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    PJ 33
    FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1991 1:39 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 316
    FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1991

    Hatonn present to speak briefly. I have been with Dharma all this day to this point--since prior to the earthquake in the Los Angeles area this morning. Since there is no way to get this information to the public in time for any reaction or use thereof, I shall ask that we wait to cover the information via Express later. I have made a tape which runs throughout the morning and have given as much information as allowed under the circumstances--the point is to keep my people healthy, not tell fortunes or predict earthquakes nor after-shocks (taken in any manner you choose). Just pray for a bit of sanity in your world this day for you are in dire need of it. This is a warning “shot” to coincide with yesterday’s “Airquake” and the several of last night in the same general area, with no explanations of same, according to your press and media. It borders on “absurd” and a bit too much to stomach.

    Since I need Dharma for personal input, I am going to request that Germain write for an hour or so and then I need her to monitor to see when the news hits the public regarding the rocket launch scheduled from Teledyne this yesterday, then this morning and finally for this afternoon--a lot of the problems you are having are wrapped up around that specific rocket launch. Also be aware of the information pouring in from Slovenia and Croatia--you are in the middle of the biggest power plays on your globe. The instructions to the Soviets from the Bilderbergers and Trilateralists is to retain ALL the Soviet sub-states in one unit at all costs--or no participation in the IMF, funding through the World Bank and/or America, etc.

    Beware, also, of that which is coming down in Iraq. After pounding on your people’s nerves over “Iraq having no nuclear capability” at and during the Iraq War, what say they now? Ah, so it is, they tell you there are “many” installations and some are not even being reported nor open for inspection EVEN NOW! Bush wants to go back into the war with his, “I told you so.” Things are going sour in other parts of the Middle East and if you watch you will be able to see the “hands move” in every instance--even from the “non-news”. The time is critical, dear ones--indeed critical. You are again at “First Nuclear Strike against the Soviets” and they are warning you of what they can do and you had better listen! I think it appropriate that I remove myself and allow Germain to continue with his dissertation on the death tools as presented upon your world this day. Salu.


    I shall move swiftly along, Dharma, for I understand the pressures and I also realize that the taping is necessary and preferable to your having to sit at this machinery all day. I note that you will find all in your area have been aware of the incredible pressure in your location for the past three days. We shifted your terminals on the apparatus but we will require many interruptions for you for we can no longer totally interfere and neutralize the particle bombardment. We will watch the timing so that you can relax and write. it is truly an electronic game of chess we have going here with the world as stakes to the winner--however, the way the game is played, it is more likely to be “blow up the world” prior to the game finish. It is incredibly stupid and unthinkable but nonetheless it is the time of cycle rotation when this is what happens--so, please, allow us to continue regarding atomic suicide.


    We respond to your inquiries as to WHY these radioactive elements will so violently kill when others will not injure you. We will answer the question very explicitly for you but for the present our answer is that they will NOT kill IF LEFT WHERE NATURE PUT THEM to perform the beneficial service intended of them. They are all good in their place, in fact they help to create the very water you drink and make humus for the soil, which give you food. God’s whole plan is good. When Man upsets that plan he makes for himself that which he calls “bad”.

    Let us give you an example of our meaning. It is good and healthful for you to sit upon a great granite boulder with the sun shining warmly upon you. All of its radiations are good, for they are in normal balance with the pulsation frequencies of every cell in your body. Now if you “Bombard” that 100 ton boulder and take it all apart, you will obtain fourteen ounces of uranium and two pounds of thorium. If you then sit upon that you will soon die from the explosions caused in your body cells. You can also procure other metals which will not hurt you from that boulder. You can obtain 1,000 pounds of titanium, 180 pounds of manganese, 70 pounds of chromium, 40 pounds of nickel, 10 pounds of tungsten, 5 tons of iron and 8 tons of aluminum. The reason WHY these tons of metals will not hurt you, and WHY the few ounces of thorium and uranium WILL hurt you, is the reason why it is now necessary to know the relation of LIFE and DEATH of organic bodies, to the elements of matter of which they are composed.

    For this reason we again repeat the great simple basic fact that all death is caused by expansion, and all life is caused by compression. We also repeat the as yet unknown fact that life deeply desires to live, but has to work hard to keep sufficiently charged to maintain life, while death can fulfill its desire to die without effort. To charge a body with life takes time and much effort, but a discharge can be timeless and without effort. The flash of a short-circuit is not only a good example of this fact but is a DEMONSTRATION OF ITS PROOF.

    If you will but submit this new thought to your reasoning you will see the naturalness, and significance of it. Death means rest, or cessation of motion. Sound is motion created with an effort, but it ceases without effort. It is an effort for you to arise and work, but it is no effort for you to cease working and rest. It is an effort to heat a rod of iron but the rod will cool without effort. You must, therefore, realize that all things will die normally and naturally without help. That is what radiation is. Multiplied expansion means helping matter to expand quickly, and that is what radioactivity is. The use of nuclear fission, therefore, vastly multiplies the difficultly of living things to keep alive, by vastly aiding them to die.

    The mystery which I will effort to clarify in this message is to tell how Man can be master of life through knowledge, instead of letting death master him through ignorance. The first essential in knowing how to gain this control is to first realize the profundity of the basic facts above stated, and relegate all cause of normal death to normal expansion, and all quick death to abnormal expansion. Add other details to this afterward. Do not say that he died of arsenic poisoning, for there is no poison in the purposeful things of Nature, which must fulfill their purposes. He died of abnormal expansion due to contacting a higher voltage electric current than his body could stand. That was the cause of his death. It was radioactive electrocution, not poisoning.

    It is not greatly different from contracting a disease within a body who is host to the HIV virus. The virus causes invasion and inefficiency of the natural immune system. Then when the body is weakened, it is easily attacked by other forms of “infection” or “infestation” resulting in overwhelming by organisms or toxins thereof which cause abnormal expansion due to contracting a higher voltage electric current than his body can tolerate. It comes down to radioactive electrocution, not poisoning from the toxins directly. This might give some of you “cure” hunters a hint of what is going on in this disease mechanism. The HIV virus itself is a very hypofrequency structure which causes only immune deficiency. The body simply cannot, finally, ward off infections of other sources. The fact that the major disease association is that of Kaposy’s sarcoma indicates a high frequency cancer-causing toxin release within the body system.

    This example will apply to all radioactive effects which we shall describe herein. The lethal dose of radioactive emanation which killed the laboratory worker heretofore mentioned, was not a poison, nor was it a chemical death. He died by electrocution, slow electrocution which consumed two weeks of time to slowly expand enough to kill. ANY OF YOU DEALING WITH “AIDS” WILL NOTE THAT THE SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS, SICKNESS PATTERNS, WEAKNESS AND TERRIBLE LETHARGY OF THE CONDITION SIMULATES THE PATTERNS OF RADIATION OVERLOAD, MISNAMED AS “RADIATION POISONING”. As our last word, before taking the next simple step in our clarification, let us remind you that this universe of motion is entirely electrical. Every effect of any nature, whatsoever, is basically electric. Whatever happens in any way stems from the electric current. To know just one wave unit of the electric current is to know all there is of the construction of matter, or the cause of any effect of motion, whatsoever.

    The secret of Creation lies in the octave wave, therefore, know the wave. Also, it is very good if you all first become electricians for all other “careers” are secondary to that of understanding electricity. We even suggest this same thing to the humanist, poet or missionary. First be an electrician! Know the electric current if you wish to control people, matter, or YOUR DESTINY. Now, Mr. Russell and Mr. Tesla both knew this simple fact very well indeed, especially Mr. Tesla--Mr. Russell’s knowledge came from this identical route--Mr. Tesla used practical application.

    The chemist and musician make use of the same octave tonal scale, and the clergyman who knows its rhythms is vastly more fitted to balance human problems. I say to all men in all professions, and all walks of life, from the statesman to him who wields a shovel: “If you would know your universe of motion, your relations to it and your control over it, FIRST THOROUGHLY KNOW JUST ONE CYCLE OF AN ELECTRIC CURRENT AND THE STILL FULCRUM FROM WHICH IT HAS ITS BEING.”


    I would now like to write for you what seems like an insoluble paradox, or an impossibility of Nature, but it is a fundamental, nevertheless. Please carve it indelibly upon your consciousness now, and await its gradual comprehension as other unknown fundamentals of nature will be or already have been revealed to you herein. It is as follows:

    All material bodies, organic and inorganic, live and grow by increasingly fast motion. They also die and decay by increasingly fast motion.

    This eternal fact of Nature has always stared Man in the face very conspicuously, without having been seen. Even so great a thinker and observer as Dr. Einstein passed it by when he wrote his equation of 1905, which states that fast motion multiplies electrical potential. Before Dr. Einstein passed on from your plane, he knew there were errors in his calculations and even tried to rectify some of them, at which point he was stopped from so doing. The fact in point of Nature is true, but as it is equally true that fast motion divides potential, his whole equations are invalid as a LAW, for a half-truth which voids itself CANNOT become an ETERNAL LAW.

    It is not to be wondered at that this fact of nature escaped observation by the senses, for Man is so accustomed to the fact that effects disappear through slow motion, and that death is consummated by cessation of motion. The senses are not to be trusted, however. When you fully understand the above postulate you will also understand the incredible death speed of plutonium radiations which are approximately 170,000 miles per second.

    The fastest speed of Nature is 186,400 miles per second. That is the generoactive speed in which light waves reproduce to create living bodies of matter. In the creation of matter the generoactive, polarizing, centripetal speed which multiplies to create solids, begins with zero at the first octave and reaches its maximum generoactive speed of 186,400 miles per second at carbon, which is the maturity of Creation. This is the increasingly fast speed which multiplies potential. It is centripetal. From there it begins its radioactive, depolarizing, centrifugal speed at zero and reached 186,400 miles per second, just beyond plutonium at the amplitude point of the 9th octave wave. This is the increasingly fast speed which divides potential to assist matter to die. It is centrifugal. Up to nearly that point the word fusion has taken the place of combustion, but beyond it the speed of death is so great that the word fission has been coined to meet it. The speed of flame by fission causes one short-circuit in about one hundred millionth of a second. Its actual speed could be computed by dividing the speed of light into the time it takes for one wave frequency. Thus we will end another lesson in unfolding your comprehension to the meaning of multiplied death before again opening new doors for still greater comprehension of the true nature of our universe.

    So please, let us review what we have projected here. We will make it easier to comprehend by telling it simply and in easy stages. As a step in this direction you must know that life in a Man’s body is exactly the same as life in your car battery. As long as its electrical charge exceeds its discharge it lives and grows with increasing vitality. When its discharge exceeds its charge it loses its vitality and slowly dies. This is as true of a flower as of a man, or atom, or flaming sun.

    We again repeat the fact that all things live and grow because of their ability to generate enough heat to charge their bodies with their normal voltage, and no more. Each living body has a normal temperature and pulsation frequency which must be constant in order to live and grow. Death begins with the slightest upset of that normalcy. Even one degree of extra heat beyond 98.6 will upset the entire metabolism of man. That one degree of fever is one fifth of his way to death. That is equally true of everything. Your planet already has a degree of “fever”, caused by radioactivity--not greenhouse effect nor missing ozone. That one degree has already upset the earth’s metabolism enough to cause many fishes in the seas to migrate into colder waters. It is causing ice caps and glaciers to melt, etc. Actually the degree registers a bit above one degree and rising. Less than ten more degrees of radioactive fever will make of your planet a barren waste!

    All things which die and decay do so because of their inability to continue the electric strain of compression sufficiently to preserve their normalcy. All living bodies compress. All dying bodies expand. This should not be a difficult lesson upon life and death, for compression and expansion are the only two effects of motion and force in all this universe and we have been over this quite a few times to this point. Also, all things in it are eternally compressing and expanding in alternate sequences, forever. Your heartbeat, your breathing, and the pulsations of every cell in your body are continually compressing and expanding in orderly ordained normal rhythms, each unit having its own normalcy of rhythmic frequencies, and each one being not only in balance with the whole, but also in balance with its normal environment.

    Consider a living man, in his normal environment of temperatures and pressures, being subjected to an electric pulsation frequency of a 10,000 volt current. That tremendous abnormalcy expands every cell in his body so suddenly that they violently explode. All expanding bodies are always exploding slowly, over long periods of time. We do not use that word for slow expansion, however. We do not say that a decaying tree, which takes fifty years to go back into the ground, is exploding. If you burn it, however, the flame is a series of quick explosions which will do in two hours what Nature intended to do in some fifty years.

    Consider your car battery in the same way. If small wires are used the charge in your battery explodes slowly. You can drive hundreds of miles because of those slow gradual explosions which gradually discharge your battery, If, however, you connect both poles with a large wire and touch the ends together you discharge the whole battery instantly. A brilliant flash of intensely hot flame appears from an environment which was cold. That is what radioactivity is. It multiplies the frequencies of slow, invisible radiation to fast visible radioactive fusion.

    If, for another example, you wind a tungsten wire with silk, then pass a hundred thousand volt current through it in a vacuum tube, you will see a brilliant white flash of intensely white hot light which lasts for only about one millionth of a second. That light is so hot that it instantly explodes the tungsten. Nothing but helium gas remains in the tube. Also those radioactively multiplied voltage frequencies are so quick that the silk thereat has not even been singed.

    Fix in your mind the primary fact that flame and radioactivity are one....Flame is quick death always. Coal dies slowly by slow loss of heat while in the ground. It takes thousands of years to radiate itself away, while flame does it in an hour. If you multiply the frequencies of flame you are, likewise, multiplying its power to quicken the death of anything. A sulphur match will not produce a hot flame. It will burn wood slowly but it will not set iron on fire. The hotter flame of the acetylene torch will set iron on fire, however, but it will not set granite or concrete on fire. How did you think an oxyacetylene torch cut through metal? If you multiply the radioactive power of flame still more, by making an oxyacetylene flame, you can then electrocute granite or concrete. It will burst into flame and slowly disappear.

    These great radioactive and heat-multiplied frequencies are nothing, however, as compared to the intense heat which nuclear fission produces with plutonium, barium, radium and other radioactively explosive elements. They are a far cry from the flame power produced by the sulphur match. These elements have made a match for Man which has produced a heat so great, and so quickly, that it has utterly destroyed millions of tons of rock deep down in an island and vaporized other millions of tons of sea water in a millionth of a second. The heat thus so timelessly generated is greater than the hottest part of your sun. That is what we mean by describing radioactivity as quick death.

    If it could be possible to transport a hundred ton lump of the sun to your earth it would drop through it as readily as a bullet penetrates the atmosphere. Call it radioactivity, fission, fusion or what you will, its principle in Nature is the release of a frozen body from its imprisonment by releasing its binding tensions. It is the relaxing principle of Nature. It is the restoration of tense matter to its Natural state of equilibrium.

    Let us have a break before we continue with how radioactivity kills. Thank you for your time out of this day busy with other life matters. This is absolutely necessary information if you are to understand how deadly the games are which are being played out on your placement. So be it.


    PJ 33
    MONDAY, JULY 1, 1991 8:51 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 319
    MONDAY, JULY 1, 1991

    Hatonn present in Light, in service and in humble appreciation for the gift of another day in which to serve our relations.

    OK, chelas, you flunked your examination. Charles is ill and you don’t know what is wrong--get Audrey and Eric. This is the very type of thing you ones can plan on facing along this path. Yes, I do know what is wrong--further, it is not important that “I” know what is wrong--YOU must know how to handle these things. Also, you ones must learn to measure tasks and not get yourselves into such boundaries of stress that you become physically ill.

    Audrey and Eric will be the ones tending this type of “emergency” and, of course, you have done the correct thing in getting medical assistance--but you should have a pattern wherein most appropriate service can be rendered in the shortest time possible. Both Audrey and Eric are trained very well in emergency care as well as convalescent attention--let us now begin to allow all to serve in their best capacity. Thank you.

    Do not anticipate that WE will automatically tend every whim or need--the body is always trying to reach through to the reasoning brain when there is illness or pain. Attend the messages carefully and then concern need not turn into useless “worry”. Then, I suggest that we consider getting on with our “housing-Audrey” project at the earliest possible time for it is the living alone which can become the problem as ones are “out of commission”. There will be a pile of permits and drawings, etc., but it must be considered soon for you have several who could nicely participate and many who could afford the care and living community. Let us work in bits and pieces here in the beginning and then let us see what we can do for obtaining some funding for this project--it can pay for itself as a good investment. You will need some larger apartments, i.e., let us say, if Ranos wished to live in such a dwelling, he would need room for his computers in addition to living, so you will need varying sized apartments, etc. This is only example, but I suggest it is time to begin to seriously think of these types of projects.

    All ones need privacy and yet, many would prefer to not tend of gardens, etc., or cannot do so--let us just feel our way along here until the direction comes clear.

    You will find that miserable bouts of “flu”, etc., are very debilitating and, frankly, mimic in symptom similarity, radioactive sickness--it is something that it is time to consider in your portfolio of concerns. Just from that which you have released into your atmosphere (for radioactivity is less at ground level than in the higher elevations) you are experiencing increasing bombardment--the scientists want you to think it is ozone depletion--it is radiation buildup. Face it and then perhaps we can begin to counter the situation.

    So that we can understand more clearly, the problem and the workings of the mechanism of radioactivity and how it eventually “kills”--I shall turn this over to Germain without further time consumption. Thank you, Dharma, for yesterday was a marathon day of writing, but rest can come when the knowledge is forth. Saalome’.

    Germain present and thank you for allowing my participation. The subject matter is most disagreeable but through knowledge is the only route through which we can prevail in the Light.


    This is certainly not a “pretty” subject but of utmost value for when you find a problem--there are always counter-measures to be taken. So, allow us to let our thoughts wander a bit and consider your condition. As you sit in relaxation by your fireside, for instance, you feel in perfect comfort. Your room is warm. You can go to bed when you wish and sleep in comfort. You are not hungry. You have good bodies and your temperatures are right around 98.6 degrees F--just as they should be. Your pulsebeat is regular and “normal”--everything is within “normal” range. You can arise in the morning, take food, go into town in a ready waiting car, and plan your day’s work and evening’s relaxation without fear of interference, because everything outside your home is as normal as it is at home. That is what you desire, is it not? Is not this regular, even if boring, existence that which all civilization is striving to attain? Is it not a fact that human happiness, health, safety, property and all things considered by you to be worth while depend upon the normalcy of your environment and your human

    Your temperature could not remain at 98.6 degrees if your planet could be pushed five million miles nearer to the sun. Your temperature would rise. You would have a fever of several points. Naturally that could not be done, but its equivalent can be done by the use of radioactive fission. Your normal life can quite easily be made most unhappy and very dangerous if the town’s water supply becomes polluted, or a hundred other things which could happen to you in your home, or to the town or nation, which would upset your normalcy.

    Epidemics of typhus, polio, smallpox, and many other things have upset the normal growth of individuals and nations. Two-thirds of middle Europe were wiped out by bubonic plague. A war tomorrow might draft you out of your comfortable home, your bed, your work and your relaxation. Your own desired normalcy can be ended in a flash, and an abnormalcy take its place, which you do not desire. Instead of a happy Hungarian family and comfortable home of this minute, some are dead, and some are in prison, or exiled to Siberia in the next hour. This is true, is it not? It is quite a familiar picture to the whole world, and not one person in all the world remains untouched by the abnormalities which have upset the great orderly rhythmic growth which Nature intends for all creating things, and will give to them if they cooperate with Nature in keeping that normal rhythm of her orderly unfolding of all creating things.

    You could look upon, let us say, a body-builder who is muscular and considered beautiful! Is that body perfection? No--it is trained in a most abnormal manner and is totally out of balance and in imperfection. The body was not born to appear in that manner and, worse, it is ego seeking eternal physical expression which causes the being to seek such physical manifestation. Sorry about that, you joggers, runners, weight-lifters, etc.--you are foolish and totally out of balance and there is almost no harmony within your being and requirements are absolute and total slavery to the task of remaining out of balance. Exercise for fitness is one thing--overdoing to fill ego needs for looking younger and such, is indeed foolish. Anything which causes undue attention in exaggerated manner--is in the long-run far more detrimental to the emotional stability which, in fact, gives instructions to that body to function properly--than almost anything for you who are slaves to training routines when that is not your path of service--are leaving yourselves open for great pain and suffering when you are unable to meet those physical sessions of training. What you have been trained to accept is only that which MAN has pronounced perfection of the physical.

    Normalcy of environment is a necessity of all Creation, as well. For instance, Eidelweis will not be found in a low valley. No one would attempt to raise tropical fruits in Alaska or northern Canada, nor could polar bears survive in the pastures of southern Florida without long times for natural changes to adapt. If you knew that certain actions of Man would so change the normalcy of your environment that it would cause an epidemic of bubonic plague, would you not rise en masse with your neighbors to prevent it? Of course you would. Bubonic plague would be a mild and transient effect as compared with what is now being planned for the human race, for many would survive it and, in future centuries, would forget it. Not so with radioactive fission, however, for none would survive to forget it. I wish to demonstrate and explain to you why oxygen-dependent vegetable and animal life could not again appear upon your earth for twenty to thirty thousand years if Man’s plan is consummated.

    It will be interesting and enlightening to again turn to your imagination regarding your comfortable and safe position in the universal house of the human race and other organic life. To aid the picturing of the position of organic life in this universe we are printing a map of the entirety of Creation for you to see it as a whole.

    Look at Figure 5. It tells the whole story of Creation, and your safe house within its dangerous surroundings, which we will point out to you a bit later. That safe house of yours in our universe is indicated by a triangle which bounds its walls of safety. You will see it right near the middle of the map. That triangle is the limit of your safe environment. Beyond it you cannot go for there are twenty-two vicious killers in the far reaches of the environment which surrounds your house, which you cannot see. You need have no fear of them, however, for Nature has chained them very securely so that they cannot hurt you while so securely imprisoned. Man is planning to alter Nature’s plan, however, and release them into your environment and has done so, even within your very house. These killers are the invisible metallic death rays which penetrate every cell of your body with ultra-microscopic poison metal bullets at speeds of around 160,000 miles per second.

    These killer metals, which are soon to multiply to uncountable millions, will await you in your drinking water, which will be polluted from underground over the whole region of atomic activities, from buried atomic waste. They will await you in your food, for every grass blade will take it into the beef you eat and the milk you drink. They will await you in every breath you take, for miles of it will accumulate in the upper atmosphere to fall upon the earth increasingly, year by year. Do not find comfort in assurance that you can be protected from it. We will consider that later, but you can no more be protected from it than you could protect the dryness of earth from becoming wet when it rains. Neither can your planet be protected from the rise in its whole temperature, which alone would so change the earth’s environment that all life would be impossible.

    The universe might very appropriately be likened to a harp of nine strings, with nine tones in each string. In the diagram the strings are all indicated as the same length for simplicity. In Nature the lower string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with a zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave. They are the cathodes of every electric anode. They are called inert gases, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton, etc. They are the seed of all matter and the supreme mystery of matter. In them is the answer to the great mystery of life and death.

    Perhaps you may better understand our meaning by a study of your piano keyboard. There are only seven tones there. Each eighth tone is the same as the beginning note, except it is one octave higher. The reason for that change is due entirely to pressure mathematics. Compression pressure has reached a position where the vibration frequencies have multiplied in cube ratio. If you put a book upon the top of an organ pipe you will find that its tone will jump to just one octave higher.

    Like the low tones of a harp, the low spectrum tones on the Cosmic harp are of so few frequencies that they cannot even be perceived by human senses until the third string is reached. Up to around your year 1926 only one of these tones had been perceived, but at that time the Russell Charts numbered one and two, included herein, were published, which completed all of the octave tones of that third octave. Also, up to the issuance of the Russell Charts in 1926, the chart then in use was known as the Mendeleef Table of the elements. In that chart hydrogen was the only element shown in that otherwise empty third octave, an impossibility in Nature which creates ALL UNITS IN PAIRS AND ALL OCTAVES IN FOUR PAIRS. The Russell Charts repair this deficiency whether or not the scientific community wishes to accept it. Remember, Man of Earth Shan thought the sun revolved around your planet and that you were the center of your system--I wonder sometimes, if you have grown from that ignorance as

    of yet. Mostly it simply matters not to almost all of you. If you are told otherwise regarding truth of functions, you simply get rid of the speaker, burn them at the stake or worse--crucify them, and go on in your ignorance until the knowledge is used by the adversary to blow you away. Note that hydrogen, and its octave, were shown without an inert gas preceding it. This is as impossible in Nature as the growing of a tree without a seed is impossible. Also hydrogen was placed in the first column instead of the fourth column under carbon. Hydrogen has never been suspected as being carbon, one octave lower, as silicon is also carbon, one octave higher.

    The reason that each succeeding tonal note, which constitutes the elements of matter, is one octave higher is one entirely of increased pressure. You can better understand that by compressing some air in an enclosed box or tube in which you have inserted a whistle. The more air you pump in, the higher the whistle sound when you open its valve. If you tighten a wire the same thing will happen. The same harp string can give you many tones if you turn the tuning pins higher, or lower. By the time the first octave string has multiplied in cube ratio nine times, the speed of vibration frequencies and intensity of pressure have reached the incredible proportions of 1,073,741,824 times greater in the 9th string than the first string.

    You can better imagine the tremendous explosive pressures which lie behind radium and plutonium bullets by actually seeing the pressure figures. Try it. Start with the first octave at 8. By cubing 8 it equals 64, then 512, then 4,096. The carbon octave comes next with pressure of 32,768. These are YOUR normal pressures, as well as for all organic animal and vegetable life. When you cube your normal pressures you are running into danger. Nitrogen, for example, is phosphorous when cubed once, and it is arsenic when cubed twice. Nitrogen is necessary for you but phosphorous and arsenic will immediately “eat up” the nitrogen of your body and kill you by their radioactive expansion.

    Oxygen is sulphur when cubed once to equal 262,144 pressures. Sulphur will kill you, however, for sulphur is the dying body of oxygen and you cannot eat your dying body. If you ignite sulphur it will consume oxygen. If you cube oxygen five times you arrive at the deadly radium-uranium-plutonium octave with its tremendous pressures of over a billion. These are the very nearly dead bodies of the elements which constitute the universal body. The reason that these bodies poison you is the simple fact that you cannot eat the dead bodies of parts of your own living body. If you cannot survive the ptomaine poisoning of slightly decayed fish, how can you possibly survive the maximum putridity which radioactivity is?

    The deadly strontium octave reaches the tremendous pressure of 16,777,216, and the barium octave reaches 134,217,728 pressures. Underground these tremendous explosive pressures give birth to lower pressures by releasing higher ones from crystallized structures. That is the cyclic, or reincarnation process of Nature. Above ground, however, the cycle acts in reverse. Dead bodies kill living bodies instead of borning them. That is why oxygen and the free radioactive metals cannot co-exist. That is why thousands of tons of radioactive death in plutonium, strontium, thorium, radium and the other nearly dead elements used in reactor plants and discarded as waste, will gradually consume the earth’s atmosphere and its oceans if not prevented from allowing the dead to remain buried, instead of resurrecting it to kill the living. You must understand that all bodies beyond carbon are dying bodies and that living bodies cannot live by consuming dead ones. There is a point of decay in all bodies, whether they are carrots, meat, fruit, oxygen or nitrogen. You do not have to be convinced that you cannot live if you consume decaying bodies of vegetables or animals which are composed of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Why should it be necessary to convince you that you cannot live if you consume decaying oxygen, nitrogen or carbon in their natural forms? Decay and radioactivity are one, except that radioactivity is FAST DECAY.

    Pressures in electric matter are dominated by the geometry of space wave-fields, which are based upon the cube. We recite this fact in passing, to explain the use of the word, but its further explanation would require too much space to record here. We will lightly touch upon it at the end of this book.

    You can better understand the death dealing speed of radioactive light “bullets”, which radium or plutonium can shoot at you, if you but compare the speed and power of Colonial musket bullets to the modern ones, and then multiply that by thousands of times. Or if you put sixty pounds of pressure in your tire, instead of thirty, and compare the hiss of that explosion when you open the valve, with the hiss of a thirty pound pressure, it will give you a more clear picture of what over a billion times thirty pounds would do if you could blow up a tire to such a high pressure--undoubtedly you would reach the moon most quickly when you open that tire valve this time.


    Let us now look around your house of safety within which your environment is all contributory to the well being of organic life. By organic life we mean oxygen dependent bodies. Within that triangle on the universal harp are only five of its tones out of its total of 121. Those five tones are carbon, silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It will probably amaze you to be informed that four of these five elements constitute 98 1/2% of your whole body composition. More amazing still, all five constitute 98 1/2% of the upper few feet of the earth’s crust upon which your body is dependent for the food it needs for survival. The basic constituent for the fertile life-giving earth’s crust, is silicon. Silicon is the first stage of death for carbon. It is, therefore, as good for purposes of earth as carbon is for purposes of life.

    Your bodies need many metals but it is extremely important to realize two things about such needs. One is, that out of the many their total is only 1 1/2% of your bodies. The other is that not even a millionth of a milligram of metal enters the body in its free state. They can be present only as mineral salts, or oxides. Iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and many other mineral salts are necessary, but only in infinitesimal amounts. To indicate the small amounts of metals the body will accept, we cite such examples as manganese, which is present in only seven hundredths of one per cent, copper one thousandth, nickle two ten-thousandths, and gallium three one hundred-thousandths of one per cent. Iron, calcium, iodine, sodium and other metal salts are necessary, also, but in extremely small fractions.

    This might seem to be a very strange thing, for Nature creates only metals. The text books give lists of non-metals, but there are no non-metals. All stone in this universe is composed of one or more pairs of metals in union. The stone of which your grindstone is made is the main source of aluminum, but the mate of aluminum is phosphorous. Likewise, the stoney carbon is composed of boron and nitrogen in union. Nitrogen is classified as a gas, but all gases are low-pressured metals. The next octave above nitrogen is phosphorous. It has been multiplied into a solid by one octave of additional pressure. Nitrogen and oxygen are good friends in the atmosphere you breathe, but phosphorous will burst into flame and consume oxygen if exposed to it, and if you breathe it you would die--yet it is but concentrated, or compressed nitrogen. If you multiply nitrogen another octave the result is arsenic, and that is obviously a metal. If you breathe arsenic vapors or take a very little of it into your body, even as a salt, it will kill you quite quickly--yet that, too, is but compressed nitrogen.


    We will take for the next step the as yet unknown fact that the structure of the universe, as one whole body, lives and grows to maturity, then dies, just as man, and all organic life does. Carefully note the parallel. A man matures at about forty, which is about one half of his cycle. During all of that period of time he is growing stronger and is more vital. From that moment, however, he begins to die. His generoactive maximum is reached and his radioactive period begins. He may still grow stronger in body but his cells are dying faster than he can keep them regenerated. When he is about eighty, death has caught up with the power which charges bodies into life. The WHY of that is what you need to know for your own sake, and the WHY of the death of metals is what atomic engineers must know.

    The entire birth and growth of matter matures at carbon. It matures as a flaming true sphere, any part of which will crystalize as a true cube when frozen into form. The cold cube of space and the hot sphere of matter are the consummate forms of Nature. Beyond that they cannot go. Also, they are Nature’s limitations in pressures, temperatures and frequencies. Beyond the cube and sphere they cannot go. When you understand this fundamental of Nature you will then understand WHY and HOW you and all things live, and WHY and HOW you die. Follow this explanation carefully, then, and you will know. As to “WHERE--you go when you die”, that can wait, but that also you will know before you finish this book inclusive with the prior JOURNAL. We will leave this idea of cube-sphere limitation, and its reversal for a moment, but will return for we have covered it in detail in the prior JOURNAL.

    Now look again at your chart and find carbon in the fourth octave symbolized by a cube centering a sun. From that point on death begins and multiplies its power to die in the same ratio as it has multiplied its power to live. In other words, it now accumulates as much centrifugal speed to disappear into its invisible Source as it accumulated centripetal speed on the way to its destination in carbon. The only difference is that the generoactive speed of compression is inward from the outside until maturity in carbon, and after that its radioactive speed explodes outward from the inside. In each case the inward speed of 186,400 miles per second is reached at the maximum point of life in carbon, and the outward speed is reached at the amplitude of the 9th octave, just beyond the transuranium elements, which is the maximum point of universal death.

    What we have just stated is one of the most significant facts of Nature. It has never been known because it has never been known that the universe lives and dies just as Man lives and dies. Nor has it been known that bodies live by fast motion and also die by fast motion. All through these writings you will never lose sight of that fact, for it runs through the books like a golden thread in a tapestry, as it does all through Nature.

    You must fully understand that electric compression continues to generate after carbon has been reached, and death has begun to find supremacy, just as a forty year old man may still become stronger and more vital after he has begun to die. If you examine these elements beyond carbon you will find that they are all more dense and much more heavy than any element up to and including carbon. Plutonium is the heaviest of all elements. It is also the greatest of the twenty-two killer metals. These killer metals are what atomic energy is intending to release into your atmosphere.

    It is time for a respite, please. Then we shall discuss why killer metals kill and why other metals do not. The central point, of course, is that God, the Creator, is LIGHT--the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe. Upon this point revolves ALL. So be it.

    Thank you for your attention, let us stand aside that rest might give renewal and also allow time for pondering of the information AS it flows for it is far more effective in small “doses”. I salute you.


  2. #4


    PJ 33
    TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1991 8:47 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 320
    TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1991

    Hatonn present in the Radiance of Life. May we commune, please? I ask that all of you give unto your brother, Charles, support and prayers that he can glean energy from you who would share with him. He is indeed very ill and weak. Please stay close for you can feel very alone when you are taken to the sickbed. This is the time to support him with messages and love, for note the big void in workings of the “crew”. You who feel unneeded, take note of how empty it is to have one missing. Ah yes, you will get “moved in” and arranged for no one person is indispensable in the overall--but the absence of any one makes the heart show more appreciation for that beloved brother’s contribution. It also is opportunity to look without self and unto the needs of another as a reminder to always pray for thine relations for the cycle brings the fruit of the tree back unto thee in perfection.

    Sananda is giving such supportive information for our work, through Dru, that I ask that we publish it with whatever our brother would share with us today--as the next EXPRESS. You cannot live by bread alone. Even though the public will not be aware of the Germain information as of yet--the current JOURNALS are Pleiades Connections and are dealing with “life”/“death” principles which explore and unfold the Truth and workings of the universe. I ask this because you need the support of this gentle Master and Friend and we need the time to continue with the lessons. You can turn this planet around if you will come into KNOWING and the only way to do so is to have the information of HOW IT REALLY IS! If you wish to share with the readers that which we gave unto “Jackie” yesterday, then feel free to do so. Ones are continually reaching out from the depths of problems and that will worsen as the life impact, economy and chaos worsen. We will give you some methods whereby you who face that which seems insurmountable--most certainly can overcome with reason and clarity of thought. GOD RARELY ANSWERS PETITIONS AS YOU ONES EXPECT--FOR IF A THING IS TO BE DONE--YOU WILL DO IT; HE WILL ONLY POINT THE WAY. FURTHER, IN THE POINTING, HE WILL ALLOW YOU TO SEE THE PATH AND LOOK OBJECTIVELY UPON THINE PLIGHT. Be patient with us as we, too, are bounded by the physical in the amount of work which can be presented.

    I am asked “WHY, then, do we not utilize other hands for this information and get it forth more quickly?” Because if only Dharma writes for us of the Phoenix, with some support of a nature which, frankly, gives HER the support to continue--then we know that regardless of your complaints, you do have time to cover the material. If one person can produce it--YOU can at least find time to study it! The material coming forth cannot be selectively attended as in a library of novels wherein you may choose your subject. You MUST COME INTO THE KNOWING OF TRUTH AND TO MISS THE LESSONS AS GIVEN WOULD BE INDEED UNWISE. THIS WAY, WE CAN MEASURE THAT WHICH IS GOING FORTH AND, FURTHER, REMOVE YOUR EXCUSES! I repeat--if one little lady can produce the material--YOU CAN READ IT! Whatever you perceive of the “physical” to hold more importance--IT DOESN’T!

    Dharma is quite devastated by the information for she says, “It is like writing a dissertation on ‘what went wrong and why man and life perished from the earth’.” Ah so? That, dear ones, is up to you. Will you move into the wondrous beginning of glory or move through the ending of history of this cycle--ah yes, ‘tis up to YOU.

    Thank you, Germain, for attending us this morning. I place the seal of God upon your work and stand by in my own receiving that we might better see and hear. I salute you.

    DO NOT

    Vio present in the radiance of the ray of transmutation. Much is purified and alchemized as well as transmuted by this particular ray of violet radiance. This is very “physical” and not merely a touting of “Germain’s focus”. Even the ultra-violet can kill or cure.

    I left you on the yesterday with the statement that God, the Creator, is LIGHT--the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe.

    In God’s Creation He limits all motion to that point in compression where invisible white light has been reached between the two visible yellows of flame in the fission state. When a sun has become a true sphere its center has reached the white invisible still point in the spectrum where motion has ceased. Up to that very point the inward speed of compression has multiplied to its limit of 186,400 miles per second. At that point, also, there is but one center of gravity. Until then there are two. White light is always invisible, for it is always still. It could not be white otherwise. Any motion, whatsoever, would be visible as yellow. This is, further, why God is the stillness of the white light and yet, the Sananda (son) projects as a wondrous “golden yellow light” energy field. For you must understand that each of us who projects through God’s thought is in motion and motion determines the color of that motion according to purpose. Creation IS, and therefore presents as the silver white light of that which IS!

    The point I wish to emphasize by the above is that when generoactivity has created a true sphere it also has created within it a white light of gravity to center it. It has also created its maximum speed and maximum temperature. It can go no farther. The Creator has consummated His Creation. He has given all He has to give. One half of His Law of Love has been fulfilled. Up to that point the Einstein Equation of 1905 fits perfectly. It fully accounts for the mathematics of life, but not for death. The other half of the Law of Love must now be fulfilled. That which has been given must be equally regiven. The balanced rhythm of this universe must not be upset. For this reason that which has been must be repeated in reverse, to void that which has been, for neither life nor death can end or begin. They can only be repeated, and when they are repeated they do so through each other.

    You have now taken another big step in comprehending the difference between slow normal death and quick radioactive death. We must again hold this idea in suspense for a time, as it has many angles and facets which are better to be completed together, as a good diamond cutter does, instead of trying to complete one at a time.


    The next step for comprehension brings two words into our story which are of great import. These words are CENTRIPETAL and CENTRIFUGAL. Their real office in Nature has not yet been known, other than the fact that one supposedly contracts from the inside--which IS NOT TRUE, and the other expands. What is not yet understood is the fact that centrifugal spiral motion, in this entire universe, is EXPRESSed where pairs of centripetal pairs meet in sex union in Nature’s electric current, and begin the journey of regiving back to the Giver of motion. If this fact had been known there would have been no “expanding universe” theory. The text books say that there is no uphill flow of energy. Centripetal motion is that uphill flow. The cyclone vortex is that uphill flow. The winding of the universal clock spring is that uphill flow. The charging of your battery, your body, and the creative process of compression, is that uphill flow. Nature creates atom units centripetally in matched pars. She causes atom unit pairs to collide and explode. There are not any atomic systems in Nature until mated pairs meet in sex union at wave amplitudes.

    Look into the heavens. Every spinning spiral nebula is an atomic system on a stellar scale. It is made up of the dying parts of a united pair which has arrived at its centripetal maximum and must begin its dissolving journey back to its source. That dissolution is EXPRESSed by rings which wind up into spheres. These spheres throw off more rings centrifugally until all “wound up matter” has been “unwound”. Centrifugal motion is the outward direction of death. Radioactivity is centrifugal. The power to kill, which has been generated in the twenty-two radioactive killer metals, is due to the intensively high pressure which has been compressed into them beyond their ability to hold. As a result they discharge their death rays in metal bullets for the thousands of years they consume in their dying. These metal bullets are as potent in killing you as bullets discharged from a revolver, and the principle of their projection is the same. The only difference is that radioactive bullets are so ultra microscopic that five billions of them would not make up a pinhead in size, but their expanding power within your body more than makes up for their smallness. In fact, their power to expand within your cells IS their danger, for expanding cells are dying cells.

    We will pause again to examine these bullets so that you will get a very clear idea of their potency, and know also that it would be as impossible for you to be protected from them as it would be impossible to protect you from feeling the effects of the sun. Let us, therefore, first examine radium expansion bullets.

    We again refer you to your nine-stringed Cosmic Harp. You will find radium on the 9th string. Remember that all bodies are dying from the 5th string to the 9th, although they are trying very hard to live. Look at carbon with that thought in mind. Imagine its relationship to matured life such as you would find in a virile athlete of forty. Its cube crystal form indicates its perfection of body. Now look at silicon on the 5th string. The athlete is now a virile man of fifty, but not his equal of ten years prior. Silicon and silicates can reach amplitude and the hexagon in crystal structure, but cannot reach the balanced cube.

    Now look at the 6th and 7th strings. The athlete is dying with great spasmodic efforts to live. He can never reach amplitude again, however. Carbon was enabled to void its metallic quality by the union of a pair. In the 6th and 7th octaves, however, that amplitude collision is not consummated, even though five terrific efforts are made to accomplish it. The yield has been but five pairs of metals, and their inability to create a sphere with one center of gravity, instead of five pairs of centers, has yielded the high pressured metals known as cobalt in the 6th octave, and rhodium in the 7th.

    Beyond the 7th octave the effort to live becomes greater. That tremendous effort to compress multiplies the power to die. Thirteen efforts in pairs are made in the eighth octave with the yield of a prototype of cobalt known as lutetium. You may study all of these pairs of metals by examining the Russell Periodic Chart No. 1.

    In the radium octave these pairs of efforts are detectable on the red side of the spectrum, but not on the blue side, for reasons which would occupy far too much space to explain here, and not sufficiently necessary to this story. As a part of it, however, take note that all of the worst radioactive killer metals are on the red side.

    Now, as to radium. What is it? Let us examine its ancestry. Beryllium, in the 4th octave, which has a pressure intensity of 32,768, begat magnesium, which has an explosive pressure intensity of 262,144. Magnesium begat calcium, which has an explosive pressure of 2,097,152. Calcium begat strontium, at 16,777,216 units of pressure. Strontium begat barium, at 134,217,728, and barium begat radium which has accumulated the enormous power to ejects its bullets of 1,073,741,824 times that which it had at birth 9 octaves back.

    Your greatest comprehension of the deadliness of the radioactive elements can come by the study of radium. We cite radium for you can very easily visualize its deadliness by purchasing a little inexpensive instrument called a spinthariscope at any opticians for a quite modest fee. Within it is a fine needle which has touched a long empty, supposedly used-up small vial of that very expensive radium. We cite this fact to drive home to you the potency of so inconceivable an element as this, which cannot seemingly ever be used up. It may be that several hundred thousand more spinthariscopes can still be made from that empty vial.

    If you look through the lens toward a fluorescent screen you will see a sight so glorious that it could not be matched except by looking through a telescope at a star cluster. Thousands of stars seem to be exploding against that screen. What you see are the death rays of one of the most poisonous of the radioactive elements. You are seeing the luminous metallic expansion bullets which leave their metallic quality in their target to continue their expansion, and pass through, and beyond it into an inert gas named niton, then through another named xenon, then through another named krypton, and another named argon, and still another named neon until it finds its final resting place in helium. In passing through all these they have expanded them all to get back to the low pressures of the 4th octave. Further description of this principle is explained in a separate chapter discussing the inert gases, We can add, however, that plutonium bullets are not content to stop at helium. They continue right through to the inert gas of the beginning of Creation in Octave 1.

    The wonderful, and amazing fact of this little instrument is that you could still see it as it now is for thousands of years. This fact should answer for you the question as to the ability of Man to protect you from it after thousands of tons of the still more deadly plutonium are distributed all over the country in solid ten ton piles, and not just the wipings of an empty milligram vial.

    An interesting story is told about radium when it was first discovered. For awhile it was thought that the life principle had at last been found. This was so sincerely believed that instruments were made to charge drinking water with these “life giving rays”. Such instruments were purchased by the wealthy for as high as $1,000. Very soon, however, the tragic error was discovered before it became serious. Today, however, the danger is so well known that the number of seconds in which one is exposed to X-rays, or any radioactive effect, are checked and counted to prevent too much exposure to these now known death rays.

    In closing this description of radium we feel that your decision as to whether or not YOU can be protected from its dangers would be affected by the following story of the tragedy which resulted from a slight accident in a laboratory, which we will quote, from an article printed in your magazine, Colliers. Such things are impossible to prevent. In reading it remember that it is only radium, the lesser radioactive element in that octave. That might also happen with plutonium (shades of Chernobyl).

    A graphic example of how fast and far contamination can spread occurred a few years ago when someone in a Navy laboratory on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay stepped on a glass vial containing a barely visible amount of radium salt. The accident was discovered late in the afternoon, and by the time decontamination crews got on the job 16 hours later, the radium had already spread throughout the San Francisco area for a radius of over 20 miles.

    Automobiles used by students and instructors in the lab were heavily contaminated, especially the steering wheels and floor mats. Their homes were jumping with radioactivity. “It was uncanny”, recalls Lieutenant Commander Royce K. Skow, who directed much of the decontamination work. “With our instruments, we could trace the movements of the men just as though their tracks were visible. A sofa showed the outline of a student’s body where he had lain down. We traced one young father from his living room to his child’s crib. Two ‘hot’ spots showed where he had put his hands on the railing of the crib.”

    In a typical home, seven miles from the laboratory, a student had contaminated doorknobs, towels and water faucets. His bedspread and pillow, his slippers, his armchair, a writing desk and his pencils, his clothes--all showed radioactivity.

    Since the contamination had spread outside the laboratory, where it could have been handled more effectively, drastic measures were called for. Decontamination teams ripped out carpets from a dozen homes. Automobile mats and seat covers were junked. Shoes which were only lightly affected were scrubbed again and again until instruments indicated they were clean.

    The laboratory building was permeated with radioactivity and showed concentrations of radon, radioactive gas given of by radium; men entering the building wore special respirators. After a few days, crews went into the structure and burned the surface of concrete areas with scaling torches. Paint was removed. Every foot of the building was washed down. Linoleum was peeled up.

    Two hundred drums of highly contaminated objects, principally carpets, clothing, linoleum and cleaning rags, were weighted with concrete and dumped into 100 fathoms of water far at sea. The building itself, a 31-room structure, could not be used for three months.

    Everything connected with radioactivity is complicated by its indestructibility. A piece of contaminated newspaper cannot be burned except in a special incinerator. Even then, the ash must be carefully disposed of and gases and smokes given off in the burning must be washed or filtered. Then the poisoned water and filters must be isolated or buried.”

    Now, would anyone like to discuss the properties involved in the toxic projections of the HIV virus? You see, it doesn’t really have to do anything except “sit” there. Moreover, shall we toy with the ELF waves and their origin and how they are produced? OH, YOU THINK IT CAN’T BE? DO YOU CARRY A RADIOACTIVITY MONITOR OF THE TYPE TO DETECT THE INVISIBLE DEAD METALS OCTAVE? I have told you that viruses are crystalline substances and have been “manufactured”. World, you are deliberately being radiated to death. Detection devices have been deliberately kept from you and just as you are told that which THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR--SO IS IT THAT YOU DO NOT AND WILL NOT (IF THEY CAN HELP IT AT ALL COSTS) KNOW THAT WHICH IS PUT AGAINST YOU.


    Once more we refer you to the nine octave chart. To describe radium is to describe them all, for their effects are the same. One should know them all, however. Practically all of the deadly killers are on the red side of the spectrum. You will glean the reason for this as we move on. They begin with three silvery white metals on the lowest of the radioactive octaves, the silicon octave. The first two are sodium and magnesium. Sodium will set water on fire and burn its oxygen out, if you throw a lump of it in water. One small pinhead of it as a free metal will kill you, but when deprived of its metal quality by union with chlorine you need it in minute quantities in your body. It is table salt. Magnesium is the familiar flashlight of photography. Naturally, its radioactivity will kill you if taken into your body in its free state, yet you need a minute fraction of it as a mineral salt. Aluminum has such a density that its radioactive powers need not be feared in that octave, but in its succeeding octaves it gradually becomes more deadly than radium. Its highest form is actinium, which is an element between radium and uranium.

    The sodium series, including lithium, potassium, rubidium, cesium and an unknown element one octave higher, are in the deadly class, especially because of their power to destroy oxygen by expanding it with such quick death that it bursts into flame. If you compress oxygen into a liquid and then touch a match to it you will get a hotter flame, for you have multiplied its speed and expansion by multiplying its compression.

    Sodium, calcium or potassium multiply the expansion of oxygen in its gaseous form and give forth the heat that liquid oxygen would give. Likewise, oxygen is multiplied in its heat-giving power if united with calcium-carbide to create an oxyacetylene flame. Consider the deadliness of potassium in this respect by the following example. You will find potassium one octave above sodium. You very freely take carbon and nitrogen into your body. They are two of your five essential elements. If you add a minute amount of potassium, however, you produce cyanide of potassium, a deadly quick electrocuting poison. This is an example of what a minute quantity of radioactive matter would do if added to the essentials of your blood plasma. That is why leukemia, birth deformities and impotence will be the forerunners of greater scourges to come. Would you say you are beginning to see this now in the form of AIDS and cancer spread?

    We will again leave these thoughts in abeyance until they are more completely tied together later as we end the JOURNAL.

    Dharma, allow us a break, please. Thank you.


    PJ 33
    TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1991 2:16 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 320

    We are returned to continue with our JOURNAL. Hatonn in Light. I would like to say just a bit of response to our friend, Jack M. who has just written some very thoughtful questions. He suggests that possibly we could give you some instances wherein a space vehicle was that which appeared in the sky at various Biblical times. Yes, indeed, and you, friend, have already given a few of them such as Ezekiel’s “wheel” and Moses on the mountain to receive the plates, and that which led the children across the wilderness, etc. There are three which you have missed right off the top. At one time in the Old Testament there were many, many instances from the “day of Creation” in which “God Created the Stars”. (No, but all the various craft were standing by to serve in a most interesting manner.) Then there was the command that the stars were not to be worshipped; that because they were craft with brethren and not Gods. Then there was the time the “sun stood still”--no, this is incorrect at any event because it would have been the world which would have had to stop for the sun didn’t move about. The light stopped because the light was a starship. Then, of course there was the birth of the Christ-child and then the taking away of Emmanuel for his lessons with his higher brothers and teachers. Then for Hezekiah “the sun moved backwards”--no, but the ship did so. And then at the time of the crucifixion the sun and sky were darkened by a ship larger than your planet which moved before the sun for it was an infamous day. Watch out now for the time when you shall have a most awful and terrifying LIGHT and then the sun shall be blackened for three days--I suggest you take that one incident of prediction quite seriously. The times of appearances and manifestations are throughout the entire experience of the Bible--before and after--to the point I cannot take the time from the writings to list them all. Just as with so many other Truths from the records being removed--so too, were the references which were valid and remembered but removed so that you would not be given into knowing Truth.

    As to the inquiry about written documentation regarding the IRS being a private corporation and that, in turn, would mean that employees thereof are not government employees--touché! I’m sure that Rick or George will have backup information on that one and can enter it into some EXPRESS in the near future. Thank you for asking. I do not wish to take more of Germain’s turn at typing to respond further so I will turn it into their capable hands for response. There are piles of information coming forth now and you will note very little is said about the massive numbers of people not filing this year. This is another reason you can know that the “big boys” plan heinous things with your economy for your tax collections are in great deficiency. I relinquish the podium to my colleague in great appreciation for that which he is bringing forth. It truly is necessary, Dharma, that this be done--thank you, for we know it is not easy to face the implications in these writings.

    For you who missed the report this day on the news (it was NOT missed by Dharma who is wishing for a big, deep shelter), even the Slovenians and Croatians have shelters. The reporter just announced this day that the fighting was becoming massive with more tanks, bombs and artillery--BUT, MOST OF THE CIVILIANS WERE JUST SITTING OUT THE TIME IN THE BOMB SHELTERS. So be it, for those who have eyes and ears.

    Germain to continue:


    We have stated before that all of the elements of matter are frozen flame. The generoactive compressive force of Nature quite easily freezes low potential explosions. You think of water freezing at 32 degrees F, or 0 degrees C. But, dear ones, that is not the freezing point of that which is NOT water. Please note, for instance, that the highest melting point of all the elements known is 3,600 degrees centigrade. That is pretty hot for freezing. Do you see that your old saying of “...it will be a frozen day in Hell before....” You see, it can be frozen in hell at 3,599.9 degrees centigrade.

    Each succeeding higher potential requires effort to freeze it, therefore, it requires greater heat to melt it. The highest melting point of all the elements, as I just stated, is 3,600 centigrade. This high point is reached at carbon. Silicon in the next octave reaches only 1,420 degrees and cobalt only 1,440 degrees.

    The great unexplained mystery of melting points is the fact that the red side of the carbon octave reaches high melting points because of the fact that two of them are dense solids. On the blue side all three are gases and have melting points as low as 223 degrees below zero. Fluorine reaches this point while its mate on the red side, which is lithium, reaches 186 degrees above zero.

    It seems strange that this octave of the highest maturity has three below zero elements on its blue side and high ones on its red side, when the dying elements have very high melting points on the blue side and less than half of those points on the red side. It is more strange still to metallurgists that many of the elements in de radioactive half of the chart are heavier and much more solid than carbon, the heaviest element on the living side of the chart. Tantalum, for example, reaches 3,400 degrees, while its close neighbors on the blue side, reach 2,900, 2,700, 2,250, 1,750 and 1,063. The answer to this is also more clearly defined later, but, very briefly, the reason is that the red side of the spectrum represents the fatherhood of Creation, which seeks the inside of forming spheres where the fires of Creation are centered, and the blue side represents its motherhood and seeks the outside to fashion boodies in her womb, and cool them into form. In the first half of the electric creating process the blue half is compressed out of the generating body, by exploding from within, while the red half gains its center, by compression exerted from the outside. In the second half the situation is reversed. All nature is constantly reversing, and in doing so is constantly turning inside out and outside in. This conspicuous and obvious fact f Nature has not yet been sensed by observers.


    May we summarize for just a moment: The foregoing has described the manner in which Nature projects motion from space and space reflects it back again. The one point which we accentuate in this whole process is the highly explosive nature of the radioactive metals. We do this for the purpose of demonstrating that this high and quick explosive power is needed in Nature’s death process to assist in the decay and death of the slow dying rocky formations which first constitute the bodies of new planets, which Nature has set out from her sun crucibles to freeze. Millions of years--or perhaps billions--are consumed in the process of decaying enough of the earth’s surface to create the conditions necessary for organic life. Such conditions cannot be possible nearer to the sun than seventy to eighty million miles, and cease to be possible when a planet reaches as far out as Mars.

    Water, oxygen, humus and the necessary carbohydrates of life are created by the exploding metallic bullets of the dying elements as they assist dense elements to die, but if they also project their death into less dense bodies, such as animal tissues, those lesser solids and the gases of their atmosphere will again be assisted in their desire to expand, which is inherent in all matter.

    In conclusion, therefore, we say to you that every ounce of free radioactive metal which is removed from its purposeful position of bombarding the unfertile, dry, hot rocks of Nature to yield pairs of bodies for making organic life possible on this planet, will not only clear the entire planet of all organic life but will keep it thus cleared until the many uranium piles above ground are entirely dissolved by their own radiations. The number of thousands of years necessary for that is not predictable, but it is calculated by authorities that plutonium rays have a duration of over twenty thousand years. That is a long time. The dawn of Consciousness was but 10,000 years ago. How far back will Man be, therefore, when he again appears on earth?--if indeed--he ever will.


    I shall devote this portion to the world opinion and the world fear of radioactivity. It is not written to support evidence we have given, but merely to express the world voice. We include it, also, because the world fear does not know WHAT it fears. The effects are known, but the WHY of those effects are not known. That is why we must write the WHY, else the danger will be beyond remedy before the world becomes aware of it. Let me give two reasons for this statement before we quote the press, etc., and the fears of scientists.

    The first and most obvious reason is the belief that the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without any way of detecting it--it already has, in a massive way. One cannot go about with instruments to measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of strontium and other radioactivity which is falling on the soil from year to year. Sterility will be an accompanying effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human has ever attempted to explain the seed; therefore, it is permissible for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet known on Earth. We covered that in the prior JOURNAL. We know it, however, and because of that we know the danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. This mystery has to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the seeds of things. We will look at that more closely, also. Right here, however, we can say that every living body refolds into its seed simultaneously with its unfolding FROM its seed. I cannot urge you strongly enough to read this JOURNAL in companion with the prior JOURNAL, or the two prior ones, or this will make no sense to you.

    With radioactivity in general use it is upon you that the translucent light of the inert gases, especially niton, which is described in relation to the deadly blue-white light radiations from radium, and the still more deadly blue light of uranium, will make seed-regeneration gradually impossible in either animal or vegetable species. This is the danger which will come unannounced. It might even seem a bit welcome in your state of overpopulation--but you are talking here about the demise of a planet and species of all living forms. This is the promise of the danger which will come--it is the one of which you must be the most apprehensive, for it could result in hundreds of millions of sterile humans and millions upon millions of defective births--in mere years of time.

    Geneticists have already begun to talk about mutations, for they understand how the seed-pattern can be altered by abnormal environment, but beyond that, to the seed itself, and its manner of refolding a dimensioned material image, such as a hundred-ton oak, into a dimensionless, weightless, formless micro-pinpoint inert gas recording of itself, they do not know. Do you not see that the plague of “AIDS” was introduced into the most “unlikely” groups for the spreading into the lineage of humanity? Then as the required time elapsed so that there is no way to reverse the disease--you have created an effective manner to control planet population in a massive way. The problem is, that with all the other bombardment of radioactive particulate--even the unintended shall eventually perish if this continues as it is moving. No one knows what the blue-white fluorescent light of inert gas from radium or from plutonium, means to the seed and to sterility. For instance, if a reactor plant, such as the Hanford one in Washington, is placed north of New York City, it will take only a very few short years before the whole of that vast watershed would have to be abandoned, including many other cities near New York--it should already be abandoned. For that matter the entire infrastructure of New York is terminal and there is no real evidence of rebuilding--the city is totally bankrupt in both money and life quality. Look at the insane placement of installations and the problems concomitant with them that have risen up in the past 40 years. You are basically already into terminal illness.

    This projection can be mathematically calculated as easily as noting that a two‑foot sapling will be ten feet high in a matter of a few years of growth. It is an orderly mathematical fact of growth. In the process of Nature it could not be otherwise. One could be forewarned of that danger before it had reached that extremity, but one cannot be forewarned of the sterility of all organic life until it has affected possibly more than half the population of the whole world in various degrees. Just this week Dharma and America West received a blasting letter about the “fear” thrown out of this place--well, you tell me if there might not be something herein to be concerned about! I don’t comment on the element of FEAR--BUT THESE ARE THE FACTS AND I WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BE A BIT CONCERNED ABOUT IT EVEN IF YOU LABEL IT “FEAR”.

    When radium was first used its danger was not known. No one was then forewarned of it. Because of that fact a laboratory worker named Dr. Emil H. Grubbe, was constantly exposed to it until he developed cancer burns. These did not kill him but since then he underwent some 90 operations because of them. He lived into his eighties but now millions are the case instead of the exceptional one or two.

    Someone asked Hatonn from a radio interview why “YOU DON’T GIVE US THE CURE FOR CANCER”, etc. This was the same disgusting and insulting person from Florida. There is no “cure” for “cancer”--you are creating new forms on an hourly basis. It does no good to try to bail out a sinking boat until you stop up the holes in the hull. It can also be equated to “healing me of this poison” while the next dose of poison is waiting in ever increased amount. To heal, you must stop giving the poison--FIRST!

    Are you comfortable contemplating this fate? How about your children? Will there even be a time of your children’s children?

    All the way back into your years of the 1920’s it began and I will speak of some of the old original cases. Dr. Percy Brown, a Boston X-ray specialist, had fifty operations because of various X-ray effects, including cancer. He died in 1950 after 24 years of suffering from those effects.

    There was a well known case of accidental death which came to young Harry K. Daglian, Jr., of New London, and it is typical, for every known means of protection surrounded him every moment. Yet he died in 25 days because of the bomb test accident at Los Alamos, New Mexico. How long back was that, America?

    Back in those days before radium danger was announced, seventeen girls had been employed to paint watch dials with a radium-mixed paint. One by one they all developed strange bone and blood diseases until all of them died. HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS ABSURD LIE TO CONTINUE CONCERNING AIDS? MY FATHER GOD OF CREATION--DO YOU NOT HAVE “REASON”?

    Forgive my passion, for I cannot see how you can lay waste to that which has been created for you in such Love and abundance and at the same time, suicide an entire planet. Do you understand?? WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS RADIOACTIVITY ABOARD OUR CRAFT. WE LITERALLY HAVE TO NEUTRALIZE YOUR BEINGS BEFORE WE CAN BRING YOU ABOARD AND INTO SAFETY. CAN WE DO IT? YES, BUT THERE ARE TIMES WE WONDER “WHY” WE SHOULD SO DO! These dying metals are lethal to us, also, and damage greatly our own energy fields and stability, not to even mention the stability of a manifested craft. YOU ARE RELEASING UNIVERSAL DEATH RAYS, CHELAS, AND IT CANNOT GO ON FOR VERY MUCH LONGER LEST YOU DAMAGE THE UNIVERSE AND THAT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. HARKEN UP, I PLEAD WITH YOU.

    As to the girls, it had been said that such a thing could not happen now because you are forewarned. There would be millions of cases continually happening where one could NOT be forewarned, such as the San Francisco case where someone accidentally stepped upon a tiny vial of radium salts with almost none in the vial, and exposed a whole city, which could have been wiped out because of just that tiny bit of radiation--had the accident not been accidentally discovered. YOU, WORLD, HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW WIDESPREAD THE INFILTRATION OF RADIATION IS WITHIN YOUR WORLD JUST FROM CHERNOBYL--AND THAT WAS AN INTENTIONAL THRUST. I care not what you “think” happened there--it was an intentional and deliberate action!

    You have ones in Rosamond, California and Delano and other places near the growing fields and isolated spots where leukemia is occurring--THE CHILDREN ARE BEING RADIATED TO DISEASE AND THEN DEATH. The investigations into the “cluster” incidents are both stupid and useless. YOUR SPECIES IS BEING RADIATED TO DEATH!

    Dr. Alfred H. Sturtevant is an eminent geneticist. In 1955 he made the following statement: “The last bomb test alone probably produced more than 70 human mutations which are likely to produce large numbers of defective children in the future.” That was in 1955 and you now average almost one per day in the Nevada test site alone. Your mental and other institutions for defectives are overflowed and your populace is functioning in a zombie state of walking dead--filled with depression, violence and all manner of actions which can be traced right back to this original source. The tax upon normal humans for the support of these defectives is a great burden. Such an increase in defectives as is produced by various forms of radioactivity threatens the very life form itself.

    We have a second reason of concern at the misconception of beliefs in relation to the ability of matter to ABSORB other matter. For a specific example, the text books describe lithium as a metal which has great power for absorbing water. There is no such power in all Nature. Matter does NOT absorb, nor contract, nor attract. Matter is compressed and will expand and destroy, but it will not absorb. And in that misconception lies a terrible danger, for what does actually happen is that lithium expands oxygen and destroys it. And so does sodium, potassium, strontium, calcium and the other silvery white killer metals, which look like silver but which you could crush between your fingers. If lithium and sodium expand oxygen in water, and your body is two-thirds water, think of what it would do to your body. Always bear in mind that everything which is dying is expanding, or, conversely, expansion is the basic condition for necessary death. Sudden expansion causes flame and great heat, for sudden expansion is an electric short-circuit.

    Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term“ “...releases an extraordinary amount of energy”. Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy--and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods. “Released energy” means quick expansion, and quick expansion into the universal vacuum is the death process of any kind of material body, whether it be iron, carbon or a human blood corpuscle. That conception which gives to energy the quality of expanding or contracting, is one of the contributing factors to the deadliness of radioactivity as a power for Man’s use. Energy is changeless. It is the eternal vacuum of the zero universe--God’s universe. To confuse the compressive power of electricity to create potential for the purpose of simulating energy, with energy itself, is extremely unfortunate.

    Radioactivity has come into general use and there is a continual discharging of ultramicroscopic particles by the billions per square mile. Thousands of ships are also now utilizing such material and are releasing radioactivity into the seas which is already killing great numbers of your sea life. How long will it be before there is no fit food grown because of the pollution of material from the power plants in motion about your planet? How long will it be before there is no untainted food? Why do you think we are urging a move to grow in underground growing houses which protect from elements and radiation? Further, we will probably show you how to grow in mixtures of clean (deep) soil with additives of pumice-type filler to assist in cleansing the products. Such a thing as the “normal” food you are accustomed to will soon be impossible for you as it is for the cow, which is now compelled to eat contaminated grass to make into the milk you drink and the meat you consume.

    Let me make one more clear attempt to tell you what I mean by the ability of metals like lithium, sodium, calcium or strontium to expand within you and hasten your death. I guarantee you will stop paying millions of dollars to be thin, or save yourself by cutting out cholesterol, or fat, or, or, or. A metal like iron, or gold, cannot hurt you from outside of your body because it will not expand unless you apply an intensely hot acetylene flame to it. Lithium will expand and explode in ordinary room temperature. It cannot be kept in its metallic state unless immersed in oil. If you touch an ordinary match to it a white hot flame quickly consumes it at the cost of a lot of oxygen.

    Sodium will burst into flame without a match. Just throw it in water. The resultant flame does not absorb water, it expands the oxygen in it and sends it back into its cathode zero where all dead things go. It bursts into flame. Flame destroys. It does not absorb. A lesser heat than a flame expands towards death, even though it may not destroy.

    In this connection the Atomic Energy Commission issued a report to the effect that the first atomic submarine, the Nautilus, had been in operation for some two years without a single illness from radioactive poison taking place. Here, of course, was the inference that the atomic submarine had been proven safe. Was it? Funny thing, in about 1974 the second atomic submarine, the Sea Wolf, was launched. It quickly became known that its liquid sodium power system could not be prevented from leakage and had to be removed. If a thousand or so such ships sailed the seas and each lost even a very little of such poison it would so utterly change the percentage of sodium in the ocean that no fish could survive it--and, where do you think all your fish have gone????? And what of the levels of contamination in the fish that are being hauled to your tables?

    It is insane to believe that Man would actually continue to produce sure death--so we have to assume that they do not know the full extent of that which they do and work on the assumption of the lies and misinformation of scientific knowledge. It must be that the deadly nature of the killer metals is simply not known, nor that their power to kill lies in their power to expand every other atom or cell of matter with which they come in contact. It is that very power which makes them valuable and necessary in their own environment. Their ability to expand and “kill” granite, basalt, and other rock formations, gives to earth the few feet of decayed soil, atmosphere and water necessary for organic life.

    Dharma, allow us a rest break please and then we will speak of findings and opinions of some 145 leading scientists who met for the purpose of studying this problem--guess what: under a financial grant by none less than the Rockefeller Foundation! Off the top of my mind, I believe the meeting was held around the mid-50’s. This was, of course, following the war and the cute little bombing of Japan.

    By the way, I am reminded to tell you to keep your eyes on the volcanos in the Philippines and in Japan. Pinatubo is going to have a bigger eruption than any to date--very, very soon. Damage from floods and ash/mud is incredible right now at Unzen in Japan--chelas, the news moves to all the distractions and you miss it all for the most part. By the way, they are not nearly through with California in case you plan to go back to sleep and leave preparations against earthquakes for another century.

    Moreover, what of all the blithering and blabbering and threats about Saddam’s installations? Seems that when the crews got to the place to investigate--there is nothing except sand in the place where all those installations were supposed to be located! What do you make of that turn of events? Obviously someone wants to start another war perhaps? So be it.

    I will stand aside now and allow Dharma to take rest. Thank you for your attention. I know this material doesn’t exactly “make your day” but not liking it will not change one iota of the TRUTH OF IT. SALU.


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