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제목: PJ#031, PLEIADES CONNECTION - God Said Let There Be Light, and the Creation Became

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    Default PJ#031, PLEIADES CONNECTION - God Said Let There Be Light, and the Creation Became

    Candace: This is Part 2 of the 8 part Pleiades Connection Series. These Journals were all banned plus a couple of others. This is because of the sacred material contained therein. Besides the sacred and scientific teachings in them, there is the usual daily type commentary that is typical of the Journals. In this one is coverage of the Brady gun laws etc. This one is done by Christ Lippens, again using software to transcribe the original journals after printing, and which were then scanned into a computer for publishing on the Web. HUGE credit and Thanks go to Patrick and Anne Bellringer of www.fourwinds10.com for their long effort to get these on the web. Patrick acquired copies of all that went to print and then copied them page by page on a copy machine for scanning. And then the folks of PhoenixSourceDistributors used his hard work and placed them on their website, copied from his and then put on their list of scorned ones and gave him no credit for his effort.



    PJ 31


    MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1991 8:44 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 291

    MONDAY, JUNE 3. 1991

    I am humble to be in your service for together we shall come to KNOWING within the ALL which is the Light of Creation.

    What is this book going to be “about”? Life, which is--LIGHT and all things seeming to come therefrom. Why do I say it is Pleiades Connection, Vol II? Because we have prepared a place for you who would move on to other experience and we are your counterparts, only advanced in knowledge. God has set forth places in his heavens for ye ones who journey within an ending cycle on your own planet. We are commissioned to bring the Word as handed down by God that you might likewise KNOW thine origins and HOW ye came “to be”.

    It is the time of the return unto your place for the reclaiming of the planet and, also, the informing of the species of Man on your place of that which God ordains to be given unto you that you might find your path and select your direction.

    Will the ones who turn, or remain, against the Source be left to experience that which is moving in sequence of heinous prophesy upon him? Yes, for force is not of God and Creation will work her changes and reclamation with or without permission of either God or Man--or Space Command.

    Have others come, or will come, who also bring truth? Yes, but I suggest you use great caution for in the impostors are the downfall of KNOWING for that which you are taught is often only half truths and perceptions which will leave you locked to a changing orb--without direction unto higher Source--in the final portion of THIS play. Is that alright? Of course, for it is Man’s choice as to that which he will do and how he will experience. Each will stand in the revelation of the recordings of experience and “get their ticket” unto wherever is proper in growth sequence. Ours is a commission to allow” you insight and KNOWING into that which is the path of perfection; the outlaying of the reality of that which you perceive as experience, life and reality.

    I come as a higher energy of experience; my fleet is largely made up of craft and participants from the constellation Pleiades. There are also thousands upon thousands of beings come forth to serve, from other constellations and even other universes--for truth is truth is truth and you must know the rules and regulations prior to coming into our cosmic stations. You will leave all evil intent behind. You will leave your toys of destruction and negative intent within the physical to be voided. If ye cannot leave of the things of destruction to creating form then you will simply be placed elsewhere, among beings wherein the actions and intent are of equal growth--locked, basically, to an orb of similar state of migration wherein you will be harmless to the orderly functioning of the balance of the universal cosmic realms. Those ones who choose simple continued experience shall give up their physical housing and simply be transferred.

    I would suggest that you all understand something about that transition. You are come to a point of realization as a species and a planet wherein you experience the negative unbalance of chaos with no massive effort to come into Truth. Those who press and are flowing back into efforting to understand and change of their pathway are flocking unto places where evil has taken the pulpits and silenced the voice of God--though the Truth of God can never be silenced. The planet Shan (earth) shall be cleansed, nurtured and healed and that simply is going to happen as it has in the past memory of your experiencing, but Life is NOT that which you have been told by Man who would control you and place you into sleeping.

    All material bodies, organic and inorganic, live and grow by increasingly fast motion. They also die and decay by increasingly fast motion. The intention of the ones who would control your world plan to speed up that sequence by unbalanced radiation of several manners of bombardment. The major plan is that of forms of what you call”radiation”. These are pulse waves wich expand massively.


    The great simple basic fact is that all death is caused by expansion, and all life is caused by compression and herein we shall begin the full explanation of the concept of fact.

    We also repeat the as-yet-unknown fact that life deeply desires to live, but has to work hard to keep sufficiently charged to maintain life, while death can fulfill its desire to die without any effort whatsoever--and that, in itself, can tell you what lies before you if you “just continue” to “be”. To charge a body with life takes time and much effort, but a discharge can be timeless and without effort. The flash of a short circuit is not only a good example of this fact but is a demonstration of its proof. If you will but submit this new thought to your reasoning you will see the naturalness and significance of it.

    Death means rest, or cessation of motion. Sound is motion created with an effort, but it ceases without effort. It is an effort for you to arise and work, but itis no effort for you to cease working and rest. It is an effort to heat a rod of iron but the rod will cool without effort. You must, therefore, realize that ALL things will die normally and naturally without help. That is what radiation IS. Multiplied expansion means helping matter to expand quickly, and that is what radioactivity is. The use of nuclear fission, therefore, vastly multiplies the difficulty of living things to keep alive, by vastly aiding them to die.

    I realize that you cannot comprehend exactly that which I mean when I say that all things can only die of this expansion. Herein I can only begin to clarify the explanation of how Man can be master of life through knowledge, instead of letting death master him through ignorance. You must learn firstly, that ALL NORMAL DEATH is DUE TONORMAL EXPANSION, AND ALL QUICK DEATH TO ABNORMAL EXPANSION. This even means by means of a bullet, say, which strikes the body at seemingly great rates of speed--no, it only comes within the mass and expandsas through explosive nature. Even if poisoned, say by arsenic or other means, death comes from abnormal expansion due to contacting a higher voltage electric current than that which the body can stand. So the cause of death is due to radioactive electrocution--not poisoning. We will get into that more deeply in a subsequent JOURNAL. However, prior to writing immediately following this JOURNAL, on the subject, we are giving the Masters an opportunity to share with you the great mysteries of LIGHT AS RELATIVE TO COSMIC EXPERIENCE.

    LIFE is “compression”; DEATH is “expansion” and ALL is electric--ALL IS LIGHT--ALL and GOD IS THE ONE LIGHT FROM WHENCE YOU AND CREATIONS ARE BORNED.

    There was a reason God FIRST said “let there be Light” for from that Light and God THOUGHT does everything perceived, spring forth. Without LIGHT all is void of beingness. God extends His LIGHTED THOUGHT and all “becomes”.

    Nature has a tremendously balanced rhythmic normalcy in her orderly process of creation. It is all of it good for man and animal alike when they observe that normalcy. When they defy it, or violate it through ignorance of it, Nature does not punish them for that violation. Ignorance punishes them.

    In all things “radiation” is the normal death principle. As man tinkers with the very substance of “radiation”, he is speeding the death process by great measure. Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is Man’s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries. You can validly refer to the speeded process as MULTIPLIED DEATH. You do not yet understand it, but instinct and intuition in you are strong enough to make you fear it. The reason you do not understand it is because you are not yet aware of what makes things live and what makes them die.

    In telling it we must tell you how God constructs and dissolves matter electrically. This, answered by only the “brief punch line”, would not allow you to comprehend it. The greatest minds among men have been efforting to discover this life principle for thousands of centuries. When we do fully answer it for you and all mankind, you will also fully comprehend your universe and all of its mysteries. The telling, however, must be a step by step process, and must keep in mind the purpose of these writings, which is to dynamically explain in convincing language, without mysticism, and undebatable postulates, that the price man will pay for the use of the speeding processes of energy is his own inevitable extinction. A mammoth task? Indeed--but only the “task” for the concept is as purely simplistic as is God.

    There have been ones come before this writer who have outlaid the information in detailed format and only a handful would listen and read--and so shall it be again--but THAT is the choice of Man to deny or accept. We bring you the PROOF YOU REQUIRE and still you turn unto the mystics and fortune-tellers. So be it.

    God has sent His hosts to share and bring Truth and long sequences of sharing were gifted unto you only to have you “bury” the writings and hide the great ones who brought Truth unto you in total understanding--i.e., Walter Russell, Nickola Tesla and even the great Masters whom you CLAIM to follow--they only taught the TRUTH Of LIGHTED GOD.


    We can assume that the masses of Mankind would not knowingly destroy that which is the very gift of experience nor that he is intentionally defying God’s law. Some do, yes, but not the masses. There is, then, but one other reason why he is doing it, which is that he does not know that which he does. The law works just as irrevocably, and inevitably, however, against him who defies it, as it does for the one who does not know.

    We are aware that new thinking and perception is difficult. We will make it as easy as possible to comprehend by telling it simply and in easy sequence stages--beginning in this volume with the concept of LIGHT AS ALL, and following on shortly with the overall explanation of how matter ”functions”.

    We come forth to bring the Word of LIFE and TRUTH OF THE UNIVERSE and you may do with it that which you will--but it is the promise of God that it be so. If you will simply hold above all that all living bodies compress. All dying bodies expand.

    Let us state herein that it is as if your planet has a fever, say, a few degrees and you can see what has begun to occur in massive unbalance from just that abnormal unbalanced state. Just a few more degrees of fever, dear ones, of radioactive fever, and your planet will become a totally barren waste. You are pushing toward that great cataclysm at ever increasing madness. All things which die and decay do so because of their inability to continue the electric strain of compression sufficiently to preserve norma1cy. All living bodies compress. All dying bodies expand. Also, all things in existence are eternally compressing an expanding in alternate sequence, forever.

    If we could transport a hundred-ton lump of the sun to your earth it would drop through it as readily as a bullet penetrates the atmosphere. Call it radioactivity, fission, fusion or what you will, its principle in Nature is the release of a frozen body from its imprisonment by releasing its binding tensions.
    It is the relaxing principle of the Nature. It is the restoration of tense matter to its Natural state of equilibrium.

    I pray unto Source that you will be given into understanding that you might come into KNOWLEDGE for that is the only thing which can set you free. We have come to show you the way. Who will come and travel with us? God went to prepare a place for you and now is the time of harvest--who will come and who will turn away? May the blessing of the LIGHT OF UNDERSTANDING SHINE AROUND ABOUT YOU THAT YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR PATH HOME UNTO THE GLORIES OF THE RADIANCE OF LIFE.

    I AM
    PJ 31


    SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1991 9:42 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 276
    SUNDAY. MAY 19. 1991

    Hatonn present in the Light of Creator’s wondrous presence--come to walk with us and give our journey purpose and meaning--for we are givento discouragement as the confirmations of the “illness” of society flows in upon the minds and hopelessness overwashes the motivation processes.

    As confirmations flow from man the very paperwork is sent unto us to ask comment. Dharma’s response is, “Where have you been, we have written about that subject at length two to four times in almost exactly the very same language and sentence structure--where are you?” When we get about ten of these responses from regular readers stating that “. . .and you should see what So and So has written, why didn’t you tell us that?” and I can see that it was taken from the Phoenix Expresses, I am both amused and know that you must again receive it. Some subjects bear the retelling and the reshowing for they are so entangled in the beast’s maze of confusion that you DO miss it the first few times for you hang up on one point or another and simply cannot believe the dirty deed is actually ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED!

    When I tell you, for instance, that it is ALREADY a FELONY offense in California, New York and Washington D.C., etc., to have an unregistered gun in your possession or in your home--you go crazy. BUT IT IS FACT! RIGHT NOW! Further, when I tell you that RIGHT NOW in those places, the police need no warrants and no pre-entry knock at your door to come in and search and seize all weapons including the unregistered ones--along with which you have created a felony offense warranting up to 15 years in prison--RIGHT NOW! Then when I say that if you injure or, God forbid, you kill an intruder-- no matter what the intruder intends or does--with one of those weapons (guns or any other weapon requiring registration and permits--which is ALL) you will be tried (and convicted) of FELONY MURDER AND YOU ARE GONE!


    I honor Donald McAlvany (Intelligence Advisor) who does a monthly report--I do not always agree with his conclusions nor his investment projections in all cases for he falls short of giving you methods for privacy, i.e. Nevada corporations, investment against gold collateral, etc. Frankly, we do not intend to make a “big deal” of any of the opportunities, save in mentioning them and making assistance available to our own readers--for too much attention and the laws will abruptly change to capture our own privacy. But we will continue to press HARD for income tax coverage by Constitutional rights, etc. Some of the shelters, however, are better for the small group if the masses are, frankly, unaware--but I disappoint at you regular readers who do not participate for I tell you again, your options are gone for valid protection and “iffy” in all shelters!
    THE BIG BOYS INTEND TO RUN THE WORLD, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER--OPERATIONAL BY YEAR 2000 AND WELL ON THE WAY TO FINALIZATION RIGHT NOW! But McAlvany, for instance, is on the right track and I enjoy recognizing those who are beginning to see the WHOLE picture and possibilities outside the “norm”. If you wish subscription information: P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071. Almost all newsletters in thrust are “disinformation” and 99.9% of all INVESTMENT newsletters are trying to stay alive through “investing” and are telling you lies, lies and more lies to sucker you IN. It requires attention and “reason”.

    One major point of continual raising of the postage rates is to finally cause the newsletters to have to cease operation for the rest of the media is totally controlled. You can now expect the postage rates to jump to at least 35 cents a letter and many small newsletters will simply have to give up the fight for the cost cannot be met as printing and labor also climb “out-of-sight” and there comes a limit to what the “ordinary” reader can afford. We are faced with it daily so it must be obvious to all of you what the legal, governmental point and intent is to accomplish. Worse, as in the case of Spotlight, efforts are to close the entire publication facility--in addition, already, infiltrated staff who are of the Establishment have been put into places of decision of product and no longer are ones with REAL NEWS, for you ones are phased out! These are still better sources for gaining insight--but they are being eroded rapidly.

    So, back to the “GUN CONTROL JUGGERNAUT”:

    Oh, before I go on, you “inquiring minds” want to know what Queen Elizabeth is doing in America--REALLY? Inspecting her Kingdom, good people, inspecting HER KINGDOM--OF AMERICA!


    HEAR YE, HEAR YE--THIS TIME, HEAR YE! I am not going to waste precious postage and time saying who said what--we are going to write, copy and whatever else required to ALLOW YOU TO SEE AND HEAR!
    Gun control advocates, liberals and the political left in America, armed with gun control endorsements from Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush, are currently building gigantic momentum for a series of local, state, and national gun control initiatives aimed ultimately at banning the manufacture and sale of all firearms in the U.S. and registering and confiscating all firearms owned by honest, law-abiding Americans.

    As crime and pillage increases all over America, honest law-abiding citizens who wish to hunt, target practice, or most importantly defend their families are being declared to be criminal felons for not registering or turning in their firearms. Hundreds have been jailed for so-called firearms felonies and tens of thousands more will be jailed if the plethora of new gun control legislation across the country is enacted.

    Gun control in America is apparently to be a major cornerstone of George Bush’s and Mikhail Gorbachev’s New World Order. It will be very difficult for the globalists to establish their world government under the United Nations without first disarming the American people.

    The ideaof an armed citizenry is as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. The British tried to keep firearms out of the hands of the colonists before the War for Independence. They said that the colonists did not need their guns because they had the British Army to protect them from French and Indian attacks. Hostilities erupted near Boston on the road from Concord to Lexington when the Red Coats tried to confiscate a magazine of colonial muskets.

    Today’s Red Coats, the Kennedys’ and those from Handgun Control, Inc., tell you the same thing the British told your forefathers--that private people do not need their guns.

    You need your guns more than the American colonists needed theirs for the dangers lurk closer to home. While you seem to enjoy some measure of peace with the French and the Indians today, America is a battleground in a drug, and drugged, war. Americans are being held hostage in their homes because they do not dare go out on the streets. There are not nearly enough police to protect the citizens and many of the police head the drug groups under total protection of higher enforcement. Even at that, statistics show that there are some 150,000 police on duty at any one given time, in the entire country, trying to protect a quarter of a BILLION Americans (actually more than a 1/4 of a billion).

    There are over 100 million firearms in private hands in your country, yet only a tiny fraction of one percent are ever used in crime. Private citizens are able to kill over 3,000 attackers in justifiable self-defense each year, and they wound and apprehend over 15,000 each year in addition and these are minimal figures which somehow “slip” out from under the cover-up.

    On average, over 2,700 Americans each day use a handgun, or a rifle, or a shotgun to resist a criminal attack. While the advocates of gun control talk of it being more dangerous to use a gun in self-defense, Dr. Gary Kleck, a criminologist at Florida State University in Gainesville, has found that, in fact, one is nearly twice as likely to be harmed when failing to resist a criminal as when resisting.

    Gun control only has implications for law-abiding citizens. They will lose the ability to defend themselves and become more vulnerable in your crime-ridden society.

    Surveys of felons have shown that their proclivity to commit criminal acts is more constrained by fear of encountering an armed victim than by fear of police and courts. In 1990 about 645,000 citizens used their handguns to protect themselves from robbers, rapists and murderers. Hard statistics prove that armed citizens are far less likely to become crime victims than those who are unarmed. Citizens acting in self-defense kill about three times more assailants and robbers than do police. Gangs and criminals kill at random in crime against other criminals for territory and product and THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE REAL DANDY WEAPONS--FURNISHED BY THE VERY GOVERNMENT WHO WOULD TAKE YOUR LITTLE DEFENSE WEAPONS AWAY--READ ON.

    The gun controller’s war on semi-automatic rifles is a subtle attack on ownership of ALL rifles and shotguns (since about two/thirds of those in existence are semi-automatic), just as the gun controller’s campaign to ban “Saturday night specials” was a disguised attack on ownership of ALL handguns. By calling these semi-automatic rifles and shotguns “assault weapons” or ‘para-military weapons” they have persuaded liberals in the national, state and city governments and in the media that they are inherently evil and should be banned. (These rifles are actually no different than regular hunting rifles except for larger magazines. They just LOOK different.)

    They claim that semi-automatic weapons are the weapon of choice of drug dealers and organized crime. This is a lie. Police stats show that the lion’s share of gun-related crime in America is committed with shotguns (i.e., 60%), .38 specials and .22 caliber rifles. So-called “assault rifles” are used in less than one,(ONE; 1%) percent of homicides in America.

    The ultimate goal of the gun controllers is registration and confiscation of ALL handguns (semi-automatic or not )and ALL rifles and shotguns. They believe that they can accomplish this within five years. The trend in gun control legislation (local, state, and national) is accelerating dramatically like a floodtide. By the mid-’90’s, if this momentum is not blocked, the American public will be disarmed and the doom knell sounded and the noose closed. The tyranny of the Soviet-style police state will follow as the enforcement is ACTUALLY TURNED OVER TO THE SOVIET RUN U.N. POLICE FORCE.


    There are numerous anti-gun legislative initiatives emerging across the country. One has been introduced which will ban nationally the sale of all new semi-automatic rifles and pistols capable of holding a 10-shot magazine (which is almost all of them) and shotguns and .22 rifles with tubular magazines holding more than six rounds. Every person who presently owns one of these so-called “assault weapons” would have to register it with the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) within 30 days, including fingerprinting, mug shots, etc. All magazines holding 10 rounds or more and fitting a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun will become illegal to possess.

    Another bill specifically bans AR-15’s, Ruger Mini 14’s, and eight others, but says the Attorney General and Secretary of Treasury CAN BAN ALL OTHERS. A person who fails to register his .22 rifle (or other semi-automatic) or turn in his 10 round magazines is subject to a five-year jail sentence as a criminal felon. This bill calls for confiscation within 30 days of enactment into law with no compensation.


    For it will be everywhere: In California, it is now a felony to possess, sell, or manufacture 56 different semi-automatic pistols, rifles and shotguns. Failure to register these firearms in California carries prison terms of up to three years (simply for failure to fully comply). Police in the “Golden State” can now kick down the door of a gun owner (YOU), search (your) home WITH NO WARRANT, confiscate the gun and anything else considered probable in criminal intent--AND ARREST THE OWNER (YOU) WITH NO RECOURSE, WITH CUFFS AND INCARCERATED, ALSO WITHOUT RECOURSE. That person (you) is now considered an alleged criminal felon in the process of committing a felony by virtue of simply having on his premises, an unregistered gun in his home--even if the gun in point is totally inoperable.


    Similar and identical legislation is underway and in passage in Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Wisconsin, and about a dozen other states as well as local legislation in Cleveland, New Orleans, Los Angeles (even though the State already has the law in force) New York City (likewise), Denver, etc. One bill introduced in the Colorado legislature even calls for police and highway patrol road blocks to stop cars and check them for firearms. So, you dear ones might ask, ‘Is this America or the Soviet Union?” Doesn’t make a bit of difference for this is the New World Order and it is only a piddling portion of the overall plan--disarmament is only one of the final parts of the plan. Your enemies are all now UNITED AND WORK AS ONE SINGLE SOLIDIFIED UNIT--FORECLOSING ON THE PLANET--AND YES, THEY CAN! THEY CAN AND THEY ARE IN THE FINAL STAGES OF SO-DOING AND YOU ARE GETTING EXAMPLES OF THOSE WHO DEFY THE PLAN IN ANY MANNER WHAT-SO-EVER--TOTAL DEVASTATION OF THE SOVEREIGN NATION AND THE PEOPLE.

    In many states from Hawaii to New York, so-called “assault weapons” bills are brewing. In New York, Governor Mario Cuomo, in addition to a 10% surcharge on all guns and ammo, is attempting to impose an outright ban on possession of military style firearms (which is anything so chosen to fit the guidelines), plus conventional rifles and shotguns. New York City Mayor Dinkins’ bill goes even further; it would ban anything which the police commissioner considers to be “suitable” for military purposes as just stated.

    In Maryland, Governor Donald Schaefer is not only trying to ban new purchases of semi-automatic pistols and rifles, but the present owners are required to register all of these guns which they already own, and to pay a $100 non-refundable registration fee to keep each gun. They must also “PROVE that they need” the gun in order to be allowed to keep it. In California, pending legislation would subject adult gun owners to criminal prosecution and jail sentences of up to four years if one of their children should accidentally kill someone with the parent’s gun, or use it to commit suicide.

    A few of the major national gun control bills will be herein discussed.


    As you read this it will probably be finished. Right now the House of Representatives, led by the political left and Handgun Control, Inc., passed the so- called Brady Bill by a vote of 239 to 186 (nice Zionist Elite controlled House). This legislation, which gained support not only from liberal members of Congress but also from 56 previously “pro-gun” Republicans in the House, will impose a national seven-day waiting period before a handgun can be transferred by a dealer to an individual. Presidents Ford, Nixon, Reagan and Bush have all endorsed the legislation as a necessary first step in gun control. On the surface, it does not seem at all unreasonable to have a seven day cooling off period before a person can take delivery of a handgun, and that is how the legislation is being sold to the public.

    However, HR-7, which now goes to the Senate and then the President really has very little to do with a seven-day cooling off period. It is a disguised way of registering all future handgun purchasers on a local and/or national basis and, in many cities or towns, a way to completely deny the constitutional right to purchase handguns at all.

    If this legislation becomes law, it will later be expanded to cover rifles and shotguns and perhaps even ammunition. Once all future purchases (and purchasers) of handguns are registered, registration of ALL guns, and gun owners, will follow, as in the case of California, New York City, Washington, D.C., etc. Gun confiscation legislation will be the next step. As the National Rifle Association, which has 2.3 million members has said, “The Brady Bill is a prelude to confiscation because it would start a nationwide list of new gun owners.”
    It must be completely understood that when a gun is registered, it is really the gun owner who is being registered and once that has happened, and that gun owner is in the Federal computer data base, the government can come after him and all of his other guns which may or may not have been registered--along with anything else questionable they might encounter in their search and seizure (whether already present OR PLANTED). THEY INTEND TO GET THE WEAPONS OF ALL TYPES AND PUT OUT OF CIRCULATION, ALL PERSONS WHO CAN BE REMOTELY DEEMED AS TROUBLESOME.

    Let us consider the Brady Gun Control Bill for ominous factors which need consideration:

    The law is unconstitutional because it infringes on the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms by requiring them to prove themselves innocent to the State’s satisfaction (which will not be allowed), before exercising a constitutional right. According to English common-low, the foundation of the U.S. Constitution, guilt must be proved by the State before an individual is deprived of constitutional rights. Current legislation, court decisions and media bias is rapidly altering this fundamental premise, forcing individuals to prove their innocence and, in fact, is depriving citizens of their rights until such time as they can do so. This is especially true in cases involving firearms, the use of cash for “privacy” and taxes. The implications of this are staggering.

    Most criminals (well over 90%) do not buy firearms through gun dealers but get them illegally, steal them, etc. Of the 10% or so who might buy firearms through a store, most are first time criminals (after the fact) such as John Hinkley, and have no existing police record. It is well known by law enforcement officials worldwide that hardened criminals and terrorists do not obtain firearms from stores where they leave a paper trail. Honest law-abiding citizens DO. As one of your own columnists recently wrote: “What possible success can a waiting period have in keeping guns out of felons’ hands when few criminals acquire guns by purchasing them from gun stores in the first place? On the rare occasion when they do, they usually use a clean family member, friend or alias.”

    “How can a waiting period succeed when the majority of criminals have no criminal record? A majority of criminals are not even apprehended. A majority of those who are caught are not brought to trial. A majority of those tried have no felony records because they reduce their crimes to misdemeanors with plea bargains--as did Patrick Purdy, who had a clean record despite arrests for extortion, weapons charges, drug charges, robbery and receipt of stolen property (and now you know the REAL VALUEof PLEA BARGAINING!--You knew it would come down to this, did you not?) Purdy went through California’s 15-day waiting period and police background check, bought his gun and killed five school children just exactly as programmed to do!”

    The criminal will always be able to obtain firearms. Like prohibition, when the
    use of alcohol could not be legislated out of existence, neither can firearms--AT LEAST NOT FOR CRIMINALS AND THAT IS EXACTLY THAT WHICH IS FULLY PLANNED!

    Therefore, the Brady Bill is actually directed against honest law-abiding citizens who want or need a firearm and you had better get on with facing that fact. The NRA has said it accurately: “The bill is a flawed attempt to control crime by regulating the behavior of law abiding members of the community who are already victims of the criminals who will continue to act without restraints”.

    If you have ever been arrested for ANYTHING, or someone has wanted you arrested, regardless of whether the charges were dropped, or you were tried and found innocent, you will be denied the right to purchase a firearm. If your name pops up ANYWHERE in the local, state or federal government law enforcement computer data base, even if you were only a part of a group assembled to quietly protest this or that petition--in a legal public gathering (and millions of Americans are in those data files)--YOU ARE GOING TO BE DENIED CLEARANCE AND IN ADDITION, YOU WILL BE LISTED AS PROBABLE “TROUBLEMAKER” AND WILL BE PLACED ON COMPUTER SURVEILLANCE IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR FUNCTIONING LIFE.

    Do you really believe that confiscation of Joe Doe’s .22 pistol in southern Dog Neck, Calif. is going to stop crime in the gang wars in Los Angeles? Reason is the better part of intelligence, my friends! It won’t even stop crime in southern Dog Neck! But it may well allow for the increase in crime in southern Dog Neck.

    This next had better scare the living daylights out of ALL OF YOU--ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO AN AUTHORIZED “COUNSELOR”, ESPECIALLY A CERTIFIED PSYCHIATRIST OR PSYCHOLOGIST In states like California that require psychiatrist to REPORT THE NAMES OF THEIR PATIENTS TO A CENTRALIZED DATA BASE, (didn’t you nice citizens know this?) denial could and would arise for all individuals that have sought care and counseling for depression caused by the death of a family member or whatever, regardless of the diagnosis. All will be lumped into the same pot as to need for counseling and denial will be forthcoming and there is not even requirement to respond to the applicant nor to provide reason for denial. There will be no appeal and no reason for denial given to the individual--under the LAW.

    Another problem is that the records in America’s criminal “justice” system are known to be highly inaccurate. A recent study of New York State’s criminal justice system shows that over 75% of their records were in error--accidentally or deliberately tampered. If a person has unpaid traffic tickets in some portions of the country--or maybe they were paid but not properly recorded as such, or paid late, a gun permit would be denied. It would be held up for review by government red tape and bureaucracy indefinitely--by law. Recently in New York City, 11,500 were threatened by the City with wage garnishment for unpaid parking tickets when actually ALL 11,500 had paid their tickets. Another problem, according to the US Attorney General speaking to the US Congress in October ‘90, is that “automated conviction records are too incomplete to identify convicted felons.” So the system is not even fool-proof to catch criminals if they should try to purchase a firearm at a gun store.

    A dangerous criminal can get fake identification papers (i.e., Social Security card, alien registration, etc.,) for $35and therefore purchase a gun undetected by a government background check. But, of course, if you use the same method and the checkers come to check and you are found to have fake records--they can get you on felony charges on both counts of fake ID and unregistered or erroneously registered weapons. It is a Catch 22 exactly as they have planned it and written the scripting for the fall.

    Dharma, allow us a break please. We will continue this subject today or tomorrow. Thank you for your service and thank you readers, for being responsive and attentive. The depth of your understanding is increased without my ability to place measurement upon it and the questions are worthy of note. We ARE making inroads even if it appears to continue otherwise--there IS unity forming in “reaction” to facts which is pleasing indeed. Salu.

    Hatonn to clear.

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    Default 응답: God Said Let There Be Light



    MONDAY, MAY 20, 1991 9:39 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 277

    MONDAY, MAY 20, 1991

    Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God--to give more challenge unto your day and week. I must ask that whatever meetings regarding the legal council be setup away from the dwelling for the most part, unless we can bring the current situation under faster control than I suspect probable at the moment. We come under harsher bombardment with our new subject material regarding nuclear reactors (production reactors) which will begin to follow-on immediately subsequent to “Gun Control’ summary under way. I am sorry, chelas, but it has to be written and no amount of avoiding can allow us to neglect the important issues confronting our people.

    Due to “time constraints” please KNOW, all you wonderful friends, that your information and attention to current events is very, very much appreciated for it is the only way we can measure response to our writing and further, attend those things, pressing upon your hearts and minds.

    I hope that some of you will catch the new weather predictor on television tomorrow (Tuesday) morning--HENRY KISSINGER yet. I am not sure which of the network programs upon which he is to shower his great knowledge of meteorology (CBS) but you can be sure that he will be pretty accurate and you will get clues upon clues as to total weathermanagement--just as has just been exampled in Bangladesh. You think he is just going to flash a few weather cuties--no, it is the Cartel opportunity to tell every nation in the world that the “foreclosure” is underway and cross the Cartel and you are DEAD DUCKS. By the way, I shall take up the subject, very soon, regarding the “DESERTING OF AMERICA” so you can see how the game is played. There are now parts of the Western U.S. which shall never be growing fields but rather “blowsand” desert. The drought was too much and the ground-water far too depleted to recover. I understand that you cannot comprehend that ones on your own planet would destroy your planet--for they, too, must live upon it--but they see and feel it not--all toward the Elite Control. So be it.

    Let us finish the Gun Control summary, Dharma, and then we will speak of reactors.

    We were generally listing some underlying observations regarding these advocated and already activated initiatives so I will simply take up with the sixth, or so, issue to consider.


    Waiting periods in states like California, Maryland, Virginia, etc., have not lowered crime by one iota--it is still skyrocketing, just as rigid gun control in New York and Washington, D.C. have not lowered murder by firearms--they have the highest incidence in the country in those two cities. In California, the waiting period” in recent years has been raised from 2 to 5 to 15 days and in the same time frame, the state’s homicide rate rose 126%--more than DOUBLE THE NATIONAL INCREASE. Criminals and murderers have easy access to firearms in those two cities--and everywhere else for that matter. Honest law- abiding citizens who need to defend themselves do NOT. In the 12 months after New York City passed rigid gun control laws in 1912, the murder rate rose 18%. Over the next 78 years, they were amended and made tougher 68 times and yet today New York City is the murder capital of the world. As the old saying goes, “When the guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.”

    The police cannot protect everyone--not even from their fellow-police. They attempt to pick up the pieces after most crimes are committed. There are Americans who are at high risk of attack, robbery or murder who are precluded from protecting themselves by waiting laws. In 1983, Igor Hutorsky was murdered by two burglars who broke into his Brooklyn furniture store. The tragedy is that his business partner had applied for permission to keep a handgun at the store some time before the murder. Even four months after the murder, the former partner had still not heard from the police about the status of his gun permit.

    So what will the Elite now set up for your massive consideration in addition to no guns? NO MONEY! The point will be that if no cash were available, there would be no motivation for robberies--especially of stores--for certainly there is no real incentive to rob you of couches and chairs on a Friday night drug money robbery. Oh yes indeed, THEY have covered all the bases and the run in-between.

    The Brady Bill is a foundation upon which additional gun control laws can be built. Pete Shields, Chairman Emeritus of Handgun Control, Inc., told the New Yorker Magazine (7/26/76) that his ultimate goal is “. . .to ban the private possession of handguns. But to achieve this goal, we’re going to have to take one step at a time.. .The first step is to slow down the increasing number of handguns being sold in this country.” The Brady Bill would accomplish this since police departments at present routinely deny handguns to law-abiding citizens under their state background checks.

    Further, with the new regulations, it is even better than before for every handgun in the hands of law-abiding citizens are pegged, labeled and it will be mandatory that they be identified and available for confiscation when the government is ready to strip you.

    What do they plan for the gang and crime related weaponry? All-out gun-war. The plan is to go, with military equipment of every type from tanks to missile launchers, into the “infected” areas and simply kill the children and remove the weapons--open war. Any one attempting to protect or hide the gun-holders or drug-involved persons will likewise be shot or arrested. It is the major manner planned for genocide of the black and other minority communities. You can herein mark my words right along with Henry Kissinger’s weather predictions for the future. NEAR FUTURE!

    Shields went on to say that “...the final goal is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition--except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors--totally illegal.

    Handgun Control, Inc., Ted Kennedy and the political left are simply--by their own admission--using the Brady Bill as a stepping stone to total gun registration and confiscation. Odd that President Bush should be going along, OR IS IT?

    Another problem with the Brady Bill and other gun control laws is the “escalation factor”. When gun control laws on the books at any given time fail to curb crime, and they always FAIL, the “solution” is always additional gun controls. That is the pattern in California, New York, Washington, D.C. and across the nation and world.

    Handgun Control, Inc. is planning, after passage of the Brady Bill, to sue any municipality where a handgun related crime or accident occurs and a background check was not adequately performed, even though nothing in the Bill requires a background check! A few multi-million dollar lawsuits will intimidate many underfunded police departments to strictly enforce the waiting period and background checks.

    Many, if not most, gun dealers who are being forced to help the government register new gun buyers, will find it difficult to remain in business as their gun sales dry up to a mere trickle. This is one of the goals of Handgun Control, Inc. and the BATF--to regulate most gun dealers completely out of business. Growing numbers of BATF stings are being run against these dealers and that is stated to be the next approach and funding is already asked for the increased sting operations.


    Let us now look at some points regarding the Bush bill:

    It will outlaw all pistol or rifle gun magazines with over a 15-round capacity; dramatically increase the penalties for the use of semi-automatic firearms used in a crime with life sentences and death penalties called for in some instances-as if crimes committed with revolvers, shotguns, and hunting rifles were somehow less lethal.

    Don’t miss something here, which I MUST REMIND YOU: The controllers are on the same side and Bush wants you disarmed far worse than does Brady--but by working seemingly against each other--they can lump both bills into a package and dump on twice the burden. The problem is that everyone in California with an unregistered semi-automatic rifle or pistol (over 500,000) are already considered to be criminal felons. If one of these people kills or injures someone in self-defense, he could be convicted of murder or assault with an illegal weapon and given a 5-10 year MANDATORY prison sentence. This will happen all across America as the Brady Bill and other gun control laws are passed.

    Watch out: making false statements in connection with firearms purchase will become a CRIMINAL FELONY PUNISHABLE BY INCARCERATION and fines--just in case you thought you might like to use an ‘alias”.

    Police or government agents of the FBI, DEA, CIA, BATF or CID will, under the Bush Crime Bill, be able to enter a home, car, or business without a search warrant or court order and seize property, financial records, or firearms. This legislation, which says that it will rely on the “good faith of local or federal police performing their duties not to abuse their power” (ask Mr. King of L.A. about this abuse of power issue!), totally nullifies your Fourth Amendment protection against unwarranted search and seizure. In cases where law enforcement officers suspect the commission of a violent crime, drug-related activity, or violation of gun laws, Fourth Amendment protection will be COMPLETELY ELIMINATED AND NO GOOD FAITH BY POLICE IS REQUIRED. Never before has a single group, like U.S. gun owners, faced such an attack on their most basic Constitutional rights. Non-court approved telephone wiretaps are likely to follow on a widespread basis. More insulting is that the Elite sit in their planning sessions and weep from laughter at how you-the-people will take, and demand, more of the poison and enslavement. The Mafia is up to and over their eyes into the crime aspects, as is the government itself. God have mercy on you if you, as a nation and world, continue in this insanity of self-destruction.

    Do government agents or local police ever abuse their authority? Again, remember the Rodney King/L.A. police beating and the rape of a suspect in a police vehicle in the same period of time--by a police officer. The incidents occur on a regular basis and are shushed up instantly--it is all part of the training of the police force for UN police force take-over where the S.S. of Nazi Germany looked like little tin soldiers playing at tea parties. The devoted and decent police are being weeded out of the corps--all across the nation--your police are being trained in terror.

    You had better remember things like the series of articles run last Fall in the New York Times, on how the Connecticut State Police, for instance, and 12 local police departments in that state were illegally recording all telephone conversations between prisoners and their attorneys in violation of Fifth Amendment Constitutional protection. This is already commonplace and will become open and widespread as well, for suspected gun owners in your private homes. MOST of you-the-people are already onto systems that monitor every phone call, every fax-entry sent and/or received and what TV shows you watch. This is electronically monitored and entered into PERMANENT DATA BANKS. The files are then entered into the ‘Beast’ through the SDI satellite system in order to have total information on EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN THE WORLD! EVERY BANK TRANSACTION IS LISTED--EVERY ENCOUNTER BY POLICE, EVERY BUSINESS TRANSACTION AND THE MINUTE OF YOUR BIRTH. If you believe yourself not to already be within the Beast’s system--forget it; every citizen is within the system and already categorized as to potential problem to the Elite Carte Banksters.

    The practical application of this part of the Bush Crime Bill is that police or government agents will be able to conduct no-knock, unwarranted searches--day or night--of any person, his car, home or business searching for unregistered guns. Remember that they can already do this in California and the Bush Crime Bill and the host of local, state and national gun control initiatives now in the hopper will shortly make this a reality across the whole country.

    The Bush Crime Bill paves the way for George Bush’s national police by greatly expanding the powers of the FBI, DEA, BATF, CID, etc. This national police force will have (legal, but NOT Constitutional) police state powers of investigation, search and seizure, etc., not unlike those seen in Nazi Germany prior to World War II, as I mentioned before, and in the Soviet Union today. This legislation, which on the surface might sound great to anyone who hates crime and the liberal soft-on-criminals attitudes of recent decades, will set the stage for a dramatic contraction of U.S. freedoms and civil liberties and a national police force to be the domestic enforcer of George Bush’s New World Order.

    As a part of this whole thrust, the Justice Department on April 10 declared war on “gun-toting criminals’ under a new program called “Operation Triggerlock”. US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh said, “For the first time the Federal government has directed all 93 US attorneys to make certain that all crimes committed with firearms are moved to the highest level of the prosecution agenda”. If genuine criminals, murderers, bank robbers, etc., are the real target, ‘Operation Triggerlock” might be fine. But at the ‘crime summit’ held in Washington in March (1991), which launched “Operation Triggerlock” and which focused on expanding successful Federal anti-crime programs, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) bragged about their “Project Achilles” which obtained more than 1,700 convictions for gun offenses last year. These were not crimes such as robbery, murder, etc., over which BATF has no jurisdiction. THESE WERE STINGS RUN AGAINST GUN STORE OWNERS AND GUN OWNERS FOR VIOLATION OF REPORTING REQUIREMENTS AND OTHER GUN CONTROL MEASURES.

    It is now revealed that the BATF has for the past year been conducting “Operation Forward Trace” in California (and probably in other states as well).
    THIS IS AN illegal OPERATION WHEREBY THE “BATF” IS GOING INTO GUN STORES, DEMANDING THEIR 4473 FORMS, COPYING THE NAMES, ADDRESSES AND DATA ON GUNS PURCHASED AND COMPUTERIZING THE INFORMATION. This is ILLEGAL under present Federal law and amounts to Federal gun registration BEFORE the legislation is even law. This however, is the manner in which your JUDICIAL SYSTEM ALREADY FUNCTIONS--WITHOUT THE LAWS BUT UNDER THE SERVICE OF THE ANTICIPATED NEW WORLD ORDER--YOU HAVE NO JUDICIAL SYSTEM LEFT INTACT TQ CONSIDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. But the BATF (which many gun dealers and owners see as the gun confiscation gestapo) is a law unto itself. Operation Forward Trace is an indication of how serious the Federal government is about gun registration and confiscation. If you have bought a firearm through a gun store in the past 2-3 years (especially a semi-automatic), there is a reasonable chance that the BATF has already computerized information on your purchase and will be around to check with you very, very soon!

    BATF concentrates primarily on forms where military style semi-automatics are transferred, justifying their actions by claiming that purchasers of such firearms fit a certain criminal or drug-related profile. For instance, a Houston, Texas gun dealer had to watch in dismay, while undergoing his ANNUAL records audit by a BATF agent, as all 4473’s with ethnic sounding names were pulled, photocopied on a portable machine (computerized) and taken with the agent. Such abuses are not the exception--they are the rule and the apparatus for the electronic listings are with every BATF agent in the field. This is obviously racist and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and is OFFICIALLY DENIED by the Bureau but continues to occur--as in “Read My Lips” and “I was not in Paris in 1980” when Bush was seen, documented and recognized as having been in Paris several times in 1980. WAKE UP, YOU SLEEPY-HEADS!

    The “Voice for Crime Victims” spokesman has said, at the Washington crime summit: “We must make people realize that taking or threatening a life with a gun is the ultimate crime.” Does that mean that a law-abiding citizen pointing a gun at a would-be attacker, mugger or rapist and thereby threatening his life, or using the weapon to defend themselves, has just committed the “ultimate crime”? In the state of the “NEW WORLD ORDER”--most certainly, YES!

    Oh yes, “Read My Lips--No New Taxes, No New Gun Control” Bush has already said that he will veto the Brady Bill and a ban on the sale of semi-automatics UNLESS IT IS MADE PART OF HIS CRIME PACKAGE!


    This bill is a comprehensive ban on nearly all rifles and shotguns since it is cleverly worded to ban all semi-automatic or single shot firearms which are not suitable for “sporting purposes” (which the BATF defines as hunting). The Secretary of the Treasury (or government bureaucrats working for him--probably in the BATF) has total power to decide “what is suitable”.

    HR-19 bans ALL rifles or shotguns to which a silencer or bayonet can be affixed without alteration of the firearm--WHICH IS ALL RIFLES AND SHOTGUNS WHICH HAVE A BARREL. How many rifles have you ever seen without a barrel? This bill makes it illegal to own, transfer, manufacture or export any rifles or shotguns fitting the above criteria or designated by the Secretary of the Treasury or his bureaucrats. By the way--all the guns used in the Central and South American drug business--COME DIRECTLY (OR INDIRECTLY) THROUGH ISRAEL--even after the countries involved petitioned to stop the flow from the U.S. It is exactly like the heroin trade from the Golden Triangle in southeast Asia and the coca trade from south of your borders--the major shipments come in aboard CIA and military planes and are funnelled right through your U.S. military bases. Shocked? I certainly do hope so!

    All magazines holding over seven rounds of ammunition are banned by HR-19. They cannot be owned or transferred. Criminal penalties for violation of HR-19 are one to five years in jail and a heavy fine per violation. If a person has, for example, a total of five rifles and shotguns, the penalty could be five to 25 years in jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The bill allows the Secretary of Treasury to charge a fee of $50 per weapon it confiscates. (That’s right, YOU pay to have your gun confiscated.) The bill calls it a “transfer’ fee.

    It is important to understand that this is NOT a gun registration bill. This is a gun confiscation bill designed to confiscate ALL rifles and shotguns in America as well as most ammo magazines. Tens of millions of honest, patriotic Americans who believe in firearms, who believe in defending their families, their homes and the U.S. Constitution, and who believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees them the right to own and bear arms, will not turn in their rifles and shotguns if this bill passes. Therefore, tens of millions of Americans will overnight be declared by your government to be criminals and tens of thousands will be jailed as well-publicized examples to intimidate the rest. Indeed, in California, about a half-million gun owners who have failed to register 56 different types of firearms totaling perhaps a million are now considered by that state to be criminal felons! Arrests, convictions and jailings, it is already announced, will commence very shortly.

    This is exactly how it all began in Nazi Germany, in Russia, in Cuba, in China, and in the other communist countries as those dictatorial police states moved to confiscate firearms and extinguish freedom. Tienanmen Square, the Hungarian slaughter of 1956, and the recent Soviet massacres in the Baltics would never have happened if the people had not first been disarmed. The Nazis and Communists said it was to fight crime and criminals. Today, the gun owners of America are being declared to be the criminals.


    Oh yes, you will keep seeing the Elite traitors’ names pop up over and over again--I remind you, the Elite constitute a mere less than 3% of your population--and ALL of the rest of you destined to be the enslaved!

    Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) and Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH) have introduced legislation as part of the Biden Crime Package which bans the sale of virtually all so-called “assault” rifles. An amalgamation of HR-7, HR19, and this bill are likely to pass along with the Bush Crime Bill by summer or fall--unless a monumental pro-gun effort is launched to stop this juggernaut. George Bush, who has been a closet gun control advocate since his days as a Congressman from Texas has been joined by former presidents Ford, Nixon and Reagan in advocating gun control. With the credibility of four U.S. presidents, the present gun control momentum is going to be very difficult to stop.


    For years George Bush has pretended to be pro-gun rights and against gun controls. As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, it was supposed that he was a pro-gun advocate. He was, in fact, courting the vote of the Republican right--it’s called conning the gullible. In 1989 he endorsed a ban on semi-automatic weapons and helped kick off the campaign to abolish so-called assault rifles. With Ronald Reagan’s endorsement of the Brady Bill, Bush has found an excuse, or cover, to support that legislation as well, and on April 18, Bush came out publicly in support of the permanent banning of nine types of semi-automatic weapons.

    The Liberal Eastern Establishment wants total gun registration and confiscation in America and believes they can slam dunk this on the American people over the next three to five years. Bush hails from the hierarchy of that establishment and three more of the establishment’s men (former Presidents Ford, Nixon and Reagan) have all jumped onto the gun control bandwagon as well.

    Bush and the establishment believe that the American public must be disarmed before they can merge America into the New World Order under the United Nations. The best armed populace in the world will be very difficult to subjugate under a Soviet-style police state (a la the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, etc.) -remember the United Nations Charter requires that the police force be headed by the Soviet Union. You ones better get on with checking the UN charter against the Constitution and then look at the New Constitution and division of the U.S. as is already in order and working on the basis of “districts”. You are all but dead in the middle of the big, bad ocean! So you must be rendered helpless, unarmed and assetless. The big push for disarming Americans is set to come next year following elections when no-one has to face constituents--just like the major raises in pay to the Congressmen.

    The implications of America’s present control juggernaut are:

    1. Millions of law-abiding U.S. citizens who simply wish to protect themselves or just feel free to own property, are about to become CRIMINALS (or already are) as Bush, the Congress and the political left criminalize non-criminal conduct. Tens of thousands of these individuals will be jailed. This is a MAJOR, MAJOR reason for doubling the size of the U.S. prison system.

    2. The Bush Crime Bill and the gun control legislation described above will destroy America’s civil rights, their Constitutional rights, and their freedom, and usher in a police state--then you will also be set-up for the plucking of all assets in precious metals and cash--which is also intended for confiscation! The powers of the FBI, DEA, CID, BATF, etc. are about to be expanded dramatically, with an all-powerful national police force totally emerged by year 1994. In the very near future gun owners and other Americans are going to have to fear that knock on the door in the middle of the night. The American version of the KGB and SS is already at hand.

    3. The present control legislation will drive a wedge between honest law-abiding citizens and the local police--who will be forced to divert their energies from fighting real crime to harassing non-criminals who are about to be called criminals by ‘Big Brother”. This legislation will turn the police against the citizenry, and the citizenry against the police.

    4. This gun control juggernaut is just part of the larger plunge into socialism by America. The Bank Secrecy Act of 1986, the Clean Air Act of 1990, the Hate Crimes Bill of 1990 are all part of a thrust to criminalize non-criminal activity, to control the American people and to transform them into slaves by the end of the decade.

    5. America is becoming more like Russia or Nazi Germany every day. You can go to jail for owning a gun even if it is a treasured gift hand-me-down from Dad, for taking your own cash from a bank in amounts larger than $3.000 and not filing a withdrawal form (for the government), for holding and paying debts or purchases in cash and on and on and on--where are you, America? What did your loved ones die for which you sent to foreign soil? What are the yellow banners for? What are you as a nation allowing to happen here? YOU ARE KILLING YOUR OWN CONSTITUTION--YEA, DEMANDING IT!

    America’s jails are now beginning to fill up with people accused of so-called “white-collar crimes” (economic crimes which were perfectly legal, ETHICAL AND ACCEPTED PRACTICES ONLY A DECADE PAST. Economic crimes have been criminalized in the Soviet Union since the 1920’s. Now they are being criminalized in America as well, in almost the same manner. I do not speak of things like the S&L frauds--for those criminals had sentences all changed to represent mere misdemeanors and “naughty boy” trips to “Club Fed”--I speak of you-the-people who make wrong judgments in business and errors in operation-- the point is TO GET RID OF YOU! This effort covers dealing in cash, for advocating financial privacy, for polluting the environment even with their own production autos, for having unpopular thoughts and for speaking out as in this very manner! This writer has been shot at, insulted, ridiculed and efforts at total taking of property of real nature. There are other cases wherein there is the terrible/horrible crime of accepting cash or cashier’s checks under the amount of $10,000 and the legal fees for defense now run well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars with no end in sight--is this what you want in America?

    More common is becoming the attack, arrest and conviction of Christians, conservatives, gun dealers, coin dealers, and advocates of liberty. These people acting under total law within Constitutional rights are being jailed as Big Brother tightens his stranglehold on the American people. Whether you call it Orwell’s “1984”, or a Soviet/Nazi-style police state, or George Bush’s New World Order under the United Nations, if Americans don’t wake up and say NOto these controls (unConstitutional controls), and NO to the New World Order and a government no longer within the United States but totally, 100%, under the One World Government of the United Nations under police control headed by the Soviets (UN Charter) (America forfeits all rights to Sovereignty), they will be THOSE SLAVES BY YEAR 2000--IT IS THE GLOBAL PLAN UNDER WAY SINCE BEFORE THE TURN OF THE CENTURY AND IN THE FINAL STAGES OF COMPLETION!

    The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was enacted not to protect hunters and sportsmen, but to insure that the governmentnever had monopoly of force it could use to oppress the citizenry with a police state. Recent events in China, the Baltics and the Soviet Union should remind you once again that when a governmenthas a monopoly on firearms, there is no check on its lust for power er oppression.


    Herein I shall stick squarely to the issue in point for we have written volumes and volumes on other items, as well as detail regarding this issue and your Constitution.

    If this thrust for controls, specifically at this time, gun controls, which has nothing, REALLY, to do with guns but rather the intent to take all arms capability from you-the-people and set laws which will incarcerate great numbers of you, some who just happen to have an old gun around the house which might not even be workable, frightens or angers you, then write, fax, wire or call immediately to your local, state and national representatives and DEMAND that they vote NO on all of the upcoming control initiative or face wrath in the coming election. Call the White House opinion line 202:456-1111 and remind George Bush of his campaign promises. These unConstitutional controls can be stopped but only if millions of American send a resounding NO to your representatives and elected officials and do so IMMEDIATELY. You are well on your way to total removal of ALL OF YOUR BILL OF RIGHTS AND REMOVAL OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This rises above religions, creed, race, color and any other thing which can be “called” bigoted. YOU ARE LOSING YOUR AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A FREE NATION --IT’S ALREADY ENACTED AND IN THE WORKS.

    There is no bias toward one group over another but the issue at critical point this day is the issue of the gun control. Check into the National Rifle Association (1600 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036-3268 phone 202:828-6000) and find out how to join in efforts to retain Constitutional rights --you don’t have to JOIN to participate. The thrust is not just for “guns”, it is for the Constitutional Rights of You-the-People, CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You will also find specific point response from Gun Owners of America (8001 Forbes Placer, Suite 102, Springfield VA 22151) and the Firearms Coalition (Box 6537, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906). Both groups represent a hardline position against all controls against the Constitutional Rights of Citizens and deserve all the support you can offer.

    On a personal level, just for your information and “timing”--any firearms, ammunition,
    or magazines which you might feel you may ever need for hunting, home protection, etc., for the remainder of your life should be purchased by the end of this summer of 1991, IF NOT SOONER. What is happening in California, Maryland and New Jersey is GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!

    We shall take up the subject of the nuclear reactors when we sit again to write.

    Thank you for your attention. Salu.

    May each be given insight to rise above prejudice, ignorance and bias to join in what is your last opportunity to salvage your Constitution and remain a Sovereign Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. If you look around you, you will see that you are all but lost. The treason is not of the people but of those who have taken your government and have sold your nation into slavery. So be it.
    PJ 31


    MONDAY, MAY 20, 1991 2:22 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 277

    When there are fifteen hundred critical subjects to discuss, I, too, have problems choosing from the pile and place in priority. There are any number of measures already in operation and yet not Constitutionally approved, which can instantly pull your country into destruction, along with the nations of the world. While the government is taking all your ability to defend selves, we must look at that which is going on in “their” arsenal--right in the U.S. under your noses while they thumb their noses at you.



    I want you readers to be informed and, therefore, for you who might misunderstand the thrust of this writing should know the difference in what we speak of herein--and simply nuclear facilities for production of electricity. That is an entirely different matter and too lengthy to include herein. You must also realize that the places of which I will speak are constructed solely for purpose of military nuclear weaponry. All installations are already listed as hazards and are in terrible states of disrepair--highly dangerous to the public and already cited for numerous probable disasters; the Hanford Reservation in Eastern Washington, whose reactors are all permanently shut down; and the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, SC. and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) near Idaho Falls.

    Plutonium and tritium are the radioactive substances used to fuel nuclear weapons. These materials are produced in nuclear reactors called production reactors. The Department of Energy (DOE) OWNS the production reactor sites. Plutonium lasts virtually forever, but tritium decays at the rate of about 5.5% a year. Both plutonium and tritium are recycled from old warheads into new ones.

    For more than a decade DOE has been proposing to construct at least one new production reactor (NPR) to replace the existing ones. Because DOE admits that you have sufficient plutonium to maintain your nuclear arsenal indefinitely, the purpose of the NPR is to produce tritium--although it would be capable of producing plutonium as well.

    Three sites are being considered--SRS, Hanford, and the INEL near Idaho Falls. Three technologies are also being considered--a heavy water reactor (HWR) like the current SRS reactors; a light water reactor similar to existing commercial power reactors; and a technology known as a modular, high-temperature, gas-cooled reactor (MHTGR). Sorry for all the initials but it will save much space as we move along.

    You may think you have an idea about what goes on and are incensed that we keep saying ugly things about those who control your lives. However, I can only assure you that if you believe that what we tell you is BAD, BAD, BAD-- you haven’t heard anything yet. Wait until you find out what they REALLY do in Nevada at the test site. Better yet, go visit and demand a tour of the facilities. They have a tour wherein the public is allowed under certain circumstances to go into ONE of the tunnels where they will show you how they tentatively plan to store nuclear “cores”, etc. I recently had written on these matters only to have one engineer tell me that I was out of my mind--nothing could be going on the likes of which I espoused. THEN, HE WENT ON THE TOUR WITH ANOTHER GROUP OF ENGINEERS FROM A MAJOR UTILITY ON THE WEST COAST.

    You are taken by tram under Yucca Mountain for miles into the earth. In addition the group was shown massive craters of incredible size from nuclear detonations--along with an ongoing dissertation as to how effective the method of hydrogen explosions can be for creating lakes and things like cross-country “canals” as I have told you is planned for Costa Rica to replace the Panama facility. It was actually planned that the canal would be blown up in the December Panama War so that the detonation and blasting of the Costa Rican canal could be pulled off without alerting the public for you would then have NEEDED another canal immediately. Some military people paid dearly for that error!

    At any rate, the shocked parties in point were dumbfounded. The underground facilities in that one tunnel, which is basically for public display (ALL others are off limits to almost every-one including military), are massive in structure-- equivalent to small cities in size with every known type of survival equipment. It also is noted quite openly that for every test detonation which must be made public, at least 35 to 40 detonations are conducted of size large enough to register as a moderate to great earthquake in blast power. They ADMIT to over 40 detonations of this magnitude per year. I remind you that it is more nearly correct to say a minimum of that number per month, taking all detonations into consideration.

    In the midst of the little sight-see journey they speak of at least 29 tunnels of greater size than the one being shown. So, America--you guess what they might be doing for you do not like that which I tell you for absolute certainty is going on. Good luck with the sand-in-the-eyes for you have buried your head and left your assets exposed!

    Right now the three options mentioned above are being evaluated in an environmental impact statement (EIS). In April, DOE released a 2,100 page draft EIS. Public hearings on the draft will be held near the three potential NPR sites in late May. DOE intends to decide what type of reactor to build and where to put it before the end of the year. Construction could begin in 1993, and the NPR could begin producing tritium about the year 2000--how handy!

    DOE first proposed a new generation of production reactors in 1980, when the U.S. was rapidly modernizing its nuclear arsenal. Now even DOE has finally responded to changing international relations and recognizes that today’s arsenal of 20,000 warheads is excessive (they don’t count very well either). But although DOE projects that the arsenal will be reduced by at least 30%, it insists that NPR planning and construction must proceed on an “urgent” schedule, because of tritium’s decay rate. DOE bases its entire analysis in the EIS on the premise that new production reactor capacity must be available “in or about the year 2000”. Why MUST IT? I thought Bush told you that you would have eternal peace and a New World Government in total cooperation by year 2000.

    However, if your tritium stockpile is reduced by 5.5% a year, you will have enough for more than 1,000 thermonuclear weapons in 50 years. The draft EIS does not explain why this relatively slow downsizing of the arsenal is unacceptable. Moreover, options to reduce the need for tritium--such as developing weapons that use less tritium and aggressively pursuing arms control agreements--are barely mentioned in the EIS. So, what are they NOT telling you?

    By the way, you remember I told you about the Cray computers approved by your Department of Interior to shipment through Brazil to Iraq--after the invasion of Kuwait? Remember those that were going to Iraq to test nuclear weapons? Well, how many of you also know that during the early stages of the “WAR” it was discovered that your own country had on the docks ready for shipment, whole reactor cones? READY TO BE SHIPPED TO IRAQ FORTHE SOLE PURPOSE OF PRODUCING NUCLEAR WEAPONS???? Oh dear, socked in the belly again?

    Last February, a congressional research agency, the General Accounting Office (GAO), completed a review of classified documents related to the nuclear stockpile. The GAO concluded that the demand for tritium has been reduced sufficiently to allow further study of alternative technologies, such as a linear accelerator, before committing to construction of an NPR. Proponents of the linear accelerator point out that this technology is safer and produces much less radioactive waste than do nuclear reactors.

    The draft EIS does mention the linear accelerator and other alternatives. DOE, in fact, admits that, “When used to produce only tritium, an accelerator could provide important safety and environmental advantages compared to a reactor.” But DOE doesn’t fully evaluate this or any other option which might not be able to meets its “URGENT’ needs. In other words, do you wish your head amputated with a gold or silver hatchet?

    In basing its analysis on the unexplained assumption that you must be able to produce tritium “in or about the year 2000”, DOE precludes consideration of reasonable alternatives and undermines the whole EIS process--which is designed to include analysis of the need for the project and alternative ways of meeting the projects goals.



    During the past decade DOE’s production capability collapsed, due to mismanagement and neglect. Well, I’m sure they have it all under control again by now what with government capability and all.... DOE proposes to rebuild a streamlined “Complex-21” and is preparing a broad study--the Reconfiguration Programmatic EIS--on the future of the entire nuclear weapons complex. Clearly the NPR will be a central part of DOE’s reconfigured complex. But the Department says the “urgent need to proceed with the NPR doesn’t allow time to evaluate the new reactor in the context of the Reconfiguration PEIS”, which is expect to be completed in 1993.

    The purpose of the Reconfiguration PEIS is to develop a plan for rebuilding the entire complex so that it will conform to changing environmental and safety developments and international relations. The NPR should be analyzed in the context of DOE’s overall plans for the future.


    Until very recently, DOE’s preferred option for future production was the construction of two NPR’s--a HWR at SRP and a MHTGR at INEL (isn’t this fun?). Budget pressures forced the Department to scale back its program, so DOE is expected to select just one technology and one site for the new reactor. A single NPR will cost over $3 billion, possibly as much as $5.6 billion and can go even higher.

    Many people assume that the NPR will be an economic boon to the host community. However, most of the jobs at SRS in the future will be in the areas of environmental restoration and cleanup, and are not dependent on the NPR. Given the scope of the environmental problems at the site, these jobs will be secure for many decades. There are economic drawbacks to the NPR as well, with are not always taken into account. For example, a 1989 study of the effects of building the NPR in South Carolina found that the cost to Aiken County of needed infrastructure improvements to support NPR construction would greatly outweigh the revenues generated by SRS employment during those years.

    The issue of job creation notwithstanding, the ultimate economic decision should be a national one, based on priorities: is continued production of nuclear weapons the best way to spend your nation s scarce resources? Well, a couple of people have suggested to me that this would be a dandy thing to send to Mexico during the amazing sharing of wealth and trade within the Free Trade Agreement and exchange of wondrous technology and cheap labor costs. Either one or the other is just about equal in devastation to your nation.


    Tritium production generates waste (gross understatement)--radioactive, hazardous , and mixed waste according to the official categories. The draft EIS fails to address the ultimate disposal of this waste. Instead, DOE “assumes the existence of a Federal disposal facility for high-level radioactive waste, and a transuranic waste disposal facility”. (Yes, by golly--in Nevada at Yucca Mountain and around and about the Deaf Smith County, Texas aquifer.) Neither of these facilities exist, and plans for both face technical hurdles and fierce political opposition. As for spent fuel, the draft EIS says, “It is recognized that none of the three reactor fuel forms has been certified for direct disposal in a repository.” Again, the EIS assumes this hurdle will be overcome--or go away.

    According to the draft EIS, “It is important to note the DOE is experienced in the management of gaseous, liquid, and solid radioactive wastes, and the technology exists for the safe management of these wastes.” But the reality is less reassuring. DOE’s philosophy is summed up as follows: “The construction and operation of NPR facilities would result in the unavoidable generation of quantities of radioactive and hazardous wastes that would require that processes and sites become available for their treatment and safe disposal in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. It is anticipated that such facilities would be available when needed.”

    It must be OK, however, for surely the next explains ASAP that TGIF. DOE intends to address MANY of the decisions about handling NPR waste in the Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ER&WM) PEIS, which is being prepared along with the Reconfiguration PEIS. DOE has a history of moving ahead with “urgent” production projects, leaving environmental costs to be assessed and paid in the future. No! “Settlement handled in testimony” (SHIT).! Come, come, chelas, this is not funny--THEY PLAN TO DO THIS UNTO YOU-THE-PEOPLE AND THEY HAVE AXE IN HAND, NOT TONGUE IN CHEEK.

    This is precisely the attitude that has led to the creation of millions of tons of hazardous and radioactive contamination (HRC) throughout the nuclear weapons complex (NWC) which will cost hundreds of billions (100’s of BILLIONS OF $$$) to clean up.


    Now I am serious, “Does a bear poop in the forest?’ DOE touts the NPR as a “safe and reliable alternative to the ‘antique’ reactors at SRS”. However, nuclear reactors are inherently dangerous. In 1990, experiments conducted by a DOE laboratory indicated that the risks of a major explosion at a HWR are significantly greater than previously believed.

    Though the MHTGR is supposed to be a safer technology, a 1990 report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCCS) warned that “any reactor design has its weaknesses. The key weakness which seems to apply to the MHTGR. . .involves reactivity excursion accidents... which could arise from control rod ejection scenarios as well as steam generator tube ruptures.” (10 times the problem of little Chernobyl!)

    Ultimately, safety depends on quality assurance (QA). DOE’s QA programs are seriously lacking, as are its safety orders, training program and other crucial elements of a comprehensive safety plan. There is still no independent licensing process for an NPR and little opportunity for citizen participation in oversight or review.

    Isuggest that if you are in the least concerned that you are being hoodwinked, you had better look into this QUICKLY! For things change fast, fast, fast: in fact, SRS was SRP until Westinghouse changed the name. The implication was that with Westinghouse, everything would change overnight. Things didn’t change very rapidly, if at all, at “the Bomb Plant” (BP); in fact, they just got worse. So you, who understand more than ten words in this dissertation, get in touch with someone who can explain it. The DOE, which was basically disbanded, owns those reactor sites. So the DOE owns NS’s at Hanford, SRS and INEL, where they plan to put in NPR’s utilizing HWR and MHTGR. Evaluations are underway via EIS by such officious offices as GAO, NO, and SHIT as well as PEIS and ER&WM along with Reconfiguration PEIS. And they ask you to depend on QA of the DOE.


    We have an inquiry regarding all this from one who has been associated with the Energy Resource Foundation (ERF) of some 3 years during which the reactors at the SRS have shut down, possibly due to action and suit brought forward by ERF and associated agencies.

    The DOE is now receiving input on an environmental impact statement on a new production reactor to be sited at the SRS or in Idaho. This has come forth and the only humor involved is indeed “sick humor” but none-the-less the plans are in place. “Bill” notes the following things for consideration and I would like to reprint them here:

    Very little it seems has been heard on this nationally. We believe there should be NO new production reactor:
    1. Its use would be for armaments.
    2. It produces exceedingly toxic by-products.
    3. There is currently no technology utilized to decontaminate the toxic wastes.

    4. There is no permanent repository for toxic waste (radioactive).
    5. No worker safely concerns. The fed. has done studies of radioactive poisoning on the western Indians mining the uranium. (Intent?)
    6. Outrageous cost over-runs at taxpayers expense.
    7. No accountability.
    8. No personal--personnel liability.
    9. Negotiations are under way to store radioactive waste in Indian reservations.
    10. Ad nauseam!

    P.S. Are we off base? (No--out of your minds!)
    Dowe need these armaments to deter the Russian bear?



    From Khalil Gibran, The Garden of the Prophet, London, Heinemann, 1934:

    Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
    Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine- press.
    Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.
    Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening.
    Pity the nation that raises not its voice save when it walks in a funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block.
    Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.
    Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings, and farewells him with hootings, only to welcome another with trumpetings again.
    Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.
    Pity the nations divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

    this poet; from Lebanon


    “JORDAN IS THE PALESTINIAN STATE”, is the headline of the lead commentary in the April 4 Jerusalem Post, written by Housing Minister ARIEL SHARON, the fascist strongman behind the current regime.
    Sharon raves: “The ‘Palestinian problem’ as a national-political problem is a propaganda lie. It is the result of systematic brainwashing by the PLO, with the help of cooperative leftists. For, since 1922, there has existed in the Eastern Land of Israel, on three-quarters of the territory of the whole Land of Israel (the ‘Greater’, as defined by the international community, with U.S. endorsement) the Arab Palestinian state, which is Jordan.”

    Sharon proclaims that Jordan itself occupies part of the land that is historically “Eretz Yisroel”. He insists that the government must have a policy of “annexation.., of those essential areas now settled in Judea, within the State of Israel... Also, surely, we must expose the lie of ‘the rights of the Palestinians’. It must be explicitly and loudly proclaimed by the government and the Knesset that Jordan has been and is the Palestinian state in the Land of Israel. It is enough that this Land of the Jews has been partitioned and we have lost its overwhelming portion to Arab sovereignty.” And, sobe it.


    I would like to leave you with just one little note to ponder on another subject which has caused consternation in the U.S. The tit for tat quarreling and discounting over the Pons/ Fleischmann discovery has a most interesting side-story that I bet almost none of you are made aware: At the Bhabha Atomic Research Center in India, unaffected by U.S. press lies about “failure” of cold fusion, Indian scientists were able to repeatedly produce excess heat and tritium in just six months after the Fleischmann-Pons announcement! Come now--would your press lie to you?


    ISRAEL PLANS TO HALVE PALESTINIAN POPULATION: The Israeli cabinet met on March 31 and approved measures which aim to cut by one-half or more the number of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories. The restrictions will require a permit from the Israeli military for a Palestinian to enter the territories, and will limit the number of permits to one-half the number of Palestinians currently working or living in the area.

    Palestinians now cannot bring their own cars across the border and the cars owned by Palestinians in the area are specially marked for identification. The limitations on the number of Palestinians who will be allowed to work will cause severe hardship in the long-suffering community. Palestinians said that security officials are refusing permits to people who have been arrested for “security violation”, or if they have relatives in jail, or if they are young.

    Other policies were reaffirmed by the cabinet meeting, such as shooting of children throwing stones at occupying soldiers, demolition of homes of protesters, and deportation of alleged militants.
    Meanwhile, Sharon confirms full intent to continue building settlements and settling emigrants in the “off limits” territories stating that the full intent of “Israel” is to occupy the land!


    Keep in mind the lessons on the true nature of AIDS as you read the next, i.e. airborne infection, etc.

    COMPANY, FINED FOR AIDS TESTING, HIRES INFECTED: The ConAgra-owned meatpacking firm, Monfort, which operates a pork-processing plant in Worthington, Minnesota, was fined $100,000 by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights for testing prospective job applicants for AIDS. As part of an out-of-court settlement with the state, Monfort agreed to give jobs to each of the people who had tested positive for the HIV virus and to stop testing job applicants for the virus.

    Erica Jacobs, an attorney with the office of Minnesota Attorney General Hubert “Skip” Humphrey, was involved in the enforcement action.

    Monfort required the test of prospective employees “because it was concerned that employees infected with the disease could cut themselves and spread the virus to other employees. Employees at the Worthington plant use knives and hooks to slaughter and package hogs,” according to Kay Norton, a lawyer for Monfort.

    Norton also said, according to AP, “A vital difference of opinion exists between the company and the state of Minnesota over the propriety of pre-employment testing procedures involving HIV and syphilis.”

    I believe you should have equal opportunity for ones with Bubonic Plague, Typhoid fever, Smallpox as well as require additions of Cyanide, Arsenic and Castor beans to the meat products and perhaps a little injection of Black Plague virus and Syphilis should also be mandatory to insure equal rights. Has your nation gone completely MAD OR JUST A LITFLE BIT TOTALLY INSANE?

    Dharma, I think we can postpone the Catholic Church series for a few more days since it has been around for so many centuries. I have been asked to review and print an article called I RAN DRUGS FOR UNCLE SAMfrom the San Diego Reader of April 5, 1990. It is appropriate again today and meshes exactly with that which Col. James “Bo” Gritz is trying to tell you people so I shall do that next, please.

    I ask for a rest, however, at this time. Thank you for the long hours this day. God blesses you precious ones who work endlessly to bring these words unto your brothers. I am honored to serve with you. Salu,


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