at another important point in Schiff's scheme to control America. I am now referring to his plot to destroy the unity of the American people by creating minority groups and engendering racial strife. By forcing Jews to leave their homeland in Russia, Schiff had a ready made minority group who would do his bidding. But the Jewish people themselves, frightened by the violence they had seen in Russia, could not be counted on to produce the violence necessary for Schiff's plan. So he turned to a sleeping minority in America which was much more numerous than the Jews. I am speaking about the Blacks, and such men as Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokley Carmichael and others, who carried out their so-called peace­ful demonstrations under the guise of Civil Rights and always under the firm di­rection of Rothschild agents. I'm sorry, chelas, in political stakes as high as these, God is rarely actually invited into participation and it is one reason that ones of great impact must be eliminated when they become troublesome and while they can still be utilized as "martyrs". Next, all that was necessary to bring about rioting, looting, rape and murder, was to arouse the baser members of the Black race, who were always looking for some excuse to get even for the evil the white people had brought against them.

    Working together, under Schiff's control, these two minority groups, the Ashkenazi Jews and the American Blacks, began to produce the rioting which would tear America asunder.

    You will find that while Schiff was laying his plans for the takeover of the money system, he was also working on the plans for the chaos they hoped would destroy the unity of the American people.

    While this racial holocaust has never been fully realized, the enemy agents are
    still working on it and you can see the terrible potential which was seen in the race riots which destroyed vast areas of your great cities a few years ago. It is still boiling under the surface, waiting for the proper spark to set it off. Your streets are rampant with unrest and drugs, assault weapons, disease and hatred. This explosive situation will erupt one of the clays into the worst tragedy that has ever hit your continent. There will be police force slaughter of the kids in the gangs as gun control and confiscation is brought into law--the children of the gangs will simply be shot. Worse for the masses of warm, goodly human be­ings--because the military consists of so many blacks and minorities--the enforcement will fall to the brothers of the same group being exterminated. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO PUSHED THIS IN THE PAST ARE PUSHING IT TODAY.

    This potential for racial violence has grown with the vast immigration of legal and illegal Asiatics and Hispanics into your country in the past half century. Almost without fail the immigration laws were changed by the liberals in Congress to pave the road for this very holocaust and, almost without fail, they came from the Democratic party. Don't get bent-out-of-shape about immigration of aliens into your country--there are proper ways to handle immigration in a humane and fair manner with brotherhood--not this hatred fostered by your foolish laws.

    At present there is evidence that in Los Angeles alone there are over 100,000 armed gang members who are constantly fighting among themselves and the slaughter is evident every week-end. This would be bad enough, except that now they are spilling over with their warfare into the suburban areas which are not on "home turf". In frequent recent attempts to control this situation as many as 1,000 combat-geared policemen have efforted to bring these gangs into control--without success. The problem worsens daily. The price of this crime has risen into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

    The liberal policy has been expounded to the point where anti-American radicals, both professors and students, have been given a haven of refuge on your college campuses. In 1985, for instance, F.B.I. sources stated that there were estimated to be a minimum of 45,000 Marxist Professors teaching in your in­stitutions of higher learning--and the number rising annually by leaps and bounds. On many of these once conservative campuses, conservative speakers are shouted into silence by a few radicals, who are among the most vociferous when demanding their own right to "freedom of speech"--then the demands are backed up by police intervention.

    I do not make the rules nor the story--but you will find that in every radical group there will be a leader claiming to be "Jewish" and coming from the most wealthy of the Jewish families. In the recent past these few radicals all but ran the colleges and universities and the administrators were helplessly afraid of them.

    The same Zionist Jewish control can easily be seen by anyone who will look at the problem openly without shouting or hiding from "anti-Semitism" nonsense. Look at EVERY issue which is being used to destroy America, and behind it, financing it and often actually outright and publicly controlling it, will be a self-acclaimed Jewish racist. I do not mean "racist against Jews"--I said "Jewish racist". The Jews are the most racist of all groups of persons.

    Look carefully at every effort to take Christian principles out of the public schools and Christ out of Christmas--and Christian symbols out of the schools, parks and now, the Christian churches. Oh no, this is true and it is NOT amusing. You will find a "Jewish ' movement' and person behind it with non-bending intent accomplishment of the task at hand. Look carefully at every effort to knock the stand which is being taken by Christian Patriots and you will find the Jewish A.D.L. (Anti-Defamation League) and W.Z.O. (World Zionist Organization) at the lead against whatever it might be.

    As you further study this conspiracy, you will find that it took infinite planning and patience to be successful. So let us take a few minutes and look at documentary proof as to how they set about to destroy God/Christ America.

    Dharma, allow us a break, please, and we will then take up the methods for destruction of the U.S. as planned and orchestrated against you-the-people. We have already spoken of destruction of the family and because I used the term "communist", forget any difference for there is NONE. These terms of "Jews", "Zionists" and "Communists" were originated to bring into power the Globalist Elite Conspirators.

    I will move to stand-by and go over this computer while you have a rest--please leave the room as we need to always take caution. As we wrote, I believe you heard the efforts to access the circuits--but I believe we have it pretty well under control today. Thank you. I shall stand aside. Gyeorgos

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    宇宙生命一家, 無次 Justice Future Society Institute wave's Avatar


    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 11

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 3:56 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209


    First it is necessary for "them" to create the leadership and organizations neces­sary to brainwash millions of dupes, both Jewish AND Christian--or whichever group is under attack. Blacks and other minorities received prime attention for they would be the most advantageous "tools" in the game of charades. These were the ones who would do the rioting and suffer the casualties, while the Zionist overlords ran the show top sheltered places. In 1909, Schiff set up and organized the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE. Now wouldn't that frost you--wouldn't you have thought this organization would have been started by a "colored" person or group? The Presidents and directors from its inception have been JEWISH. Jews appointed by Schiff while he was still alive and later by his successors who ran these organizations. In 1914, a real doozie came forth, birthed in total in­tent of take-over. Schiff came up with the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, of the Jewish Masonic Lodge, B'nai B'rith--you can't get more direct than that, chelas. It was to serve as a Jewish KGB, keeping its own people in line and harassing anyone who dared to tell the truth about International Jewry/Zionism. It is the largest and most complete private intelligence gathering apparatus and lie instigator known to human. It is actually an AGENT of a FOREIGN COUN­TRY, operating illegally, without a license on American soil--yet such is the power of the Zionist Lobby in Washington, it has for all intents and purposes become an advisory branch of the United States Justice Department--with free­dom from taxes for all.

    Some non-Jews look on the ADL as primarily a "spy outfit", skilled in tapping telephones, infiltrating patriotic groups and meetings, tapping into computers and phone lines of my scribes and attacking anyone who does not follow the straight Zionist line. It is all that and ever so much more!

    It is also a "sleazy, money-raising" operation which pressures Jews to give and when money does not come in fast enough, it will create problems for Jews, which they say they are fighting against. For instance, the leader of the neo-Nazi group which invaded Skokie, Illinois a few of your years back and caused a great furor, was a "Jew" from the Chicago ADL and so stated. This incident scared the dickens out of Chicago Jews and they shelled out much money for the ADL coffers.

    The operating head of the ADL at this time is one Arnold Forster, a veteran
    troublemaker and a skillful money-raiser. He says the ADL is merely a Jewish Defense Group and Political Action Committee, which spends its time and money "fighting racial bigotry", as it pursues its goal of "democracy", and "world brotherhood". If you believe this, my friends, you need to go to Pales­tine and ask the Arabs who are being murdered there about Jewish Democracy. By the way, do you remember after the so-called, (but isn't) cease fire--the Israelis said they lifted the curfew on the Palestinians? They haven't--for all pur­poses and intent the Palestinians are still under Martial Law controls and total curfews--even as Baker dons his beanie this day. Well, yesterday it was--for today he is wining and dining and making proposals and payoffs to your old buddy--Assad in Syria. You have really developed some endearing friends, America--the chief terrorist trainers and the chief terrorists of the world.

    When there is no anti-Semitism available, Forster and his cronies create some and this enables him to blackmail Jewish merchants for the alleged purpose of "saving them from goyim persecution". This scam has worked for years and Forster is paid a huge salary for doing it. He has been in this game for more than thirty years and has used smear and blackmail tactics, and even created "nazi" groups in New York to deface Jewish tombstones and paint swastikas on the walls of Jewish synagogues. The scare stories he managed to raise in New York called for a Congressional investigation. Of course the ADL was NEVER investigated, only those old "bad" other people--EVEN AFTER THE PROOF OF INCIDENT AND PERPETRATORS WERE EXPOSED AND CON­FIRMED BY THE SYNAGOGUES THEMSELVES AND THE ADL OWNED UP TO THE LITTLE "CHARADE".

    In 1986, the National Council of Churches in America, seeking information on the Christian Identity Movement in America, went to a Jew, Leonard Zeskind (strange resource), of the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL, an extremely "left-wing" organization. They made no attempt to go to any Identity leader for information, but instead went to this atheist, Christ-hating Jewish cen­ter. He wrote a "scurrilous" account of the Christian Patriotic movement which has been swallowed completely by the National Council of Churches leadership. Out of this, however, came some incredible dossiers on innocent people living "normal" American lives.

    This sinister Zionist KGB maintains over 2,000 agencies across your nation. They advise and control every action of the NAACP, the URBAN LEAGUE, and many other so-called Black political activist organization, including Jesse Jackson's SOUTHERN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE--which becomes indeed interesting now that Mr. Jackson has become a member of the CFR and is in with the really "Big Boys" of politics. They controlled Black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Stokley Carmichael, Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond and the man I just mentioned, Jesse Jackson.

    In addition, the ADL acquired absolute control over the advertising budgets of many nationally known department stores, hotel chains and key radio and TV sponsors, also the advertising agencies which serviced them--along with public relations corporations who do such in-depth work as for the Emir Sabah of Kuwait and produce such documents as the false testifying before Congressional Subcommittees with horrendous pictures of atrocities and phoney participants weeping and working in total safety far from the streets of Kuwait. And you, as a nation, bought it. By these means, for all intents and purposes, the mass me­dia of the United States of America is totally under Zionist control and woe be unto the politician or reporter who fails to remember this. There have been several Senators in the past who tried to buck the Zionist Lobby in Washington and were out on their ear in the very next election, i.e. Percy of Illinois, Full-bright of Arkansas, Rep. Finley of Illinois, etc.

    This means fully that all of the major news that America hears is slanted or falsified in the direction of the Zionist overlords, as they desire it to be presented. Your own beloved Walter Cronkite stated: "Our task is not to tell the truth; we are opinion molders".

    One of their major purposes is to sway sympathy for Black rioters and criminals, no matter where they are or what they do. This can be vividly illustrated by many incidents but one especially is clear. This incident took place in the nation's capitol a few months ago. Now, before you read this I wish you to know that I believe the Klu Klux Klan to be a totally evil organization as indi­cated by the secrecy and hood-wearing anonymous offenders--but that has nothing to do with the story--for you have "freedoms", do you not? The KKK had received permission from the Washington police for a peaceful march in your capitol. But the Blacks, agitated by agents provocateur from within, tried to disturb this "lawful parade" (as was certainly planned and anticipated) and were stopped by the Washington police, as they should have been. But the Blacks went on a rampage, burning cars, breaking store windows and looting stores--just as instructed and paid-off to do. The next day, a white correspon­dent with the Washington Postgave this explanation for the riot: "The Blacks rioted because their civil rights to confront the KKK purveyors of hate had been denied". NOW WHO DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE WERE THE PURVEYORS OF HATE? ACTUALLY--NEITHER GROUP BUT RATHER, BOTH GROUPS WERE USED TO ACCOMPLISH THE AIMS OF THE THIRD AND MOST POWERFUL GROUP.

    A prime mode of operation which gets the innocent "Jew" of Judean descent into horrendous circumstances is that he is always set us as one of the radical participants. For instance, in 1910, a Jewish playwright wrote a play titled THE MELTING POT. It was sheer communist propaganda designed to incite BOTH Blacks and Jews. The play was supposed to visualize how the American Whites were discriminating against both Jews and Blacks. At that time, no one seemed to care that this was propaganda because it seemed quite possible of truth. It was cleverly written and the propaganda was wrapped very well in the entertainment offered by the play--it became a big Broadway hit.

    In those days, the famous Diamond Jim Brady would often hold fabulous banquets at the famous Delmonico's restaurant in New York, after the opening of a successful Broadway play. The author, plus cast and selected political and Broadway celebrities, were invited.

    Myron Fagan, a well-known Hollywood playwright, who actually initiated some of this very information given you now, was invited to attend that party. There he met the English socialist George Bernard Shaw and a Jewish writer named Israel Cohen. Both Shaw and Cohen had worked together in London, with a Jew named Karl Mordecai Marx. Remember, at this time Marxism and Com­munism were just emerging and very few people paid any attention to what they were trying to do. No one suspected the propaganda which permeated the writings of either Shaw or Cohen. At that banquet, Cohen told Fagan that he was engaged in writing a book, which would be titled A RADICAL PRO­GRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.

    Fagan at that time knew nothing at all about Communism or its connection with World Zionism; he was totally wrapped up in his work as a Hollywood writer--just as all of you are wrapped up in everything else except that which is destroy­ing your very nation and people. But he was shocked when he received a clip­ping from the Washington Evening Star, several years later in May of 1957. It was a verbatim excerpt from Cohen's book: "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt-complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to inter-marry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause!" I have given this excerpt prior to this but it bore the re­peating BECAUSE IT WAS ENTERED INTO "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD" OF JUNE 7, 1957, BY REP. THOMAS ABERNATHY.

    At that time, of course Fagan could only wonder if the official policy of the Communist Party was simply the same as that of Cohen, or was this merely the thinking of one man? But in an official pamphlet, published by the New York Communist Party in 1935, titled "THE NEGRO IN A SOVIET AMERICA", he found that it urged Blacks to rise up and form a separate Black nation in the South and apply for admission to the Soviet Union. A firm pledge was made by the communist leaders that, if this happened, the Blacks would receive firm backing from communists everywhere, including the might of the Soviet Union. On p. 48 of this pamphlet was this pledge to the Blacks, "Any act of discrimi­nation or prejudice against the Negro, by a white, will become a crime under revolutionary law."

    I guess you need a little proof, at this point, that the Communist regimes, both in Europe and on the American Continent, are under the full control of the Rothschild agents, which means The Illuminati?

    The communist end of this world conspiracy was created by the "master minds" who were "capitalists". You should also note that both the Rothschild's, the Schiff's and the Warburg's planned and financed the Russian Revolution, after they had murdered the Czar and his family. We have written of this but for you who come newly into the writings, it bears repetition. Jacob Schiff alone, gave $20-million (and that was a lot of money in the very early years of the 1900's) to a man named Trotsky, who was on his way to Russia with 247 of the dregs of the Jewish East Side of New York City, the kind of Jews the Jews themselves call "kikes". They were stopped in Newfoundland by Canadian Customs and then released under pressure from the U.S. State Department, with the money that made the Revolution a success.

    The Jewish/Zionist involvement is easily proven from statements made by Jew­ish leaders at that time. The Jewish Chronicle, the largest Jewish Newspaper in New York, in its April 4, 1918 issue stated: "...there is much in the fact of Bol­shevism itself. In the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists. In the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant (in agreement) with the finest ideals of Judaism."

    In 1918, Count Mensdorf, the Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London was
    quoted as saying: "Israel won the war (WWI); we made it; we thrived on it; we
    profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity." Notice that it is Jews who are making these statements!

    There is absolutely no doubt that Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin took their marching orders directly from that little American Zionist, Jacob Schiff of New York City--so how does that make you citizens feel about the probability that your nation and banking industry are completely controlled also?

    Can you begin to understand why your Congress, your Supreme Court, and
    your Justice System was beaten into issuing the infamous Civil Rights Act of 1954 and subsequent unconstitutional legislation which has dis-enfranchised
    White people whose ancestors built your country--BUT ALSO BROUGHT THE BLACKS AND MINORITIES INTO TOTAL AGITATION AND UNREST. It is not that there should not be equality of opportunity and no man has rights to have superior position to another because of any race or color--but to bring the confusion of enforcement into the already churning peoples can wily bring more hatred and contempt--which, of course, is the total intent.

    Perhaps you can better understand why your Supreme Court, under pressure
    from the Zionists, and sometimes with Zionists sitting in the august group, have banned prayer in public schools, Bible reading in schools, anything to do with the Christian/God celebration of Christmas? Can you understand why, in almost every case, it has been a Jew who has brought suit against school boards and municipalities. These are totally outspoken atheists. The Jewish-run ACLU which has pushed for the destruction of these Christian symbols also fits within this grouping. Today, they are laying the ground work for the removal of all town and city names which have a religious connotation: St. Paul, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Corpus Christi and thus and so....ridiculous? Well, none-the-less that is that which is under way! The head of the ACLU has openly gone on record in the boasting that "by the end of 1992, there will be no more Christian symbolism in any public place!"

    Perhaps now, in view of this information and control--it might be a bit easier for you to understand why your President Eisenhower, in direct violation of your Constitution, ordered Federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas a few years back to enforce Federal integration laws?

    Can you understand why President Johnson and 66 U.S. Senators, in spite of protests from 90% of the American public, voted for the pro-Communist Counsilar Treaty which opened the U.S. wide to Communist agents and saboteurs, even when your FBI publicly acknowledged that they KNEW there were thousands of them already in your country? Can you understand better why many of these same traitors in Washington, voted at a later date to give away your Canal in Panama to a Communist dictator, even though they knew it was dangerous to the very defense of your country? Funny thing about how that worked out, isn't it? You have agreements and contracts for drugs and money laundering and by golly, he was going to "nationalize" the Bush family resort property--so, the Panama invasion to suppress Noriega--an old ally and friendly criminal brother.

    These acts, dear ones, and the thousands more, can be named only as TREASON, according to your Constitution of the United States, Article III, Section 3. This section, written in words any school child can understand, defined treason as: "Treason shall consist only of, levying war against them (the U.S.) adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort". Notice nothing was said about it being necessary to be at war with a country--but your blessed government, military and administration has done that, too. Yet they turn about and call the precious few who speak out--the treasonists and non-patriotic, effort to kill them and bring ruin unto them while the nation is distracted by the lies. Well, that which goes forth shall come back in kind, a hundred-fold--it is the Cosmic Law of universal cycles of "that which ye plant--so shall ye reap in kind".

    My scribe and others who scribe directly for the Master Teacher and we of the Hosts sent directly from God, are accused of being Satanic--well, in the true sense of the definition of "satan", I certainly hope so--for they are very definitely "adversaries" of evil. But it is amusing, none-the-less that they who are in direct communication are the ones accused of the falseness, and not the total bigots who threaten their very lives in the name of the "Christian community" (oh pain and agony upon all).

    Why have not the American people risen up in indignation to demand that the traitors in Washington, D.C. and in your State Houses be accused, tried, convicted, and tended as traitors which they are? Why instead, do you see them being elected into office term after term after term with known indiscretions to their credit as in the case, say, of Alan Cranston of California who has cost you taxpayers BILLIONS of your dollars through illegal and criminal practices? Perhaps it could be that the statement of a well-known historian was true when he said: "TREASON prospers, what's the reason. For when TREASON prospers--NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON!" Have you regressed so far from the "faith of your fathers", which raised your country to international promi­nence, that you no longer care when traitors run rampant in the halls of gov­ernment and trample on your Constitution and practice all manners of vile, immoral acts?

    The time has come, Americans, when you must insist that an immediate, in-depth investigation and revelation be made of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Zionist-Americans in Washington who seek to run your country. These MUST be brought to account along with the alien FEDERAL RESERVE SYS­TEM, which has robbed America for over 75 years. You must insist that all priding be made public and that the conspirators be brought before the American people they have so woefully wronged and receive the just punishment for their treason. The time has come when you MUST take up the scalpel of truth and remove the cancer apathy has allowed to grow on your body politic and within your religious halls and places of teaching. You can no longer sit idly by and allow corrupt government to further sell you out. For you see, your freedom will not be lost on that day when a man with a red star on his helmet and an assault weapon in his arms hauls you off to the "concentration camps", or the "liquidation centers". Your freedom is lost when you see things happen in local government, in your town, in your local churches, you know are wrong, and you sit back before your TV sets and say: "I'm just one individual you know, everyone knows you can't buck city hall." Is that day already here? You have all but killed your own beloved America. You will haul her to the burial place, bury her, and over her grave erect a headstone with this epi­taph, perhaps: "AMERICA DIED, BECAUSE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF AMERICA DIDN'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED!"

    If you ever get up your "guts" enough to take this necessary step to stop this cancer, then there will surely be a of "witch hunts" and "a return to McCarthyism" and "anti-Semites" and other colorful and despicable accusations. This will come from the liberals who takedown your money in massive amounts and from the so-called "Judeo-Christian" (oh, nausea) so-called "churches". But you MUST realize that the founders of your Republic and the writers of your Constitution, even if imperfect, recognized historical fact. They knew that when a government turns from being the servant of the people, to try and master them, then it became right of the people, THEIR DUTY, to change that form of government and so preserve their God-given inalienable rights!

    Every unconstitutional act of your leaders in modern times, whether by Presidents Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, or Bush, were in line with the plans of the International Conspirators. Every un-constitutional decision which has been issued by your
    Supreme Court, whether under the liberal Earl Warren, or at this present time,
    has furthered this alien control over your America. Every traitorous decision by your elected Congress since 1913 has been to further the strangle-hold these aliens have on the American people--and I do NOT refer to little gray aliens from somewhere out there!

    You had best remember this: traitorous acts la your leaders, whether it be President, Congress, the Supreme Court, or whatever, never happen by any from of ACCIDENT. They have all been planned by the over-all blueprint for your destruction as a free people.

    You can bet anything you wish that the 70-plus Senators who "vote the straight Zionist ticket" (over two-thirds of your Congress) are under direct orders from the Conspiracy. They are, whether or not they will admit it to you-the-people. They have been bought and paid for and the blackmail comes down heavy indeed.

    Haven't you ever pondered just HOW a man can go into the U.S. Congress (when the Constitution gives the most power to the State representatives) and then come out in a few years as a multi-millionaire? Why do these men spend eight to ten million dollars to get elected to a job that pays a rather (proclaimed by the participants) meager salary? It might look good to you Joe, Tom, Dick or Harry but to those men who had to have a big raise--it must be small indeed.

    It really doesn't add up, does it? Especially, when they show by their actions and their voting records that they are not all that much interested in the welfare of the people who just put them into office. Do you think they spend all that money just for the prestige it brings them? Don't be stupid, America! There are very few men in your government today who are free from the "taint of treason and therefore keep silent".

    This is a good place to close this segment. We shall take up how Jacob Schiff entrapped the American people and the effect it has had on your "American Way of Life", which at one time was the shining light unto the entire world. I feel you need a bit more background prior to dealing with all that is under way this day. I am efforting to pull it together into a bit of a bundle whereby you can look at it a bit more closely and perhaps better understand why the thrust must be NOW if you are to reverse this monster which is consuming you as a nation and a people.

    May God rest His hand upon your beings that you might be given into the seeing of that which is upon you. Salu.

    Hatonn to clear, please.

    PJ 26
    CHAPTER 12

    THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1991 7:02 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 210

    Great blessings rest upon you ones who share with us, for it is the way we can KNOW that which is concerning your conscious mind. I feel that this is a good opportunity to respond to a few notes of REAL VALUE to ALL of you. I have one from J.M. which I wish to take item by item but it fills two pages and I have attempted to respond to his questions in the aggregate of our writing or in prose, as we have moved along. Yes, Dharma, I like to give you symbols you do not use for it keeps you alert, chela. And remember, most blessed are ye who stay alert! Readers, the egg comes on the Cosmic face, however, when I misuse a quite traditional term. All of you must keep in mind that my language is of the Universal and I, too, have to learn your languages. I believe I have a pretty good vocabulary according to my scribe's proficiency--grammar as to punctuation and spelling are quite another matter and you ones please forgive our errors. I ask that editors not tamper and please know, you in the public, that much of which I do and say annoys them greatly. I KNOW most of your "rules" but some of them are totally absurd and "remove" meaning from a sentence--which, of course, is why the ridiculous placement of punctuation. It matters greatly whether or not Esu might have said to the hanging man to his right--"Today I say, you shall be with me in Paradise". or "Today, I say, you will be with me in Paradise", or "Today: I say you will be with me in Paradise". Please understand that we are NOT writing books for Journalistic ex­cellence--WE ARE BRINGING THE TRUTH UNTO YOU AS FAST AND AS SIMPLY AS WE KNOW HOW TO DO SO.

    We expect to win no awards from Pulitzer nor the Nobel Peace Prize--for you must be a member of the Elite or a tool thereof and useful in some manner to the Elite--to get such awards. Besides, I feel we would fall into higher company than we could stand--for one of the Zionist Senators has come forth to nominate George Bush for the Peace prize right after he ordered the murder by bombing of some 130,000 Iraqis. This, by the way, introduces the first piece of correspondence. This is given in such love and trust that I wish you to accept it as it is given for it is such a great example.

    I ask that you read it first as, say, an American and/or "Coalition" person--then, read it as an Iraqi who has lost everything, including home, family, business and all in his life--caught in hell with no place to turn for escape.

    Dharma, leave out the business portion for that is private; begin with the second paragraph please.
    "March 8, 1991

    ".....While I have your ear, I'd like to say I'm puzzled by the lack of an explanation in the Expresses for what is a very different Allied war outcome than was projected by Hatonn. There should be no blaming of Hatonn for being "wrong"..he saw what was coming and simply re­ported it. What does need to be addressed is that SOMETHING changed that projection and we need to acknowledge the tremendous dif­ference an outpouring of prayer and Love can have on a negative situa­tion. We have just witnessed a miracle of sorts and there is no mention of it! Instead of hundreds of thousands of our troops dead, they are coming home.

    "Negativity can be reversed in thought and your readers need to understand this most powerful Truth. Understanding this, they will have something positive with which to work. I think some of the messages can be so overwhelming in import that they have had an adverse effect on some readers who become fearful and hopeless thinking there is nothing they can do. It's my opinion that the import of the messages need to be balanced with what readers can do to change these projections with their mind energies. They need to understand the unlimited power of Thought which is backed by Love.

    "There are many more snakes in the woodpile. It would be wonder­ful to have an informed readership actively reversing in thought, with the power of Love, all the insidious plans and activities of those who would enslave mankind. That would truly be an example of God in ac­tion and make your newsletter not only an important source of informa­tion, but a most worthy tool for accomplishing the mission of saving this planet not only for a remnant but for a real harvest!

    "Thank you for listening. And may the arms of the Infinite surround and protect us All forever and eternally. (L.F.)"

    Thank you Linda. I believe with the more recent writings I have given you insight into what happened in the Iraqi massacre. Pure and simply--the Russians shut the holocaust down to save for yet another day.

    Since this goes along with our Journal material I shall take time out for discussion of this point. It is not JUST military power supremacy--it is real con­frontation time in the Soviet Union. Gorbachev has led his people into the en­trapment of the Elite One Global Government headed by the Zionist Khazars who call themselves anything convenient to deceive the world. Gorbachev was given orders to stop the war for nuclear bombs were perched and aimed at each other, by both Iraq and Israel. The AGREEMENT was to have no NUCLEAR WAR before 1992--in the Middle East.

    I care not what the media tells you--over 2 MILLION Iraqis perished in your bombing raids. Some of the most wondrous churches which have stood nine times longer than the United States has been a nation, were destroyed. You were told it was at the hands of Saddam--no; it was from the bombs directly targeted upon those ancient and sacred structures. The evidence is not public so you can get your hands on it for it has been gathered and buried as quickly as it is released. However, I ask now that information be written herein which will give you cause to "remember" that which was told to you--BEFORE THE STORY REVERSED.

    On or about February 4 you were told that a church--some 1,900 years old and
    claimed by many to be the oldest church in existence--was heavily damaged in air raids.

    The story was ignored by the Establishment media and only came forth from underground papers and word of mouth. The media was ordered to hold the story. But you see, these things are precious within the Arab world and the news was a shock to the Arabs and it made the news of the day. Headlines in Jordan screamed objection that St. Toma (Thomas) Cathedral in the ancient city of Nineveh was destroyed. Nineveh was a remarkable city associated with the walking of the one you called Christ--and prior.

    The story has now been confirmed by the Vatican. The church was some nine times older than the United States and there is much anguish for now there are pictures and the destruction is awesome. Vatican spokesmen stated: "Iraq's oldest Christian church was severely damaged by an allied bombing raid in late January. St. Thomas Church near the northern city of Mosul (across the Tigris River from the ancient city of Nineveh) was practically destroyed by bombing." You can check it for yourself, the spokesman was Joaquin Navarro-Valls of the Vatican reporting to the Catholic News Service.

    The U.S. Pentagon remained mum as reports streamed back about St. Thomas Church, along with Islamic (Christian/Moslem) shrines in other Iraqi cities, being destroyed or badly damaged in targeted raids.

    Navarro-Valls said the Vatican was able to confirm through its own channels that the church was bombed. He said the roof was blown away and massive destruction was throughout the structure which remained standing.

    This one church in focus herein is located in ancient Nineveh, the ruins of an ancient capital of Assyria, about 120 miles north of Baghdad (about 140 miles north of ancient Babylon). The site is near Mosul, a major trading center and birthplace of Iraq's Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael I. Bidawid.

    Your California State Senator, Wadie P. Deddeh, a Chaldean Iraqi-American, told a local Catholic newspaper, "We don't know how many people are being maimed, injured and killed in the bombings. I pray to God that someone with Christian compassion will start to speak out as they (the Iraqi people) begin to bury their dead ones. But I don't see any compassion."

    The most "telling" portion of this story is that which was given unto you-the­ public. You were told that Saddam had ordered the bombing himself. You were told a whole bunch of garbage and I become irate at the acceptance of such as if you had one-track vision. It was the bombing of the Holy places which caused the Iraqis to hold the really destructive weapons. It was felt that it would become evident that they were NOT sending all the Scuds which were being fired--but alas, the media is more powerful than the truth.

    In "holding off retaliation" Israel demanded the bombing of certain sites--those of the shrines and churches. I warn you ones again--the Anti-Christ will wipe every sign of Christian belief from the planet if possible--and by any means pos­sible. Are these the precious Judeans of God? Of course not--they have no blood connection to anyone remotely referred to as Judean.

    There is no such thing as "right" in war but to blow away an ancient nation and the civilians therein is heinous beyond anything I can imagine. Saddam Hussein is ONE man--no more and no less, and to slaughter men, women and children under the guise of "getting Saddam" half a world away from you and no threat unto America in any manner what-so-ever is beyond heinous; you simply have no words for the truth of it.

    Precious Linda, do you see, dearest one--that it is hard for me to respond to your "miracle" through Love and Prayer? Do you see where God is placed by man? Who shall die and who shall live? Your sons or theirs? Is it a "miracle" of "Godness" to the grieving and still dying nation of Iraq? THERE ARE NO WINNERS IN WAR--WAR IS EVIL AND THERE IS NEVER JUST CAUSE FOR WAR--DEFENSE IN FACE OF DEATH IS HONORABLE--ALL WAR IS EVIL.

    The Soviets stopped the war (in response to your inquiry) and you had to agree for you have not the military power of the Soviets, who, like you, have only continued massive increase in weaponry and space power. You could not even get your shuttle off the ground--remember? But yes, there is nothing more powerful than Prayer through honorable and selfless intent, through Love. It will be that which salvages your planet--through confrontation and recognition of TRUTH of how it IS. If you do not come up from out of the lies, you have no notion for that which you petition unto God.

    My being is laden down with pain as I bring these messages unto you, my brothers and sisters. We write until Dharma's heart is bursting and the keyboard wet from our sorrow--but it is our commitment and our mission for it is ordained by God that you shall be brought into knowing. I, too, often plead to have this cup lifted from me I see that which lies ahead and man awakens so slowly and often--when awake--cares not in the least.

    As for your troops coming home, hold up your rejoicing for the ribbons and flags will be tattered and torn before these sons and daughters of your America all come home again. SOME of your loved ones are coming home. You knew not how many were sent--over a million when you were told half as many. How many have returned? You see, you know not for in the great distraction and reveling there is no notice.

    Where is Saddam? Is he really? Where are the weapons? You know that Baker has just been dealing and giving away more of your property and making concessions to Israel and now Assad in Syria. They are now pulling the most powerful terrorists together in order to control you who will object when you open your eyes, into forceful surrender.

    As is coming in the Arab nations--there comes a time when the poverty and very lives in the living become so negative in oppression that death is preferred. That is when the world shall quake in her tracks for the people will ultimately rise against the offender and oppressor--remember: "From bondage comes spir­ituality, etc." You are in the Reign of Evil upon your planet. It was written thus and yes, you must act and act with intelligence--but you cannot act if you know not what against nor who is your enemy and refuse to accept same.

    Yes, I am aware that our messages are of such magnificent and overwhelming import that they have an adverse effect on some readers--through fear and hope­lessness. However, I must continue to give forth unto dim strong and allow the weak to gain strength in their own time for the moment is at hand for the unveiling and so shall it come to be that Truth be laid bare and the beast revealed for he has all but devoured your civilization and destroyed the wondrous Mother Planet as well in his greed and need for blood and destruction. I shall not back away in order to offend no one--I shall continue to pour forth Truth until the cup of lies is emptied.

    My brother, whom you have called Pale Prophet, Jesus, Esu, etc., (the Christos now Sananda), travels in my presence upon the craft of the golden wings of the Phoenix craft and he is giving forth explanation of the commandments as origi­nally presented in truth, as well as setting the words to right which have been changed by the deceivers. That will come forth to you as it is readied for the printing. It shall come from another scribe so that you ones can better find bal­ance of acceptance and Dharma cannot bear this burden alone--the load is too heavy in your trap of "time".

    As to your "business", Linda. Do not think that anything has changed greatly in the "business" world. They plan to take it all from you-the-people and I cannot project that which will be by July nor would I make projection if I could. The shackles are tightening daily behind the distractions. You are getting ready to be dumped on again--an additional $30 BILLION was just poured into the S&L RTC. Your banks are being shifted to central banking under the claws of the "Big One"--the entire thrust is to structure the entire world (and it is under way from Employee/Pension benefits to Health Insurance) under one form of operation. The plan is to move out of the U.S. in massive evacuation to places where labor is cheap and no problem, leaving America to pay the price and be reduced to willingness to come under the PLAN. This is all set to be in place and operational by year 2000. So you see time is running on the clock and windows of opportunity are likely to be brief at best. You must each take that which we can share with you and then go with that which seems right in action--I can do no more and certainly my human counterparts who take this additional load unto themselves in service unto you readers, can do no more than offer and serve.

    May I, herein, take opportunity to give a humble "thank-you" to one who has gifted our publisher with funds to send volumes of information unto some 170 legislators in the state of North Carolina. He has asked for silence as to resource but we of the brotherhood of Hosts, thank you most gratefully. I ask that California State Senator, Wadie P. Deddeh get as much information personally, as you can send to him--immediately! George, will you see to it, son? You ones tend to forget that the Iraqis, too, are your brothers and fellow-citizens and the pain is beyond belief for these brothers for they have not been pulled away so completely from family and tradition as have the generations of Americans under constant attack and deceiving.

    How can it be that the most wondrous nation in the world has come to be the most feared and abhorred? The rest of the nations can see that which has come to be and hold only love for you-the-people and feel great sorrow for you for the veil has not been drawn so tightly as to blind others as has been done unto

    Be aware of that which is coming in getting you prepared--every day now, they are telling you NOT to expect the rest of all your loved ones home for this or that reason, in Iraq. They are telling you openly that it will be a long time before you can have your loved ones back--LISTEN TO THAT WHICH THEY SAY TO YOU!

    Think you that all the mysterious crashes and petro/chemical company explosions are accidental acts of nature? Come, come, beloved ones--do not tie the yellow ribbons into blindfolds--you are under attack in a most insidious manner and the facts are instantly covered to insure no panic while the "Elite" come to understanding. You are getting some follow-up lessons of hand-slapping for launching a Vandenberg missile and an Arian French rocket with your military satellite aboard last week. The government knew EXACTLY where the retalia­tion would be to the place and minute. The enemy you do not yet perceive has incredible abilities at command.

    Now, Dharma, print the second letter please, the one asking anonymity within the press, from Dr. C.J.M.

    "March 10, '91

    "Dear Hatonn,

    "I want to confirm your allegation that the news media is completely controlled. I was "shocked" when this happened on commercial TV, but it just confirms what you said and if there are deletions and manipula­tions of facts on this one incident, then I can imagine what goes on on a large scale. A few weeks ago, right after the ground war started, there was a plane crash at Los Angeles International Airport. RIGHT AWAY WITHIN MINUTES, ON THE SPOT, reporters were there talking to wit­nesses, live in person and witnesses over the phone. At least five wit­nesses said that they heard a "POP", an explosion and there were large flames engulfing the tail section 10 - 20 miles away from the airport from where people were watching from their apartments. Later on--on the "regular" news hour and the days following, nothing was ever men­tioned about this and it was blamed totally on airport controllers and the congested traffic. Sincerely, CJM."

    I believe this speaks clearly for truth in reporting. I can give you more personal information. On the following day from that "crash" my scribe was in L.A. and "happened" to bump into a young reporter from one of the L.A. TV chan­nels, who is a friend of Scribe's son. He had been on "duty" all night from the moment of the crash and never left the site until 20 minutes before the encounter. He said that all information was censored and "no-one" could "or would" say what happened but it appeared the smaller plane underneath was NOT in the flight path but actually off to the side of the runway--so something was badly amiss and reporters were simply not being given information. I believe we all know what happened! Dear ones, if you allow yourselves to be se­dated--then I hope you sleep well for you are in the midst of it--you are losing your nation and your freedom. So be it.

    I need my Scribe elsewhere so we shall bring this to a close. When we write again, we will pick up with the Journal, Dharma, but I needed to respond publicly to these two writers. Thank you.

    I wish to acknowledge some incredibly interesting information which continues to flow from a group who has done great research into these adversary groups of which we are writing, and in addition, are unearthing great control having been inserted from the Vatican/Papal source. Indeed, dear ones, we will get there also, for do you not see? It is all of the same. Evil has usurped every place of Godness and is now bringing into final unification, the Elite Plan. Dear ones, cannot speak strongly enough--you are in grave circumstance and I plead with you to see and hear for the time is at hand for that which you have been expecting for lo, these generations. The time has come for the revelations.

    Salu, Gyeorgos Hatonn

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