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    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 11


    THU., OCTOBER 8, 1992 10:15 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 53

    Why? Because "big daddy" plans to own ALL property, starve you-the-people and render you totally helpless and enslaved. Face it now or perish later--it is up to YOU.

    QUOTING: ACRES, U.S.A. as presented by William S. Williams, October, 1992.

    An invitation to set sail aboard the cruise liner NO HOPE again has been advertised. It leaves the dock within 60 days of the date of the receipt of the itinerary. You can come aboard by selling, signing and apply for debt relief via the purchase of a ticket to oblivion. This is done by jumping on board the Farmers Home Administration's ship of no return and accept­ing its invitation to provide FmHA borrowers several options for those who are more than 30 days late in making payments to that lending agency.

    What actually is happening is another attempt to bring on board those who were not ticketed on the first disastrous voyage when the ship hit rocky bottom in unchartered waters. Four years ago Congress concluded that only the rich and famous were to benefit from the various FmHA debt settlement pro­grams set up via the 1987 Farm Act. A chronology of that event is available in Night Came to the Farms of the Great Plains, which now must be considered a survival manual, not legal deck furniture that becomes expendable as the water rises. The ship has been dry-docked, repaired and is now ready to set sail again. In general, a delinquent borrower under the new schemes is privileged to adjust his debt so that he:

    1. Can continue farming, enabling FmHA a "better recov­ery" scenario, or
    2. The farmer can deed his farm to FmHA with a leaseback and option to buy back his own land.
    Nothing is really new. The dry-dock patching was cemented with old chewing gum. In either of these situations the "confessions" made by the delinquent farmer will pitch him overboard into a lifeboat without a paddle or create a whirlpool into which goes his family farm.

    The confessions extrapolated by way of the various forms made part of the debt settlement programs amount to nothing more than an extension of granting authority by the farmer to all of his privacy rights as well as to the ownership of his land and most of his personal property to unforgiving strangers under the pretext of debt forgiveness.
    [H: Where some of you may slip away from us here is that you will ask "...and how is this different from doing business with a bank?" Ah so, it isn't, only more tenacious because the government FmHA, FHA, etc., simply borrows from the bank and both the agency AND the bank then have to make usury (interest) gain on the money "loaned". It is a total "catch 22" but unnoticed because the rules are more lenient for the loans than from a "bank" and limitations of "amounts" are far, far more flexible when you move into as­sociated industrial situations (which, by the way, are feasible funding sources for projects which are going to be necessary and desperately needed.)]
    More important, and, in a shocking acknowledgement of the real intent behind the program, "Whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any Department or Agency of the United States should falsify, conceal or covers up pertinent information shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years." What gives here? Bankers, at most, simply deny a shaky refinance deal...but, fine and imprisonment?

    In the rush to gain write-downs of debt, the farmer gives up by contract not only his freedoms, but all the privileges granted to him by not only the U.S. Constitution but also his right of foreclosure granted him pursuant to his various loan agreements which, in turn, are protected by state statute. The farmer, then, also forgives his lawyers, his financial ad­visors, the courts as well as the FmHA for all of their wrongs, liabilities and misdeeds. Failing all of this, our gov­ernment can now reposition the hapless producer so he can go to jail. Some already have.

    This is pretty serious stuff. How can a criminal interpreta­tion be made by our own benefactors, the FmHA and various United States agencies or departments, which come to do good but, instead, do very well? The various settlement programs for delinquent farm borrowers consist of an Application for FmHA Services (Form FmHA 410-1) which contains requirements for the borrower to reveal cash income, cash expenses, operating expenses, family living expenses, crop production expenses, livestock production expenses, capital disclosures, refinance costs, loan fees and other cash-flow projections. FmHA 410-1 also makes the borrower confess to any involvement with plant­ing, growing, producing, harvesting or storing of a controlled substance, i.e. drugs. Truly, all FmHA borrowers are invited aboard a romantic sunset sail.

    The financial statement--as of the date of his "application"--amounts to nothing more than a guessing game in which any mistake can be interpreted at the option of the FmHA as a falsification, concealment or a cover-up of a material fact, a fic­titious or fraudulent satement or simply a misrepresentation leading to the $10,000 fine or five years in the crowbar hotel. What a voyage the farmer can take by being a mere volunteer.

    You then might ask, "How can I be refinanced or get any kind of debt relief without making some kind of a confession?" The answer is best contained in another question: "Why make confessions when the chance of error is disproportionately exor­bitant to the benefits hopefully gained?" Furthermore, you may want to ask, "Why give strangers my property with a willing and written approval without consideration let alone due process of law? Why, furthermore, self impose unilaterally a criminal possiblity leading to substantial fines and imprisonment beyond my control?" Even private bankers are not so crass!

    The Farm and Home Plan (FmHA 431-2) is also enclosed in the application package for the luckless producer who again seeks relief. The borrower must make still another confession of the same kind of repeat information. Why again? Must such a rearrangement of the factual data be set forth for the benefit of the FmHA, or is it pure harassment just to trip up the borrower? Crops, feed on hand, livestock to be sold, growing crops, acreage estimates, costs per acres, supplies, prepaid expenses, all must be reiterated. Woe unto the borrower if he does not re­gurgitate the data on Form FmHA 431-2 identical to that ex­posed by him on said Form 410-1. To confirm, whether or not the borrower, indeed, is disclosing the truth, and nothing but the truth, in writing and certified, the borrower confesses to a debt repayment plan which, in turn, is verified by a Request for Statement of Debts and Collateral (Form FmHA 440-32) to which his creditors without consideration must respond. And, if all that is not enough to create grounds for mistakes, errors or inappropriate confessions, the borrower must then file an Appli­cation for Settlement of Indebtedness (FmHA 1956-1) which goes through the same exercise in futility. FmHA 1956-1, of course, is set up in a different format but still seeks to know the borrower's private affairs, his living expenses, indebtedness to government and other financial disclosures, this time all com­bined into still another form of balance sheet. We now have cross forms which set forth current farm assets, intermediate and long term farm liabilities. Again, the borrower must sign a statement he did not lie, cheat, steal, transfer or pillage his own property, yet, alone falsify any of the paperwork. If the bor­rower should get a write-off from the FmHA, the borrower by virtue of his own honesty permits the FmHA to report any writ­ten-off indebtedness as income to the IRS, bankduptcy provi­sions notwithstanding.

    You would think the graciousness and gratuity of the "promise" of any writedown would be just that. But, there is none. Nothing. When it comes to making farmers confess, the gov­ernment knows no bounds. Not only does the Settlement of In­debtedness set the borrower up for an IRS audit but it ends up rewriting old loan obligations (without the release of indebted­ness incurred by them). Yet, more commitments, more promis­sory notes and more paper to make more repayments in accor­dance to new installment schedules are guaranteed by this form to be generated by the government's industrious and greedy lawyers. The mysterious and dangerous part of this commit­ment for such a nebulous promise is the inability of the producer to examine before hand any of the sale and leaseback papers, promissory notes and lien obligations to be mushroomed forth­with. If noncompliance to any of the terms and conditions of FmHA 1956-1 by the applicant should occur at any time a rollover of his property to FmHA is committed and all without guarantees on the part of FmHA to give the borrower a write­down.

    You may think, "Enough is enough!" But, alas, no! Along comes a Financial and Production Farm Analysis Summary (Form FmHA 1960-12) which requires reiteration of the prior confessions only this time by loan types. Worst of all, up pops a revelation of "other" borrowers who may have been involved in various farm loans of yours. The problem is none of the state­ments which are made by these creditors are certified. The payments made to them, the income received and other factors any one of which can be used to incriminate the borrower who, indeed, has certified the veracities of the numbers.

    Form FmHA 1960-12 finally sets forth a confessional recap­ping a five year production and yield analysis which data al­ready exists in a local county extension office. You better be­ware your analysis matches the "correct and authorized" one at the county office. Otherwise allegations of a cover-up will cer­tainly be lodged against you. At best, your "application" can be then denied. When that happens, which is always the case (except for the rich and famous) the borrower has set sail, vol­unteered a plea bargain via a pointless confession to gain nothing but walk the plank for a dunking of his lifetime, and a keel­hauling to boot.

    The Notice of the Availability of Loan Service and Debt Set­tlement Programs for Delinquent Farm Borrowers proved to be just that. As noted above the Notice did operate to make a con­fessor out of each borrower, but, surprisingly, did not contract away the ownership of the farm. The old FmHA programs did just that at the application stages. The new FmHA program re­serves any takeovers until and after FmHA causes another an­ticipated default. The FmHA reluctantly leaves that little gem of discouragement for you when it might approve your request for debt relief. The escape clause for the Feds is still an op­tional feature for FmHA. The confessionals by the farmer to this point permit the Feds to determine whether or not you have sufficient equity or net worth making it worthwhile for them to steal, pillage or confiscate your land without the obstacle of foreclosure action.

    In other words, the "application" has amounted to noth­ing more than establishing a certifiable and documented confessional to determine whether or not you are worth sav­ing for future plucking or if you have enough assets now to make it worthwhile for them to salt you away. Only via your confessions under certified contractual arrangements can such a determination be firmly established. Time limita­tions are therefore imposed upon all the delinquent borrow­ers to assure a speeding up of the deep-six procedure.

    As set forth in the "purposes" behind the primary and preser­vation loan service and debt settlement programs, a presumption is raised that you do not, as a borrower, own your farm. No producer who holds a deed to his land should be led to be­lieve he is not the owner of his land even though there may exist various liens or encumbrances clouding his title. The farmer, the rancher, the fruit grower is still the owner. Nei­ther the FmHA, FCA and/or any other lender owns the land. Those entities cannot acquire such title until you sign it away via a bonafide deed. Yet, when you apply for the aforesaid servicing you are led to believe the FmHA is your blessed benefactor and you, without being given one penny of consideration, must forego your statutory rights to fore­closure by completing the "application" and be willing to submit a deed to the FmHA to gain debt servicing benefits when the loan is consummated.
    [H: Please don't get bogged down in the "above" for it too is erroneous in concept. IF YOU CAN HAVE YOUR PROP­ERTY "TAKEN" BY TAX LIABILITIES AND/OR ANY OTHER METHOD "OUTSIDE" YOUR CONTROL--YOU DO NOT "OWN" ANYTHING. Further, you will find the same TYPE of limitations and requirements on ANY "loans" offered by the government--free or low-interest, etc. It is purely and simply a basic set-up also followed by the Resolu­tion Trust Corporation to confiscate commercial and housing properties FOR THE BANKS AND BANKSTERS!]
    Just what have you really accomplished by going through the various stages of this confessional:

    1. The Application (FmHA Form 410-1) is not set up as an application for any services, even though it is captioned as one. As stated above the form is arranged to make you show what property you own, what your sex is, your nationality, and dis­close if you have a criminal background. The form is rife with warnings to you when and if you should lie, steal or cheat and provides for your voluntary participation in the government's monitoring of your actions. This is a right the Feds never had over you before you entered into this contract. Nowhere in the application is there a solicitation for any assistance whatsoever. [H: Further, it is set up and structured so that the govern­ment can lie, cheat, steal and misrepresent until hell freezes and there is not so much as notary seal required on their part!]

    2. Further, you release to strangers pursuant to "Statement Required by the Privacy Act (Form FmHA 410-9)" your Social Security Account or Federal Identification Number and other personal matters obtainable by any law enforcement agencies, employers, businesses, landlords, creditors, their credit report­ing agencies and any other party or entity the FmHA decides you may be worthy of inspection. These interested parties can be, of course, your business competitors, or even the general public as a whole.

    3. Further, your Farm and Home Plan (FmHA 431-2) com­mits the borrower to discuss with the FmHA any important changes that may become necessary and again reemphasizes that it is a federal crime to make a false statement. Your imagina­tion can run wild thinking about the potentialities of FmHA em­ployee collusions or otherwise to gain access to your property rights and privacy information. (Have you ever had a verbal dispute with your County Supervisor?) Yet, to this point, no proposed borrower has even applied for any relief for assistance (as he may believe he has) but, has only confessed his net worth, the way and with whom he lives and, otherwise, gives outright strangers access to everything he should hold dear.

    4. Further, the Request for Statement of Debts and Collat­eral (Form FmHA 440-32) amounts to a release by the borrower to the FmHA the extent of any debts outstanding to any creditor, payment history and the amount of security encumbering the borrower's real and/or personal property. A certification as to its privileges to invade a borrower's rights is printed on FmHA 440-32 but is worthless because there is no provision for any government agent to sign it. You indeed make a commitment, under oath. Why cannot you hold the government to the same criteria?

    5. Further, the Request for Verification of Employment (Form FmHA 1910-5) goes deeper into the borrower's privacy than a simple request for verification implies. If the borrower does not permit his salary and other past or present data be dis­closed to a nameless and faceless FmHA a basis for loan settle­ment rejection can be established.

    6. Finally, and not until an actual Application for Settlement of Indebtedness (Form FmHA 1956-1) is offered has the borrower made any overture for assistance. The borrower then commits to pay FmHA a specified sum of money as his consid­eration for consideration of settlement, but the FmHA commits to nothing. The "application" is unilateral and moot. It is nothing more than a confessional to undercut the privacy of the borrower. It simply sets up the groundwork to evade the bor­rower's rights to foreclosure. It stages the foundation to deprive the borrower of his ownership rights in his own real and per­sonal aproperty. It identifies that property. The proposed bor­rower comprises everything, the FmHA comprises nothing.

    In the remote chance a delinquent borrower wins approval of any debt settlement (however, only the rich and famous get such debt relief) the new promissory notes, deeds, assignments and bills of sale securing the ownership positions of the FmHA will surely separate the borrower from his property. The new pa­perwork will leave the debtor in a worse financial position than if he simply went through the statutory rights granted to him via the foreclosure laws. The borrower also retains his rights to sue lawyers, the FmHA and the others who sold him out during the previous years of "assistance", by not seeking this debt settle­ment scheme.

    Foreclosure was devised by our various legislatures to protect the vested equity of borrowers from theft by lenders. Foreclo­sure statutes were mandated to assure the borrower retains cer­tain rights alluding to that equity and other interests to estop or­ganized assaults and willing surrenders by unknowing borrow­ers, without due process of law. Assets of such borrowers must not be rearranged to be picked off like ripe plums in the sum­mer's sunshine!

    Borrowers, beware! Do not mediate, sell, sign or abandon your property and your personal rights. You state: "What now? I want to believe FmHA and my government allow me good and real privileges to reorganize my affairs to enable me to begin to adjust my debt."

    The solutions proposed by FmHA are not that. They simply amount to confessions by you setting up your prop­erty for confiscation by people who did not earn it, till it, repair it or simply maintain it. Your preparation of these "application" papers give the FmHA an open sesame to all of your property, including your appreciation interests and hard-earned equity.
    Your course of action is to recognize the problem for what it is--the manipulation by nonowners of your ability to freely and openly market your production without trade re­strictions benefiting nonowners and obstructing your access via unfair price structuring of your own production. Worst of all, your indebtedness was magnified by your inability to control your lender's ability to interfere with your cash-flow via its strength to control your interest rates, your repay­ment schedules and its right to call in your demand notes for little or no reason. This permits a lender a license to col­lapse your operations when the regulated price of your commodities unfairly cannot meet your production costs, in­cluding interest payments.

    Such "confiscatory-pricing" privileges put any borrower at a severe disadvantage. The programs of the various Farm Acts promulgated by FmHA do not even attempt to address the in­equities of the situations foisted upon the borrowers.

    The ship No Hope does continue to ply various ports of call to take aboard all who purchase fares on counsel of lawyers, ac­countants and other hand-holding advisors (PrairieFire, various farm unity coalitions and ecumenical ministries), all of which are undisciplined. The FmHA sunset cruise does sail through unchartered and troubled waters. You need not buy passage to save the family farm via such waybills as presented in the set­tlement programs enumerated above.

    Until FmHA quits acting as a collection agent for banks via the devious schemes proposed above, which are nothing more than "sting" operations, the mass emptying of our countrysides will continue. Huge grants of land will also disappear from our tax rolls, further deepening the cash flow crunch for counties, state and federal coffers. Only when the FmHA starts to really assist its borrowers by promoting programs which can permit them to approach meeting their costs of production by way of a fair and protected parity pricing structure can the true and hon­est function of the various farm acts be realized.


    * * *
    I get the feeling that you possibly may have misunderstood my statement as to the ability of "businesses" to gain goodly fund­ing, especially for start-up, if related to farm or home products. As you noted in the article above--there are so many FORMS and BRANCHES of this operation that sorting is all but im­possible for the novice. The above is written by an insightful Business Management Counselor, in Boise, Idaho . P.O. Box 3455. Zip: 83703-0455. Telephone 208:343-2763 (For you who may wish to thank him or blast him for we get used to ei­ther.)

    Next we have a simultaneously run article from Acres U.S.A. regarding the subject just covered.


    Four years ago, Acres U.S.A. told farmers not to complete the forms FmHA sent to borrowers of record shortly after the election and before Christmas. [H: Shades of rerun?]

    There were about 300 farm publications in the U.S. at the time. These ranged from large monthly magazines to quarterly news sheets. Almost all echoed FmHA's advice in favor of the farmer completing the forms--if they touched the subject at all. Many of the quarterly news sheets could not take a stand be­cause their next publication date was too far away. Only one farm publication came out against completing the forms. This was Acres U.S.A. Here the editor analyzed the forms and concluded that the government was asking the farmer to sign away all of his legal and constitutional rights in and out of court in favor of FmHA. A quit claim deed was cleverly hidden in the packet, and this document conveyed title to the farmer's property. Many farmers failed to see the legal sig­nificance of this document until it was too late. The Acres U.S.A. editor recommended that the farmers not fill out the forms and instead take their chances in and out of court.

    This brought FmHA and the groups it had suckered into sup­porting the agency up fighting from their chairs. Acres U.S.A. and its editor were both denounced, many of these denounce­ments being orchestrated by FmHA and by private groups that should have known better. Farmers' Legal Action Group of St. Paul, Minnesota lashed out at Charles Walters with a news re­lease circulated to the farm press, radio and TV stations, and metro dailies. It told how "nationally recognized lawyers", meaning Jim Massey and Dale Reesman, had denounced as "false" and "misleading" the advice offered to financially dis­tressed farmers by Acres U.S.A. Massey urged farmers to ig­nore Walters and bring legal action against him based on having followed the journal's advice to their detriment. On the other hand, Family Farmers Foreclosure Legal Assistance Program (FFFLAP) ran a survey of foreclosed farmers. In cases in­volving lending institutions, large corporations, or the govern­ment, fully 98% of the individuals lost. At least 97% of those who engaged legal talent, opined that they had been betrayed by their lawyer and handled unfairly and illegally by the courts.

    Some religious leaders were appalled that Acres U.S.A. would challenge the government. Some name-calling resulted. Nevertheless, Congressional Research Service revealed that FmHA had packages with the names of some 83,000 farmers on them. The agency had no intention of rewriting more than 16,000 borrowers. This meant that 67,000 farmers were to be administratively foreclosed and put out of business and off of their property. This may be the largest and saddest foreclosure ever in the history of the world. And only one farm paper and one editor foresaw and warned against this danger. [H: Chelas, why must the ones who serve the greatest be the ones to be put down, insulted, abused and efforted at destruction? Could it be because the "anti-Christ" is at work in all of these massive coverings? It is time to stop joining the ranks of "rock-slingers" and get on with reading the fine print of your execution papers.]

    As soon as FmHA made its announcement, various private groups joined the yammering on where farmers could get the forms filled out. The forms were complicated beyond any rea­son. Over 70 documents were involved. They appear to have been designed to obfuscate the scheme that the government was hatching.

    Almost on signal, various boiler rooms opened to help farm­ers "comply". Many charged as much as $2,500 to fill out the complicated forms. Farmers who were skinned by these shys­ters were already impoverished due to the collapse of the farm economy. Now they were fleeced out of what little they had in order to "comply" with the government's request.

    Some of these boiler operations even staged public signing events, which the press covered like fleas on a dog. Farmers who signed and returned the forms were made out to look like they had twice the mentality of Albert Einstein. In actuality they signed away their farm operations, which could now be foreclosed administratively.

    The 1992 foreclosure scenario features a modified agenda because the enclosure is supported by the likes of Senator Paul David Wellstone of Minnesota, who should know better. Farm producers are again buried in misinformation and will certainly--by willing transfer--give up their life investments.

    Half of the notice proposal is made up of details explaining loan servicing intentions, application procedures and what forms are included in the package. The rest of the package consists of the forms which require the farmer to divulge what he has earned, will earn and what he presently owns. The disclosures are required so as to enable the FmHA (and others who will profit by the proposed transfers) to know exactly the assets of the farmer. None of the forms this time create the transfers. Such transfers are presumably reserved for the "lucky" farmers who do get their refinancing packages approved. At that time the hapless victim gets his debt "adjusted" so he can continue to farm and "the FmHA will receive a better recovery on the money" or that "victim" who may lose his land to FmHA gets his farmland and/or his home "back" "through an option to buy". The farmer only gets a choice of the weight of the millstone being tied to his ankle.
    [H: Or the size of the noose around his neck! The reason I take the time and space to run this is because once again you are at the same identical set of circumstances as four years ago--right to the "timing" and elections. Moreover, there has been an assault against farmers with everything from flooding, drought, contamination and, of course, fruit flies and white flies and on and on and on--which will require help if the "farm is to be saved".


    * * *

    May you be given into the seeing and may you accept the hand offered in order to help sustain you in goodness and freedom--may GOD walk this road with you.

    Hatonn to clear--Salu.

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 12


    FRI., OCTOBER 9, 1992 9:42 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 54

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1992
    In the area of Long Beach (Wilmington, Los Angeles, Califor­nia) at about 8:45 P.M. last evening came an explosion in a Texaco oil refinery that was felt intensely for some ten miles and notable for over 20 miles distant. THIS is not the important part of the story, however, for we don't even need go into what caused the blast or what this incident indicates. It is that which would only be heard on the airwaves ONCE, which is impor­tant.

    A couple of hours after the blast a "safety engineer" who "floats" and has a high position in Texaco "finally" got through on the phone lines to a local channel covering the explosion. He gave his name (I won't because he has enough problems today I would guess) and he said this was "...an accident ready to hap­pen". There had been several small explosions in the complex which "blew" and, at least, personnel were on alert and it could only be hoped that the warnings had paid off. The man said he and his safety crew had hounded Texaco to do something and invest the money to secure the installation. They had refused to do so on the basis that "it was expected that there would be a massive earthquake or some kind of major disaster in the area BY DECEMBER, PROBABLY BY MID OCTOBER and therefore repairs and shoring-up NOW would simply be negated within weeks."

    The man was questioned graciously and then had to be released so that the "station" could go to live copter scenes. He was asked if he would speak again--and agreed; he did not, however, have a repeat opportunity. When queried by other callers they were told that "time limitations" prevented any follow-up of in­dividual callers.

    I suggest you think about this VERY CAREFULLY for projec­tions have come from several sources (not me) that the 12th would be SABO (San Andreas Big One).

    You will also note that the price of oil on the market, went UP due to the "explosion". This is as if one fire in one part of one refinery would effect the entire world fuel supply! Pay attention and perhaps you will make it through.

    In all the hoopla nonsense about the Clinton/Moscow trip and Bush's lips moving again--did you HEAR WHAT HE SAID? (Clinton was a college youngster taking a mid-season break va­cation. I have no comment about the trip for that is not what is in point here.) Bush went on about "supporting" the enemy by visiting and somehow taking part in anti-war demonstrations, "...our enemy. ...and when I think about those prisoners of WAR (ours) sitting in a prison camp--I am appalled and cannot accept this man as Commander-in-Chief of the United States military command!" "OUR PRISONERS OF WAR"?? WHAT PRISONERS OF WAR, MR. PRESIDENT?? YOU JUST MOVED YOUR LIPS AGAIN AND I THINK PERCHANCE TRUTH ERUPTED! EVIL WILL ALWAYS "WEAR A CLUE" AND TRUTH "WILL ALWAYS OUT" FOR THE "SLIP IS ALWAYS JUST BEYOND THE LIPS"!

    By the way, at about the same time last evening--the whole of California gave a "shudder" from one end to the other. It was not noted on the news but is worthy of your attention.
    Not a good week? It isn't for a lot of people from here to Rome. The Italians do not like being blamed for the indiscre­tions of the Mafia and the U.S. Administration. The Italians are, right now, starting an in-depth investigation of the BNL scandal. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you because the Italian nation is far worse off than is the crime-ridden U.S. but it has stirred the pot and it looks like Henry (Gonzalez) will find other fodder for his fire. It is now noted on "both shores" that the culprits are predominantly from Kissinger Associates.

    This comes on pretty good information: Dr. Givanearlo Voltri. Dr. Voltri is an Italian court auditor who is in the United States specifically to look into the BNL scandal. I would guess that if he finds anything too amiss, the Mafia with its reputation of daring deeds, will not allow too much to hit the public in its un­tampered form. So be it.

    The Constitutional Law Center is entering the case of Weaver/Harris ("The Idaho Incident"). Contacts with legal counsel have been made and action plans are getting under way. There will need to be a lot of public support and do be sure and continue contact with Weaver and Harris. I am sure this will be welcome information for them--unfortunately they don't get much information from inside.

    The attorneys for the two are ecstatic over the entry of the CLC because "....there is no such thing as 'common law' or Consti­tutional consideration given in Idaho--anywhere--and under no circumstances can WE change it but maybe you can open a few eyes and ears." They are very grateful for the help because it is obvious that this was and is a total "railroad job" from start on the mountain to the courtroom. All is being done to get Gritz tied up in this mess and keep him occupied while the final elec­tions "fixes" are put to bed. You will have to make an even louder outcry than in Idaho if you wish to see a change.

    Also, The Constitutional Law Center is being asked to see what they can do to get Gritz into the "presidential debates" starting in San Diego. What odds do YOU give?

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    Default 응답: PJ#056, SEX and the LOTTERY

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 13

    FRI., OCTOBER 9, 1992 11:12 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 54

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1992

    The "New World Order" is not a new idea nor is action just now coming to the surface. There are patriots in every nation who would uncover corruption and treason and who are left unsung and, more often, simply buried by "the system" about which they spoke out.

    To do justice to that which we are about to commit to your at­tention, I must speak first and foremost about the one who has shared this information. There has been a years-long struggle to get ANYONE to listen and pay attention. Just as do all patriots--he began by efforting to make the "ones in charge" hear. However, just as in America or any other corrupted system, the response is negative, unattentive at the least--and incarceration of the "author" and/or death to the one bringing truth.

    The information stems from one whose life depended upon his signing a statement that he would write no more and speak no more against the "system". We published that prior to this in the LIBERATOR.

    This patriot of New Zealand has had enough but his very soul cries out to be heard lest his life have passed without merit. Since all the banking systems in the world finally come down to the ONE, it is most worthy, indeed, to share the betrayal and downfall of a nation through the hands and deceit of this "enemy" to ALL.

    I have presented much information from this person, E.J. Hart,
    whom I refer to as Brother Edward. He doesn't know what he
    thinks about me but I honor him and therefore await decisions and choices.

    I realize you will think that we "start off on a Kissinger expose" and end up with New Zealand Bank fraud. The two are all connected. LOOK at what appeared in the International Herald Tribune (in New Zealand), August 21, 1985:


    LONDON--Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, the state-con- trolled institution that is Italy's biggest bank, has appointed Henry A. Kissinger to its international advisory board.
    Formed in 1984, the board advises the bank on economic and social conditions in countries where it operates.

    Mr. Kissinger, a former U.S. secretary of state, is chair­man of the board of Kissinger Associates Inc., which gives political advice to governments.

    So now I ask you to also remember information I shared with you--from New Zealand. This next article bears repeating be­cause it lays foundation of involvement. New Zealand Times, Sunday, Nov. 18, 1984.


    A special Anzus "think-tank" involving former world leaders Malcolm Fraser, Dr. Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski is being set up. [H: and WAS.]

    The project, still in the formative stage, will be directed by Mr. Ray Cline, former director of intelligence in the US State Department and later deputy-director of foreign intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency.

    New Zealanders and Australians have already been canvassed for support for the think-tank's work.

    The project will be controlled by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. an independent unit which is at­tached to the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

    The Centre has played a significant role in helping Presi­dent Reagan formulate his foreign policy stance.

    Mr. Cline is a senior associate at the centre. Dr. Kissinger, secretary of state and foreign affairs adviser to President Nixon, and Mr. Brzezinski, assistant to the president on national secu­rity between 1977 and 1981, are senior advisers at the centre. Another is Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chief of US naval operations and chairman of the joint chiefs committee.

    Mr. Fraser, former prime minister of Australia, is a senior fellow at the centre.

    Mr. Kissinger carried out a study of the Central Ameri­can situation for President Reagan.

    Mr. Cline told the New Zealand Times from the United States that Mr. Fraser had helped the centre on specific projects and he hoped he would be involved with this one. Dr. Kissinger would be to a lesser extent.

    Mr. Cline expects the study to begin in the New Year. It will examine whether the Anzus treaty is and will continue to have a useful stabilizing influence in the region.

    It will also examine great power relations in the West Pacific and its global context.

    Mr. Cline said naturally the centre's viewpoint would be how the United States strategic and economic interests were served.

    The same question would be asked from New Zealand and Aus­tralia.

    Mr. Cline has been in touch with "some friends" in New Zealand but no formal participation has yet been estab­lished. The centre has sent Massey University lecturer Dalton West a letter.

    Mr. West, originally from North America, is a frequent commentator on defense issues. It is understood he hopes to spend next year at Georgetown.

    Australians involved in the project include Dr. Tom Miller from the Australian National University in Canberra and Profes­sor Henry Albinski, who was in Wellington a week ago.

    Mr. Cline said the study was not far enough along to speak clearly about trilateral linkages. "There aren't that many peo­ple in this field so I think all those (people) will be involved in one way or another."

    A Dr. Alvel, from the centre, who was recently in Australia on a speaking tour, will be involved. Mr. Cline said she was a writer on Pacific naval affairs.

    He told the NZ Times he was very worried about the "roughness" of the relationship between the United States and New Zealand. "We always had very close relations. There seems to be a good bit of public controversy at this point over Anzus and our general strategic relationship.

    "I'm not interested in the specifics of naval problems and all that, but I am keenly interested in what I call geo-strategic or geo-political aspects of the South Pacific.

    "New Zealand has a very important role to play here, partic­ularly in relationship with some of the smaller island states, so I think I should come out to New Zealand early on in this project to talk with people and simply find out what the thinking is there."

    Mr. Cline wrote a 1981 book titled THE CIA UNDER REAGAN, BUSH AND CASEY. One of its main thrusts is the concept that free nations ought to maintain a kind of in­formal "constabulary" of the sea.

    Mr. Cline told the NZ Times that New Zealand should be concerned about the protection of our sea lanes in peace times. Navies should be able to work together for POLITI­CAL as well as defensive reasons.

    "I stress the peacetime aspect. That's why I was a little bit disturbed when I heard there was some unhappiness over our port calls and that kind of thing. Not that they are intrinsically critical, but the atmosphere and the concept is important."

    Mr. Cline's CIA duties included advising the State De­partment and the White House on the intelligence-sharing arrangements that link the Anzus partners.

    "I am convinced that those are valuable arrangements. Though it is difficult to describe them in much detail I think some of the suspicions about the arrangements in the press and academic circles are pretty misguided.

    "One of my hopes, in view of my background, is to set some of those concerns to rest by giving a little more information about these things.

    "It is difficult to say much, but at least I am familiar with how these were arranged in a spirit of close cooperation and mutual benefit." ....[H: And so on it went but this pretty well covers it enough for now.]
    Does it strike you as strange that a man who was a Russian Jew, trained in Israel, a member of the KGB became, along with a brother, Brzezinski, THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS RUNNERS OF THE WORLD--NOT TO EVEN MENTION THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? There is a book I suggest you all get and the only reprint that I know about is from Criminal Politics magazine. It is called HENRY KISSINGER--SOVIET AGENT. It is by Frank Cappel. $10.00 per copy--2 copies for $15.00. I also herein suggest that a couple of copies should be obtained for "here", it will allow Dharma a bit more easy rest to see that she is NOT the only one revealing the dastardly deeds of Kissinger. I would say, however, that it is the hatred of Kissinger toward one, Hatonn, which makes her way the more dangerous--but interesting.

    You can send a check payable to Criminal Politics magazine TO: P.O.Box 37432, Cincinnati, OH 45222. Credit cards: 1­800-543-0486.

    The entire Global Plan 2000 has been allowed to be orchestrated and brought into economic and political fruition by these evil beings. You not only allowed it to happen, you have given these people the highest places of honor in your nations and on your planet. Perhaps you do, after all, deserve just about any­thing that comes upon you.

    I realize it will be inconvenient and difficult to run the paper utilizing the accompanying material. You have only "copies" from which to work--the New Zealand government police force confiscated all originals. It matters not, for even if the copy is bad--I ask that the information from hand-printed cover sheet to ending be reproduced "as is". It is for the purpose of "documentation". It is most important for the security of ones involved, not the least of which are in-between persons such as Dharma and you, staff, that it be reproduced as is and no effort made to "improve" copy. Thank you. A world is at stake, not just a nation called The United States of America. A WORLD IS ABOUT TO PERISH! SALU.

    Hatonn to clear.

    PJ 56
    CHAPTER 14


    SUN., OCTOBER 11, 1992 9:31 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 56

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1992

    Ah, but finally some are waking up and not simply abusing and accusing without first "looking" at possibilities.

    A "space commander" with silver ships and physical attributes? NO--a messenger sent of GOD (Christ-God) unto HIS people in preparation for HIS OWN COMING to reclaim His people.

    This being, having served upon your place to measure your growth and divine stability, came and went many times--always promising to all nations, all peoples, to "come again". Al­ways, in all times, first were sent forth the "messengers" and then would come the teacher in the midst of messengers and " angels" --REMEMBER?

    If a being or thing comes from anywhere OFF "terra" it (they) are EXTRA-terrestrial! If the Christed being is "off" your place--He, by definition, MUST BE EXTRATERRES­TRIAL! Are you with me so far?

    Why do you think the Christed Master would personify in that land called, now, the Holy Lands? Did he happen to prefer the ones in Judea to the ones in Northern Russia? NO, he knew it would be from these lands that would present the ANTI­CHRIST. MAN WOULD BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO AC­CEPT GOODNESS INSTEAD OF EVIL. THE LANDS HAD FALLEN--AGAIN--INTO INCREDIBLE EVIL THROUGH THE KHAZARIAN RACES, WHICH HAD INFILTRATED INTO THE ROMANS AND GREEKS AND WERE INTENT ON ANNIHILATING ANYTHING OF GODLINESS REPRE­SENTING GOODNESS. These adversaries were intent on having total physical rule, power and property of the planet from first step onto the planet. The realm of evil is in the HU­MAN PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION--evil itself being created and produced by human! Evil exists not in the higher realms of KNOWING and understanding--it is a purely physically limited experience.

    The time is at hand now, as from all prophecies, for the cycle of change. In those days of the "Teacher", and before, the enemy "adversarial" presentation was called Pharisee(s). That group which today calls itself "Semite(s)" is in fact, the Pharisee(s).

    When you speak out against a perceived insult to your moral senses, i.e., homosexual marches for rights to practice their sexual abuses in public, and/or against abortion, WHAT HAVE YOU? You have ones coming forth and shouting that you are bigots and Anti-Semites and all manner of insulting accusations. These mean nothing for the words have no actual "meaning"- they are conjured to be insulting. Why? Because the accusa­tions are coming from organized Pharisees!

    How often do you turn about and retort: "Ah, but you are an ANTI-CHRIST," to your taunters? No, you slunk away asking forgiveness for speaking out in behalf of goodness! YOU ex­pect God/Christ to come and pick you up simply because you believe there was some man 2000 years ago who came and died FOR YOU. NO, that will not "cut the mustard", little foolish children, for "If it be of the flesh it is not of MY KINGDOM which is NOT OF THIS WORLD." You have been reduced as a mass of humanity to awaiting the wondrous whisking out of problem land and la-la dreams into wonderment and perfection of another experience WITH THIS CHRISTED BEING! You even hold joyous visions of even being in the experience of some physically worldly pleasure when the lift-off comes so that you have to leave nothing behind--including your worldly de­sires, lusts and warped thinking.

    The evangelists weep and wail and reach unto the heavens and proclaim the wonderment of "salvation" and the "blood" of the lamb and "rapture", etc. No, no, no--it shall not be as you are told. Oh, you are going to "believe" on the TEACHINGS OF THIS BEING OR YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE and the fastest "ascending rapture" that I see is through atomic nu­clear blasting you into molecular and particulate form which will "float" on the "clouds". The message said that the Master would MEET you and come forth as from the Heavens in and on the clouds! HE ALSO SAID, "IF YE BE OF ME"!

    YOU ones have grown lesser in stature with God. You have allowed MAN to "VOTE-IN" behaviors to suit the desires of "these modern times". Fine--it just will not get you off the place! To go into God's realms of glory you will go as a child in innocence and in intent of perfection with Creator's rules and regulations for behavior. Moreover, it is the intent within the soul which will do the presentation of credentials--not the lips of some human form which has forgotten what its task was and is.

    Do you think yourself to be a "Jew"? Look again and carefully study history and lineage. YOU CANNOT BE A "JEW" UN­DER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! "JEW" IS A TERM CRE­ATED IN THE 18TH CENTURY (A.D.) TO DISTRACT ALL "WATCHERS". The ones who are self-styled so-called "Jews" of this day are actually almost never Judeans or Judaists. The group today are practicing Talmudists coming from the Khazar­ian races who hated the "Judaists" with a passion unsurpassed. They hate the Christ (even in concept) and have and always will, seek total global control for they are the enemy of Christ God. They are all races, all creeds (in actuality, as voted-in) and colors. Their full intent is to produce a "master race" of supreme physical beauty and annihilation is intended for all oth­ers. They politically call themselves Zionists in order to allow you to think they are again establishing God's temple in Zion (Jerusalem). No, they are blood sacrifice practicing groups who are anti-Christ/God in all ways!

    America was a blessed place upon which could be made a final stand for freedom--birthed through its foundation upon God's inclusion into the experience of her people. That is no longer practiced; you have no freedom and you have FALLEN. YOU HAVE VOTED-IN ALL THINGS PHYSICAL AND OUT, ALL THINGS GODLY. There remain Christ-followers everywhere about your globe--but now, you must find them for you will either change that which has come upon you or the nations will perish along with over 6 billion physical beings. WILL YOU BE AMONG THEM? OR, WILL YOU COME HOME WITH US--THE MESSENGERS?

    "But, friend," you might ask, "how did America become en­slaved?" Through the "Jewish" banking system, brainwashing through the media and education, subversion of culture and re­ligion by the enemies of freedom and Christianity. "Christianity" itself was destroyed in its full and true meaning and practice AS IT WAS ESTABLISHED! THIS WOULD BE THE BIGGEST JOKE OF ALL ON YOU THE UNSUSPECT­ING! True to their pattern of enslavement, One-Worlders (Ultimate World Order) have now established among "former" (forget this as being "real") Communist slaves and the lying me­dia and publications, these false ideas of freedom and progress. The crude and vulgar, violent and insulting American "entertainment" and "full life" are being spread among the lib­erated peoples and they are all now falling for the "bait". The plague that destroyed American culture and undermined moral­ity has been imported into Europe under the label of "democracy". If anything should make you hang your head in total shame is this very fact of deliberately spreading this total evil through the lie that it is "democracy" and "human rights un­der God-ness". It is human rights, ok--elite physical power and rights over all other deemed "lesser" peoples. The perfect ex­ample is, today, Kuwait. A monarch with 80 wives was re­stored to a magnificent throne with no effort toward democratic or human equality rights for anyone. You take the bait, con­sume the LIE and then REFUSE TO ADMIT ANY ERROR IN ACTIONS.

    So you will find that the years (generally speaking at the end of the 1980s) will go into history as the glorious time when the Communist oppression over 120 million Eastern and Southern Europeans started weakening and the enslaved peoples, for the first time in 50 years, entered a democracy of sorts. You can now look back from this almost 1993 and see how well that has worked and the lie of it all. Everything in every one of those nations has worsened and the enemy is the same--by whatever new label it is called.

    History will say (if there is "history") that 1990 was the year of the "death" of Communism. No, it was only the beginning of the very END of ALL freedom of the masses. It was the ending decade in which all freedom would be stamped out and billions of human species would be murdered. This murderer would come in the form of "freedom", "peace" and "protection"; it would come with BLUE helmets bearing great guns and phasers--it would come to imprison under the guise of "protection" and incarcerate under the guise of "housing". It would come and starve and slay through disease all the while pretending to treat, feed and "look how hard we try"--and you march to their drumbeat and lay down before their presence. They spit upon God and your national flag, they destroy (already have) your Constitution and your sovereignty and re­place it with Charters and destruction of all economy and crops and hold you bound and helpless. AMERICA WAS NOT BIRTHED AS A "DEMOCRACY"--IT WAS BIRTHED AS A REPUBLIC!

    Do you dislike my subject? You had better look closely within at WHY YOU DISLIKE IT! WHY? WHY? WHY? Could it be that you KNOW MY WORDS TO BE TRUTH and it overwhelms you? So be it--for you shall have to hear it whether you be calling yourself "Jew" or "Christian". These people call themselves "Jews" and "Zionists"--why is it NOT ALRIGHT FOR ANOTHER TO CALL THEM THE SAME? IF YOU CALL A MAN BY THE LABEL HE CHOOSES--ARE YOU INSULTING HIM? So, it becomes time to call him that which "he" has chosen for himself--Jewish Zionists. "Jew" has no meaning and "Zionist" is a POLITICAL PARTY!

    Let us look at these "Jews" in terms suitable. Let us look at the "Jews" vs. the United States as the best example for this is "where it's at and coming down" (in your own slang language).

    It isn't possible here to re-cover all the details of the destructive and treacherous role of the Jews in the United States. For these "Jews" (Zionists)--with almost no exceptions except in cases of "ignorance" of facts--Israel (or the "Jewish community") comes FIRST, and the United States at least a poor second. Let us look at a few things the "Jews" have accomplished over these years of taking of a nation:

    The Jews stole the secrets of the atom bomb from the United States and delivered them to the Soviet Union, thus increas­ing the power of the Communists to later, in alliance (for the Jews also started "Communism"), enslave the world.
    The Zionist-Jewish cabal, acting through the United Nations and the Jewish President, prevented General MacArthur from bombing Manchuria and the Chinese staging areas beyond the Yalu River, and the Red Chinese troops poured into Korea with the resultant deaths of thousands of American troops. You didn't remember that one, did you?

    In the Vietnam War the Democrats, as the allies of the anti-American Jewish planners, allowed the disruption of the morale among the American troops, which led to defeat; these Global rulers needed a demoralized American giant to dictate the eventual surrender of American freedom to a global authority lurking BEHIND the United Nations. They also saw to it that the support of the anti-Communist troops was cut.

    In Cuba and Nicaragua the Communist regimes were established with DIRECT, and secret, American help (by this same "group") through the "Jewish" anti-Christ media--TV, mo­tion pictures, press and radio. Oh, indeed, the battle is the anti-Christ against the Christians, old friends, and that is why it is so "convenient" to be a "Christian" who practices "Judeo-Christian"-invented rules and regulations--so you won't even "appear" to be Christian in reality.

    To make the transition work there has to be severance of all at­tachment to spiritual TRUTH so that you turn unto MAN for your salvation, food, lodging and thus and so. The point is to lock you away FROM YOUR STRENGTH AND INFINITE POWER and into the enslavement of the human control through EVIL.

    By making America into a Zionist partisan, and because of mis­guided support of two or three million Israelis in the Mid-East, almost a billion Moslems were made enemies of the United States--and you haven't even begun to feel the sting of that yet.

    With the economy of your nation and, actually, the world in the control of the "Jewish" bankers, trillions of dollars of American national debt and the resultant inflation have seriously reduced the earning power to zilch, and the standard of living of a ma­jority of Americans into the pits, and they are leading the United States toward a final economic collapse--coming up very, very SOON now.

    The ruling "Jewish" bankers were the principal sponsors of WW I and WW II--that is THE unanimous verdict of historians. Their main goal was, as revealed already in the "French" Rev­olution: to bring down the traditional European governments and replace them by "democracies" or, preferably, Communism. Any form of government is acceptable to them if it lends it­self to the promotion of their global empire. After destroying the French monarchy they continued sponsoring three major revolutions in Europe. Where the monarchies were amenable to "Jewish" controls, as in the Scandinavian countries, and the culture was already secularized (Judaized), as in Holland and Britain, they left the local Kings as the figure-heads. The "Jews" could debauch the life and moral values in those coun­tries under the cover of "representative democracy". The three sturdy monarchies in Europe--German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian--were destroyed through WW I.

    After almost two years of the bloody warfare that had already cost millions of lives, the combatant countries in WW I were exhausted and ready to sign the armistice treaty by which all armies would retreat behind their pre-war frontiers and the car­nage would stop. The Judeo-Masons, being dominant in the Al­lied governments, did not want the bloodshed to discontinue as that might have meant the frustration of their goals of destroying the chief Christian kingdoms. They therefore intensified their efforts to bring America into the war and thus improve the prospects of an Allied victory. Finally a very flimsy reason was found in the German torpedoing of an unarmed ship "Lusitania". (And that was not what it appeared to be either!) The British Secret Service had made it known that the ship was carrying war material and the Germans took the bait and sunk it. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were thrown into battles against the Germans and the blood-letting continued for almost two years longer. The principal gain of American intervention was that the stage was set for another war to complete the victory of the "Jewish" bankers over the European peoples.

    We will turn away from the above point a bit and consider this statement: "America under these 'Pharisees' ." Well, the Phar­isees are the "Lords" of America. Somehow you Americans and most Europeans will be surprised that the Pharisees are still around. Most believe (because you are supposed to) that the Pharisees became extinct with the destruction of Jerusalem in something like 70 A.D. The Jewish authorities, like Louis Finkelstein who was the leading rabbi of the previous generation in the United States, tells you that the Pharisees simply trans­muted themselves into MODERN RABBIS where the lessons of Talmudism and One World Order can be better taught and instilled. Even this, however, is a bit misleading and not quite exact in meaning. Some of the so-called rabbis have been the promoters of Zionism in its fullest flowering, Communism and anti-Christian Jewish Freemasonry, B'nai B'rith. These modern Pharisees are the sponsors of recurrent atheism, ni­hilism, revolutionism and all kinds of anti-Christian schemes in the Western culture, especially in the last 200 years. Ah, indeed they offer sweet and empty smiles and extend the hand as if in friendship but they are THE bitter enemies of Christ and Chris­tianity as would be taught by a Christed being of any label. You see, even "Islam" is a "religion" based mostly on "Christ" teachings. This is WHY the Arab world, Moslems, etc., are such DEADLY ENEMIES OF ISRAEL. By any definition--the Israeli so-called "Jews" of Zionism ARE THE DEADLY ANTI­CHRIST! THESE ONES HAVE INFILTRATED INTO EV­ERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF YOUR WORLD--I.E., KISSINGER, ETC. Even "Bush", who is not so-called "Jewish" but IS A SKULL AND BONES INITIATE FROM THE SAME CLUB OF ROME, MASONIC JEWISH KHAZARIAN TRIBE OF TYRANT CRIMINALS AND BANKSTERS.

    These ones are THE crafty sponsors and secret promoters and popularizers of the destructive doctrines of rationalism, liberal­ism, anti-clericalism, secularism, occultism, sects, anti-Christian laws, and the most pernicious scheme to rule the world through the possession of gold and control of the mechanisms of finances, economy, revolution, media, education and culture. Remember that even in your tampered Bible: JESUS SAID: "...these sons of the devil..." (John 8:44), are far from dead, friends. They are very much alive and preparing the demise of Christianity along with enslavement of the peoples of the planet.

    I sometimes wonder at ones who claim piety and Christianity--such, say, as the Lutherans. Do you goodly Lutherans remem­ber that your own founder, Martin Luther (and you blacks who follow both this great teacher and Martin Luther King, Jr.) SAID? "....I have permitted this booklet (The Jews and Their Lies) to go forth that I might be FOUND AMONG THOSE WHO HAVE RESISTED SUCH POISONOUS UNDERTAK­INGS of the Jews and have warned Christians to be on their guard against them." Martin Luther

    Yes, here I do "go again". Why do you suppose an Anti-Chris­tian like John Coleman hated with a passion one Eustace Mullins? Because Eustace wrote truth and he researched it and could "prove" it. To do his work, Coleman (aka Povlanski-- "Russian Jew" trained in Israel) had to pretend to be an ally of Christianity. This is WHY Coleman chose to utilize, for his quoting, the old "Geneva" Bible--so few would even know what he was talking about and would assume misunderstandings to simply be through translation. All I ever had to do to turn Coleman into a babbling insane man was to mention, and/or suggest, that he utilized Mullins' information. About everything he got of truth came directly from Eustace Mullins.

    Mullins is a profoundly informed patriot and, if you get yourself a set of Mullins' books, you have all you need in information to see the whole of it. This man has been all but destroyed by un-American exploiters and his work suppressed to the best of hu­man ability. At this time there is no publisher which will reprint and publish Mullins' work! Forget it, chelas, for there CERTAINLY IS ONE. As long as any in our circle can keep enough funds to print and a press upon which to copy--so shall the word go forth. Dangerous? Of course, and how is your day going? Would you stand before God in judgment say­ing you did all you could--or as a coward saying, "I betrayed you, Father"?

    If you don't know who this is, you aren't going to learn from me either, just yet. But you had best be finding out because you need what this daring man is willing to share with you.

    Let me give for your ponderings what he has said about Mullins, as a for instance:

    In my understanding of the evil forces which have been directing the affairs of the Western World and their global ex­ploitation of humanity, I have benefited greatly by the studies of Eustace Mullins. Some of his insights and tremendous fund of information on "Jewish" bankers and their "Christian" stooges, which he had gathered in the course of 40 years of research, I have quoted in my previous writings and particularly in the up­coming book AMERICANS UNDER THE OCCUPATION OF ALIENS.

    While I was wasting much valuable energy and time chasing the vagaries of the "science" of modern Judeo-psychology, he was uncovering the dirty work of the international bankers in corrupting the U.S. body politic and enslaving the American people. I want to register my appreciation of this American pa­triot who was all but suppressed and destroyed by un-American exploiters.

    In one of his later works, THE CURSE OF CANAAN [H: I've urged you and urged you to get this book and STUDY IT! Hard to get? Try America West! Does Dharma study this work? NO--because I want her clear and open to MY input--"I" am the author of these JOURNALS and it is what I know that needs to be in your attention--NOT WHAT DHARMA KNOWS! FURTHER, I am giving you this por­tion by Jurjevich right here because I want to write about the patriot, Gordon Wendell Kahl, to whom we referred as we wrote about Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris in the Idaho incident. I believe his description is one of the better outlays of the incident and I appreciate the information to share with you.], Mullins--matured in his understanding of the evils of the world through suffering and reflection--conveys the profound insight into the source of the evil powers that have been mangling humanity for more than 3,000 years. They have carried their exploitive schemes through intrigues, collusions with rulers, wars and revolutions, always with the view to ex­tend their power and subject humanity to oppression and politi­cal delusions. Mullins tore the veil of secrecy and exposed the nest of vipers--the enemies of humanity, the atheistic mate­rialists. They had operated under various disguises, depending on the period of history: Phoenician merchants, Venetian or Florentine bankers, Dutch-Jewish financiers of Cromwell's Revolution, British-Jewish financiers of the "French" Revolu­tion, American-Jewish financiers of the "Russian" Revolution, and as Rothschilds and Rockefellers and other enemies of hu­manity, freedom, peace and prosperity.

    I want to draw your attention here to an important aspect of Mullins' experience. While he was using the methods of mod­ern, historical and social science research, he was able to reach some conclusions, yet failed to attain a truly comprehensive in­sight into the evils he was investigating. He had reached the conclusion that Satan had temporarily become the ruler of hu­manity and he had named some of the most notorious collabo­rators with the Evil One. Yet a further step was necessary to get to the bottom of the problem. "After forty years of patient study of the crises which face humanity," Mullins writes in the Preface to THE CURSE OF CANAAN,

    "I arrived at a very simple conclusion--all conspiracies are Satanic! In retrospect, this conclusion should surprise no one. I admit that it came as something of a surprise to me. I had never anticipated that my decades of work would lead to such an all-encompassing and unchallengeable solution. This answer had eluded me through the years, not because I was on the wrong track, but because I had not yet consulted the ultimate source of knowledge--the Bible. [H: Now please, don't go crazy here. Where else can you better find the information you need both for and against Christ/God than in the "instruction book"? I am not speaking of Mr. Mullins' opinions--I am speaking as a "Journalist" who has access to all sides of the information. Let us just move on and stop your "hang-ups" on tid-bits and let's see what unravels here.] To trace the machinations of the materialistic conspiracy, I had deliberately limited myself to materialist sources--reference material on banking, politics, economics, and the biographies of those who were most deeply involved in these affairs."

    Mullins' insights thus provide a telling introduction to the main, more often implicit than explicitly stated, thesis of this book. Christians (in the widest meaning of that religious-cul­tural group) have to revolt against the existing atheist domina­tion of the American scene because the established order repre­sents physical and metaphysical evil.

    With the Bible an unknown Book to our secularized rulers and people, and with its light obscured by the screens of modern "knowledge", we are bound to falter, mistaking evil for good and remaining subjected to demonic schemes. "Humanity," writes Mullins,

    "...has existed under a considerable disadvantage, unable to recognize or understand evil before being injured by it. Indeed, the great movement of modern history has been to disguise the presence of evil on the earth, to make light of it, to convince humanity that evil is be "tolerated", "treated with greater under­standing", or negotiated with, but under no circumstances should it ever be forcibly opposed. This is the principal point of what has come to be known as today's liberalism, more popu­larly known as secular humanism. The popular, and apparently sensible, appeal of humanism is that humanity would always place human interests first. The problem is that this very hu­manism can be traced in an unbroken line all the way back to the Biblical "Curse of Canaan". Humanism is the logical result of the demonology of history." [H: And herein lies the full in­tent of the University of Science and Philosophy and Lao Russell (I did not say Walter Russell). It is proclaimed that Walter became, with Lao, a "humanist". This is not so; you cannot be a "humanist" and reflect the intent and projection of GOD!]

    The Christian revolt, I repeat, has to be radical and thorough. Its aim is to overthrow the atheistic materialists, under whatever glittering disguises (power, riches, fame, political recognition) they may operate, and reestablish the Kingship of Christ over all areas and values: education, culture, media, politics, economy and wherever the spiritual and moral health of human beings is concerned.

    * * *
    Just allow us to leave this writing here, scribe. It is good to not overburden the reader at any one sitting as breaks give refresh­ment and allows some pondering to the data system. We will take up Gordon Kahl at our next sitting. Thank you.

    Hatonn to salute you and take leave.

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