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    Default 응답: PJ#056, SEX and the LOTTERY

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 15


    MON., OCTOBER 12, 1992 8:57 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 57

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1992

    Within the past 24 hours a Delta rocket with satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral and simultaneously came the an­nouncement that the "Communications Grid" for extraterres­trial search is going to be activated to coincide with Columbus' discovery of America and other hogwash.

    They are simply getting ready with equipment, and YOU ready to accept, that which will be coming down in the next few weeks. The "authorities" state that it is expected that full com­munications from extraterrestrials will "...come in on a very narrow 'artificial' frequency!" What in the world is an "artificial" frequency? That is exactly like saying you are "just a little bit pregnant". You are either pregnant or you are not! You either have a "frequency" or you do not! Arti­ficial? Well, whatever the traffic will allow!

    We are heard loud and clear in as many languages as there are people using a language. YOU are the dupes and my, how they do laugh at you--to the point they don't even bother to give you good stories--they deliberately feed you total B.S. to see how much they can get away with and play their games and tricks on you. These get sillier and more "far-out" because you will take ANYTHING they dish out without a whimper or a notice.
    What, also, is the foolishness over Christopher Columbus discovering America.? He didn't, in the first place; in the second place, it was not in the area of the U.S. and thirdly, he is now given credit by the Native Americans as having murdered "thousands of Indians". Well they aren't "Indians", they are "Humans" and represent the native population of the Americas and fourthly, as usual, Columbus didn't kill ANYBODY. Why in the world take exception to that which is a stupid "celebration" reached for by the elusive world thieves while ig­noring anything that could change the nation into a worthwhile "free" state? You innocent lambs play into the hands and plans for distraction and subversion at every opportunity! These ac­tions will cost you dearly during the next few years--IF there ARE a "next few years".

    You do realize don't you, that the great pyramids are in full sight of Cairo? This quake was also described as "...the worst quake to ever hit the area". (??) Moreover, it was not a big quake unless they change the numbers.

    This is the most important thing to watch--not the debates but the response to the debates.

    Immediately after last evening's debate Clinton had a walk-away according to the networks. However, today on CNN you will note that Perot was given a great deal of top billing and it was "rather decided" that maybe Perot "won". Note the next obser­vation as presented by the announcers: "...it appeared that Perot backed Bush more than he did Clinton in his "off the cuff re­sponses", even though it was obvious he was "efforting to keep off either side". Oh? Could it be that the top bananas know the danger of the Clinton camp with the backing of the WORLD MANIPULATORS who would fall into line on the top row front of a Clinton "win"? This is going to turn into a very interesting turn of events--so keep posted and by all means go back and read the description of early-on plans for just such an "emergency"!

    Amusing or heinous? The organizers of the "debates" fully ex­pect lawsuits over not even giving mention to other candi­dates of other parties or independents--but "...we can tie it up in court until after the fact of election--so go ahead and sue!" The cost of the TV time is being paid by the brewers, Anheuser Busch, a Khazarian One Worlder brewery. They won't even talk to the Law Center about it, stating that "...they don't have anything to do with speakers--WE JUST PAY THE BILLS!"

    If this is not a "free public debate", then does this not represent massive political "contributions" to "special interest politics"? Was this not billed as a forum for "informing the public"? Well, this is NOT what youze gets. You got orchestrated politi­cal action committee "sell-out-buy-out". There were a lot of things about the debates that you were not told perhaps? Ponder it.

    You are watching depopulation in action in many nations around the globe now. Typhus which seems to be "unresponsive to any drug" is sweeping across nation after nation, as is Hepatitis B.

    NOW, LET'S LOOK AT THE U.S. NAVY STATED GOAL: THE AIDS VIRUS IS TO INFECT 75% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION BY 1995! Why the Navy? Because U.S. Naval Intelligence is THE crown jewel of the One World Order. The facts are that the Naval Intelligence group is THE way that your Ft. Knox gold was shipped out of the United States and into the Banksters' banks and vaults and as payment to dear little Israel! Its time you open your eyes and ears, put down the stones and get off your assets!

    Inoculation for Hepatitis will soon become mandatory and THAT is how the introduction of AIDS into the American pop­ulation started in the first place--through laced vaccine.

    Another thing that you ARE NOT TOLD, is that HIV I, one form of "AIDS" has been airborne in Southeast Asia for a great number of years!

    Will you continue to fiddle while the world burns? We shall see.

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 16


    MON., OCTOBER 12, 1992 9:46 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 57

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1992

    Yes, indeed, I AM the catcher of complaints. I find it interest­ing to note what kind of complaints I get. A major one is that "...you don't give us what we want to read about, can't you stop writing about____ and write more about_____ ?" and, "...you
    have to start us more information about what you say be­cause I don't have time to read everything and so I don't know what you are talking about some of the time."

    Chelas, this is NOT "vote-out" or "vote-in" favorite subjects. This is NOT a case of "democratic" voting on my presentations. I will give you what you request to the best of my human coun­terparts' ability to serve you--BUT NO, I WILL NOT COMPROMISE ALL FOR THE ONE "IF" THE ONE CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THE INFORMATION IF HE/SHE WILL DO THE HOMEWORK!

    "Each" reader cannot see the whole of the reading public and, if I share letters, we are then condemned for doing that also. We have to simply keep going and perchance somewhere down the line we will hit upon your "favorite" subject material. I am not even efforting to give you what "you want" nor am I choosing subjects for specific groups who, for instance, want to tinker with "black energy boxes". I have a big subject on "black boxes" which I am working toward at this very moment--and you are not going to like what I write about it. YOU want them to HEAL. The adversary is using them to torture and mentally program the population. The more severe testing procedures are being used in prison or training camp situations along with groups of "demonstrators".

    I HAVE ONE THING TO OFFER YOU AS SHIELDING AGAINST THIS TECHNOLOGY--GOD! God Light frequency is the ONLY shield you can get to interrupt those pulsed fre­quency bombardments. I can't tell how to technologically gain that attribute but ones such as Randy Weaver have it and one reason he must be taken OUT is that "...he knows too much and he couldn't be reprogrammed." This makes him more danger­ous than any spy or evangelical speaker on any circuit. The evangelists are telling you EXACTLY what the World Order Elite want you to hear and believe--a MAN OF GOD TELLS IT LIKE IT "IS" AND IT ISN'T WITH FLOWERS AND WHISK-AWAY RAPTURES. YOU WHO CANNOT BE BRAINWASHED FOR REPROGRAMMING ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS ENTITIES ALIVE FOR THE ADVER­SARY AND THE "ULTIMATE WORLD PLAN" .

    Therefore, you are going to have to be patient with me while I outlay information as I see that it can be taken within in some sort of understanding. KNOW that we effort to serve ALL and EACH but we have human limitations for our crew and they are to the breaking point of fatigue and overstress.

    I am infinitely grateful to you who continue to write and support (and to you who pick and hit) for both are necessary in order that we give balance and impact in its most acceptable form.

    To you who share for the "phone line"--blessings! It is through this kind of information, either rumor or fact--that the brother can discern and catch the clues. The lies will sort of themselves in this forum and so will Truth--for the open mind "trained" to REALLY hear and see will KNOW. (Ed. note: Call 805-822­0202 for daily updates from Hatonn)

    Now, Dharma, find the write-up on the Kahl patriot affair for it is a demonstration of this very subject in point. Patriots who do not do service primarily for God first and other things next, are not in protection. You will note last evening that there was such a careful lack of attention to GOD OF LIGHT as to stun the senses in that "debate". You will not succeed until one comes forth in the "name of God" with intent in total direction to God and while you function and "believe" the garbage you are trained to eat, it looks grim. However, interesting to note: GOD DOES WIN!

    QUOTING: Christian Revolt Long Overdue, by Ray Jude-vich, Ph.D.

    Yorie von Kahl, a Federal prisoner who was almost killed by deluded marshalls because he bravely stood by his fa­ther, Gordon Wendell Kahl, describes his father's intellectual and spiritual journey in a private letter to me (Ray Jurjevich). Gordon Kahl was an extremely brave American soldier in WW II. He was wounded twice and much decorated. He came out of the war to be shocked at FDR's sellout of the United States, seeing the Communists as the only beneficiaries of the war for which America footed most of the bill and invested thousands of lives in a non-victory for their own country. For two years Gordon Kahl studied the patterns of betrayal of America. He saw Communists as the most visible internationalist operators. He recognized the Jews as the chief promoters of the traitorous schemes. He recognized the United Nations, and the League of Nations before it, as the instruments of the internationalist pen­etration into the American sphere and preparation for enslave­ment. The layers of conspiracy were peeling off like the skins of an onion. But it was only about 1968 that he recognized in­ternational and "Jewish" Masonry at the center of the anti-American schemes.

    Being a brave and consistent man, he refused to pay taxes be­cause they were sneaked upon American people by alien plotters and were a violation of the American Constitution. The gov­ernment operatives (judges, IRS, federal marshals) were mobilized against him and he was finally crushed. He was destroyed not because he was dangerous to the American state (he was a patriot and dutiful citizen) but because he knew the most dan­gerous secret--that Americans are ruled by their enemies, the Judeo-Masons and "Jewish" bankers. He had to be silenced be­fore the secret became known to a sizeable number of Americans and people had to be scared away from "dangerous ideas". That is also why his son, Yorie, who had not fired a shot at the marshals, and barely survived their shooting him in cold blood, was given two consecutive life sentences in the Judeo-American system of "justice".

    [H: How many of you noticed the prime point in last evening's "presidential" debates? It had to do with eco­nomics: ALL candidates spoke of income taxes (that means IRS) WHICH ARE NOT LAWFUL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, AND ALL THREE agreed that the Federal Re­serve "should be kept separate" and touted what a good job Greenspan has done running it. Here you have ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE THREE PEO­PLE PLEDGING TO RUN YOUR NATION--ALL WILL SIMPLY BRING YOU MORE WITHIN THE HORREN­DOUS NET OF DOMINATION. I was indeed inspired to further service by the realization that "our readers" watched those "debates" with different vision than all other viewers and, although you may feel "frustrated", chelas, enjoy your insight for you are truly growing and in that "knowing" Truth, you can become free as a person and then as a na­tion.]

    I chose the term "liquidated" deliberately. That is a Bolshe­vik/Commun-ist expression for murdering the opponents or al­leged enemies and traitors of the Marxist Party in power by the use of state terrorism. The quasi-legal murder of Gordon Kahl by the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Gov't) police is in no essential aspect different from murders of opponents in any Communist-enslaved country. The purpose is certainly the same: to stop the spread of "dangerous ideas" by not only killing the informed person, but, even more importantly, to scare other citizens from moving in the "dangerous" direction and inducing the mass of ordinary citizens to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil about the Communist, anti-human regime, and even less about its "Jewish" sponsors.
    While other citizens invested their energies and time in trying to get rich or even barely survive economically, Gordon studied avidly the machinations of the Jews in usurping governmental powers and running the United States for their own benefit. He received no Ph.D., or M.D. or D.Sc., but if once this country is liberated from the ZOG, Gordon Kahl should be awarded posthumously an honorary doctorate in patriotic science.

    Four months before February 13, 1983--the date of the am­bush by the Federal Marshal of the peaceable citizen Gordon Kahl at Medina, North Dakota--Len Martin, a teacher and pa­triot, got acquainted with him and interviewed him about the se­cret and dangerous insights he had reached. The statements quoted below are those of Gordon Kahl. It had taken him years of reading, reflection and putting the pieces together into a meaningful and shocking whole.

    Twelve million Americans were mobilized in WW II, but only a very small number of them reached the conclusion that they had been "used" by some power beyond and above the le­gitimate U.S. government. Later Gordon formulated the con­clusion that at the center of that power were the Jewish Interna­tional Bankers and their front, the Freemasons. A movement was afoot to take over the United States. From 1930 to 1950-­Gordon's research indicated--five million Jews had settled in his country.

    His observations, he writes, "....started while I was on duty in Italy in 1943-1944, although the significance of the incident wasn't realized until later.

    "We noticed that Jews were getting on ships after supplies had been unloaded. There were a couple of Jewish fellows in our outfit. We asked them where these people were going and found they were ALL going to the United States. As the ships were unloaded, they would reload the ships with every Jew they could get aboard.

    "We just thought these Jews were escaping from Germany. We had believed all the propaganda about how Hitler was exe­cuting them, so we didn't think anything about it.

    "I didn't know what a Jew really was until I was in the army. One of the first things I learned about Jews was that you could hardly get them to fight. They were in the quartermasters, sup­ply, medics and things like that--anything not dangerous. That's where most of them were hiding out until the war was over.

    The Jews, Gordon realized, seemed to be groomed for a Communist Zionist takeover of America. The newcomers from Europe were changing their names. "During the summer of 1945, just before the war ended, I was a flight instructor in South Carolina. My gunnery officer, who had subscribed to the Washington Post, would bring it out to the base every day and show us pages and pages of names of Jewish immigrants who were getting INSTANT naturalization and many of them were changing their names at the same time. They were changing from their Jewish names to common names like Smith, Miller and many used Scandinavian names like Olson, Johnson, etc. The Post printed both the old name and the new name--like Ginsberg became Olson, etc." [H: But what a beautiful way to simply "phase out" those entities so that when it came to identifying persons who made it through the so-called holo­caust--the truth could be totally buried for those original "named" persons would no longer exist.]

    "The Jews didn't have to wait 5 years like everybody else be­fore becoming eligible for citizenship. They got it immediately. This alone is a pretty good indication that the Jews are 'running the show' in our country.

    [H: STOP (10:54 a.m.)! What you just experienced was a complete change in frequency pulses. The system grid was just engaged and anything can happen. Go now and check all latch-downs and remove anything from teetering situa­tion to the floor. When all the grid is again activated and in­terconnected with the satellite system (which may now have to wait for the next proper location of the orbiting receivers), there will be reactions--hopefully of small magni­tude but most likely of great reaction. At this point all I can do is document. Check your things, Dharma, alert the per­sonnel to re-check latchdowns on computers, etc., and let's go on with our work--this will go on for days. Go tie down the apples or you will be having a neighborhood "apple hunt". Every one of our readers has been warned again and again about the possibilities of action today--we can do no more, so check things and let us resume work, please.]

    Why would they otherwise be encouraged to take Gentile names, which is the first step toward assimilation, when the leading Jews wanted them to retain their Jewish identity? The secret headquarters of the planned ascendancy evidently had some scheme in mind. The United States was the only major power that had to be subdued before the One-World govern­ment could be established. The influx of the Jews was arranged with some hidden scheme in mind.

    Another extremely important fact discovered by Gordon and unknown to most Americans is that the U.S.S.R. was established by the "Jewish" bankers:

    It is becoming more common knowledge among the Ameri­can people that the Jewish International Bankers were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.

    By the time 1917 rolled around, Jewish financiers were al­ready entrenched in America's financial affairs to the point that they even owned America's central bank, the Federal Reserve.

    One of these financiers, Jacob Schiff, a Jewish European banker then living in America, kicked in 20 million dollars to help finance the revolution in Russia. Twenty million dollars was a tremendous amount of money in those days. This 20 mil­lion, along with other Jewish financing, enabled a Jewish revo­lutionary named Trotsky and a group of trained revolutionaries from New York's Jewish lower east side to be smuggled into Russia to engineer the Jewish takeover of Russia and to install Communism.

    A third geo-political set of factors concerned Germany. Her people had to be crushed before the Communist/bankers domi­nation could be established in Europe.

    Once Russia was in the hands of these International Bankers, the only power that stood in the way of conquering Europe was Germany.

    Since control of the money in Germany had long been in the hands of the Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds, it was easy to flood the country with unbacked paper money and weaken the German economy. By 1923, the German Mark was so worth­less it took a wheel-barrow full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. The current inflation in the United States is caused by the same bunch of international bankers and can cause a collapse in the United States just as they did in Germany in 1923. The stage is set; they are just waiting until the time is ideal.

    Anyway, the collapse of the economy in Germany set the stage for a "savior"--someone who would lead the German peo­ple out of their predicament. Smooth talking Hitler emerged as that savior.

    Backed by American Jewish bankers and, I guess, a few Eu­ropean ones, Hitler began building up the German war machine. [H: Don't fritter your time by arguing this point--I want you to note how you can't even get "Bo" Gritz' name mentioned in public and tell me how an unknown kooky nerd could gain control of a whole nation and a military machine in just brief months unless he had a lot of help and got a whole bunch of financing--he was a paper-hanger, remember?] By 1939, the war machine was ready, so Hitler started the war in Europe.

    With the war in Europe in progress, it was easy for the Jew­ish-controlled newspapers and radio in the United States to create a war scare. Soon the draft was started and factories began manufacturing war equipment and supplies. Keep in mind one thing--wars are the Jew's harvest! [H: This, according to their own decrees.]
    The most dangerous realization was the fact that the FBI and the CIA, contrary to public "knowledge", are, like Communism and "democracy", tools of the Jewish bankers to advance their goal of One-World Government. A number of patriots had written in the same vein. Gordon had met a converted Jew who left the CIA because his conscience bothered him:

    He had found out what the CIA really was--that the CIA al­ways worked both sides of a conflict. One bunch of the CIA agents would be helping the left wing and one bunch would be helping the right wing. He said it works out that the left wing gets just a little more help than the right wing and the right wing always loses out.

    Remember China, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola, Yu­goslavia? The pattern is unmistakable. It was a British OSS chieftain Stephenson, for instance, who "discovered" Tito among Yugoslav mine workers in Canada, got him trained in the USSR and finally, with British help, established him as the bloody dic­tator of Yugoslavia. The right wing leader, General Mi­hailovich, abandoned by London and Washington, lost to Tito. [H: Anyone see a major similarity in "happening to find" a man to head the current area of Yugoslavia--from the Elite business community in of all places, California, U.S.A.? There surely isn't any gain on "peace" in Yugoslavia this day!]
    Another insight of U.S. patriots and students regarding the anti-Christian conspiracy concerns the Rockefellers as the prin­cipal pro-Communist conspirators and supporters of secularism and Masonic ideology.

    "Many informed people," says Kahl, "claim the CIA is Rock­efeller-controlled. This is very possible because the Rocke­fellers are really Roggenfelds from Germany. When they came to America, they changed their name to Rockefeller. There was a book written listing the top 500 Jewish families in the United States. It was written by Jews for Jews, and only 500 copies of the book were printed. These 500 copies went to just the 500 elite Jewish families in the United States and the Rockefellers were among this elite group."

    Gordon suspected, for good reasons, that all secret services, particularly in the Western World, are coordinated by the Jew­ish secret police, the Mossad. Now that is a very dangerous thought. It's almost eerie that Gordon spoke several months be­fore his death as if he anticipated it:

    "In our country, the FBI and U.S. Marshals will 'shut up' anyone who gets too outspoken in telling the truth about the causes of our nation's problems. The FBI and U.S. Marshals can kill or lock up, for any old reason, anyone who tries to ex­pose the truth and the courts will back them up. Red Beckman calls the U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges the 'greatest cover-up gang' in history."

    The most astounding revelation about the anti-Christ conspir­acy is that Freemasonry is the chief sponsor of Communism and that both are fronts for the Jewish conquest of the world. The Catholic Church, for a while after the year 1800, used to call Masonry "Judeo-Masonry" because for all practical purposes Masonry is second-class Jewry.

    The good-sounding civic and social ideals of Freemasonry and Communism (liberty, equality and justice) are only bait for dumb Christians. The two fronts are the chief means of re­cruiting Christians to do the destructive Jewish job. Christians are so profoundly duped that they perform services antagonistic to their own Christianity, misguided by the false goals.

    "It has gotten to the point," Gordon observes, "...where so-called Christians are trying to out-do the Jews. They are doing just like the Jews do, only they are trying to do it better. They are willing to sell their souls for money. Most of these money and power-hungry non-Jews, who have achieved success in the business and political world, are Masons--MASONS.

    "When I got to tying this Communism thing to Jewry, I found that Communism was nothing more than a smoke-screen that the Jews operated behind. That's when I really woke up to what is going on in the world. Later, when I stumbled onto the fact that Masonry was set up as a front organization for Jewry--well, it was almost too unbelievable to grasp at first. I had to dig deeper to find out more about it to satisfy my curiosity. What I found was not very pleasant.

    "This Masonic bit is so secretive that few outside the Masonic higher circle are aware of the true character of the evils of Ma­sonry. Even lower degree Masons are not aware of the part Masonry has played in the manipulation of world events.

    "To make matters worse, there are masses of non-Jews, the goyim (human cattle) who willingly sell their souls and sell out their friends to get with this subversive crowd."

    Some of the Jews confided to Kahl that there is a center of Jewish power that coordinates the anti-Christian campaign on the globe, with subordinate regional centers responsible for ac­tion on particular continents. Readers may have difficulty ac­cepting this information because they have been conditioned by the media and by education to reject such ideas of central plan­ning and the initiating bodies as too fantastic to believe. Yet, when one surveys the growth of Jewish controls over the Chris­tian states through revolutions and ideological corruption over the last two hundred years, one cannot imagine that such events could have happened of themselves. Only chaos can occur without sponsorship and as the result of irrational forces. Any social structures that have to be built over decades or centuries are the result of some planning agencies, public or secret.


    * * *
    We can finish the writing on Kahl when we again sit for I don't wish the individual writings to be longer than this, without break, for there is too much physical stress to go without change in these long sessions. Thank you.

    I am extremely occupied, however, this day so please notify me when we can again write. Thank you.

    Hatonn to stand-by.

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    Default 응답: PJ#056, SEX and the LOTTERY

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 17


    TUES., OCTOBER 13, 1992 11:37 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 58

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1992

    No earthquakes on the 12th? (???) Really? The worst earth­quake ever known to the area of Egypt--near the pyramids and in the general area of Cairo with great devastation to, especially, the peasant class of people--and you think there were no earth­quakes on the 12th? YOU are only a PART of this world, little ones. That earthquake in Egypt was one of the most important "signs" ever to come upon your planet.

    As important as is the San Andreas Fault in California--it is not important to anyone in Cairo, Egypt.

    In addition, to you watchers: The earth never stopped shaking the entirety of yesterday and is still quivering like jello in the desert areas. The changes in pulse frequencies now bom­barding from the new "grid hookup" which was activated yesterday for "E.T. search" have caused heart arrhythmias and other seeming medical problems. There is an urgent "push" to cause some ones to be moved from these areas who are connected to the "administration" and/or Elite planners. You ones must watch closely and you will get guidance as to your own timing and actions. It is going to be much like a roller-coaster ride here on in.
    Ones prefer to not believe much that I give because it contra­dicts almost ALL that human gives forth (until after the fact and too late). I told you AIDS is the last great plague. Whatever comes after will be directly connected to this man-created virus if it be biological microscopic life-form. Other disease packages will not measure up to this one except as the VIRUS IS INTE­GRATED WITHIN THE DNA STRUCTURE OF OTHER PATHOGENS. By the way--the first man-made virus was cre­ated as a man-made life form in Israel--and perfecting of the DNA replication and alteration, along with introduced muta­tions, has never ceased.

    The reason I speak of it today is because your U.S. ex-Surgeon General, Koop, reported yesterday--TO THE PUBLIC--that there is no cure for AIDS, no precautions are SAFE, it is a virus which mutates individually with EVERY separate DNA cell blueprint. Once in the cell the cell is altered and BY YEAR 2000 HE EXPECTS MORE THAN 100 MILLION TO BE WRIITEN OFF. That, dear ones, is PEOPLE. I might add, however, that that is THE number by which the United States is supposed to decrease its population numbers by year 2000.

    Terrifying force? What might that be? Will it be "aliens"? Will it be police? Well, here is one to attend: Word has come this morning and follow-up contacts have been made to get some kind of verification as to authenticity. The news does not ap­pear to be very good on this next subject.

    George called this morning to report a call from New Orleans wherein ones on the unloading dock at the harbor there dropped a shipping crate which broke open. In the few minutes involved it was discovered there were numerous "guillotines". Now this would be unnerving in itself but before the line was cleared an­other called from San Francisco wanting to know about the guillotines being off loaded in San Francisco in great numbers. Not to be outdone, came a report of numerous guillotines being brought into Las Vegas.

    The person from Las Vegas was really undone because this one remembered something about beheading (or something similar) in PUBLIC LAW 102-14. I am not going to do this research for you but it does sound exactly like the Khazarian Mossad activi­ties which took place in the French Revolution, does it not?

    Is this whole thing a farce? Does it matter? If the information comes forth as separated reports from such widely diverse places--is it not either a "scare tactic" which is obviously "orchestrated and planted" or there is some fire wherefrom comes the smoke? Are these going to be used against the politi­cal despots--or against the patriots? I can only suggest that all get "squared away with God". I, further, mean Christ-God of Creator/Creation. The Luciferian god is NOT going to give you Salvation or lift-off. You had best be clearing up insight right quickly.

    I know that you are only interested in that which is happening TO YOU. But, what is going to happen to YOU is already hap­pening in other nations about your globe so you cannot wear blinders any longer. The "piper" is at the door to be paid--he has gotten rid of all the Christ restrictions on your life-style and played his tune so that you did not have to confront right or wrong--you could simply follow the physical desires, lusts, greed and other "wrong" perceptions. You sold him your soul for the freedom of self to believe the lies--now he is at your door to take possession and receive his payment for services. Do you really think that the evil kingpin is going to let you get away with bowing and scraping and "believing" that some man "died for you, instead of you and absolved YOU of all responsi­bility for actions--2000 years ago?" Do you hear the peals of laughter yet ringing in your ears? He is here to collect his "slaves" and take possession of all property and possessions.

    How many of you turned away God who came to your door asking you to hear? Now you WILL hear the adversary for he didn't even have to knock and you let him in, supped him, slept with him, fornicated with him and did all manners of things which you KNEW were unclean and unGodly. You are simply confronting the reaper who comes to harvest his crops--you and your soul are his crops. How many will be used as "examples" from the followers of, say, the evangelists who led the march to the sea with you lemmings in gleeful tow?

    It may give you on the West Coast a little more confirmation as to what might be planned in that "those military bases being de­activated"--ARE ready for occupancy and/or abandonment.

    On ALL other bases there are now underway drills for quake actions and survival with major drills scheduled for the first week in December. This information comes by "notice", not gossip.

    The San Onofre (nuclear energy) generating plant at San Clemente, south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego, is be­ing shut down. The reason given is that it is old and that makes it "possibly" dangerous. Brothers, it is either already contami­nating the area and/or what is expected is too dangerous to allow chance-taking when it goes with the first throes of "the big one" in Southern California. What this SHOULD tell you, if nothing more--is that "someone" knows a whole heck of a lot more than you are told.

    What about predictions and prophecies? I don't have much comment about them for all scientific data shows substantial foundation for predictions in these days of startling happenings.

    Someone in a publication called Earth Changes, I recall some time back--told you there was an expectation of a MAJOR earthquake within 75 miles of San Diego on or before the 14th of October (now). I believe he called it a "window" or some­thing similar. Then between the 18th and 23rd comes a major prophecy from one who is "usually" correct that there will be a "big one" in California measuring at least 8 points. Well, the quakes have never stopped in California since the Landers quake. I will say that the former gentleman hit the exact date accurately of the Landers quake earlier this summer.

    What does all this mean? It means you are in a time of massive earth changes around your entire globe and they are not simple acts of God and Nature. Even if they would all be of natural cause--it would be worthy of full attention.

    The way the Elite ALWAYS heal the wounds of depression and hard times--IS THROUGH WAR! I suggest you REALLY lis­ten to what the politicians are telling you--because, between the lines of their "other" written speeches, lies the hidden truth. If they tell you that you are at peace--KNOW THAT YOU ARE AT WAR, etc.

    To hear people cheer as Mr. Bush says there is no longer Com­munism in Europe, that there is "peace" in Europe and that Communism and the Soviet Union are dead--is almost more than I can bear. If you find peace, freedom, security and economic growth ANYWHERE in that part of the world, I would like you to point it out to me. I wonder about the Sarajevo-Bosnia winter coming up. I wonder how those people will fare under Kissinger Associates "advice" and orchestration of "doings" and under the "guidance" of a puppet "president" from California.

    Does Mr. Kissinger annoy me? Indeed he does but not for the reasons you might at first believe. He is but a tinker-toy spoiled brat who is a total tool of the Adversary. This is a childish tantrum-throwing child but as with any "machine" out of con­trol--he is dangerous. The people with whom he works are even more dangerous. You who are Mormons (by the way--THAT label cannot even be used by the church in point in parts of Japan and the Orient because it is their label for "devil" or "satan" [[Interesting?]]) must come to face that ones whom you have held in high esteem as Godly workers for Christ, etc., have betrayed you from the beginning. Ones like Brent Scowcroft and others from the Utah governmental positions have been at the top level, activators and operators in the Banking--One World Order scandals.

    The hierarchy of the church itself based their rituals and secret passages upon the Khazarian Masonic order and the God of Light was effectively excluded from the church and religion.

    Do not get out of sorts with this information--it is likewise true of every known HUMAN doctrined religious cult (church group). The point is: IF YOU CAN CONTROL THE RELI­GIONS AND SPIRITUAL BELIEFS OF ANY GROUP--YOU CAN HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF THAT GROUP. WHEREIN IS THE BEST PLACE TO DO YOUR WORK? OF COURSE--IN THE ENEMY'S VERY CAMP WITH HIS HELP.

    So what? You can sit and snivel and wallow in self-pity, deny, throw stones at me--or you can open your eyes, find out for yourself so you don't have to "guess" and take it from there. I certainly should be no threat to anyone dead or alive--I bring the WORD, force NOTHING and do not even butt into your busi­ness. So, when a man tells you he is doing something FOR YOU, or TO YOU and it is through force--IT IS NOT OF CHRIST-GOD.

    You must face the fact that almost all you are told is not the way it really is--even the Rockefellers (that staid old group of "American" millionaires) were not "Rockefellers". They were "Roggenfelds" of Germany. They changed their name when they came to America. They are life-long members of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government, the term used by knowledge­able patriots).

    The enemy is powerful--I respect everything about my enemy and so should you. I also know my enemy backwards and for­wards--as so should YOU. I offer you insight for it is my mis­sion to do so--I do not and did not "conjure up" tales to trick you. I can only pray that you will awaken in time to clear thine path and set thine sails unto Light for the hour-glass is empty save for the dust. It shall be turned for the further experience--where will YOU be?

    We will pause here so that the computer can be changed and this be handed off before starting on the subject material under dis­cussion. Thank you.

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 18


    TUES., OCTOBER 13, 1992 1:39 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 58

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1992

    Dear ones, in all of our hours of sharing my very being is filled to overflowing with that which confronts you as you come up from the darkness into seeing. Indeed you must question all things--for Truth can always stand open surveillance. Truth never suggests that you do not research or search out all sides in forming decisions. Always, however, you must ask God Cre­ator in wisdom and inner guidance to witness all things that you may truly see that which IS and not simply that which another foists off upon you.

    And, moreover, ALL need help--that is why Universal God has sent guides for your personal assistance that they, as well as you, might grow in wisdom. It is why HE has sent us, the Hosts (not just space jockeys in shiny suits and slick craft). You can have as much fun with that "idea" as does Spielberg--and, by the way, NO, there are not these idiotic "beings" running around the cosmos--NOT AS YOU PERCEIVE IT TO BE--THESE ARE THOUGHT FORMS MANIFEST! We the Hosts are but the messengers from the realms more advanced in tech­nology, balanced in spiritual knowing and come according to the promise of God--that in this day the messengers would come in preparation for the changes which would come upon the planet and show man that he has not need to perish and, indeed, shall not perish in spirit.

    I do not play around in the halls of UFO seminars, etc. I have no interest in the silly games and foolish lies about what is afoot. I repeat--the ENEMY IS AMONG YOU! EARTHBOUND--for all practical discussion. I am actually the enemy of no one, not even the dupes in the game of "adversary". But, if you are one of the dupes, you may well consider me--at some point--your enemy. If you walk the path of voted-in evil then you are locked into the human experience and you are simply not of my path. The adversary may well "take" without permission--GOD AND GOD'S HOSTS NEVER EVEN "TOUCH" WITHOUT PERMISSION GIVEN AT THE LEVEL OF INNER "INTENT".

    There is a nice "old saying" on your place which I find inter­esting--it reads: "Everyone from time to time needs a little boost. If you see a turtle on a fence post, remember he had some help getting there!"

    We were priorly speaking about Gordon Kahl and why he was targeted for destruction. He knew too much and uncovered the plans and lies. He recognized the brainwashers of the Americans and thus, the world. But mostly--he attacked two other seemingly different segments (actually all the same), the sponsors of Communism--the Judeo-Masonry foundation.

    The Man-on-the-street has no more idea that these things go on and were planned for, yea, generations. You ones simply expe­rience that which you have within your narrow confines of expe­rience--a family or relationships, a job (hopefully) and feast on entertainment and "news" as fed to you by a, now revealed, controlled press and media. How could you know? The entire thrust of the game has been to keep you from knowing!
    Let. us just go back to a continuation of the writing of Jurjevich in his discussion on Gordon Kahl. You know what happened to the man from what we gave you in the writings regarding Weaver and Gritz--BUT, HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW REALLY "WHY"? Even the patriots recognize Kahl as a martyr, murdered for something or other to do with taxes and failure to pay "...or something"! What we have here is WHY he was tar­geted.


    Gordon uses an example of changing American attitudes to­ward Jews as an illustration of social engineering by Jewish agencies. They have created a false image of the Jews as perse­cuted people to forestall the negative reactions against the exploitation and domination by the Jews. (See The F.O.J. Syn­drome in America (publications) for further explanation of the brainwashing of Americans. [H: There are also at least two JOURNALS on the subject--both in the Soviet Union and in America.] Those books were written by a psychologist lib­erated from the FOJs and it is to the credit of Gordon's native intelligence to have discerned the brainwashing process several years before those two volumes were published.)

    "To keep down criticism of any Jewish misconduct," Gordon explains, "the Jews have carried on an effective psychological program. Cleverly, they have played up the 'poor persecuted Jew' image and through this have been able to keep the goyim from rising up against them. Anyone who dares to speak out against any crimes committed by Jews is accused of 'anti­semitism'--of picking on the 'poor, persecuted Jews' just because they are Jews. It would be funny how so many Christians and other non-Jews have fallen for this line if it were not so dangerous.

    "If the goyim would just stop and think: It is a rare case where a Jew does not have a good job and lives in comfort--much higher than the average non-Jew. Few Jews stoop to get­ting their hands dirty doing manual labor--they let the goyim do the dirty jobs. [H: This of course, again, applies to the un­suspected "Zionist Elite so-called, self-styled 'Jews" and has nothing to do with those thinking themselves to be of a race of "Judaists". Herein we are speaking of those who do not even resemble "Jews" for the most part--the merchants, bankers, lawyers, judges, doctors and other components of society WHO CONTROL THE MASSES--THE "JEWS" (ZIONISTS) HAVE ALSO INFILTRATED THE RELI­GIOUS DOCTRINED CHURCHES AND REPLACED "CHRIST" WITH RITUAL AND FALSE TEACHINGS.]
    "The Jews control the news-media, nearly every major busi­ness operation, the amusement industry and the national finan­cial institutions--so how can they justly cry "poor, persecuted Jews" when it is they, the Jews, who are doing the persecuting? The only way they get away with it is because they control the news-media and are able to keep the goyim in the dark about the truth."

    Gordon knew of another old trick of scoundrels and diplo­mats--to induce dissension and bad feelings among the oppo­nents and let the fights of enraged fools protect the Jews in their predatory schemes. This is one source of Jewish power over Americans.

    "They keep the Christians and other non-Jews fighting amongst each other; even Christians against Christians, Moslems against Moslems, etc. It is pretty disheartening to see this happening, especially since it is destroying America."

    As a seasoned opponent of the Jewish usurpation of power in the United States, Kahl understood the ineffectiveness of any campaign against Communism as an enemy of America unless one reveals also the secret sponsors of Communism and attacks Judeo-Masonry as the source of Communist power and intrigues. He illustrates this observation with the defeat of Sena­tor Joe McCarthy in his attempt to expose Communism.

    "The story behind Senator Joe McCarthy's investigation of Communists in government is interesting because every Commu­nist Joe was after was a Mason. But, he didn't understand that the Jews were his real enemy--that the Jews were behind and control the Masonic Lodges.
    "Joe was trying to work with the Jews to expose Masonry. He even had Jews working right on his staff. He was still under the impression that Jews were God's chosen people.
    "I'm satisfied the Jews did away with McCarthy for trying to expose the part Masonry had to do with Communism. Certainly, if he would have succeeded in exposing the part the Masonic leaders play in the spread of Communism, it is likely that the fact that Communism is a Jewish front would have also become general knowledge. The Masonic tie to Jewish Communism would then have been too hard to keep from the American peo­ple and the whole Jew/Mason/Communism conspiracy would have been exposed and defeated."
    The bases of Jewish political power are the subservient goyim.

    "The Jewish power structure," observes Gordon, "would be too obvious to the non-Jews if Jews were to fill every position in government. This is where the Masons come in. Together, the Jew/Mason powers have become entrenched and so strong that a person can't even get on the ballot if not a Mason. Of course, a Jew always has an open door in politics. "
    As in the Communist countries, where the Party keeps people at poverty level and exhausts them through the fight to survive so that they have no time to think nor energy to fight the op­pressors, so in the United States, the rush after material goods and "standard" of living disables Americans from fighting the aliens who ride on their backs:
    "The reason the Jew/Mason tie has become so powerful is because they work at it. While other Americans are busy slav­ing to make a living, the Jew/Mason elite are busy building their political network. To ensure that they win at election time, they use the tactic of getting one of their group running on both the Democratic and Republican side. So, it doesn't make any dif­ference which one wins, the same dirty work goes on.

    "During an election, their candidates talk a good line, But, after winning the election, they follow orders.

    Roosevelt (F.D.) campaigned on a real good platform and then, after being elected, he changed completely."

    [H: I don't want to ruin your dreamy day--but this is Truth, chelas. This is not bigotry against "people who think them­selves to be Jewish as in "Judaists"--this is simple fact about the non-Judaist Zionists who call themselves "Jews" and thus steal a whole heritage from the very ones they impersonated to get to this level of control of the nations. Bush certainly doesn't "appear" to be Jewish and neither does Clinton--but they are controlled by the very organizations which call themselves "Zionists", etc.]
    The management of the goyim by creating political and so­cial crises did not escape the sharp mind of Gordon: "More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the Zionist Jews have been behind the problems in our count'''. So, the Zionists have to keep stiffing up a crisis to divert attention from them. They make the plans; all we see are the effects."
    Much before many patriotic observers of the Judeo-American scene, Gordon realized the immense social cost of our sub­servience to the Zionists: "Fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) A DAY, of American taxpayer's money, is currently going to Is­rael to keep it from going bankrupt and to build up its war ma­chine." [H: It is more now and getting worse and worse! You now have to support all of the rest of THEIR world na­tions also!]
    Having become very knowledgeable about the Zionist machi­nations, Gordon had an in-depth understanding about why ZOG was persecuting him:

    "My research and exposure of the part the Jewish and Ma­sonic hierarchy has played and is playing in the destruction of America was a big part of why I ended up in prison in 1977. I had also been giving quite a few talks from 1972 through 1976 about the Posse Comitatus and the illegal income tax. I was Texas State Coordinator at the time and the Jew/Mason crowd were concerned about this because we were getting pretty strong down there.

    "When they took me to court for not filing income tax re­ports, they didn't make any bones about the prosecution. They didn't even deny that; they said they had to do it. BUT RE­MEMBER THIS: the tax rebellion is so big that it could blow the whole thing wide open at any time. I read that the govern­ment figures of people not paying taxes in 1975, for instance, was 38 million; of this 18 million didn't even file. So, why did they pick on me? There had to be another reason for selecting me for prosecution. The "failure to file" charge was the only way they could take me to court, but my other activities were the real reason--with exposing the Jewish/Masonic/Communist tie probably being the main one. "

    Len Martin concludes:

    "In trying to eliminate Gordon Kahl at Medina, were 'they' trying to cover up the truth?"

    After studying the facts surrounding Medina, an investigative reporter turned to me and said, "Now I know why they tried to get Gordon Kahl and IT WASN'T BECAUSE OF TAXES...."

    "So that his children and grandchildren might live in free­dom, Gordon was willing to die--and die he did: attacked by the very "agents" of Satan whom he was trying to expose."


    Come on, chelas, it is more cleverly hidden than having a big sign over the lodge hall door which says, "Satan within, enter if you want to have some fun."

    You must realize that in order to understand the danger Ma­sonry presents to world freedom, it MUST BE REALIZED THAT ALL (CONSPIRATORIAL) MASONS ARE ILLUMI­NATI.

    From the pool of the lowest three degrees, the leaders pick those who would "advance" deeper into the trap. Gordon's insight is that only those who have some skeleton in the closet which could be used to force them into corrupt actions, are selected for higher degrees. If no such incriminatory act has been docu­mented, opportunities are created by the unscrupulous Masonic leaders to seduce the dudes into compromising acts and the doc­umentary evidence is stored for future use in blackmailing.


    Let us now leave this writing for you are needed elsewhere as, too, am I. Thank you, scribe, for standing strong as we outlay this information which can only bring terror into the bosom--but peace and security rest in the hands of God of Light and there, too, rest ye. Salu.

    Hatonn to clear.

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