Jan. 4, 2008

From: Phoenix Journal #222, "Birthing of the Phoenix, Volume I, pp. 50-56

There are many speculations about prophecies and the end of this century looming upon you. Who makes these predictions which lock a world’s population into expectation of apocalypse? Why do YOU think that there is such a rush back to the celebration of Christmas in places like Russia where the tradition has been banned for nearly a century? Right, it is to pull you back into a recognition of the PRE-WRITTEN prophecies as presented in that “ChristIAN so-called Holy Book”. You cannot destroy a planet and her societies without the societies (people) knowing the game intent. So, at the end of this century, you have the greatest movement into false information ever to have hit this planet.

There is ample evidence of this as you receive from the “money” people a download of what to do to make money while the world falls apart and that blood (above) runs in the streets. The most terrible of all money-grabbers-at-any-cost said that the “best time to make money is when blood is running in the streets”. So, WHO do you think makes wars and causes blood to run in the streets like a river?

There will also be recognition of the two most terrible men in the history of the world in the 20th century, and the reading will go: “Stalin and Hitler”. BS; the end of your time came with the prominence of the KHAZARIAN ROTHCHILDS out of the line of the Satanic Tribe reestablished on your globe. Remember that the SAME people have financed ALL OF THE WARS WHILE THE CULPRITS OF THEIR RACE AND CREEED SCATTERED AND TOOK OVER GOVERNMEDNTS, IDEALS, AND BURIED GOD in their disinformation. The WORST ONE EVENT was the dumping on MANUFACTURED personality they named “Jesus”. It even became part of your traditional story-telling, that “Jesus” was born and he was called Jesus. No, HE was not, if you speak of the representative of CHRIST. That ONE was called Esu Immanuel! The usurpers of the Bible and the Tradition changed and pronounced HIS name to be “Jesus”. But, what is in a name? A lot if you balance your existence now and THEN upon a false tale conjured to bind you to the shackles of intended deceit. “THAT” man (Jesus), AS A CHRISTED MANIFESTATION, has another name from old Egypt in expectation of the NEW NAME which will be borne by the returning GOD, as SANANDA! Don’t believe me? Where did YOU get YOUR INFORMATION?
I see, you got it from those preachers of Jesus Christ? Where did they get their information? It was NOT from Truth for “Jesus” did not even appear before Saul of Tarsus (yes it IS true) pulled out that label IN GREECE afterImmanuel was gone from Jerusalem. Who exactly was Saul? The most hateful ENEMY of the Christ of all time and all history. He then called himself Paul to better fool you people ALL THE TIME WHILE HE WROTE HIS INSTRUCTIONS INTO WHAT WOULD BECOME YOUR HOLY BOOK. Wow, and that book was not assembled until some 300 years after even of Paul. German scholars decided which of the more than 26 GOSPELS would be put into the pages as gospels.

And, furthermore readers, you certainly do NOT have to “take my word for this”—it is historical fact and you can go right down to your library and research it. You will, however, find the most truth in the buried volumes of the ARCHIVES so that the “public” can’t access them.

The Bible is such a dandy book from which to make movies by the same energetic returns and reruns of the Khazarian Satanic Tribesmen of the Universe. BUT, there is one thing WRONG, as you will find the very counter-Truth of GOD are written there as if so. Bloodletting, murder, rape, pillage, adultery, plundering, war, war and more war—are actually presented as gifts FROM GOD. Sorry, readers, it won’t sell in that meeting with the Big Boy HIMSELF. Further, you have mocked God with your lies and false following of the BEAST in his own best form-right into violence, pornography and the breaking of all CHRIST’s laws, and that is with “never-minding” a man called Jesus who is expected to return to be the capstone of the Masonic pyramid of the Illuminati. GO CHECK IT OUT!

ESU IMMANUEL SANANDA (no matter how you spell it) IS THE ONE RETURNING TO GATHER HIS PEOPLE. The rest of the so-called “Christians” will be waiting to hop aboard clouds with someone they won’t even recognize! And, oh yes, you will hop aboard, because with Operation Blue Beam you will think you recognize the holograph. But, the movie makers will have fooled you again, sleepyheads.
All you nice Christians waiting for lift-off onto the silvery clouds, in RAPTURE, will surely go, and then there will be none…!

So, “What,” you ask, “will happen to you who wait for Sananda and God Creator? Nothing really; we are the remnant and the evil forces will NOT come against Creator for GOD CREATES AND CAN ALSO “UN”CREATE. The very evil master himself will fade away in the presence of TRUTH AND LIGHT.

But YES, the factions of false teachings will confront until the blood runs in the streets.

We are amused to find this article sent from Florida: ORLANDO SENTINEL, Jan. 9, 98: [QUOTING] MASS SUICIDE AVERTED AFTER POLICE ARREST LEADER.
SANTA CRUS DE TENERIFE –Canary Islands: Police arrest a German psychologist hours before she allegedly planned to lead followers of her cult in a mass suicide, officials said Thursday. Heide Fittkau-Garthe, 57, was arrest late Wednesday. Authorities said 30 members of the cult planned to kill themselves Thursday, when they thought the world would end. They told police a spaceship would then pick up their bodies from Teide Mountain. [END OF QUOTING]

Wow, and where are EXTRA, Tuten, Ence, et. al., when you need them? My own amusement comes from the fact that nobody notices that billions of people are waiting to be murdered in a silly thing NOW dubbed “Rapture”, and the sillies even think they are going to live out eternity on a cloud of some kind. No wonder the other religions of the world despise both the Christians and the “Judeo” faction of “Judeo-Christian” cults for your lies and deceit. The Khazarians laugh all the way to their banks. But no, the Arabs and other orders will confront, and the wars will be off and running again, very soon now. Confused? Well, I would guess so. Truth is a bit too traumatizing for you who can choose violence and a bloody war to which to pay homage and adorn yourselves with yellow ribbons for the boys about to die. Yellow is the color of cowardice and always has been recognized as being so. Even that is a pretty good story. Gold, Silver and PURE WHITE are the “colors” of GOD., So, when the Godly beings would refuse to enter into the stupid games of the adversary—the term “yellow” for “cowardice” would be portrayed as a taunting flag—you know, just before the flag-bearers were frowned in that blood in the streets. Now, you can’t even find your troops, allied, nations! Your troops are now under the BLUE TURBAN of the United Nations-Israeli flag(s). Go check out old Nostradamus.

And while you are at it, researchers, check out The Prophetic visions of Mitar Tarabich. Mitar Tarabich (1829-1899(is one of the least known (but most accurate) visionaries in the history of modern prophetic literature and his projections are a whole lot easier to decipher than are those of Nostradamus. Swami Veeten will be listed as a source of library reference if you find it difficult to find much on this person.

I think I will offer just a bit from The Fleet Street Letter: FROM BLOOD IN THE STREETS. This is much along the presentation of a pamphlet offered by William Bonner, Investment Expert and President of this chain of offices for that purpose, Investment advice. Offices seem to be in London, Baltimore and Paris, and I guess, as we go along here, we will find an address and phone number because the purpose of the pamphlet is to get you to buy this Fleet Street Letter.


In 1888, Nietszche [H: Both Clintons’ favorite guru.] predicted that the 20th century would be marked by “catastrophic wars” and that right and wrong would no longer matter. [H: Clintons seem to have gotten that part right] BECAUSE, AS NIETSZCHE PUT IT, “GOD IS DEAD.” [H: WRONG! JUST WAIT AND SEE< FRIENDS.]

In Germany, the cradle of the idea of the machine state, the handwriting was on the wall, literally, in the early 1930s. “Jews are our misfortune,” proclaimed Hitler’s banners. [H: Hitler himself is of Jewish linage. Editors, do not change is to was.] Jews were urged to leave and about 60% of them did. Many had nowhere to go. Roosevelt refused to open America’s doors. When World War II began, groups of Jews were rounded up, stripped and shot. [H: This is about as gross a lie as ever offered to you-the-people.] Then, a special task force was established to bring the glory of the Machine Age to the “Jugenfrage”, the Jewish question. [H: Now, watch this next vision pass past.]
In a series of death camps, as many as 6 mission Jews were processed like lumps of coal headed to the furnace.

I’m not going to even print more of that article because right off in the first sentence you can KNOW it is a stupidly written piece of garbage. Isn’t TURUTH horrific enough on its own merit to prevent the lies and open deceit? You are even TRAINED to HATE THE WRONG PEOPLE.

If you are going to go back to the begetting phase of history, please note that both Hitler and Stalin (the listed second-worst persecutor in this dialogue) are BOTH JEWS. Now, remember something, chilluns: “Jew” is a word which did not exist until relatively recently, The Tribe calling themselves, in these later centuries, THE SERPENT PEOPLE. These were in power for some three or more CENTURIES in the areas of Russian and the Balkans, and finally moved all the way down geographically and spread around the world. They simply stopped calling themselves a tribe, stole the heritage of those who were Judean and Judahites, and promptly set up to gain the world, commercialize all things , and destroy, first, the ones from whom they first stole the heritage—the “so-called” Jewish Judeans. You cannot gain the sympathy of the world unless you APPEAR to have experienced great human horror and atrocities. But the stupid Satanic beings will always exaggerate themselves right out of the realization of possibilities. In other words, while making it appear the bad guys of choice did the dirty deeds, the very Evil Bastards did the job THEMSELVES to what is accepted as “their own” people. Israel has practiced this SAME tactic in the recent years of your own experience. Worse, YOU placed the focus on Israel, which was created by the four powers of the United Nations in about 1948 AND MISS THE TAKEOVER, AS ISRAEL’S HOMELAND OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN AND POINTS NORTH & SOUTH AND COVERING GREAT BRITAIN. These are called “COMMUNISTS” but they are no more communistic than they are “Jewish”.

Does this information make us popular? No, but then I am not in the popularity contests. You can be, readers, popular and dead all in one step. Truth and Freedom balance on the fulcrum of Justice and Realization. This is never a POPULAR place to be.

You have a “saying” about your place, as always, to keep you from knowing what in heck is being said: “…the fat’s in the fire.” Well, good friends, you have put the fat in the pan and fried it to such a heat that it is now afire and no way to extinguish the destruction short of disaster at best, destruction at obvious consideration.